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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Listen in communication

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 55: Listen in communication

To understand a truth, it takes two people

– one to speak and one to listen. – Henry David Thoreau


True stillness is rest of the mind.

The mind needs stillness just as the body needs sleep

because it nourishes and refreshes our spirit. – William Penn


I think one of the biggest mistakes

is talking too much and listening less.

You can find out what other people are thinking

by subtly engaging them in conversation,

and in most cases,

that shouldn’t be difficult.

If you listen carefully

and talk a little less,

you will have a huge advantage over someone who talks too much.

It’s a pity for someone

who talks too much without realizing

that the people around may know more than they do.

However, it can be said

that 95% of us are that poor person. – Napoleon Hill


In an attempt to appear wise,

many people talk too much

and forget that the more they talk,

the more they show their weakness.


Listen to learn.

True wisdom often manifests itself in humility and silence.

US President Ulysses S. Grant was not a brilliantly intelligent person,

but he made his career

by knowing how to listen and learn constantly.

At that time,

people called him “The Quiet President”.

However, one thing to note is

that you should also choose the audience to listen to.

Listen with respect and an open mind

to new ideas and theories.

Listen and absorb the knowledge you gain

through these conversations.

J. C. Hare said: “True humility does not mean not knowing your values,

but recognizing them”.

Listening not only helps you to improve yourself,

but it also improves your relationships.

When you know how to listen,

you will have the opportunity to learn more interesting things

and show your respect for the other person.

Speak less, and listen and observe a lot.

The most important thing in communication

is hearing what isn’t said. ― Peter Drucker

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