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Brian Tracy! Time Management! Invest in self-development

Time Management 

Chapter 20. Invest in self-development

By failing to prepare,

you are preparing to fail. ― Benjamin Franklin

The single most important thing

you can do to increase your self-worth,

improve your results,

and make yourself more important.

to the company

is to do better

and better at what matters most to you.

Personal growth should be an ongoing process

in your daily time use priorities.

This is a key time management function

that can lead you to senior executive positions and beyond.

Make time in your schedule

to continue learning and growing.

There is a basic principle of personal development

that you cannot go further than

where you are today with the knowledge

and skills you have.

To go further and advance your career,

you must accumulate more knowledge.

You have to learn more to be able to earn more.

Action expresses priorities. ― Mahatma Gandhi


Continuous and non-stop improvement

Take action to grow and improve yourself every day.

If you spend 1 hour/ a day reading

to help increase your productivity,

you will be in the top 1% of society in just 5 years.

Listen to training programs as you travel by car.

Today, nearly all of the finest information

and ideas ever expressed in English

or any other language are available

as audio recordings on CD

or downloadable to phones and tablets.

The average commuter spends 500 to 1,000 hours

in a car each year,

which equates to 12 or 20 40-hour weeks,

or 1 to 2 semesters at college.

This means you can get almost the same benefit

as a regular college education just

by turning travel time into study time.

If you’re not listening to audio recordings

in your car or on the go,

you’re missing out on one of the great learning opportunities.

A lot of people don’t do well simply

because they major in minor things. ― Jim Rohn


Attend seminars taught by experts

Attend seminars taught by experts in your field

at least 4 times a year.

Be actively looking for these workshops.

Be willing to go the distance to learn

from the best in your field.

It is essential that you attend seminars taught

by people who have real-world experience

and have achieved success in your field.

Try to avoid lectures

and seminars from university professors

who write stories from their ivory towers.

They rarely have practical experience

and what they teach is often only academically correct

but has no practical value.

It will be nearly impossible

for you to apply their ideas

to get better results at work.

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy

of things which matter least. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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