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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Efforts to fight

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 53: Efforts to fight

Go ahead confidently,

you will automatically be empowered. – Basil King


The big ideas that you read on each of these pages

are real experiences distilled

through many trials and hardships.

If you turn the pages of history

– from the dawn of human civilization

– you will notice that the immortal names handed down

from generation to generation are the names of people

who don’t stop fighting to overcome difficulties,

overcome the initial failure.

Of course, there are also people who don’t need to fight,

don’t need to overcome difficulties and never fail,

and still can leave stone monuments,

but those who have built monuments in the hearts of mankind

– where no force or hand can destroy

– all the people who had to sacrifice and fight!

If you struggle,

you will become stronger;

And if you don’t use your power,

it will disappear on its own.

An indisputable truth:

Strength attracts power.

That is the nature of humanity.- Napoleon Hill


To grow up,

we all have to go through two struggles:

An outer struggle

and a inner struggle.

But the most important

and meaningful struggle is the one

that takes place in the heart of each person.

It’s a struggle against unhealthy habits,

outbursts of anger,

burning lies,

unwarranted judgments,

and deadly diseases…

Struggles like It happens continuously

and is really difficult,

but it is a condition to help you realize your highest realm.

Struggle helps people discover their unique personalities

and abilities.

Minnie Richards Smith once said,

Diamonds are also dissolved,

but they have to work hard to become noble.


we are all born in the form of primitive stones.

To reveal our precious qualities,

we must go through life’s constant training and trials.

Always be careful and courageous.

Accept the opinions of those around you,

but don’t let them dominate your life too much.

Resolve disagreements within your ability,

but do not forget to fight to the end

to complete the set goals.

Don’t let the shadow of fear overwhelm your life.

You have to understand that,

no matter how badly you fail,

you have learned something useful for yourself.

Therefore, believe in the path you are on

and be firm in the struggle for noble goals.

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