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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Implementation plan

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 55: Implementation plan

Failure is never the same as defeat,

unless you want to.

Emerson once said,

“Our strength comes from our weakness.

It is only when we are beaten

to pieces that self-esteem awakens

and equips it with mysterious inner forces.

Even a great person can easily become insignificant and small.

If we are pampered in a warm mattress,

we will easily fall asleep.

But if we are pushed,


and defeated,

we will soon be wiser,

will learn from experience,

will have our ability tested,

will be aware of who we are,

will learn humility

and the necessary skills other devices”. – Napoleon Hill


Many of us rush to retreat at the first sign of resistance.

The following quote by former US President Calvin Coolidge

shows the importance of consistency

– if we want to turn obstacles in our way into stepping stones

to support our steps:

“Nothing in this world can replace constancy,

whether talent or education.”

There are so many talented people who still fail.

There are so many geniuses who can’t do anything.

And there are many intellectuals

who have to live a narrow life.

With just perseverance and determination,

you can do great karma.

The slogan “Be consistent” has been

and will solve all of humanity’s problems. – Don M. Green


Behind every failure there is a shadow of distraction,

sloppiness and unfinished business.

Not long ago,

a friend told me a story about one of his students.

According to him,

while teaching at a fairly famous university,

a student came to see him.

It is an excellent student

but is feeling bored of studying.

After chatting for a while,

he told his student the following:

Do something completely. Don’t give up halfway.

That student took his advice and with his efforts,

he graduated from the university with a first-class degree.

Get the job done before the end of the day.

When you complete a task with the best results,

you will experience a sense of satisfaction,

happiness and excitement

to continue implementing the remaining plans.

The most important thing is what you are doing.

Therefore, focus all your mind

and heart to complete it.

Learn to be careful

and thorough so that when you stand up,

everything is neat and clean.

Do not ignore the small details

because they are important factors contributing

to the perfection of your work and life.

Everyone has a lot of tasks to deal

with and it is not always possible to complete them all.

But if you work hard and do each one well,

you will definitely complete them.

The best thing you can do is be careful

and complete the task thoroughly.

Don’t let unfinished business destroy your life.

Don’t go to work to work, go to work to prosper. — Grant Cardone

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