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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Have a lot of friend

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 49: Have a lot of friend

One of the great joys of life is friendship,

and one of the great joys of friendship is having someone

to confide in a secret, a mind. – Manzoni


Not everyone who laughs at us is a friend,

nor is everyone who annoys us an enemy. – Mongolian proverb


In friendship,

if you are not willing to forgive each other for small mistakes,

there is no sustainable way.

Obstinacy is the poison that kills friendship. – Balzac

– If you only think of your friends when you need help,

you will soon lose all friends.

– Friendship must be nurtured,

not by chance.

– If you want to have many acquaintances,

you just need to be rich.

If you want friends,

you have to be a good friend yourself.

– If you have to let someone down,

it must not be the one who lifted you up when you fell.

– A true friend is someone

who knows you very well and still respects you.

Friendship needs to be expressed regularly

in order to last for a long time.

In true friendship,

selflessness cannot be absent. – Napoleon Hill


Friends are necessary for everyone’s life

just like we need air to breathe,

rice to eat and clothes to wear.

Without friends,

human life would become lonely,

boring and meaningless.

To have a friend,

you must first become a true friend.

The art of making friends is the art of the heart.

Only when you reach out to others with all your heart

will you are welcome.

Friendship will help us have more courage,

joy and find the true meaning of life.

Friends are a solid spiritual support

to help us overcome all challenges

and move forward steadily.

But true friendship is not measured

by the number of friends you have.

So, if you can’t and don’t want to open up a relationship,

then find yourself a true friend.

It is someone who can share all the joys

and sorrows of life

and help you discover your potential.

When you find such a friend,

it means you have found yourself.

A true friend is someone who understands

and supports you

when others have turned away.

But it is also someone who is ready to argue

or advise if you make a mistake.

A close friend is someone who can sit together for hours

without having to speak a word.

But when parting, each person feels elated

and full of optimism and trust!

A sincere friendship will help us move forward

and achieve the desired success.

Find yourself a true friend

and cultivate that friendship for a long time.

Remember, compared to friendship,

life is short.

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