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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Success in life

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 48: Success in life

Success is simply due to luck.

If you don’t believe it,

try asking the losers. – Earl Wilson


Always remember that the most important thing is whether

you are determined to succeed or not. – Abraham Lincoln


Only those who are constantly working hard can succeed

and maintain that success. – Napoleon Hill

Many people believe that material success is due to “luck”…

But no, the only “luck” you can count on is self-made “luck”.

Consistency is indispensable in the process of creating those “luck”,

with a clear goal as a starting point. – Napoleon Hill


On the road to success,

surely many times you have to face difficulties

and unexpected failures.

However, failure is another image of success.

Every adversity,

failure or suffering carries

within it the seed of equal or greater gain.

Therefore, learn to face and overcome failure.

The story goes that many years ago,

a young man came to apply for a job

as a cashier for a store in New England.

He is quiet, honest and loyal.

But these qualities also cannot satisfy the boss.

He advised him to return to his hometown because,

according to him,

he did not have the qualities to be a good salesman.

But today,

if you have the opportunity to walk on State Street in Chicago,

you will see the monument of that young man

– a symbol of success.

That boy was Marshall Field[10]

– the great merchant of all time.

But real success is not only measured by material assets,

but also by many other invaluable spiritual values.

At the time of his death,

Lincoln had virtually no materially notable possessions.

But it is the spiritual values

that Lincoln left to the next generations

that are really the factors that make his name and success.

Desire is an extremely important factor

that can help you achieve the success you want.

Chances are you’ll be hooked on the first job you land.

But remember, to be successful,

you must be willing to overcome all difficulties

and obstacles and maintain your desire to the end.

Set yourself a specific goal

and outline a specific plan to achieve it.

Otherwise, you will never get far along the way.

Anyone who wants to succeed,

in any field,

must be willing to burn down the boat

that carried them across the river

and cut off all avenues of retreat.

That is the only way to maintain the will,

the spirit of desire to win

– a necessary condition for reaching success.

Remember that success means you did your job well

– and did it today.

Because when you procrastinate something,

you have compromised with failure.

The foundation of every victory is self-defeating.

No one can help you achieve success,

except yourself.

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