Zig Ziglar! Secrets of closing the sale! Key Points

Chapter 30: KEY POINTS Perspective One: In the past, now, and even in the future, any great salesperson who can achieve peak success or who can break all sales records has always been a strongly believe in the product or service you offer. Because they have put all their faith and enthusiasm in the product, […]

Zig Ziglar! Secrets of closing the sale! Use Questions To Complete The Trade

Chapter 28: USE QUESTIONS TO COMPLETE THE TRADE ******* Rich stand above their problems. Poor stand below their problems. — Cherry Nguyen ******* Q: How to convince customers to buy? A: You convince the customer by asking questions that lead the customer to a purchase decision because that is the idea he initiated. This pressure […]

Zig Ziglar! Secrets of closing the sale! Frequent Types Of Customers

Chapter 24: FREQUENT TYPES OF CUSTOMERS The real joy in life comes from finding your true purpose and aligning it with what you do every single day. — Tony Robbins In this section, I’ll categorize each of the different types of customers and teach you how to effectively engage with each of them in one […]

Zig Ziglar! Secrets of closing the sale! Words To Build A Sustainable Selling Career

CHAPTER 22 WORDS TO BUILD A SUSTAINABLE SELLING CAREER We are defined by the stories we tell ourselves. — Tony Robbins STRATEGY “REPETITION” I continue to tell you that using words to paint pictures describing the benefits that customers will receive when using the product you provide will bring a lot of advantages to your […]

Zig Ziglar! Secrets of closing the sale! Applying Creativity In Selling

Chapter 20 : APPLYING CREATIVITY IN SELLING We’ve covered some typical tactics that greatly increase the chances of a successful closing. Now let’s take a look at the successful closing experiences together. I will present this closing strategy in a narrative style because stories are often easier to get into the mind of the reader. […]

Zig Ziglar! Secrets of closing the sale! Your Attitude To Sales

Chapter 12: YOUR ATTITUDE TO SALES Sales is the highest paying profession if you work hard and the lowest paying profession if you just want an easy job. For those who “actively join this profession” and want the job to “become a part of their life”, professional sales is really a demanding and demanding profession […]