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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Mistake

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 38: Mistake

The biggest mistake in life is fear of making a mistake. — Elbert Hubbarb


If the first plan fails, make another plan;

If the second plan fails,

make another plan,

and so on until you succeed.

Most losers meet at one point:

Lack of persistence in creating new tests to replace failed ones. — Napoleon Hill


Learning from our own mistakes

is simply the way we see things.

An unexpected outcome may

become a reason for one person to give up,

but for another,

it can become a stepping stone to move him forward.

Accepting mistakes as a lesson is the motivation

for us to keep striving. — Don M. Green


Mistakes are an inevitable part of life.

No one is so comprehensive

as to never make a mistake.

But it is worth mentioning

that we learn something from the mistakes we make.

Each person’s perspective

and will lead to different responses to mistakes.

For this person,

mistakes leave valuable lessons

and valuable experiences.

For others,

mistakes become shells for them to hide in,

not daring to take risks again.

Know how to accept mistakes

as a motivation for you to keep striving.

If your first plan doesn’t work,

make another;

if all else fails,

come up with another plan…

Conquering success is a never-ending journey.

Keep going until you reach your desire.

Once, after Father Henry Ward Beecher preached

at Plymouth Synagogue in Brooklyn,

a young man came to him and said:

“Father Beecher, did you know

that there was a grammatical error in your sermon this morning?”

Beecher replied:

– Just one mistake?

I think there must be dozens of errors.

Apparently, 50 percent of Beecher’s strength came

from the mistakes he made.

They prove that he is still a mundane person like everyone else.

The difference here is

that he dared to admit his mistakes to improve himself.

People often make one of two types of mistakes:

One made by ignorance and the other by carelessness.

While mistakes caused by ignorance can be overcome

by a determination to constantly learn,

mistakes caused by carelessness often make people weak and feeble.

People who often make this kind

of mistake always face failure

because they have wasted their enthusiasm and energy.

One of the good things you can do every day is to give your best,

and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Don’t deny,

don’t despair if you make a mistake.

Learn about them

and learn useful lessons to keep moving forward!

“The goal is not comfort,

it is freedom!”– Grant Cardone

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