Smart Startup. Fundraising

Smart Startup – Smart Up Chapter 9: Fundraising A startup idea only becomes a reality when there are sufficient financial conditions to be able to implement it. But if you have enough money to start a business or have enough savings to start a business (in case you do not have support from your family), […]

Smart Startup. The Co-Founder

Smart Startup – Smart Up Chapter 7: The Co-Founder As we know, very few people make a career alone. Most great startup stories are stories of a group of people. In other words, it is very difficult for an individual to make a great career. As the famous American businessman and investor Warren Buffett said: […]

Smart Startup. The First Customer

Smart Startup – Smart Up Chapter 8: The First Customer Your first customers will have a direct impact on your business model, because customers are extremely important and customers first are even more important. There is a very good saying of a successful businessman: “A business is fine without anything, but without customers, it will […]

Smart Startup. Exit Strategy

Smart Startup – Smart Up Chapter 6: Exit Strategy If you are bothered to speculate on what will happen, then you should not go into business. This is when you must realize the importance of exit strategies and that you will need them to be most effective. If you’re starting a company to sell the […]

Smart Startup. Strategies for Sustainable Development

Smart Startup – Smart Up Chapter 5: Strategies for Sustainable Development: Continuous Improvement As a business startup, you always want your business to grow sustainably, not start a business and then go bankrupt or be forced to sell the company in an unforeseen situation? The basis for the long-term and sustainable development of an enterprise […]

Live life as you want! You can

Live life as you want! You can Chapter 6 : Making a Difference: A Perspective on Commitment Part one: We all are social activities what we know or not. — Julia Butterfly Hill School violence has increased by 41% over the past 5 years. Every day 4,000 people die of starvation, the equivalent of a […]

Live life as you want! Why not?

Live life as you want! Why not? Hello reads Overcome fear, open heart and start the journey We always ask ourselves the question, how to live the life we ​​dream of, forgetting the fact that despite the pain of such a life, we are still hanging around, daily schedules, chores so boring that it almost […]

Master the money, Change Your Life! Take Action! Tony Robbins

Master the money, Change Your Life! Step 3: Take Action Action is the true measure of success. — Napoleon Hill Will Rogers once said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll still get run over if you’re just sitting in one place.” As for becoming rich, happy and peaceful in life, most of the […]

Master the Game, Change Your Life! Emotionally Commit! Tony Robbins

Master the Game, Change Your Life! Step 2: Emotionally Commit One must possess one thing in order to win, which is a clear purpose, that is, a clear awareness of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it. – Napoleon Hill The second step in the FEAR process is a strong emotional commitment […]

Master the money! Change Your Life! Focus! Tony Robbins

Master the money! Change Your Life! Step one: Focus “You can’t rely on your eyes when your imagination gets fuzzy.”— Mark Twain If you want to produce strong results in sales and business, performance isn’t enough, you have to be efficient too. And you do this by focusing on the right things. The vast majority […]