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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Devote yourself

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 46: Devote yourself

Sometimes, we should also stand on the sidelines of life

and look at ourselves to get an objective view of ourselves. – Napoleon Hill


In life, there are urgent situations

that force us to stand at a fork in the road

and make a decisive decision.

In front of us are two roads that we must choose one:

the first is the way of faith,

the second is the way of fear.

Why do most of us choose the second path?

The choice is always tied to our attitude,

our spirit.

The reason people choose the path of Fear is

because they do not train their minds to think positively.

Have you failed in the past?

So what happened?

Great people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford,

the Wright brothers,

Andrew Carnegie…haven’t experienced that failure?

Failures are only a temporary condition,

rather, just challenges that push us to try harder. – Napoleon Hill


Life is a game where you have to choose whether

to be a player or just an outsider.

If you participate in the game and devote yourself to it,

you will find joy,

and your life will become a lot more meaningful.

On the contrary,

if you choose to be an outsider,

you will let your life pass in boredom.

It’s sad that so many of us choose to live a second life

because we don’t have the courage to live an authentic life.

Outsiders often do nothing.

They cannot take care of themselves nor can they help those around them.

While other people are busy at work or in the factory,

they live like a species of mistletoe,

only counting on the help of others.

“Living” and “surviving” are two concepts frequently mentioned

by people in the modern world.

You only truly “live” when you bravely commit

and dedicate yourself to noble purposes.

Otherwise, your life is just an “existence”.

Immerse yourself in life,

and at the same time find yourself a job and be dedicated to it.

Work, play and rest to the fullest to feel the true values of life.

And importantly,

never allow yourself to be an outsider.

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