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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Discover around you

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 53: Discover around you

I always try to do what I don’t know,

and since then,

I’ve been able to do things

that I thought were beyond my capabilities. – Pablo Picasso


Life has nothing to fear.

Life contains only secrets for us

to learn and discover. – Marie Curie


Humans are not born to disappear like a faceless grain of sand.

They were born to imprint on the hearts of others. – Sukhomlin-sky


The brain is the most important human organ.

Because of that,

the brain’s function is the heaviest:

Discovering and inventing new things.

Henry J. Kaiser is a prime example of the correlation

between leadership

and personal initiative.

During the second world war,

he amazed the world with his new shipbuilding initiative.

With this initiative,

the world shipbuilding industry has shortened the time

and turned to a new page.

But what is more surprising is that before that,

Kaiser had never built a ship.

The secret to Kaiser’s success lies in the fact

that he is constantly thinking

and discovering new things.

English users will never forget Webster

– who has diligently researched, gathered

and arranged hundreds of thousands of English words

to form the famous Merriam Webster dictionary.

After Webster, Emerson, Poe, Dickens,

MacCaulay, Scott and many others have not stopped exploring

to continue to develop this search engine.

With their own perspectives,

they have contributed to the diversity

of American literature in particular

and the world in general.

O. Henry is admired by many people

not only in his refined and beautiful style

but also in his profound philosophies.

With his rich experience and relentless exploration,

O. Henry accurately

and diversely reflects contemporary American society.

The portraits of characters who have to live a vicious

and deadlocked life in his works have become an obsession

for generations of readers.

Find out, explore the world around you

because that is the source of all creativity.

Let’s start a new,

more active and deeper life.

Find inspiration from the travels,

writings or discoveries of generations before.

But you should also remember,

it is important that you learn something

from the expedition itself.

So, before your brain can perform the exploratory function,

you must define your true views and goals.

Then your journey of discovery will certainly be much more favorable.

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