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Tony Robbins! waken the extraordinary person in you! Magical Passion: Building an Impulsive Future

Chapter 12: Magical Passion: Building an Impulsive Future

“Everything begins with a dream” -Carl Sandburg

Now let’s have some fun.

Do you want to go back to your childhood

and let your imagination soar?

Do you want to be determined to take your life

and squeeze out all the strength, passion,

and honey of life that you know will be yours?

Up until now we have tried our best

to reach the capacity to make new decisions,

decisions that can transform life from a dream into action.

Many people in life know what they have to do,

but they never do.

The reason was a lack of motivation,

which was only possible due to a future I pushed to devote to.

This chapter is your chance to let your imagination run wild

to dream of the most fantastical possibilities,

so you can discover something that really pushes you to the next level higher.

It will help you generate energy and torque.

Great goals create great motivation

So many times people say to me,

“Tony, where do you get your energy?

With all your energy,

it’s no wonder you’re so successful.

I’m not as motivated as you are;

I don’t feel enthusiastic.

I’m pretty lazy.”

My response is usually,

“You’re not lazy!

just because you have ineffective goals!”

I often explain the excitement

and motivation I get from my goals.

Every morning I wake up,

even though I feel sluggish from lack of sleep,

I still find the necessary motivation

because my goals excite me.

They keep me up early,

stay up late,

and inspire me to unleash my energies

and use everything I can within my influence to get results.

You also have all the same energies as I do at this time.

But your weak goals never awaken them.

So the first step is to develop bigger,

more engaging,

and more challenging goals.

People often say to me,

“My problem is that I never really had any goals”.

This attitude shows that they don’t understand how impact targets really are.

The human mind is always pursuing something,

at least it seeks to reduce or eliminate suffering,

or to avoid what causes suffering.

Our minds also love to guide us in pursuit of what can make us happy.

We all have goals.

The problem is that we all don’t consciously use these energies.

We all have to discover

or create a Magical Passion.

Goals lead you to push your limits

to a world of boundless power

At first we set big goals,

we think they can’t be achieved.

But the key to goal setting is

to find a goal big enough to engage you,

something that has the power to release your energy.

We make sure we choose the right goal

when it seems too big to be achieved

but at the same time it gives us a feeling that we will achieve them.

To find that inspiration and achieve seemingly impossible goals,

we must temporarily put aside our beliefs about what we can achieve.

I will never forget the true story of a boy

who came from a poor background in a San Francisco suburb

and had goals that everyone thought was impossible,

except for himself.

The boy is a fan of legendary football star Jim Brown.

He was playing for the Cleveland Browns at the time.

Although the boy’s legs were crippled by rickets caused by malnutrition

and at the age of 6 his legs were chronically bent

and his calves atrophied giving him the name “Pencil Legs”,

he came up with a concept for himself.

His goal is to become a rugby star just like his idol.

He didn’t have the money to go to soccer games,

so he often had to wait until halftime

to sneak into the field to watch the Cleveland Browns finish.

Finally, at the age of 13,

the boy had the meeting he had dreamed of all his life.

At halftime of the Browns game,

you ran over to where the team was having a drink

and who did you see standing in front of you?

It’s his idol.

He looked at the football star and said,

“Uncle Brown, I’m your biggest fan!”

Brown politely thanked the boy.

He continued,

“Uncle Brown, you know what?”

Brown turned to him and asked,

“What is it, grandson?”

The boy said, “I know all the records you’ve made,

all your achievements.”

Jim Brown smiled and said,

“That’s great,” and went on talking to his friends again.

The boy still wouldn’t let go and said, “Uncle Brown! Uncle Brown!”

Jim Brown turned to look at him again.

This time the boy looked deep into Brown’s eyes

with a passion Brown could feel and he said,

“Uncle Brown, one day I’ll break all your records!”

The legendary star smiled and said,

“That’s great, baby!

What’s your name?”

The boy laughed from ear to ear and said,

“Uncle, my name is Orenthal.

James Simpson…You call me O.J.”

And indeed O.J. Simpson repeatedly broke Jim Brown’s record after record

and set several new records of his own.

How do goals exert unimaginable power to shape destiny?

How can they take a boy with rickets and turn him into a legend?

Setting goals is the first step to turning the invisible into the visible,

the foundation for all success in life.

Turn the invisible into the visible

Look around you right now.

what do you see?

Are you sitting on the lounge chair in the living room,

with art paintings hanging on the wall,

or are you looking at the big screen TV using the most modern technology laser disc?

Or are you sitting at a desk with a telephone,

computer and fax machine?

All of these things used to be just ideas in someone’s mind.

If I said 100 years ago that in space

there are countless invisible waves that we can pull down

and put into a box and create images and sounds,

you would say I’m crazy.

But nowadays, almost every house has a TV,

some have two or three!

Someone must have invented them, and for this to happen,

someone must have envisioned them clearly.

Is this true only for material things?

No, it also applies to all kinds of activities and processes:

the reason a car works is

because there were resourceful people

who figured out how to create combustion in a machine.

The answer to today’s world’s challenges in energy lies in the imagination

and resources of today’s physicists and engineers.

And solutions to social crises, like racism, poverty, and homelessness,

are only possible with the initiative and passion of passionate people like you and me.

Why do few people have goals?

You might think to yourself,

“That sounds great, but just setting goals doesn’t lead to any results.”

At this point I cannot agree with you.

Every time we set a goal,

we must develop it with a plan

and take strong and consistent actions.

You already have the power to act within you.

If you haven’t aroused it,

it’s just because you haven’t set goals that appeal to you.

What is stopping you?

You must have wanted to set goals even before reading this book.

But do you make a list of definite goals

for which you want certain results in your spiritual,

emotional, physical, intellectual, and financial life?

What stopped you?

For many, it is a fear of disappointment,

even if only unconsciously.

Some people have set goals in the past but have not achieved them,

so because of frustration and fear of failure in the future like in the past,

they stop setting goals.

They don’t want to have any expectations that they can leap forward.

Others set goals but have delusions that lead them to associate their happiness

with achieving those goals that are often beyond their control.

Or they lack the flexibility to realize that

while they are pursuing their stated goals,

there are other, better goals worth pursuing.

The secret to achieving your goal

No one has achieved a goal out of interest in achieving it.

What one needs first is the determination to do.

Indeed, while researching the sources of people’s success,

I discovered that persistence is more valuable than talent

and is the most effective source for creating and enhancing quality of life.

I believe that life always tests our level of determination

and that life’s greatest reward is for those

who demonstrate a relentless determination

to act until the goal is achieved.

Very often people do not dare to start pursuing a goal for fear of failure.

Worse yet, people start pursuing their goals,

but then give up halfway.

They may be on their way to their goal,

but they lack the perseverance to get to the end.

Because they don’t get temporary results, they give up easily.

I’ve met champions,

people who achieve the highest goals,

who have an unimaginable tenacity.

They can change methods if needed,

but they never give up on the end goal.

Take your first step now

We will take the first step in turning the invisible into the visible,

making your dreams come true.

When we’ve done this step,

we’ll create for ourselves an intriguing future that we can foresee.

We will work in 4 areas:

1. Goals of self-development.

2. Career/business/economic goals.

3. Recreational/adventurous goals.

4. Dedication goals

For each of these areas,

you will have some time to exercise your mind.

Write fast – let your pen flow freely, keep writing.

Always ask yourself,

what would I want for my life if I knew I could have it the way I want it?

What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?

No need to think about how to do it.

Just discover what you really want.

Do this with confidence,

without doubting your ability at all.



Personal Development Goals


* STEP 1:

On a blank sheet of paper,

write down all the things you want to improve in your life

that are related to your personal growth.

How do you want to improve your body?

What are your goals for your intellectual and social life?

Do you enjoy learning a foreign language?

Become a fast reader?

What value do you see in reading all of Shakespeare’s works?

Emotionally, what do you enjoy experiencing,

achieving, or mastering in your life?

What mental goals do you have?

Do you want to have a spiritual connection with your Creator?

Or have feelings of openness

and sympathy for fellow human beings?

Try to think for at least 5 minutes.

Write without thinking at any time.

There can be silly, crazy,

wild ideas, that’s okay,

sometimes they lead to very positive results in your life.


* STEP 2:

Now that you have a list of personal development goals

to get you excited about,

give each item a minute to think about.

At this stage,

there is no need to worry about how you have to do it.

You just need to set a time for each goal.

You should remember that goals are dreams that require a deadline.

Simply deciding when to accomplish your goals is enough

to unleash all the energy you have to make your decision a reality.


* STEP 3:

Now pick one of the most important year-round goals in this category – this goal,

if you can achieve it this year,

will be a huge boost to you feeling that you’ve invested in this y effectiveear.

Spend 2 minutes writing a paragraph defining

why you are absolutely committed

to this goal within a year.


career/business/economic objectives

The next stage is to set career/business/economic goals.


* STEP 1:

Write down everything you want for your life, career, business, or finances.

What level of finance do you want to reach?

What position do you want to reach?

Take 5 minutes to write a list that could be worth millions of dollars to you.


* STEP 2:

Spend a minute thinking about each goal you’ve written down on the list.

If you are determined to reach that goal within a year,

write the number 1 next to it.

If you are determined to achieve it within 5 years,

write the number 5 next to it.

Remember that the most important thing is not how you will achieve your goal,

but whether you are absolutely determined to achieve it or not.


* STEP 3:

Next, choose the most important goal you’ve made in a year in business

and finance and spend two minutes writing a paragraph about it,

explaining why you are absolutely determined to achieve it within a year. five.


Entertainment / Hazardous

If you weren’t financially constrained, what would you want?

What do you want to do?

If a fairy appeared in front of you and was ready to grant your wish,

what would you wish for the most in the world?


* STEP 1:

Take 5 minutes to write down everything you want,

have, do, or experience in life.

Here are some suggested questions:

Would you like to make, invent, or buy a:



The house overlooking the sea?


Art collection?


Would you like to attend:

A Cannes Awards?

A World Cup final?

An Asia tour?


* STEP 2 & 3:

As above, take the time to review each item one by one,

choose the most important one-year goal in this category,

and spend 2 minutes writing a paragraph outlining

why you are absolutely committed to the goal within a year.


Objectives In The Field Of Distribution

Goals of this kind can be the most appealing,

as this is your chance to leave your mark on life,

leaving a legacy that will transform lives.

It can be as simple as contributing to common causes in the village or neighborhood,

or as large as setting up a fund to give opportunities to the less fortunate.


* STEP 1:

Spend 5 minutes thinking about all the possibilities you can offer.


* STEP 2 & 3:

Like above, think about each goal,

choose the most important one-year goal

and spend 2 minutes writing a paragraph explaining

why you are absolutely committed to achieving this goal within a year.

The Most Important Stage

For years I used to set goals,

but I didn’t reach them.

At first I was excited,

eager to get to work,

but three or four weeks later

I realized that I hadn’t fully implemented

what I had written down.

The most important thing you can do

to achieve your goal is to make sure that,

as soon as you set a goal,

you immediately begin to create a momentum,

a momentum that will keep you going.

That is, once you have set a goal,

you must immediately take positive actions to achieve it.

As we emphasized in chapter 2,

a real decision is one that you immediately take action on.

Once you take action,

something as small as making a phone call,

completing a task, drafting a plan,

will move you forward.

Then draw up a list of simple things you can do each day for the next ten days.

Ten days of small behaviors toward your goal will help create a chain of habits

that will ensure long-term success.

Last lesson

The most important lesson in this chapter is this:

an impulse future will give you a dynamic sense of your growth.

Without it, we only have one more life.

A motivated future is not a dependency,

but a need.

It not only allows us to achieve,

but also allows us to experience the joy,

dedication and growth that gives meaning to life itself.

Whether you’re eighteen or eighty,

you always need something to push you forward.

That motivation is always available in you,

just waiting for the opportunity to appear.

It is something that motivates us.

The Clown King George Burns understood the importance

and power of such a compelling future.

When asked for a summary of his philosophy,

he replied, “You have to have something pull you out of bed.

Actually lying in bed I can’t do anything.

The most important thing is to be right.

There is a point, a direction for you to go.”

Now in his 90s he is still very bright and sharp,

still working on film and television projects

and I just heard he signed up for the London Palladium in 2000,

when he will be 104 years old,

the future urges people to be so active!

Use your strength.

Now you know what to do to inspire yourself.

you should get on with it.

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