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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Optimist sees Opportunity

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 54: Optimist sees opportunity

An optimist sees opportunity in every danger,

while a pessimist sees danger in every opportunity. – Winston Churchill


If your house is on fire,

warm yourself with that fire. – Spanish proverb


I don’t have to win,

but I do have to fight to the end.

I don’t have to be successful,

but I have to do my best. – Noname


Effort is the commitment to the end

and not giving up. – Howard Cate


Anxiety is a poison that can destroy all good feelings in you.

It has the ability to destroy the source of mental strength

and spread like a contagious disease.

But anxiety cannot exist in an atmosphere of joy and optimism.

Therefore, stop worrying

and learn to smile at all situations

that occur in life!

And above all,

stay positive.

Optimism is not an external adornment.

It is the result of a series of positive attitudes

such as a sense of humour,

hope, and the ability to overcome fear.

Optimism will help people get rid of anxiety

and live a productive life.

Everyone can tell you the risk.

An entrepreneur can see the reward. —Robert Kiyosaki

In fact, all successful people

and great leaders live optimistically.

With their optimistic spirit,

they gather everyone around into a unified block,

looking towards a bright future.

You can also build yourself such a personality.

Instead of worrying about things

that haven’t happened yet

or holding onto regrets for the past,

try to live fully in the present

and learn to face reality.

Let’s analyze and look at the problem comprehensively,

and at the same time give direction

to your upcoming activities.

Then you won’t have time to worry anymore.

Remember, where there is a smile,

there is no place for worry.

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