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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Monotony

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 37: Monotony

If you keep doing what you are doing today,

where will you be in ten years?– Napoleon Hill


Sometimes, pushed by circumstances,

you can drift out of the flow of success

and be swept towards the shore of failure.

But if you have a clear purpose,

coupled with unwavering faith and determination,

you will quickly get out of that current.

Your willpower will be enough to bring you back

to the shore of success

where you truly belong.


You should know that failure is only temporary,

because that is how nature teaches us lessons in humility,




You should also know

that any difficult situation has its own positive side. – Napoleon Hill


We all know “Failure is the mother of success”.

However, some people,

out of fear of failure or unwillingness to try

to think and broaden their horizons,

have struggled on the only path of their lives.

It can be said that learning how to remove monotony

and boredom is one of the most important lessons for people.

Indeed, if you accept monotony,

you will destroy your creativity.

At that time,

you are only a shadow of yourself and always feel tired

and bored.

You will lose the ability to work independently

and become behind everyone.

The human brain works best

when it is in a state of excitement.

Therefore, enrich your life with fresh ideas.

Be thoughtful and creative.

Read books to be able to take advantage of the wisdom

and learn from the experiences of those who have gone before.

By ingesting into your mind a source

of useful knowledge every day,

you will avoid many regrettable mistakes.

Have the courage to change your living

and working environment

if it makes you feel boring.

That change will create a sense of euphoria

and stimulate creativity in you.

Besides, you should also expand your relationships.

Meet new faces

and find out what’s interesting about enterprising people.

Ask yourself,

if you continue to do what you are doing today,

ten years from now,

where and where will you be?

Be always ready to innovate!

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