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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Vision

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 44: Vision

Vision is the art of seeing what others do not see. — Jonathan Swift


There are two important things

and perhaps more important than any other factors

– helping to expand

and develop creative vision.

One is goodwill work

– must be very goodwill sincere.

The second is the specific motive 

and must be a powerful motivation

to bring that goodwill further

than the original purpose. — Napoleon Hill


The vision helps us to see things like that we want,

not like a real picture.

The Old Testament said:

“Without vision, people will die.”

I admit that historical research is important,

but the comparison of the future vision

and past history of Thomas Jefferson has made me believe

that where we will come more importantly

where we have passed. — Don M. Green


Creative vision is a vision that surpasses common physical values.

It looked at the past to predict the future

but never stopped in the past.

If the imagination is influenced

and controlled by reason and experience,

the creative vision separates these things.

It is aimed at goals

with new ideas and new ways.

The imagination may exist limitations and defects

but the creative vision surpasses all

that to pursue its ultimate goal.

While the imagination exists in the human brain,

the creative vision exists in the spirit of the universe

and is manifested through the human brain.

Creative vision will help you throughout

what is happening in your imagination.

Although the same origin is the operation of the brain,

the creative vision is different from the imagination.

If the imagination acts

as a data collection machine,

the creative vision will transfer those data to the brain center

to design the most effective strategies and plans.

People with creative vision are always more prominent than others.

This is the factor that makes the difference

between genius and ordinary people.

Genius often uses creative vision

and ordinary people use imagination.

Although the imagination also has power

and brings unexpected effects,

it certainly cannot work as creative vision.

Use your eyes to observe.

And when you see something good,

engrave in your mind.

Each person has a different perspective for the same incident.

The boy James Watt saw the potential strength

in the airflow out of his mother’s water.

And Benjamin Franklin suddenly saw the use of the tail of a kite.

The inheritance generations

of those great people also have similar

but different perspectives,

to improve and promote the development of human civilization

to accelerate timeless.

Creative vision helps people rise

to control their lives and dominate those around them.

Without creative vision,

you will limit your life

and must always depend on others.

Creative vision is a combination of optimistic spirit

and smooth eyes.

Even the most humble people can have great vision.

The foundation of creative vision is the idea.

Therefore, focus on all your ideas.

Your vision is far or close depending on you.

The more you desire and your efforts,

the further your vision.

With your creative vision,

you will have more strength to get the job done in the best way.

Men are rich only as they give.

He who gives great service gets great rewards. — Elbert Hubbard

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