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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Your Ancestor

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 54: Your Ancestor

You don’t have to be your mother,

unless that’s who you want to be.

You also don’t have to be a grandfather,

grandmother or someone in your family.

You can inherit their chin,


and eyes like them

and be grateful that they gave birth to and raised you.

But you don’t have to be like the people

who lived before you.

If you need to inherit something from them,

then inherit strength and endurance.

Because the only person you are allowed to be is yourself

– only you decide. – Pam Finger

In the history of mankind,

there has never been another person exactly like you,

and until thousands of years later,

you will not be able to find such a person.

You are a very special person!

It takes many hardships

and hardships to get you in this world.

Just think, tens of millions of cells have had

to fight fiercely and in the end,

only one will win the battle

– that is the cell that makes you!

You carry within you the genes inherited

from many generations of ancestors.

Your birth itself was a victory;

and now,

whatever obstacles stand in your way is nothing compared

to the obstacles you have overcome to be in this world.

Each of us has the blood of victory within us. – Napoleon Hill


More or less,

when we are born,

each of us carries in him the genes inherited from our ancestors,

both in appearance and temperament.

The traits of your ancestors,

both good and bad,

exist somewhere in you.

Therefore, examine yourself thoroughly to see

what good qualities you have inherited from your ancestors.

Let’s learn and develop them

to go beyond the forefathers’ generations.

There is a very interesting story about Michel Ney

– one of the famous generals of Napoleon.

During the invasion of Russia,

his army held a gala dinner

and invited many nobles from the region to attend.

At that party,

a woman came to talk to General Ney

and passionately told him about her wonderful aristocratic line.

At the end of the story, she asked:

“General Ney, may I ask, who are your ancestors?”.

General Ney smiled and replied,

“It’s me, ma’am!”

Playing the role of “one’s own ancestor” is not an easy task.

To do that,

you have to train your will

and put in your best efforts to move forward in life.

When you serve others selflessly

or do something useful,

you connect yourself to future generations

and become your ancestors.

Don’t ask yourself

“How am I compared to previous generations?”

because your birth itself was an incomparable miracle.

Surely in the past as well as in the future,

no one else is quite like you.

Instead of comparing yourself to your ancestors,

try to be your own!

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