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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Persist

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 36: Persist

Quitters never win.

Winners never give up. — Napoleon Hill


You can see that nature is very meticulous

and thoughtful in everything.

He created all species not to finish the job,

but to create a rich,

rich world to solve urgent situations,

and even add reserves

to ensure the well-being of all things. 

Look at the blossoming fruit trees in spring.

Nature may allow storms

or unusual frosts to destroy new shoots,

but such destruction is limited

and must be stopped in time to sustain life.

Nature has thoughtfully created a variety

of flowers to attract bees.

In turn, the bees diligently do the task before enjoying.

As a result, the tree bears fruit

and the bees are safe. — Napoleon Hill


Almost all of us have problems to solve

and tasks that can’t be left undone.

But if we work hard

– and do it well

– one at a time,

we’ll eventually get to the next thing we need to do.

Just like that,

soon that mountain of work will be lessened. — Don M. Green


It is a paradox that when talking about the secret to success,

people often emphasize the importance of failure.

Indeed, failure is the foundation of success,

a solid premise for the achievements

that you will achieve later,

if you know how to draw useful lessons for yourself.

Great people never give up on their dreams.

They always try to level all obstacles

to achieve what they desire.

Thomas Edison dreamed of a light bulb

that could be lit by electricity

and he set out to make that dream come true.

However, it took him more than ten thousand times

to find the right material to make the filament.

About this invention, T. Edison said:

“I went through 10,000 different trials

to find the final result,

but I don’t think I failed 10,000 times.

I have never failed.

I have succeeded in demonstrating that

there are almost 10,000 materials that cannot be used

to make a light bulb filament.

And once I got rid of the unsuitable substances,

I finally found it!”

If you’re working towards an important goal

but feel frustrated after your first failure

and want to give up, pause.

Think about what you just went through.

Think about the successful path of great people

and learn from their perseverance.

Persistence is necessary

to turn all desires into material equivalents.

You must have heard the proverb

Water flows and rocks wear down”.

Although the drop of water is small,

it can wear down the stone

because of its durability.

Likewise, you will achieve the desired success

if you always persevere in achieving your goals.

Success is not something you can inherit like money

or ordinary material values.

Success comes only

when you dare to accept failure

and persistently pursue the set goals.

No matter what your dream is,

the first thing you need to do is clear all obstacles a

nd move forward with all your energy.

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