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Zig Ziglar! Secrets of closing the sale! Your Attitude To Sales

Secrets of closing the sale!


Sales is the highest paying profession

if you work hard

and the lowest paying profession

if you just want an easy job.

For those who “actively join this profession”

and want the job to “become a part of their life”,

professional sales is really a demanding

and demanding profession

but also full of excitement

and interesting and worth the effort.

I’m going to take an overarching look at this business with you,

which has been my life

since I was an eight-year-old child selling vegetables

and delivering milk to every home in the area.

Most of the sales staff are very enthusiastic

when introducing the product they are offering.

They believe that the company

they represent is the most prestigious

and they are pleased to be “joined” in the team of people

who will represent the company to customers.

However, very few of them dare admit

that they sell for a living.

I’m going to go into this very deeply

because your attitude about everything

that concerns you with the customer,

the product, the company,

and even the sales profession determines

whether the deal will succeed or fail.

This is especially true in closing deals.

Whatever you focus on is what you get. — Tony Robbins



If you don’t put a value on money and seek wealth,

you most probably won’t receive it.

You must seek wealth for it to seek you.

If no burning desire for wealth arises within you,

wealth will not arise around you.

Having definiteness of purpose for acquiring wealth is essential for its acquisition. — John Frederick Demartini

It seems that everyone considers Christopher Columbus to be a great explorer

who was credited with discovering the Americas in 1492

(however, he himself always thought it was the Indian Subcontinent),

But few people realize that Columbus was also a salesman!

That’s true because Columbus was an Italian living on Spanish soil,

which meant he was out of his “field”.

He only has one customer left to meet,

and if the “deal” fails,

he will be “ejected” to Italy by “sea” literally,

ie swimming across the sea from Spain to Italy.

Really, it was a very stressful deal!

Then he went to Queen Isabella

and presented his proposal.

After listening to the content of

On that fascinating trip,

Isabella said: “Chris, that sounds like a good idea,

but you can’t spend twelve thousand dollars on five small boats like that.

That’s a myth!”

Columbus was aware of the implications of Isabella’s price complaint,

so he knew that money wasn’t the real problem.

Columbus understood that

the benefits of being the one

who found a shortcut to India had not yet convinced Isabella.

He knew the Queen was thinking that

the cost seemed too great for the benefits,

and the general rule was that no one,

whether Isabella or any other customer,

would agree to pay that much

for a something more than they thought it was worth.

So Chris, in the role of a “salesman,”

began to paint the best scenarios for her country

and the fame she would receive

if she took on the responsibility of finding the shortcut to the future.

India. Columbus offered the possibility of seizing the lands

they would discover for colonization.

He also emphasizes saving time

or discovering unknown foods and spices, gems and furs.

Chris also did not forget to mention the opportunity

to help Isabella spread the idea of ​​​​Christianity

to the “wild inhabitants” across the ocean.

I believe that Columbus painted a beautiful picture

that Spain will make great strides against France

or England in the battle for world domination.

To such a grounded and emotional speech,

Isabella said:

“Okay, Chris, I agree.

But the only problem is I don’t have any money.”

Columbus replied,

“You have a necklace around your neck,

take it to the pawnshop

and the money will be settled!”

In addition to those initial difficulties,

Chris also had to think of many more ways

to have enough money to make that journey.

Even while they were at sea,

Columbus had to repeatedly continue his “sales business”.

History records that every day

the sailors threatened to throw him into the sea

and demanded his return.

And since Columbus was trying to convince people for his own life,

his speech must have been very persuasive.

Every day,

Chris has to show his persuasion to keep the journey going.

Finally one morning,

his “deal” was successful:

“Hooray, land!”.

If you do what you’ve always done,

you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. — Tony Robbins



“Wealth has nothing to do with intelligence

but with encouragement and inspiration.”– Jim Rohn

After the sale was successful,

Christopher Columbus made the biggest mistake of his sales career.

After the deal was successful,

he did not serve customers well.

He seems to think that the journey came from his own ideas,

and that he is the one

who opened the door of this wonderful opportunity,

so he deserves to be grateful in this great leap.

That leads to the fact

that we have a “the United States of America”

​​instead of a “the United States of Columbus”.

just because Columbus lost his customers.

The failure of Columbus reminds you

that in business there is always an element of competition,

most of which is legitimate

and legitimate.

Competitors persistently pursue

and want to please their customers

you to the best of their ability.

(Of course you don’t want to lose these customers either, do you?)

When you make a deal,

you look as majestic as a driver.

But if you take your eyes off the road ahead (customer)

and no longer step on the gas (service),

your competitors will immediately convince customers

that they drive better,

that they have more to offer.

Better service with higher quality.

Stay committed to your decisions,

but stay flexible in your approach. — Tony Robbins



“No one can become rich without helping others get rich.

Anyone who helps others

to become rich will be rewarded with wealth.”– Alexander Orndorff

Personally, I believe this is probably one of the key factors

that cause the breakdown of so many marriages.

A guy and a girl go on a date (making a deal),

during which time the two only exchange compliments or sweet promises.

Each person forgets the inherent differences

in order to keep the relationship going well.

He always uses masculine cologne,

and she is always seductive with sweet scents.

Both of them showed their affection,

were empathetic,

and extremely caring

until the day they walked hand in hand into the church.

Don’t limit your challenges;

challenge your limits.

Each day we must strive for constant

and never ending improvement. — Tony Robbins



You can only be financially free

when your passive income exceeds your expenses. ― T. Harv Eke

Then they stopped flirting with each other.

Of course, they didn’t do it right after

the honeymoon or a month later,

but somehow they stopped giving each other

the subtle gestures of care and understanding.

They begin to give up the habits of a good husband or wife.

They begin to let other things

and activities interfere with their lives.

Please don’t get me wrong

I don’t mean that marriage can maintain the happy,

happy feeling of the honeymoon

but I believe that those words of love,

“flirting” are always necessary for a happy relationship in marriage,

not only to make it last,

but to make it more enjoyable

and meaningful for both of you.

We often hear phrases like “another man”

or “another woman”.

In fact, there is no place for any other man

or woman if both husband

and wife always put their partner in the most important position

and always give each other words speak and gesture lovingly.

In short,

the divorce rate would certainly decrease significantly

if both men

and women “given” exactly

what they had “sold”

when they were still dating.

For that reason,

I believe most of us lose customers to competitors not

because of cheaper prices,

nor because of better products,

although this could clearly be the case.

Which in many cases is

because our competitors have approached

and “flipped” with our customers like we used to “flirt” with them

before “wedding”

(that is, before the deal happened).

with full care,


along with better service

and sincere attitude to listen to the needs of customers.

To see the parallels

between deals and examples of affection,

someone politely asked,

“When should a man tell his wife he loves her?”

And an answer witty words were given:

“Before another guy does it!”.

So when should a salesperson tell his customer that he loves them?

The answer is similar to

“Before another sales person does it!”.

And after that,

you should show your sincere affection

through your thoughtful after-sales service.

Do not wait.

The time will never be just right.

Start where you stand,

and work whatever tools you may have at your command

and better tools will be found as you go along. — Napoleon Hill



Money helps you live more comfortably,

opens doors and creates more opportunities. — Steve Siebold

You probably don’t think that America is free thanks to a salesman!

In the process of gaining independence for the nation,

it was George Washington who made an extremely large business.

At that time,

America was almost divided into three wings.

A third of the new settlers wanted independence,

a third wanted to join England,

the other third said:

“Mr George,

whichever side wins,

we’ll follow.

For the time being,

we are still in a neutral position.”

George Washington had to recruit

nearly everyone into the army of independence,

from manual laborers to intellectuals.

He honestly shared with everyone:

“If we win this battle,

maybe I can’t afford to pay you,

but if we lose,

you will be hanged in the high places as traitors”.

Please remember that

only a third of Americans really want independence

and everyone knows at that time,

Britain had the most powerful army and navy in the world.

Yes, that’s right,

Washington’s move to recruit troops is bold and risky.

I want to reiterate this so that those

who are recruiting for their sales team know

that compared to George,

your job is actually much simpler.

You should say

Tell new salespeople that

they must focus on customers

who have never used a similar product.

You even have to emphasize that,

if they (the newcomers) successfully make a deal,

beyond the monthly salary,

the company may not have enough money to pay them more

but if it fails,

They may be fired soon.

If you can’t do great things,

do small things in a great way. — Napoleon Hill



People inspire you or they drain you.

Pick them wisely. – Les Brown

America became a continent-sized country practically

because of the sales people.

As soon as the United States gained independence,

Alexander Hamilton persuaded President Washington

to propose Congress to spend more money

to facilitate learning the British method of establishing colonies

and a distribution system of “agents”

and services travel around the world.

At that time,

although the first people arrived in the United States in 1608,

for the next 168 years,

all the Americans could do was expand their territory

to the Appalachian Mountains.

Government grants help Americans have new sources of knowledge.

Along with independence

and the benefits that knowledge brought,

the Americans moved to establish trading posts.

This helps the people

who migrated to the west to buy guns,

blankets and other necessities.

It is also thanks to these trading posts

that only 30 years after gaining independence,

the United States has expanded its territory to the end of the West Coast.

America became such a wonderful land not

because of its vast size,

abundant resources,

or top technology,

but because of the sales people.

In terms of area, the United States certainly cannot be the largest,

because Canada, Russia,

and China are all larger than the United States.

Besides, despite many incentives,

in terms of natural resources,

the United States cannot compare with Russia,

China or Canada.

Although no one doubts that the United States

is the world leader in science and technology,

it is clear that Japan,



or Israel are still leaders in certain areas of technological development.

The achievements that

we have achieved are thanks to the sellers,

thanks to the policy of freedom in exchange,

purchase and sale of goods and freedom of belief.

Whatever the mind can conceive

and believe,

it can achieve. — Napoleon Hill



Big thinkers understand the importance of saving and investing,

so they focus on getting rich

by serving people and solving problems. — Steve Siebold

I think one of the reasons

I really love sales is

because it offers financial security.

If my own son asked me which profession

I consider the safest,

I would not hesitate to say that it is sales.

Perhaps it was always an illusion that

salespeople were the only ones

who worked

and salaried entirely on commission.

But if so,

does it really give you security?

The answer is yes,

the sales profession is really safe for you

and you need to know that in all professions,

you can only receive a salary

when you have completed the task.

A salesperson

or any other person,

whether salaried

or paid on commission,

works on a mission basis.

In fact, in any profession,

if the work efficiency is not guaranteed,

the safety is no longer there.


you still have to work according to your assigned duties,

even if you are the president of the United States.

If they do not do well,

even the president will “lose his job”.

Perhaps you still remember the period from 1981 to 1982,

when America was in a recession.

At that time,

tens of thousands of people lost their jobs,

even though they had great qualities:





hard work and efficiency.

They may be teachers,


pilots, high-ranking government officials,

lawyers, workers…

but I dare you to name an honest,


dedicated sales person,

attentive, hard-working

and productive lost their jobs during that period.

If such a salesperson loses his job,

it is due to reasons beyond his control

such as the company’s bankruptcy.

He could just walk down the street,

even next door,

and immediately get a new job.

It is very interesting that the longer you work in sales,

the more effective your work will be.

Before each situation occurs,

you a professional sales person always have to think

to find the optimal solution to the problem.

This helps you become more responsive.

Time will bring you loyal customers

and it is they who bring you income.

That’s why honesty is always the most important factor in creating a stable

and rewarding job with loyal customers.

Choose a product or service

that you believe can solve people’s problems.

With dedication,

I believe you can become a professional salesman.

It is when you look at the product,

service you provide

or the company you represent

that many opportunities for success are knocking at your door.

General Douglas MacArthur defined safety

as the ability to work efficiently.

My salesman,

as long as you are productive you will be safe

both financially and professionally.

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits. — Napoleon Hill



Do what you can,

with what you have,

where you are. ― Theodore Roosevelt

In a non-sales organization,

when the business situation is bad,

leaders with a narrow vision often come up

with solutions such as saving electricity

(turning off lights when not in use)

or cut some positions

(such as security or service staff)

in order to reduce costs.

“We will try to work it out,

and we hope for the best,”

they said firmly.

In contrast, the reaction of those in the sales industry

was completely different.

When the media reports an economic recession,

the board immediately meets everyone

and sends the message:

“We know you’ve all heard about this problem in economic recession,

but we think recession is like many other phenomena.

We can accept or not accept this.

However, the company’s current policy is

to completely reject this recession.

We will organize a competition among sales staff,

along with many incentives

and incentives for both sellers and customers.

We will make advertising

and promotion campaigns straight to the consumer’s mind!

The company will organize sales training courses

for you to have the opportunity to work more effectively.

Surely our revenue will skyrocket.”

In your opinion,

is this solution feasible or not?

History has shown that

the years after the economic crisis of 1974-1975

and 1980-1982 were the periods

when sales people made the most money.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. — Tony Robbins



The richest people in the world build networks.

Everyone else is trained

to look for work. — Robert Kiyosaki

After closing the deal successfully,

you get your share of the profits

and go to the grocery store to buy a box of beans.

The shop owner honestly shared:

“I am very happy that you bought my products

because I had the opportunity to go and pick up more items.”

Then he went to the wholesaler to buy more beans.

The wholesaler said to him,

“Thank you for coming to my place to pick up the goods,

because that’s the way I can go and get more beans.”

And he went to the canning factory to buy more canned beans.

The canning factory needed more beans to produce,

so they went to the farmer to buy more beans.

The farmer sold all the beans to the factory

and continued to plant another crop of beans.

Unfortunately the tractor of farmers is damaged

because too many crops have passed.

The farmer went to the tractor seller and bought one.

And since the tractor seller only had one left,

he had to go to the tractor factory

and buy a few more.

When the tractor seller signed a contract to buy the machine,

the factory manager happily said:

“We will produce more

because you have already bought the rest of the machines in stock.”

To be able to resume production,

departments have to import more materials

and other accessories.

And so hundreds of other deals were made.

All those events, those deals,

and all those jobs were made possible

because one day,

you yourself successfully executed your deal,

my colleague friend!

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater

than the pain of change. — Tony Robbins



“I discovered that wealth is a kind of perception

and that anyone can perceive it

by thinking like a rich person.”– Andrew Young

One question that might naturally spring to mind

as you read this far is:

“If all of the above is true,

then why are so many people not sympathetic to salespeople?”

In my opinion,

it is because the unprofessional salespeople in the early days

made a lot of bad impressions about the profession.

At that time,

a lot of people thought

that a “good” salesperson was someone

who could get people to buy something they didn’t want,

or even worse,

make them buy something they never wanted and needed.

Until now,

many people still do not understand

that a professional salesperson is a true mentor

who can identify the needs of the customer,

and then satisfy those needs with different goods,

products or services they provide.

As salespeople,

we need to honor two things.

First of all,

we need to celebrate the right to free enterprise.

Second, we commend the business owners

and workers who,

for the benefit of all,

effectively use the eight-hour workday

to produce the best quality products

at a reasonable price at the best price

so the seller can sell them

with more confidence

and solve more customer problems.

Society always wants even requires

the best products

and services at the most appropriate prices,

only then will my family

or yours get the most benefits.

I am proud to be a salesman!

A person who makes a mousetrap

with more features will still “starve” if he sits there

and waits for someone down the alley to knock on his door

to buy his superior product.

As a seller,

remember that every product

or service must be introduced as widely as possible

Eli Whitney was once laughed at

when he introduced the loom that he invented.

Edison was forced to install a free light bulb in an office building

so that anyone could see it.

The first sewing machine was also smashed

to pieces by a mob in Boston.

Everyone laughed at the idea of ​​building railroads

because they thought traveling at 30 mph would stop the bleeding!

McCormick had to try for ten

It took four years to convince people

to use the harvester he built.

Westinghouse was once considered a paranoid

when he claimed that he could stop an entire train

with the force of the wind.

Just like Morse had to beg ten congressmen just

to let them look at his telegraph.

People need to hear salespeople convince them that this

or that product is useful.

Just like inventors,

salespeople introduce their products to the public,

convince them of the benefits

that the product will bring,

teach them how to use

and teach them how to profit from this product.

As a salesman,

I am proud to be a contributor

to the advancement of the times.

I contribute my little effort to educate people,

create jobs,

reduce hard work for workers,

bring more profits

to manufacturers businesses

and bring more profit to the people in a fuller

and richer life for many.

My achievements have partly helped reduce product costs,

improve the quality of goods and services,

and help people enjoy the comfortable

and luxurious feeling of essential amenities in life,

from kits from kitchens to cars,


televisions or magnificent mansions and buildings.

My ability to help heal diseases,

provide health security for the elderly

and help thousands of young people have

the opportunity to attend college.

I motivate inventors to make more inventions,

build big factories and ocean ships.

I am proud to be a salesman.

I am so grateful to be able to do this work.

Thanks to that,

I have the opportunity to serve my family,

my friends and my country.

An anonymous salesman

Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds. — Napoleon Hill



Before you can become a millionaire,

you must learn to think like one. ― Thomas J. Stanleyt 

Below is Allan Cox’s report on the business situation of American

companies/corporations in an interview with US News & World Report:

Salespeople’s loss of status represents a growing gap

between businesses and customers.

In the early history of the American economy,

the two leaders of the manufacturing

and sales industries were twin heroes.

After that, the salesman lost his position although he continued

to play the role of connecting the customer with the manufacturer.

I see this trend changing

and look forward to the resurgence of sales and marketing people.

We’ve come to realize that we have to go back to customers

we were previously indifferent to.

Then you’ll see,

a different kind of CEO will be the heads of businesses,

those who are good listeners,

not the profit-driven individuals

who once occupied the top position in the period. 1965-1980.

The current sales trend is more about marketing combined

with customer opinions

and more linked to issues related to social responsibility.

The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge. — Napoleon Hill



In order to persist,

you have to ensure that you surround yourself with positivity. ― R.L. Adams

As I mentioned in the previous chapter,

the most important factor in the sales process is the salesperson himself.

So, I will talk more about the role of the salesperson

and why and how you need to build physical strength,

one of the key factors for success in your sales career.

If you want to take the island,

then burn your boats.

With absolute commitment come the insights that create real victory. — Tony Robbins



The voice you believe will determine the future you experience. ― Steven Furtick

If you want to focus on any job, including sales,

you need to be physically fit first.

A psychologist told me that talking continuously

for an hour burns more energy than a worker

who works eight hours a day.

Before each presentation,

I always prepare very well

because the audience (customers) always expect to see me energetic

and enthusiastic until the last minute of the talk.

They spend their time

and money coming to hear me speak,

so I feel obliged to be physically ready

so that I can express myself mentally and emotionally.

That’s when I “sell” them the ideas, skills,

or processes needed to be more effective in sales

and in life in general.

Dear reader, not only me

but also you have the same obligation towards your customers.

(We have agreed that the customer is king,

the person who benefits the most,

so we must always put ourselves in the best position to be able to benefit them.)

You need to show your enthusiasm,

not just to the customer

the first line

but also the last customers of the day,

whether it’s

when you actively reach out to customers

or when they find you on their own.

Every customer deserves your best “service”.

You should remember

that the last customer of the day

to call you has the same needs as the first customer.

Of course, age and health limitations are important factors,

but you should try to get used

to the ability to work at high intensity.

Only then can you give them passionate presentations and through that,

they will have enough information to make their own decisions.

In addition to regular exercise,

we also need to follow a balanced diet

with nutrition and reasonable sleep time.

When you are in a healthy state,

you will have enough energy

and motivation to make more calls

to customers until the end of the working day.

This is what makes a huge difference in your career.

You need to keep in mind that tobacco

and alcohol are not only harmful to your health

but also cost you a considerable amount of money.

Most customers today don’t want to come into contact

with a salesperson holding a cigarette or a glass of wine.

Simply because secondhand smoke can seriously affect their health

(especially people with chronic asthma,

people who are sensitive to with the changing environment)

and the glass of wine in your hand does not give them a sense of peace of mind,

confidence in you and the product you are offering.

Say, you are facing an important surgery

and you want your doctor to do his best,

would you insist that your doctor drink some alcohol

to stay awake during your surgery?

So, I advise you not to drink while trying to convince someone

to make a deal with you.

A successful sales professional always remembers

that nothing helps you start your day more excitedly

than the feeling of success

when selling to the last customer the day before.

Usually, the last sale of the day makes you feel “double” proud,

because it shows that your “little extra effort” has paid off.

And emotionally,

it energizes you so you’re ready to take on your next task.

So you’ll start your day off like a “tiger”,

full of energy

– not a sluggish,

reluctant start.

According to American psychologist Dr. William James,

that success not only helps us regain the excitement at the second start,

but also the third,



sixth and second time

or even the seventh time.

Sometimes you think you tried your best,

but when you make the last call with all the excitement,

you will feel your energy “revived”.

So the last call achieved the expected result.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep,

you will work until you die. ― Warren Buffett



Where are the people who don’t have goals headed?

Those 97% end up working for 3%. — Shiv Khera 

A study by the international organization S.M.E found that

one of the reasons

why salespeople can’t successfully close a deal is because they use the wrong time.

Based on his experience

as an assistant to corporate vice president E. F.

Hutton, Mark Gardner suggests that each day,

a stockbroker spends less than two hours selling new

or established securities every day

establish relationships with customers.

First of all, they were “lighthearted”

or unprofessional in time management.

Besides, due to lack of energy,

salespeople start work late

and finish earlier than prescribed.

As a result,

they are not at their best during the day or work week.

We also need to consider cases of “involuntary” work

due to lack of confidence,

inaccurate perception of self-efficacy

Most of the problems related to time management often arise

from bad habits or a lack of direction.

And the remaining reasons are

due to lack of understanding

and lack of professionalism in solving problems

and we can solve them through positive solutions.

It is not wrong to say that people

who know how to close deals professionally are often “stingy” about time

and this seems to be no exception.

He knows that he can only “make money” during his interactions with potential customers,

so he always tries to work out the details necessary

for his job during the times

when he is not “on the stand” before” the customer.

Acquiring the necessary knowledge

and maintaining a good appearance

will enhance the effectiveness of the meeting with the client.

And that extra effect will certainly impact your basic income level.

Success will also come after the “push”.

A week of creating a “push” is a week of working hard,

starting in the early morning and ending in the late evening,

continuously for a week.

That “push” week will be more effective if you plan ahead to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Interrupting your plans to reach your potential customers.

I’ll never forget the first “push” week

after I actually started selling kitchen sets.


six months earlier the company also launched a product promotion program

and my sales skyrocketed,

creating “momentum” for many subsequent activities.

To have a successful sales week, three weeks before that,

we booked a dinner to organize product launch activities.

Female attendees will receive a gift if accompanied by their husband

and cakes are served from 6 am.

I introduced the product to thirty-nine couples

and sold thirty-one sets of pots and pans!

Of course, that week had a huge impact on my sales career,

giving me more confidence in setting goals for the following weeks.

The “hard” weeks require physical preparation and again your physical condition plays a huge role.

You should also consider family during the “push” week

and the weeks after.

Discuss with family members that you are temporarily unable to take on personal responsibilities,

so you can focus on work.

In the following week, you can plan to do many things for the family,

such as a short vacation.

Be great because nothing else pays. — Grant Cardone



We are all in the gutter,

but some of us are looking at the stars. ― Oscar Wilde

To put it simply, you must first identify the problem you are facing.

Next, you must understand that nothing is impossible if you have faith.

Dear readers, whoever you are,

what you are doing and where you are,

I can assure you:

What has not happened in the past will surely happen in the future.

At some point you will face difficulties beyond human endurance.

That is why the power of reason becomes necessary,

not only for a career in sales, but also for everyday life.

Perhaps you will ask:

“What about the role of mental

and spiritual strength in the success of a business?”

If you are facing major obstacles in your personal life,

family, or financial condition…

then you need to find solutions to your problems first.

I would like to reiterate that the most important factor is

The most important part of the sales process

is the salesperson himself.

And an excellent salesperson is one

who balances the body, mind, and spirit.

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company conducted

a comprehensive study on thousands of people

and in 1,500,000 pieces of information,

discovered quite interesting things

and surprisingly the results showed

that three groups

The people with the strongest spiritual awareness in America are:

(1) the clergy,

(2) the business people,

(3) the general public.

Most of these people reported that their trust,

commitment and loyalty to their leaders helped them work more effectively.

Students who achieve high academic results are proud to say

that their faith in God helps them to study tirelessly.

A study conducted by The Heritage Foundation also found

that regular participation in religious services reduces suicides,

alcohol and substance abuse,

illegitimate birth and divorce.

Belief helps them become happier,

happier and healthier and no longer depressed or autistic.

Marriages also become longer and happier.

The answer to all of this is simple:

Every human being is physically,


and spiritually unique.

If you take any aspect lightly,

you are not a complete person.

If you feel you are miserable

or weak in one aspect of your life,

it is unlikely that you will achieve success in other areas.

All successful people men and women are big dreamers.

They imagine what their future could be,

ideal in every respect,

and then they work every day toward their distant vision,

that goal or purpose.” — Brian Tracy

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