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Zig Ziglar! Secrets of closing the sale! Building Mental Strength In Selling


The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. — Leo Tolstoy


As a fan of combat sports,

I even competed for a few years in my youth.

And I’ve found that if you disagree with anyone,

it’s best to say your disagreement directly.

I enjoyed the story of Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney.

When Gene Tunney reunited with Jack Dempsey for the heavyweight title fight,

he took a step back.

Maybe his coach had told him to,

but more than anyone else he knew he wouldn’t be able to beat Dempsey

and might get injured.

Before meeting Jack Dempsey,

Gene Tunney prepared very carefully

because he knew that he would be beaten and hurt in this “reunion”.

Tunny worked diligently on backs to prepare for the rematch.

From my own little competition experience,

I have found that when hit,

a boxer has a natural reflex to immediately respond to the opponent.

However, that’s when he has the least chance of hitting an opponent

and is the easiest to take down.

Tunney knew this well, so he learned to step back to avoid the opponent’s attack

and wait for the right moment.

If you watched that match,

You probably still remember that in the second round,

Dempsey punched Tunney to the floor to hysterical cheers from the audience.

After the match, Tunney shared:

“At that time, I felt my mind was strangely clear.

I could have stood up and countered,

but I remembered my practice

so I decided to lie down until the referee counted to 9.

And, in the next round, he defeated Dempsey

and won the championship that year.

Your most valuable asset can be your willingness to persist longer than anyone else. — Brian Tracy



Time is precious.

Make sure you spend it with the right people. — Cherry Nguyen

Whether customers come to you or you are the one looking for them,

no one can rule out the possibility

that you will receive a flat rejection or harsh criticisms from customers.

In such situations, it will be very helpful to mentally prepare yourself in a positive way.

Mental strength built on the right foundation of knowledge

and attitude will make a big difference in every deal you’ll make.

This distinction becomes ever more important

when you’re trying to close a deal

or when you’re on the “thin line” that requires the slightest change in your attitude

and perception.

You also decide the success or failure of the deal

In general, all else being equal,

customers will buy from the seller with whom they have the most sympathy.

However, according to analysis by John M. Wilson in his book Open the
Mind and Close the Sale,

this balance will be broken if a salesperson has more knowledge

and pride in the product he is offering compared to his opponent.

You can build your own mental strength by reading good books,

attending professional sales training or company gatherings.

All these activities will instill in your mind a positive, clear,

optimistic and healthy way of thinking.

What goes on in your mind will significantly affect your mental attitude.

You need to cultivate positive thoughts

if you want to reap the right attitude and succeed at work.

If you are caught in thoughts that are confusing, there is no way out,

your work will also take shape in that direction.

Kipling said that you will probably encounter both success and failure along the way,

but if you are still confusing success with failure, for you,

the two are just one.

You are where you are

and what you are because of yourself, nothing else.

Nature is neutral. Nature doesn’t care.

If you do what other successful people do,

you will enjoy the same results and rewards that they do.

And if you don’t, you won’t. — Brian Tracy



Until you value yourself, you wont value your time.

Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. — M. Scott Peck

In Chapter 5, I demonstrated the value of recording your presentation on a cassette/CD

to practice voice intonation to increase the power of words

and the appeal of your presentation in front of customers about your products and services.

Now, I would like to share with you the great value

and benefits of a cassette player/CD player that I have received in my sales life.

If you’re in the sales world without a CD player,

you’re not really into the business.

Based on thousands of letters and personal discussions,

I strongly believe that using a cassette player

or CD player can take sales performance

to the next level and thousands of dollars in revenue your annual entry.

With a player at home or in your car, you can listen to training,

educational and inspirational tapes and CDs anywhere, anytime:

as you start your day or prepare for the next day going to bed,

or while you do the kitchen,

do the laundry, put on your makeup,

change your clothes and, ideally,

your mind isn’t preoccupied with anything.

Of course, you can also listen to positive music or interactive radio shows,

but avoid listening to songs or news reports, comments

that can make you feel bored and lose motivation.

I think you should read The Behavior of Dr. John Diamond

to learn what kind of music is good or bad for you and why.

Over the years, thousands of salespeople have told me

that this tactic is the most important process

they follow to stay inspired, confident, optimistic,

and in a sales-ready state of mind.

According to research by the University of Southern California,

if you live in the downtown area and have to drive 20,000 km a year for three consecutive years,

the time you listen to tapes/discs in your car helps you acquire

as much knowledge as two years of full-time training at university.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. — Tony Robbins



Success is something you attract by the person you become. — Jim Rohn

The American Football League (NFL) conducted a study on the scoring ability of players

and found that in the last two minutes of the first half

and in the last two minutes of the game,

there were many goals won is scored more than any other twenty minutes in the match.

Why? There are three reasons in all.

First of all, in most cases, teams find they need

to actively score goals to stay out of the game, to win or to secure a lead fragile procession.

Next, they practiced to be able to put in more effort into the final two minutes

than at any other point in the game,

so we totally understand why they mustered all their physical,

mental and emotional strength. contact to fight in these last moments.

In the end, their goals were clearly defined.

Because they are well prepared, they know what they have to do

and they have the confidence to hit their goals.

There are the same principles and tactics that you can apply in your sales.

When you focus on training, accumulating strength for yourself,

always thinking positively, creating the right spiritual values,

maintaining good health,

you will certainly have clear steps on the way.

Build a sales career.

Treating success as an option is one of the major reasons

why more people don’t create it for themselves.— Grant Cardone



We all make time for what we feel is important in our lives. — Cherry Nguyen

When I first attended a meeting between sales representatives,

I was impressed by the presentation of Ralph Beaver,

a “convincing expert” adept in the field of sales.

At the end of his talk, Ralph held out a small scroll about 10cm wide.

He opened the scroll and held it up so we could all see the typed information on it.

Ralph says:

“Ladies and gentlemen, despite the grand presentation of the product

(he is a man who is never overly modest)

and a range of different closings, some customers still refuse.


In that case, I would open this “buu ba” and say:

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems

that you still have some hesitation about owning such a beautiful set of pots and pans.

On this piece of paper is a list of my clients in this area

who have purchased at least one beautiful set of pots and pans

that you are seeing here.

(You know, Ralph recorded the name

and address of every customer he sold to during his twenty years of sales.)

Why don’t you take a look and see if you know any of them?

Do you think these people made the mistake of buying a set of pots

and pans that could save them time,

money and ensure the nutritional value of their food?”

Someone in the audience below said aloud:

“Maybe they made the right decision.”

Ralph continued:

“As you can see, there are still three lines left at the end of this list.

I’m happy to be able to add your names

and addresses in those formal positions to show that you,

too, have what you really want.”

Another voice below said: “Maybe I will!”

Talking about the most impressive “certificates of quality”,

I cannot help but mention the Distributor Bernie Lofchick in Winnipeg, Canada.

Bernie is one of Maytag’s distribution centers

and is recognized as the top selling branch for potential markets in Maytag’s worldwide network of

more than 50 countries. Surprisingly,

not only does Bernie always achieve high sales,

but they are also a model for other Maytag distributors to follow.

Bernie Lofchick is located right next to a washing machine business

that always offers very strong discount strategies for his products

(sometimes as low as half the price of Maytag products).

And Bernie always considers that center as a very valuable source of capital for his business.

Bernie and Maytag’s business policy is based on quality,

product durability, variety of product features and accompanying services.

Just recently, also using the “certificate of quality” tactic,

Bernie succeeded in asking a customer to exchange an old machine for a new one,

also a new Maytag product,

even though the lady seemed very happy.

“attached” when having to give up her old machine “40 years still works fine”.

The only reason she agreed to change the machine was

because her arthritis prevented her from operating it manually.

One of the most effective closing methods

that Bernie’s salespeople often use is to call customers

who have purchased Maytag products in the previous 5, 10, or even 25 years.

Once these customers give a “quality certificate” about the service,

features and durability of the product,

then the price issue for potential customers is no longer important

and of course Maytag will have add a new customer.

All successful sales professionals often receive “quality certification” letters voluntarily submitted by customers.

These “certifications” will encourage salespeople

to be productive because these customers often appreciate a salesperson’s best efforts.

They express their satisfaction with the quality of the product,

the company’s problem solving

Any letter like that is a “bright spot” for your collection of “certificates”.

(A lot of salespeople receive letters of praise like this,

but they don’t realize it’s a much more useful

and effective sales tool than product chatter,

because, of a “third party” always

is more reliable than any salesman’s most sincere words.)

Successful people ask better questions,

and as a result, they get better answers. — Tony Robbins



The trouble is, you think you have time. — Buddha

Obtaining quality certification from customers is not too difficult.

For example, let’s say you went to a fancy restaurant

that just opened in town last night.

You find the food there delicious,

the atmosphere romantic, the service attentive

and they give you the bill not too late but not too quickly either.

When you leave that restaurant,

you express your satisfaction to the manager, boss, or wait staff.

He thanks you and asks you to record your comment.

Would you agree to write a letter at his request?

I am 90% sure that you will agree to do it and the chance

that you will actually write them is 50%.

You will be willing to do this and will also feel “joyed”

because your opinions and judgments are fully appreciated.

The offer to write the certification hit your enthusiasm.

If you’ve been in sales for many years, recall the customers

who told you directly that they appreciated your product, service,

or idea… or anything else you had to offer.

They call or visit them and I believe you know

how to “talk” to get their “written endorsement”.

Once you have those “certificates,”

quickly copy them and place them in your presentation kit.

Bring all of these “certificates of quality” with you to all of your presentations.

Action is the real measure of intelligence. — Napoleon Hill



Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments. — Rose Kennedy

To use customer testimonials effectively,

you must choose exactly which letter you need

because in most cases you will only use one or two letters for a lot of presentations.

Sometimes, they are also used to reach customers

to convince or answer their questions.

For example, when a customer tells you,

“I want to know more about this service,” you should respond,

“Sir, I appreciate your interest in us.

Mr. Jones Johns at XYZ company initially had the same feelings,

but after using our service, he said the following:

(This is when you give the customer a letter with content related

to the information that the customer is wanting to know.)

You should continue your presentations after he has finished reading them.

For example, a customer asks:

“Can we get a tax reduction like you just mentioned?”

(You should give him the follow-up letter to answer this question.)

However, no single letter can answer all questions or concerns,

but collecting letters will help you find all the answers.

From time to time, you should replace old letters with new letters from trusted customers.

Put them in order – by field or location, alphabetically or by question/question type…

I believe that a certificate of quality always proves its effectiveness in almost any presentation

or product launch.

It is also a way to approach customers

and create trust when things are going well or not going “as expected” during the meeting.

To conclude this section,

I would like to summarize the matter as follows:

although I believe that all the information given to you up to this point is valuable,

you will have to present the client with

The knowledge you are provided with through

the latest product feature analysis given to you by the marketing director.

However, you’d better convince them.

Sell ​​with all your heart.

H – Honesty: Honesty is the crux of your sales career.

E – Ego: Show your good ego or empathy.

A – Attitude: Your attitude toward yourself, your customers, and your profession.

R – Reverse: Your physical, mental and rational strength.

T – Tough: Strength and the strongest thing is love.

If you put the first letters of these 5 words together, they will form a heart:

Knowledge is NOT power.

Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power.

Action is power. — Tony Robbins




You have two choices:

You can make a living, or you can design a life.— Jim Rohn

I. Learn to adapt, not react to difficulties.

II. Know the difference between a professional salesperson and a novice salesperson,

an excellent salesperson and an average salesperson.

III. Meet a few sales experts to learn.

IV. Clearly define that anyone, whether dentist, contractor, waitress, designer or teacher… are all sales people.


The “ring” tactic

Tactics for dealing with “rebellious children” “praise” tactics

Tactics “Abraham Lincoln”

Tactic of “enhancing previous deals”

Tactic of making customers “satisfied”

Tactic of “binding”“Backup”

Tactic “Puppy” Tactic

Tactic of “delivering service thoughtfully” Tactic of “sub-ordering”


Chapter 15: USE THE TRICKS


To change bad habits,

we must study the habits of successful role models. — Jack Canfield

Are you adapting or reacting?

I hope your answer is adaptive,

because respond has a positive connotation, and react has a negative connotation.

For example, when you are sick and have to see a doctor.

The doctor examines you, prescribes medicine,

and makes an appointment for a follow-up appointment the next day.

On time, you come and the doctor examines you and shakes his head and says,

“I have to change the medicine because your body has a reaction to the medicine”.

Neither the doctor nor you can be happy with such negative results, right?

In the event that the doctor happily informs you:

“It seems that the medicine is working.

Your body is adapting to this treatment.”

Obviously everyone will be pleased with the positive results.

Not only in the field of sales, but in any other profession,

we will sometimes encounter situations that are not very optimistic.

I can confirm that 99% of salespeople,

with a few exceptions

when standing behind the counter in retail stores have had to “persevere” in customer meetings,

especially for direct sales, life insurance,

real estate and automobile sales.

And I believe most of these people have

at least once reacted with anger, frustration, disappointment,

or a combination of all of these negative emotions.

In 1964, Judge Ziglar, my late brother, broke a national sales record

when he made a sale of 104,000 dollars worth of Salad master pots

and pans (today, that amount equivalent to $800,000).

His secret is to always adapt very well to failed dates.

During the product launch ceremony,

Judge invited the couples to attend

and did not forget to make an appointment to meet them at their home the following day.

There were times when he came to see him as scheduled,

but they were not at home.

Instead of reacting to the situation with anger or frustration,

Judge learned to adapt by telling himself,

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll make this deal!

Don’t kid yourself.

Be honest with yourself.

Take your own inventory. — Jack Canfield



Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else. – Peter Drucker

The next day, Judge again arrived at the same time as the previous day.

When the landlord opened the door,

Judge immediately began by apologizing:

“I sincerely apologize for missing the meeting with you yesterday.

I tried as hard as I could, but in the end I couldn’t.”

You will be surprised to learn that most customers have no objection

to you taking responsibility for their rudeness.

When Judge apologized, he knew he was going to get the deal.

The reason is if the client doesn’t have the courage to face him

and say
They won’t make a purchase on the previous date,

which means they’re not mentally prepared to deal with an enthusiastic, dedicated,

and professionally trained salesperson like Judge.

Judge’s ability to adapt to customer attitudes should surprise us with his sales record.

What motivated Judge to work like that?

That’s because from the bottom of his heart,

he believes that the family desperately needs,

even must have his set of pots and pans.

Judge also knows the pots and pans will save them money,

time and, above all, ensure the nutritional value of food for their children.

He is really a person who is very passionate about his work.

Judge also understands human nature and the real reason they kept him waiting yesterday.

Basically, the other couple also wants to buy a set of pots and pans,

but they don’t think they have enough money and fear

that they won’t have the courage to say no to what they’ve always wanted.

Their solution is to let the salesman wait at the door.

In times like these, salespeople need to empathize with their customers more than ever.

People are rewarded in public for what they practice for years in private. — Tony Robbins



When you truly are on purpose, the people, resources,

and opportunities you need naturally gravitate toward you. — Jack Canfield

However, that’s still not all.

Most direct sellers are demoralized

and react with dismay when a homeowner’s baby disrupts the product demonstration.

They climb on briefcases or sample boxes,

messing with papers and samples.

From time to time, their parents say quietly,

in a rather reluctant tone:

“Hey, don’t play with my papers like that!”.

From time to time, the husband turns to his wife and says,

“Hey, you’re so naughty!

What should I do?”.

Usually the wife will get up,

pull the child out and tell him to sit still.

But just three minutes later,

the boy was again playing with his briefcase and prototype.

Now her parents seem helpless.

They pulled the boy’s ears, held his hand,

yelled at him and asked him to behave.

By this point, Judge Ziglar knew he was on the hook for the deal

because if they couldn’t say “no” to a three-year-old,

how could they say no to a hot salesman?

love, professionally trained as Judge.

He noticed that the boy’s parents didn’t love him enough

that they saw the need to punish him.

Judge also loves children, especially children

who are not given proper and proper care.

Therefore, Judge emphasized with the child’s parents said:

“Perhaps the boy never knew what a loving punishment was,

for his future.

And, I believe he needs to be given the best opportunities,

nutritiously cooked meals to bring about good health.”

We’re talking about attitudes in sales,

but this attitude is directly related to understandings of personality and a few other things.

If you really care,

you’ll find that’s exactly what a trained,

dedicated sales professional uses most often.

And he will certainly act on his thoughts and attitudes

to adapt instead of reacting to the actual situation he is facing.

You are the master of your destiny.

You can influence,

direct and control your own environment.

You can make your life

what you want it to be. — Napoleon Hill

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