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Brian Tracy! Time Management! Read Faster, Remember More

Time Management

Chapter 19. Read Faster, Remember More

To succeed today,

you have to set priorities,

decide what you stand for. — Lee Iacocca 

The typical modern businessman has to read thousands

of words from emails,



business information,

articles and other documents.

To be successful,

you will have to keep up with the reading requirements.

We live in a knowledge-based society

and an important piece of information

can directly impact your work and decision-making.

Take the time to sift through what you read.

The best way to save time

while reading and learning

is the delete button on your keyboard.

Use it to the fullest.

Resist the temptation to spend time reading things

that have no direct value or relevance

to your life and work.

Today a reader,

tomorrow a leader. ― Margaret Fuller


Learn to read fast

You can’t hide from all the information that comes in,

but you can organize it

and research into a more suitable time and place.

One of the most important skills

you can hone is speed reading.

If you’ve never attended a speed reading course,

you should do it now.

This course will help you increase your reading speed

and retention,

possibly in just the first two lessons.

The techniques developed make fast reading extremely effective,

and anyone can learn to read 500 to 1,000 words a minute

with a high level of comprehension.

Light tomorrow with today! ― Elizabeth Barrett


Read with concentration

When you come across valuable compilations

or information online,

print them out and put them in a folder

or keep them in a file on your computer for later reading.

Instead of “moving on to another task”

— that is, stopping what you’re doing to read something new,

put it aside and read it later.

Once you get into the habit of doing this,

you will be amazed at the amount

of additional knowledge

you read and the ability to increase your attention

while reading it.

For newspapers, you can choose

to receive the most important information via your computer daily

or read the paper newspaper.

Whatever format you choose,

skim and read only what works for you.

In newsletters, the most important information

is usually in the headline and the first paragraph.

In many cases you don’t need to read every detail

to understand exactly what happened.

A peasant that reads is a prince in waiting. ― Walter Mosley


Read selectively

Newspapers and magazines are designed

and manufactured to make you read page by page

in order to get the most exposure

to the advertisements contained within.

For this reason,

you must read newspapers,


and newsletters selectively,

reading only what is relevant

and important to you.

Review the table of contents

and jump straight to the articles

that are valuable to your work or life.

A great technique for printed materials is “cut and read”.

Cut up the articles you want to read,

put them in a folder,

and take them with you to read

when you have free time.

Study the books carefully

before deciding which one

you want to spend your time reading.

You can sign up for book review services

and get the best ideas from any book in minutes.

Knowledge comes,

but wisdom lingers. ― Alfred Lord Tennyson


Please say no

The best way to save your reading time

is to make the decision not to read something.

By sifting through the document’s foreword,

table of contents,

introduction, and information about the author,

you can decide that the book

or journal isn’t important to you.

In this case,

stop reading

or skip it to have more time to do more important things.

Work hard,

stay positive,

and get up early.

It’s the best part of the day. — George Allen, Sr


Build a system

Over the years,

I’ve built a pace and a habit of spending three

or more hours a day reading about business,


politics, and personal development.

So over the course of my career

I’ve had over 150,000 hours of reading.

With the accumulated information,

I was able to write over 60 books including this one.

When people ask how I can read so much,

I can explain in a pretty simple way.

I organize what I need to read

and read diligently bit by bit,

minute by minute,

hour by hour,

flight by flight and whenever I have free time,

such as in the airport lounge.

Remember “The readers are the leaders”.

You cannot stay up to date

and leading in your field

unless you are continually refining your knowledge selectively

about the information generated today

by the brightest minds that have ever existed.

Every great building once begun as a building plan. — Aysa Angel

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