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Master the Game, Change Your Life! Emotionally Commit! Tony Robbins

Master the Game, Change Your Life!

Step 2: Emotionally Commit

One must possess one thing in order to win,

which is a clear purpose,

that is, a clear awareness of what one wants

and a burning desire to possess it. – Napoleon Hill

The second step in the FEAR process is a strong emotional commitment

to your sales and earnings goals,

as well as any goals you identify in the focus step.

This commitment step also begins the transition from planning

for a superior life and business

to actually taking action to make it a new reality.

This is when you move from knowing

and wanting to taking action.

Bring back the memories from your childhood that still follow you today.

When you remember a particular memory,

consider how long it took you to do it.

A millionth of a second?

Most people don’t need a lot of time for that.

We can immediately recall something that happened decades ago

if it’s important enough to us.

Now, ask yourself this question

when thinking about a particular memory:

What did you do an hour before or after that time?

If you’re like most people,

you won’t be able to remember it.

Interestingly, right?

Even though you have a very clear

and precise memory of an event that happened

when you were a child,

you cannot remember

what you were doing right before or after the event.

“Eighty percent of life’s satisfaction comes from meaningful relationships.”— Brian Tracy

More than 400 million seconds have passed from the moment you were born

to your 13th birthday.

And if you consider every second that passes as a potential memory,

that would be 400 million potential moments to remember.

But you only remember a few things from your childhood.

There’s a reason why we can only remember

a few things from our childhood.

And that reason is emotion.

Memory is created when an event arises

and evokes a strong emotion,

and the event is anchored to that emotion.

Once this happens,

decades may have passed

and you can still recall the moment immediately.

So chances are you are experiencing a strong emotion

in the memory that you just recalled.

Maybe you were very happy,

very sad,

very scared,

or very much this or that.


The emotion you are experiencing at that moment ties your memory

to the event and ensures that you will never forget it.

Sometimes, it’s a memory we want to forget but can’t.

Once a memory is programmed into your subconscious,

it never goes away, never!

It’s the permanent effect of creating a strong emotional bond with something.

It will be present for the rest of your life.

And even though you haven’t consciously thought about it

before you read this chapter,

it’s always lying on the surface of your subconscious,

waiting to appear at any moment.

The goal of the emotional commitment step is

to establish all of the things you listed in your subconscious focus step

as a strong childhood memory that will ensure

that these items is deeply fixed in your subconscious.

“Make a total commitment to your company,

your job,

and your career.

Uncommitted people have no future.”— Brian Tracy

Thus, the items in the success plan will always be present

in your subconscious mind.

Besides, it will motivate you

to do the things that you have determined

to be done in order to achieve your goal.

Then, no matter how distracted your consciousness is,

your subconscious mind

and RAS will always be aware of

where you are going

and what you need to do to get there.

You will automatically reach your final destination,

the same way you would drive home from the office,

without consciously thinking about it.

Later, in the action step,

you will understand how this conflict of perceptions

and inclinations in human nature will drive your behavior

to persist in doing what you know you should do.

When you think and do the right things,

success is not about if,

but about when.

Have you ever started a new diet

and followed it for a few days,

then suddenly forgot you were on a diet and dropped the plan?

I don’t mean you intentionally decided to break your diet,

I mean you actually ate quite a bit of cake and thought to yourself,

“Damn it! I forgot I was on a diet!”

Wouldn’t it be great if the diet was programmed

into your subconscious as a powerful memory?

That way, no matter how distracted you are,

the knowledge that you’re actually dieting will be on the surface

of your subconscious,

just like your childhood memories from 30 or 40 years ago.

It’s almost impossible to forget that you’re on a diet.


have you ever decided

to do something new in your sales career knowing

it would have a profound impact on your income?

You get crazy excited, decide to do it,

go to the office and do it.


It’s done.

This is your new approach,

and it will change your business forever!

However, the daily tasks and problems

that you have to deal with will soon distract you.

It will only take you about a week

to forget about the new method and return

to whatever you were doing before.

The worst part is, new results such as increased profits

and/or income would have appeared

if you had persisted with the change over the long term.

But at some point,

you forget you are applying the new method

and everything immediately returns

to where it was before.

Wouldn’t it be great if you programmed this new method

into your subconscious

so that no matter how busy you were,

you couldn’t forget you were doing it?

Even if you want to forget,

you can’t.

Imagine the impact on your business

and the results you would see

if you actually applied that new approach consistently.

“Make a decision to be successful right now.

Most people never decide to be wealthy

and that is why they retire poor.”— Brian Tracy

By now, you already know that

you can’t focus on creating something that goes wrong.

If you focus on new ways of working,

you will only produce the results you desire.

The problem is,

most of us just rely on willpower to keep us on track.

But often we discover that willpower lets us down and then,

we stop doing the things we know we need to do.

The secret to creating an excellent life and business is

to establish everything you identified in the subconscious focus step

as a permanent memory.

Then, all your desires, who you want to be,

and what you want to contribute will forever

be imprinted on your subconscious

thoughts and memories.

You won’t forget to do the things you know you need to do,

nor will the RAS filter out the opportunities you need

to make your dreams come true.

You also don’t need to rely on every will.

You will use a strong memory to join forces with your will,

to make a certain number of sales calls

or to follow a process at the company.

It will become a part of you and you will never forget it.

As you will see in the next action step,

once these things are imprinted in your memory,

they guide actions that maintain correspondence (consistency)

with the things on which you are focusing.

Those actions become consistent actions,

which will weave into who you are and turn into habits.

Then the results will soon follow.

The trick is, supplement your will

and conscious thoughts with a strong emotional connection

to what you’re focusing on and expecting in life and in business.

This requires you to program your goals into the box as a permanent,

unforgettable memory.

Here’s a 3-step process to help you emotionally commit

to your dreams and make them a permanent memory.

This process will help you organize the information

from the steps into your success plan.

The three steps in the process include:

1. Write it down

2. Review

3. Feel

We will go into the details of each step.

“A person with average talent,

ambition and education,

can outstrip a genius in society,

if that person has focused goals.”— Brian Tracy



The first step is to write down 3 key goals

that include what you want to be,

who you want to be,

and what you want to contribute.

You will also list the things that you must do to get what you want.

You probably already have this list

and it will form the basis of your success plan.

The trick is, write them in affirmative sentences.

In essence, you will create thoughts

as if you have achieved the goals

and desires you are writing about.

This will spur the emotions and actions

to make them really happen.

All is a giant circle of creation and expression.

It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It is important that you understand that,

even if the thoughts are your own,

the feelings, actions,

and results that follow them are all very real.

Thus, when you begin to program your thoughts

about a career in sales and business,

you engage in a physiological process that creates emotions.

Although the initial thoughts are created by you,

the emotions that arise from them are very real.

In other words,

if you think you won the lottery,

you will experience exactly the same emotions

as if you had actually won the lottery,

even though you later know you didn’t win the lottery.

Do you remember the story about two teenage girls in a car accident?

Every family experiences emotions related

to what they thought happened,

not what actually happened.

For this reason,

it is important that you write down your success plan in the present tense,

as if it were really true at this moment.

Let’s analyze a few examples below.

Let’s say you define an annual income of $200,000

as one of your career goals.

You write the present tense affirmation in the success plan:

I make $200,000 per year.

We will call each item you outline

in your personal success plan a consistent outcome

and the things you need to do to achieve them as consistent action.

It is important to describe consistent results

that are consistent with how you feel.

Don’t limit yourself to my words or anyone’s description.

Use words that feel natural

to you and keep it simple!

At this point, don’t worry about how you’re going to achieve these,

because we’ll talk about that later.

It is essential that you write down exactly what you want in life

and in business as if it had already happened.

Fortunately, you can use this process in every area

of ​​your life that is important to you,

such as your income,


career aspirations,

health, fitness,


and relationships similarly.

Now, let’s move on to who you want to be

and what you want to contribute in your life and business.

Be very specific.

Here are two specific examples from my own experience.

I am a great father to my son.


I am a man of honor and character.

Your contributions may include:

I built 3 schools in Ethiopia.


I adopted 2 Chinese orphans.


I contributed $1 million to charity.

It is important to write them in the present tense

as if you have already obtained them.

Don’t worry about the dream seeming too lofty

or too extravagant.

Not at all.

When you’ve dreamed the biggest dream possible… dream even bigger!

Don’t let people say “You can’t do it!”

get in the way when you’re busy doing it.

Each consistent outcome you write down becomes an item in your success plan.

Next, start filling in the 1-2 things you need

to consistently do to make each dream come true.

These are your consistent actions.

If each item in your success plan is an achievement

or outcome you aspire to,

then every consistent action is one thing you need

to do to achieve it.

List actions that are consistent in the present tense

as if you were doing it consistently,

and do the same with consistent results.

For example, if you used the previous income goal,

your consistent results and actions might look like this:

I make $200,000 per year.

(consistent results)

1. I make 6 sales calls per day.

(consistent action #1)

2. I launch each sales opportunity with passion and purpose.

(consistent action #2)

Once you’ve written down consistent results and acted consistently,

you’ll have the foundation to create everything you want in life and work.

All personal success in your career will come from your planning.

How likely are you to get consistent results

if you take consistent actions every day?

I’m sure it’s pretty tall.

Of course, the key is to make regular actions a habit,

and we’ll talk about that later.

Right now,

I’m only interested in creating a plan for your success.

Let’s look at one more example.

Let’s say one of your desires is

to build a $10 million business,

and you’ve determined

2 leverage actions will help you get there.

Write down your consistent results and actions as follows:

My company generates $10 million in revenue every year. (consistent results)

1. I create 2,000 new leads every year.

(consistent action #1)

2. I respect and behave with dignity to customers and employees.

(consistent action #2)

Again, outline your vision for success,

using words that you find personal

and comforting,

and don’t let the “how” overwhelm you.

Focus only on your desires

and the steps you take that can help you achieve them.

Here is one more example:

I weigh 81.5kg. (consistent results)

1. I only eat healthy food. (consistent action #1)

2. I exercise 3 days a week. (consistent action #2)

Is there any doubt that you would enjoy a healthier

and more active lifestyle

if only eating healthy foods and exercising diligently?

Of course not! You know this,

you just don’t do it.

But that will change once you take advantage of the power of consistency.

Once you write down each consistent outcome with 1-2 consistent actions,

you will have a very simple and clear personal success plan.

This will be the foundation for you

to create amazing and amazing things in life.

Remember that at this point,

you need to identify only 1-2 actions that will lead to the results you desire.

While there can be dozens of potential actions,

you only need to identify 1-2 actions that,

when implemented,

will lead you to the desired outcome.

This is also your opportunity to map out consistent results specifically designed

to reverse the limiting beliefs you discovered in the focus step of this process.

Later on, you will learn how to program them into your subconscious.

Then you will neutralize any limiting beliefs in your box with new beliefs.

They will help you overcome old beliefs

and inspire you to achieve amazing things in life and work.

For example, you have always believed that selling

is a shady profession and it is difficult

to trust sales professionals.

To reverse that limiting belief,

you can add a consistent outcome

and consistent action like this:

Sales is an honorable profession.

(consistent results)

1. I work hard to serve my customers better.

(act consistently)

Let’s look at another example o

f how you can use new beliefs to overwhelm a prejudice.

Suppose, you always think that “rich people are scammers”.

Let’s further assume that this limiting belief is undermining your ability

to legally succeed and rich.

If that’s the case,

you can add consistent results and actions like this:

Creating wealth

and value while serving others is a glorious endeavor.

(consistent results)

1. In my work,

I am persistently dedicated to helping others in terms of service.

(consistent action #1)

2. I am always looking to provide exceptional value.

(consistent action #2)

Once this new system of thinking

and beliefs is programmed into the subconscious,

it will bury any false beliefs about wealth and success.

When completed,

your new personal success plan will likely look like this,

depending on how many areas of your life you want to cover.

“You are a potential genius;

there is no problem you cannot solve,

and no answer you cannot find somewhere.”— Brian Tracy



I make $200,000 per year.

1. I make 6 sales calls per day.

2. I launch each sales opportunity with passion and purpose.

I create wealth by serving others.

Creating wealth is a glorious endeavor.

1. In my work,

I am persistently dedicated to helping others in terms of service.

2. I am always looking to provide exceptional value.

I weigh 81.5kg.

1. I only eat healthy foods.

2. I exercise 3 days a week.

I am a wonderful husband and father.

1. I spend time with my family every week.

2. I am very patient and kind to my wife.

I am a man of honor and character.

1. I made a promise,

I will keep it.

2. I am fair and equal in resolving conflicts.

I improve the lives of people who are struggling.

1. I share what I’ve learned when people need it.

Your list can be as long or short as you want,

and you can add

or remove items from the list if you want.

In fact, in the action step,

there will be two times

when you remove consistent results from your list,

either when you reach them

or when you are unable to take appropriate consistent actions

(we will be more specific later).

During this time, remember,

this is a creative process,

so don’t fall for form,

rule, or perfection.

Write things down so they have importance and meaning to you.

Whichever way you use it, it’s the “right” way.

The goal is that you have a plan

to evaluate in your quiet time ritual

and program it into your subconscious.

And remember to dream big.

Don’t be held back by realistic expectations.

Nonsense as well!

Let your imagination explore all possibilities.

Remember, you have the ability

to see things you have not yet created

and dream of things you have not yet achieved.

Use your abilities to do it!

Seeing the life and business of your dreams

is the first step to creating them.

Remember the words of Dr. Stephen R. Covey:

Everything is created twice.

And remember,

you don’t need to know all the things you need

to do to achieve your dream.

As you make strides and discover new things to do,

you can add them to the list.

But don’t get overwhelmed by the details.

Keep the big picture in mind.

Pick the lower fruits.

Make the process easy and above all keep it simple!

By this point, you’ve hit a major milestone in the process

and done what only a very small percentage of people do.

It’s about sketching out the perfect life you want

and the 1-2 things you need to consistently do to achieve it.

Most people don’t even know where they’re going,

let alone make a plan to get there.

They are boats drifting on the sea without focus,

direction or plan.

They are lost and the future is filled with doubt.

They never thought about what they were thinking.

But you are different, my friend.

By taking the time to seriously consider what you want,

who you want to be,

and what you want to contribute in your life and business,

and then map out exactly what you need to do to get there,

you have separated yourself from the majority.

You have taken an important step towards becoming a “master of destiny”

and a “command of the soul”.

You have taken control of your destination and how you go.

Of course, you have more work to do,

but you’ve taken the first pivotal step on your journey towards wealth,


and peace.

You’ve taken a giant step forward and show

the power of character and determination to create the life you deserve.

You have the right to live the life you wrote it down.

All you need to do now is take consistent steps towards achieving the goals

of your success plan.

In the next phase of this process,

you will learn how to program your success plan into subconscious memory.

Once it’s imprinted there,

you’ll never forget what you’re trying to do

and what you need to do to get there.

You’ll learn the ritual of quiet time,

which helps to subconsciously set your plans for success

and motivates you to commit emotionally to your dreams.

It will motivate you to take consistent actions to achieve your dreams.

“Everything you have in your life,

you have attracted to yourself

because of the way you think,

because of the person that you are.

You can change your life

because you can change the way you think.”— Brian Tracy



Review your plans for success and experience the thrills

of creating a superior life in the daily ritual of quiet time that

is a vital part of accomplishing your income and career goals.

In fact, if you don’t commit to a 15-minute quiet time ritual,

the eagerness you feel as you write down your plan

will only be a fleeting moment

of potential and never will.

Go beyond your imagination.

Although the first place you create your dreams is your imagination,

you certainly don’t want to leave them in that place.

You want to see that creativity manifest in your life and business.

And your daily 15-minute ritual of quiet time will provide the bridge between

that dream and reality.

Not only will you find strength and inspiration in these moments,

but you will also form an emotional bond

that binds you to your dreams all the while.

Your dreams will take on new importance,

and you will come to understand that they are destined to come true.

The time you spend thinking alone guides

and guides your daily actions,

to ensure that what you do is consistent with what you want.

When your thoughts, feelings,

and actions are in harmony,

the results will be certain.

More importantly,

by programming consistent actions into your subconscious (or box),

cognitive dissonance will cause you

to take those action steps every day.

Of course, with all the distractions that come from work,


bills and chores, it can be difficult to find 15 minutes a day

to devote to your dreams.

But you have to,

even if it’s very difficult.

Think of all the times you spent time with other people.

Surely you can find 15 minutes a day for yourself.

You’ll probably need to dig deep to get this done.

This is the basic process that requires you

to reprogram the entire contents of the box.

Fifteen minutes a day for yourself

and your dreams can change your life.

Fifteen minutes a day can strengthen will and energize

gives you the power to do what it takes to get what you want.

Fifteen minutes a day is what changes everything.

As Albert Einstein said,

“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them.”

And the ritual of quiet time is a tool for you

to elevate your thinking to a higher level.

You won’t be able to escape the need to think alone

if you want to see the power of consistency manifest in your life and business.

You cannot reap the harvest without planting and tending the seed,

and that is the purpose of the quiet time ritual.

Most importantly, this is an issue that concerns you,

not your partner,


or trading partners.

It involves 15 minutes a day that belongs to you and only you,

15 minutes that will change your life and your entire destiny.

“Fate is not by chance, but by choice.

Fate is not something to wait for,

but something to achieve.”- William Jennings Bryan

The 15-minute quiet time ritual is how you choose your new destiny.

Did you initially struggle to get up 15 minutes earlier

or sleep 15 minutes later to perform your quiet time ritual?

Very possible.

But keep doing it, no matter what the initial struggles.

Make time for it whenever you can:

in the morning or at lunch,

before bed,

during breaks at work,

while waiting for the washing machine,

or even while waiting for a meeting.

Find time for it.

Otherwise, you won’t get the results you desire.

The ritual of quiet time is the missing link

to all the things you’ve always wanted.

It’s what you’ve been looking for 15 minutes a day

to create extraordinary wealth and success in your life and work.

Just a very cheap price, isn’t it?

I want to share with you the morning routine

that I use to program my thoughts,



and results.

This brief ritual of quiet time has completely changed everything in my life.

It was the foundation for the tremendous transformation

that pulled me out of the concrete and barbed-wire wall

of a cold cell into a life of wealth and success.

I usually get up early in the morning

to have some time to myself

before the hustle and bustle of life takes hold.

I entered the room

guests and light a fire (in my house,

it’s just flipping the switch on the wall

and the fire will go up in the fireplace.

It’s amazing!)

My house is located at an altitude of nearly 2,743 meters

in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado,

so all year round,

the mornings are quite cold

and the fire makes for a very warm

and inviting space to have some quiet time.

If you’re thinking,

“Oh yeah, you’re easy.

You have a cozy place by the fire

and the beautiful mountains!”,

remembering that for the first seven years,

I woke up every morning in a cold concrete chamber called my cell.

I will sit quietly on the steel bed,

surrounded by agony and harshness.

At that time, I had no fireplace and no mountains to look at.

But regardless of reality,

I still envision the life that awaits me beyond the prison walls.

I envision a rich and successful life in my new destiny.

I envision the life I will one day have with my son.

When the fire is lit, I will make coffee

and turn on the “Relax”

or “Meditation” channel on the satellite radio at very low volume.

I sat down in a chair by the fireplace

and turned on the soft light.

While sitting quietly in the chair,

enjoying the warmth of the fire and listening

to the soothing tunes,

I immersed myself in the moment.

I don’t regret the past or worry about the future,

but am completely focused on the present moment.

It is very easy for people to recall past disappointments

and hurts

or to resent the uncertain future.

We’ll have plenty of time for that later.

But now is a matter of now.

Even before I really know it,

this is my favorite time of day.

I wish it could last for hours.

But unfortunately,

at some point,

I will have to blend in with the world around me.

I sit still, at peace,

and take a few moments to remember my blessings.

Gratitude gives my day a good start

and puts me in a wonderful state of mind.

I think about the wonderful things I get out of life:


successful companies,

health, smart and dedicated staff,

freedom and the like.

Again, so you don’t think it’s easy for me to feel grateful,

I’ve spent years recounting my blessings in a lonely cell.

No matter how bad things get,

I always find a reason to feel grateful for life.

Remember, I’m not a Zen master.

You can ask anyone who knows me well

and they will tell you how sensitive

and impatient I am.

I don’t want to imply

that I’m wearing a robe, go

around with eyes closed

and hands open

to invoke the supreme beings in a surreal peaceful state.

My nature for 23 hours

and 45 minutes a day is no different from

what I am in the 15-minute quiet time ritual.

That’s why it’s so essential to me.

It keeps me balanced and gives me strength

and direction throughout the day.

It gives me sanity and peace.

So, although this form of quiet time ritual is not very familiar to me,

I have grown to love and look forward to it.

I also learned that it is a key step

to exceptional success in my life and business.

After feeling comfortable and counting on a few blessings,

I will pull out my plan of success.

At different times of the year,

this plan is written on a pad of paper,

on a computer,

or inside a favorite book.

It doesn’t matter where it is,

as long as it exists.

Then I review each consistent outcome

and act consistently.

After reading through each result a few times,

I closed my eyes and imagined what it would look like

when it came to fruition.

Remember that you have the ability

to close your eyes and visualize a scene long

before you actually create it in real life.

Use your ability to visualize it.

Let yourself see the shape of your dream no matter

what it looks like to you.

Here, there is no right or wrong,

only your visualization of it.

“You won’t see it and then believe it.

You only see it when you believe in it.”– Wayne Dyer

I remember, years ago,

when I revisited the phrase “I’m a great father to my son” in my cell,

I closed my eyes,

repeated that consistent result,

and pictured myself holding my son while holding my son.

Tell him I love and am proud of him.

Then I reviewed the consistent actions

I needed to take every day

to see if they were right for being a great dad.

My consistent actions at that time were

“I write to Hunter every week”

and “I always keep my word to my son”.

In the confinement scene,

those are actions consistent with being the great father I can be.

As you read each result,

imagine what they will bring to you,

such as the house you will live in,

the business you will grow,

a healthier and fitter body,

relationships with other people

or the income you earn.

Use your ability to visualize all of that.

Remember, everything is created twice.

As you read and visualize each outcome,

repeat the consistent actions written below them.

“When you begin moving toward excellence,

you will find very little competition.

You’re competing with only 20% of the population.”— Brian Tracy

Let your dream and the things you need to do

to achieve it seep into your subconscious.

Also, let yourself experience the emotions

as if these outcomes were happening.

Great things often happen here:

The emotions you build up during the quiet time ritual are just

as real as the emotions you feel

when you actually achieve your dream.

Many years ago,

when alone reviewing my success plan in my cell,

I imagined my feelings as a great father to my son.

Last August, I took my son to college.

When it was time to go home,

I hugged him and said I was so proud of him.

My son says he’s also very proud of me.

When we hugged each other in front of his dorm,

I enjoyed the moment,

because it was exactly the same as before.

That moment evoked the same emotions

I imagined years ago sitting in a cold cell.

Imaginary images are a powerful resource for nurturing your emotions.

When you review your personal success plan,

you are actually producing a new thought process,

essentially putting new beliefs in your box.

Eventually, you will let go of these thoughts

and beliefs as you take action.

An equally important process also occurs

at the same time as the above.

Remember how we create memories.

An event happens and is anchored to a certain emotion.

When you experience the emotions of reaching your dreams,

you are attaching strong emotions to those thoughts.

Therefore, you are creating a memory in your subconscious mind.

It will always lurk beneath the surface

of your subconscious mind

and profoundly affect your work and income-related actions.

It will have a profound impact on whether

or not you’ll remember you’re on a diet.

It will profoundly impact your making 6 calls a day to advance your career.

These small consistent actions will have a dramatic effect on the results

in your life and business.

So let yourself experience the emotions of reaching your dreams

as you picture each outcome in your mind.

Enjoy it.

Feel it.

In doing so, you will attach intense emotions

to achieving your dreams

and create powerful memories deep in your subconscious.

They will guide your actions in the next step.

You won’t forget your dreams

and the work you need to do to achieve them,

despite the daily distractions of responsibilities.

You are establishing a route from

where you are now to where you want

to end up in your subconscious mind and making it “second instinct”.

Just like your trip home from the office,

you’ll get there regardless of the distractions in life.

“Every single life only becomes great

when the individual sets upon a goal

or goals which they really believe in,

which they can really commit themselves to,

which they can put their whole heart and soul into.”— Brian Tracy

No matter what’s going on in your conscious mind,

your subconscious will

still focus on getting you where you deserve to be.

Normally, if you always focus on achieving a certain result,

you will eventually achieve it.

But day-to-day distractions often block your consciousness

from thinking about success.

This is why programming your purpose into your subconscious mind

never gets distracted or lost.

You are setting anchors in your mind that naturally

lead you to take consistent action steps.

Besides, you will find yourself empowered

to take the consistent actions needed to achieve your dreams.

Whatever the actions are,

this guide will ensure that you are completing them,

and that will certainly lead

to the results you desire in life and work.

In the next chapter,

you’ll find that failing to take one

of these programmed steps causes tremendous inner anxiety,

or cognitive dissonance.

This is what drives you to new levels of consistency and performance.

You will also notice how creating a successful plan

and putting it in your (subconscious) box works out to great results.

Almost all rich people are professional great promotion.

They can and are willing to promote their products or services,

including fresh ideas,

with uncanny passion and enthusiasm.

Moreover, they know how to present their values ​​in a clever

and attractive way. – T. Harv Eker

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