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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Happy in life

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 45: Happy in life

The only true happiness is the happiness

that comes from dedicating yourself to a noble cause. – William Cowper


Success is getting what you want,

happiness is wanting what you have. – Bertrand Russell


Each person’s happiness and peace of mind depend on what

he can share with others. Thomas A. Edison asserted:

“I never develop any idea without thinking of the benefits it can bring to others”.

We cannot, of course,

say that a business relationship is a loving relationship between a buyer

and a seller;

however, if that relationship involves the idea of serving fellow citizens,

both sides will benefit greatly.

Henry Ford said:

“Every car that goes through the production line has a part of me in it;

And when I think about every car we sell,

I don’t think about profits,

I think only about the benefits that customers can get.”- Napoleon Hill


Happiness is everyone’s dream and goal.

After all, all human efforts and actions are directed

towards a single goal,

which is to live happily.

Happiness can help people improve health

and increase longevity.

Happy people always have the ability

to attract others with their confident appearance.

In order to have lasting happiness,

many people have tried to accumulate a lot of money,

forgetting that money cannot buy happiness.

Money can only be a means to help people get happiness.

That is why Henry Drummond said:

“In the search for happiness,

half of humanity is on the wrong track.

They think happiness consists of finding,


and being obeyed.

But no,

happiness is found only in giving

and serving others.

Indeed, true happiness only comes to those

who know how to share without needing to reciprocate.

Happiness also only comes to those

who know how to be satisfied with the goals they have set,

and at the same time make constant efforts to realize them.

Happiness is not in the feeling of reaching the destination

but in each step of the way.

To live a happy life, do something meaningful

with all your talents and enthusiasm.

After all, happiness is simply seeing

that one’s efforts have paid off.

A happy life is a useful life!

Feel the happiness from the simple things

that life has brought you.

And above all,

live happily from what you have given.

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