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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Have target daily

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 47: Have target daily

If you don’t look at the target,

you only see obstacles. – Hannah More


You have a lot of potential for success,

but first, you must know where your aspirations are headed,

you must know how to live for yourself, and then,

you will discover your potential to take advantage of it.

The secret to helping you achieve your ambitions is not far away

– you can find them within your own resources. – Napoleon Hill


We need to realize

that the starting point of success is a clearly defined goal.

Simply put,

how can we achieve our goals if we don’t have them?

A lot of people don’t understand

that prerequisite for success.

Failure, on the other hand,

needs no goal at all.

Setting goals is an indispensable

first step on the road to success. – Don M. Green


You can’t ask for anything in this life if you don’t have

at least one purpose in life.

However, it is a pity that many of us do not understand this

and their failure is inevitable.

The secret of all success is uncompromising struggle

and full effort towards the defined goal.

If you’ve got a specific goal

and the courage to go for it,

you’ll never fail.

Indeed, your goals often correlate with your personality.

When John Keats

– a famous poet in the 19th century British Romantic poetry movement

– began to write poetry,

he was ridiculed by critics.

But he ignored them

because he believed in his ability.

Indeed, before those criticisms had dried up,

he had released the wonderful poem Endymion.

“I am not afraid of failure,” he said.

I’m either an unknown name or a minor

or I have to stand in the same line with the greats.”

Keats died at the age of 26

– when he was still a “boy”

– but his reputation is famous in the world of literature.

Many people were surprised when Woodrow Wilson –

the principal of an elementary school

– was elected president of the United States.

But those who knew him understood

that he had been preparing for this position for a quarter

of a century before that.

His goal is not the presidency

but the ability to assume the role of president.

That goal is mission-oriented,

not just honor.

In fact, there is absolutely no concept of “a dog yawns a fly”.

Successful people are hard workers with a clear goal

– as simple as that.

Every successful businessman in this world started his career with a goal. 

Magnificent high-rises

and high-profile brands have become symbols of their homeland.

Do you already have a goal?

You only need a single main goal.

Quickly define your goals.

Pursue it with courage.

It is better to focus on one big goal and strive

to achieve it with more honor 

by divide your goal into dozens of small pieces

and then get scattered and get nothing.

Set yourself a specific goal.

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