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Master the money! Change Your Life! Tony Robbins

Master the money! Change Your Life!

Understanding the power of focus and subconscious mind

One of my mantras is focus and simplicity.

Simplicity can be more difficult than complex:

“You have to work hard to think clearly,

and thus,

to be simple.

But it’s worth it at the last minute,

because once you get there,

you can teleport the whole mountain range.― Steve Jobs

Let’s say you have a goal

and you decide to focus solely on accomplishing it,

to the point of excluding all else.

For example, just for example,

this goal is to build a house.

Building a house is the only thing that comes to mind.

The only books you read are about building houses.

The only conversations you discuss are about building that house.

Every night when you go to bed,

you only dream about that house.

You are so engrossed in this task that you become obsessed.

Every moment of your life is dedicated to building a house

or finding a way to get the money

and materials needed to do it.

With that level of passion,

what are your chances of fulfilling your dream of building that house?

Pretty big in my opinion.

How is it possible not to achieve something you are so focused on?

Let’s say you dedicate

that level of focus to building sales.

Imagine starting your day with

that kind of intensity every morning

and staying focused on every sales call

with all of your potential customers.

How do you think

that level of focus will impact your sales productivity?

Does your business benefit from that intense focus?

Chances are,

you’ll draw more business

and earn better income,

as that level of focus will secure your position as a top producer.

Sounds like a promising scenario, doesn’t it?

But there is a problem,

a very big problem.

It’s that you can’t keep your focus to the point of obsession

for so long on one thing.

Everyone has loads of responsibilities in life,

besides building a career and running a business.

You have a family that demands your time and energy.

You have bills to pay.

You have friends who need you

and who you want to spend time with.

You have a million distractions in your life

that prevent you from focusing on one thing

to the point of eliminating all the rest.

If you intend to focus obsessively on building the house,

chances are high

that you will be living in it alone

when the house is completed.

Family and friends will feel shunned,

because as most of us know,

obsessing over something is not a very healthy way to live.

Family and friends won’t think much of you.

You won’t feel truly happy

even if you achieve your dreams.

The same goes for your sales and business career.

That level of obsessive focus will guarantee a successful business,

but you’ll most likely enjoy it all on your own.

This leads to a dilemma.

On the one hand,

it’s exciting to know that you can achieve

or get anything you want in life

if you can just focus on it.

On the other hand,

no one can do that.

We all have a multitude of things,

people and activities that require our focus

and numerous distractions

that consume our time and energy,

preventing us from focusing solely on making our dreams come true and reality.

When consciousness is highly concentrated,

it becomes a powerful tool for processing information,

solving problems,

and turning thoughts into reality.


for the reasons mentioned above,

we can’t always focus on just one thing.

But the reality is,

most of us only really excel

when we focus on one thing at a time.

Think of a time

when you felt like a rock star

when you achieved something.

Perhaps you’ve successfully completed a project at work or school,

achieved a physical achievement you’ve been striving for all this time,

or accomplished something amazing.

Did you accidentally stumble upon success

or was it the result of your focus and attention?

Take a moment to think about your achievement.

How did you get started?

What specific steps have you taken to achieve your goal?

What level of commitment does it require?

How strongly do you want it?

Pretty sure your achievement wasn’t an accident.

So how do we reconcile these competing realities?

You want to focus on generating the income

and career of your dreams,

but there are other responsibilities

that consume your time and energy.

You have a lot of preoccupations

that keep you from getting what you want.

The answer to this dilemma lies in your subconscious mind,

in that you change what’s happening in your subconscious

so you can move towards your dreams

while the conscious brain juggles all the connections distractions

in your daily life.

The answer lies in changing the interior

your box.

“To be truly happy,

you need a clear sense of meaning

and purpose in life.”— Brian Tracy

While conscious thinking works best

when focused on one thing at a time,

the subconscious mind is an excellent multi-tasker.

It can process multiple streams of information,

solve dozens of problems,

and transform a lot of thoughts into reality

on a fairly predictable foundation.

In fact, the main limitation of consciousness is its inability

to focus on many things at once.

And that is the main power of the subconscious mind.

Once you have subconsciously programmed your destination,

you can steadily move toward it,

regardless of distractions invading your consciousness.

Stop for a moment to think about an achievement

you can achieve without consciously focusing.

Earlier I used the example of driving home

from work without conscious concentration,

what other examples can you think of?

For example,

how about cooking or making a sandwich?

Do you have to consciously focus on each layer of cold cuts

or when topping the cake with butter?

Certainly not.

I’ve seen people who love crochet making beautiful scarves

that are still comfortable to talk to all the time.

Think about the things you love to do,

you will probably be able to do it

without conscious thought,

if it becomes second nature to you.

The bottom line is

that you can subconsciously program the steps needed

to achieve a certain outcome

and then reach the desired outcome

without consciously focusing your attention.

The same process can and will work

for your income and sales career

if you program the results you want and deserve.

Once your goals related

to this life area are programmed into your subconscious,

the RAS will process the information,


and actions you need to accomplish them.

If you don’t think this is possible,

perhaps you have to admit that the ability

to visualize dreams exists only

to torture you with the illusion of things you never had.

“Resolve to pay any price or make any sacrifice

to get into the top ten percent of your field.

That payoff is incredible!”— Brian Tracy

If you believe

that all parts of the body have an important purpose,

then the ability to dream of realities that are new

to you also has an important purpose.

Think about how you can do many things at once,

when they become second nature to your subconscious.

Think about the ride home from the office.

Not only can you do it

without thinking about it intentionally,

you can also chat freely,

eat cheese sandwiches

and listen to the radio,

all at once without causing a fight.

(By the way,

while many of us can relate to the driving example,

we are forced to be aware of the driving conditions

and avoid dangerous behaviors like texting while driving.

This example does not implies

that you can drive home

while texting or putting on makeup,

just as you can’t drive home with your eyes closed.

I’m just giving an example.)

That’s what happens

when something becomes your second nature.

You don’t have to think about what to do while doing it.

Here’s the crux:

When something is subconsciously programmed,

you can move toward your goal even

while thinking

and doing something completely unrelated to it.

This is the key to unlocking the power of consistency.

The secret to achieving high levels of wealth,


and success in sales and business careers is

to take consistent action toward that dream.

And the way to make sure you’re taking consistent action

toward your dream is

to make it part of your subconscious thoughts,

which is second nature.

In doing so,

you will find yourself continuously moving toward your goals,

no matter how other responsibilities take up your time or energy,

and distract you.

And the way you find yourself pulling into your yard

after a long day at work,

you will eventually find yourself experiencing your dream

in a very real way.

The trick is to keep your subconscious mind

focused on your dreams.

Once you subconsciously program your success plan,

the RAS will also ensure you don’t miss the moments

and opportunities needed to make your plans a reality.

In effect, your RAS will work 24 hours a day,

365 days a year to spot those opportunities

and find exactly the resources needed to get you

where you want to go.

This may sound new to you,

but throughout your life,

there must have been times

when you have experienced the full power of the RAS system

and subconscious thoughts.

Think of a time when you suddenly realized the solution to a dilemma.

You begin to consciously ponder the solution,

and your subconscious continues

to pursue it long after your conscious mind has switched

to something else.

Then suddenly,

you wake up in the middle of the night

with a solution to your problem.

Ultimately, the solution will reveal itself

as the RAS continues to notice

and filter out information related to the problem.

Think of the times when you suddenly remembered the name of a grave

start to work.

You will find yourself doing what

it takes to reach your dreams in a very gentle way.

And before you know it,

you’ll find yourself at your dream destination

without consciously thinking about it,

the way you find yourself at home after work.

Understand that it’s important to focus on exactly

what you want in life and work

and then program them into your subconscious.

It is not enough to have a general idea of ​​life’s purpose.

You have to know exactly where you want to go,

what it’s like,

or how it feels to be there.

Recall the example of driving home from work.

Can you say you accomplished your goal

if you just stopped at the neighbor’s house,

or would you have to turn straight into your yard?

Obviously the latter.

Imagine walking into your neighbor’s house and trying to explain

why you parked your car in their yard!

In other words, approximation is not necessarily good enough.

You have to hit the finish line.

Once your subconscious is programmed to achieve your dreams,

the RAS will not consider new trading

or income growth opportunities

as superfluous and filter them out.

You will understand that anything is possible,

and you will expect better things for yourself

and those around you.

Your expectations will skyrocket.

You will demand more from yourself

and live with the awareness

that you can achieve anything

if you put your mind to it.

“You’ve got to believe in the possibilities.

You’ve got to believe that tomorrow can be better than today.

And here’s the big one.

Believe in yourself.”— Jim Rohn

The secret to all of this is consistency,

which means repeating over and over the little things

you know you need to do.

Once you complete the FEAR process

and program your subconscious mind for a new

and wonderful sales career,

you will experience the power of consistency

as you get closer to your dreams.

You will learn the correct process of right thinking and right action.

The truth is,

if you are thinking the right things

and doing the right things,

you can only produce the right results.

After all, you can’t focus on building a car and get it all wrong, right?

You will also learn about the importance of daily quiet time rituals.

This process will give you the strength to do what is needed to create wealth,


and success.

You will find peace and confidence

that your destiny is to create your dreams,

by staying focused

and consistent moving towards them.

Then, every little bit of confidence you gain fosters deeper levels of confidence.

“Just a few daily disciplines make a big difference.”— Jim Rohn

As your confidence grows,

you’ll find yourself inspired and able to complete the little daily tasks

that keep you moving towards your dreams.

Instead of feeling frustrated at being inferior to others,

you will find yourself empowered to do more.

Whether it’s an extra phone call

or a contract signed,

you’ll have the strength and confidence

to create whatever you set your mind to.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed

or struggled for years.

It doesn’t matter if you make bad choices

and cause trouble in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you tried to change and then failed.

Today is a new day.

The process that I’m about to show you,

and which we’re going to experience together,

can change everything if you’re willing to do it.

It’s not something extremely difficult or demanding,

because what you need to do is quite simple and easy.

“One of the marks of excellent people is

that they never compare themselves with others.

They only compare themselves with themselves

and with their past accomplishments

and future potential.”— Brian Tracy

Of course, it will always be simpler

and easier if you don’t do them.

Paradox in human nature:

Know exactly what you need to do to increase sales and income,

but do not persist in doing it.

It’s time to rise up,

take control of your destiny

and build the life of your dreams.

You may feel overwhelmed

and seem to find it very difficult to succeed,

but you have to do it anyway.

I know you’ve tried and fallen,

but you have to get up and do it again.

I know exactly how you feel.

I was there.

I also wrote a book about falling and getting up.

I understand what you’re going through,

because I used to be the lord of mistakes

and made terrible choices.

But you can do this.

You just need to keep trying,

one step at a time,

towards the end goal.

You can and will take consistent actions

to reach your revenue and sales potential.

Whatever your dreams are,

you will have the plan and the strength

to take consistent actions

to create great things in your life and business.


Don’t surrender.

Don’t compromise.

Your dreams are closer than you can realize.

So let’s start chasing them!

“In order to achieve goals you have not achieved

before you have to become someone you haven’t been before.”— Jim Rohn

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