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Brian Tracy! Time Management! Organize your workplace

Time Management

Chapter 21. Organize your workplace

It’s our time to create a life that we love.

Because someday,

it will no longer be our time. ― Shawn Anderson

One of the great time management tools is working

from an organized desk and workspace.

Just like a great chef cleans up the kitchen

before and after cooking,

you should finish setting up your workspace

before you get to work.

One of today’s most successful entrepreneurs said

that the key to his success

was “always working at a tidy desk”.

Peter Drucker finds

that effective leaders keep their desks tidy.

Except they are processing work at the time,

everything else is left out,

so they can focus more effectively,

get more done with better quality

and in less time.

Put your documents in both hard

and soft copies in the appropriate folders.

Just handle your current job.

Try to keep only one thing

in front of you whenever possible.

Top professionals in every field keep a neat

and orderly workspace.

Think of a carpenter,

dentist or doctor.

They always clean and rearrange things

while doing their daily chores.

Be organized and maintain order.

Make sure you have enough stationery

and documents in an easy to reach location.

You will find that there is nothing more unproductive

than having to stop working

and start over because of a lack of preparation

or the right tools.

When you kill time,

you kill your opportunities for success. ― Denis Waitley


Organize for productivity

Many people believe that they are more productive

with a cluttered desk.

However, all the studies show that

when forced to clean up the workplace

so that there is only one task

in front of them,

their productivity will quickly double or triple.

People who work with a messy desk are found

to spend a lot of their day looking for the items

they need in the mess around them.

According to psychology,

when you see a messy desk or office,

your subconscious mind is reinforced

that you are a disorganized person.

This will lead to constant distraction

as your eyes and attention are constantly shifting

from one object to another.

To change your life,

you need to change your priorities. — Mark Twain



The final issue with time management is the concept of balance.

The most important thing you can cultivate in your life is balance

and moderation.

By practicing the methods,


and techniques in this book,

you will become a better time manager

and have more time for yourself and your family.

People often take time management programs

so they can get more done every day.

However, as one sage once said:

“Life is more important than speeding up.”

The main purpose of learning

and practicing time management skills

is to improve the overall quality

of your life,

or to enhance the satisfaction

and happiness you experience.

No matter how suitable your job is,

the quality of your life will mainly be determined by three things.

The first is the quality of your inner life:

how well you know yourself,

how you like yourself,

and how you feel about your personality.

Inner growth requires time and reflection

as well as reading and thinking about life’s big questions.

The second factor is your health.

No success can make up for poor health.

Take the time to eat the right foods,

exercise regularly,

and get proper rest and recreation.

Sometimes the best use of time is to go to bed early

and get a good night’s sleep.

Finally and most importantly,

make time for your relationships.

The people you care about

and care about you are the most important actors in your life.

Never let yourself get so caught up in work

that you forget your role in relationships with your spouse,


and close friends.

A great life is a life of balance.

If you spend enough time preserving

and improving the quality of your relationships,

you will find more joy and satisfaction in your work,

and you will find success.

A wise old doctor once said,

“I’ve never met a businessman on his deathbed

who said he wished he had spent more time in the office.”

Thank you, and good luck in using these ideas in all areas of your life.

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