Dare to Think Big! Set Goals To Move You Forward

Every human step forward, big and small inventions, medical discoveries, technical achievements, business successes were all envisioned long before they became reality. Satellites orbiting the earth are not due to accidental discoveries of man, but because science has set the goal of “conquering space”. The goal is not simply having a dream, but a dream […]

Dare to Think Big! Turn defeat into win

Social workers and slum researchers have found that the poor often fall into the bottom classes of American society of different ages, different religions, educational background, different backgrounds, there are even people who are very young. Scattered in the bottom of the commune there are people who have graduated from university, most of the rest […]

Dare to Think Big! Habits of Action

There is one thing that leaders in all fields acknowledge: there is always a shortage of talented, professionally qualified people for key positions. Indeed, many of the top positions are still open. As explained by one director, there are many people who are close to meeting the standard, but they always lack an element to […]

Dare to Think Big! Thinking Right About Others

Here is a basic rule for achieving success. Engrave in your mind that your success depends on the support and help of those around you. Consider the following example: a manager needs employees to carry out his orders. If the job doesn’t run, the chairman of the board fires the director, not his employees. A […]

Dare to Think Big! Right Attitude! Your Team To Help You Go To Success

Can you read other people’s minds? In fact, reading other people’s minds is much simpler than we think. You may not have thought about it, but you still read other people’s thoughts every day and vice versa, they also read many of your thoughts. How can we do that? We can read the thoughts of […]

Dare to Think Big! Controlling the Environment, Striving to Be the Best

Your mind is an amazingly sophisticated machine, when working in this way, it can bring about remarkable success; but if it works the other way, it can lead you to complete failure. The mind is fragile, the most sensitive of all the most fragile things. Now, let’s take a look and find out what drives […]

Dare to Think Big! What Kind of Person You Think You Are, You Are Like That

That is a very obvious fact. Many human behaviors are difficult to explain. Have you ever wondered to a salesperson who always greets one customer warmly: “Yes sir, how can I help you?”, but ignores another. Or wonder why a man only loves one woman and not another? Why would an employee immediately carry out […]

Dare to Think Big! Creative Thoughts and Dreams

First, let’s clear up the common misconception about what “creative thinking” means. Despite the lack of logic, many people still believe that only jobs related to science, technology, literature and art are creative. Most people equate creative thinking with things like discovering electricity, finding a polio vaccine, writing a novel or inventing color television. Of […]

Dare to Think Big! Breakthrough Thinking

I recently chatted with a female recruiting specialist at one of the largest corporations in the United States. Every year, she spends four to five months at universities looking for and recruiting final year students who are about to graduate, inviting them to participate in the company’s young managers training program. One thing that is […]

Dare to Think Big! Build Confidence And Remove Fear

Whenever having to worry about something, everyone must have been comforted by friends: “You just thought it up yourself, there is no problem. Don’t worry too much.” They’re all well-intentioned when they say that, but you and I both know that kind of fear remedy never works. Words of comfort and encouragement can help us […]