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Tony Robbins! waken the extraordinary person in you! Dreams For Our Life

Waken the extraordinary person in you!

Part 1: Unlock Your Potential

Chapter 1: Dreams For Our Life

“Mature people believe in destiny,

shallow people believe in luck.” —Benjamin Disraeli

We all have dreams…

We all want to believe from the bottom of our hearts

that we have a special talent.

Capable of change,

able to exert a special influence on others

and able to change this world for the better.

There are times in life

when we all have a vision of a better life

that we wish and deserve.

But, for many of us,

those dreams are so covered with disappointments

and mundane things in life that

we don’t even have the will to try to rise.

With so many people,

dreams are shattered and with it,

our will to make our own destiny is shattered.

Many people have lost the firm belief that

is the sharp element of success.

My life has been a constant quest

to revive a dream and make it come true,

reminding us to remember

and use the boundless energy that

lies dormant within each of us.

I will never forget the day

I was strongly impacted,

the day I really lived my dream.

I was flying in a private helicopter from Los Angeles

to Orange County that day for a presentation.

While flying over the city of Glendale,

I suddenly noticed a magnificent building below

and I flew my helicopter over that house.

Looking down,

I realized this was the same house that,

12 years ago,

I used to keep the gatekeeper there.

At that time,

I was always worried about whether my 1960 Volkswagen would be able

to cover the 30-minute drive to get me to work.

My main concern in life is how to survive;

I feel scared and lonely.

But that day,

as I was flying in the air,

I thought to myself,

“It’s only been a decade,

but so much has changed!”.

I used to have dreams too,

but they never seem to come true.

But now, I have come to believe that every failure

and hopelessness I have encountered in the past

has really laid the foundation

for the understanding that has contributed

to the new life I am enjoying.

I continued to fly south along the coast

and I saw dolphins playing with surfers on the waves.

That is the image that Becky,

my wife and I used to love

and consider as a special gift of life.

I finally got to Irvine.

Looking down,

I was a little worried when I saw that outside the fence

where I was going to give a presentation,

the road was jammed with traffic

and people for several kilometers.

I thought to myself,

“God, I wish what was going on could end soon

so people could come to my presentation”.

But when I landed at the airport,

I saw a new scene in front of me:

Thousands of people were being stopped

by security right where I was about to land.

Suddenly I began to understand the truth.

Traffic is stuck because people come

to my presentation!

We had expected about 2,000 people to attend,

but now there are 7,000 people in a hall

that can only hold up to 5,000 people!

As I walked into the auditorium from the airport,

hundreds of people surrounded me

and demanded to hug me

or tell me how my work has affected their lives.

The stories they told me were unbelievable.

A mother introduced me to a son she had been rated

as “Hyperactive” and “Study.”

By applying the State of Control principles taught in this book,

not only did she not have

to the boy drank Ritalin too,

whose mother and daughter have since moved to California

and here he is considered a genius!

A gentleman told me how he had applied

the techniques of Success Management

and had given up his cocaine habit altogether.

A couple in their 50s shared with me a story

of how they were preparing for a divorce

when they learned the lesson of the Self-Law.

A businessman told me that his monthly income

in just 6 months increased

from $2,000 to over $12,000

and an entrepreneur told me

that he increased his company’s revenue

to over $3 million within 18 months

by applying the principles of Quality Questions and Emotional Handling.

A beautiful young lady showed me a picture of her past,

she has now lost more than twenty kilos

by applying the principles of Leverage in this book.

I was so moved and choked up that

I couldn’t speak while standing in the room.

As I looked down at the audience

with 5,000 cute smiling faces,

I realized I was living my dream!

It is a wonderful feeling to know that

behind the clouds of doubt,

I have information,



skills that can help so many people present

to be able to self- empower yourself to transform your life.

A whole stream of images and

emotions flowed through me.

I began to recall an experience that

came to me just a few years ago.

When sitting alone in my little apartment in Venice, California,

and in my sad solitude I lulled myself

to the lyrical tune of a Neil Diamond love song.

I feel like my life is nothing,

all the events of my life completely control me.

Then I also remember the moment my life changed,

the moment I said,

“Successful! I know I’m worth more than everything

I have in my life right now,

in terms of my mind, emotional and physical”.

So I made a decision

and it was this decision that changed my life forever.

I’ve decided I’ll never be satisfied

with anything below my potential.

Who would have thought that

this decision would lead me to such a magical moment?

I let myself pour out during the presentation that

night and when I left the lecture hall,

thousands of people came to the airport to say goodbye to me.

Tears welled in my eyes

as I thanked God for this happy moment.

Am I living in reality or in a dream?

Still the same guy that

just 8 years ago was always struggling with life,

frustrated, lonely and unable to run his life?

My body is obese, my pocket is empty,

I have a mood that

I don’t know if I can survive or not.

How can a young guy like me,

with only a high school education,

make such miraculous changes?

My answer was simple:

I learned to arm myself with a principle

that I now call concentration of energy.

Many people are unaware of the immense power we can directly control

when we focus all our resources on mastering just one area of ​​our lives.

Centralized control is like a laser capable of breaking

through any obstacle that stops you.

When we consistently focus on improving an area,

we develop unique distinctive ways to make that area better.

One reason so few of us get

what we want is because we never direct our focus:

we never focus our energies.

I believe that one of the important lessons of life is understanding

what motivates us in our actions.

What shapes a person’s personality?

Answering this question will give us the basic keys

to shaping our own destiny.

Throughout my life,

I have been constantly drawn

to a single and pressing focus:

What makes the difference in the quality of each life?

How often do we meet many people

from poor and hopeless environments,

yet they succeed in life

and leave a deep impression on us?

On the contrary,

how many people have favorable circumstances.

The means to success are at their fingertips,

yet they come to a miserable end,

disappointed and often fall into addiction?

What makes some lives exemplary and others a warning?

What is the secret to creating happy, passionate, fulfilling lives,

while other lives become tasteless, boring?

My own magical obsession began with simple questions:

“How do I take direct control of my life?

What can I do today to transform my life and help me and others?

How do I expand, learn, grow,

and share my understanding

with others in a fun and meaningful way?”

From a very young age,

I developed a belief that we are all in this world to offer something unique,

I believe that we are all endowed

with a natural gift especially.

I truly believe that each of us has a hidden superpower.

Each of us has a talent, a gift,

a little bit of genius waiting for us to unfold.

Maybe it’s artistic or musical.

It can be the magical ability to communicate with those we love.

It can be a business

or creative gift to get us into a business or a career.

I believe that the Creator does not favor anyone.

We are all created by our Creator,

each with our own uniqueness,

but all of us are endowed

with equal opportunities in life

by the Creator to live happily.

Years ago, I decided to live my life by investing the Creator’s favor in something

that remained after my life was over.

I decided I had to somehow give my life

so that it would last long after I was gone.

I earnestly invite you not only to try

to read this book through,

but to take advantage of all that you have learned and apply it

to your simple everyday life.

This is a necessary

and crucial step for you to bring results to your efforts in life.

“You’ve got to follow your passion.

You’ve got to figure out what it is you love,

who you really are.

And have the courage to do that.

I believe that the only courage anybody ever needs is the courage

to follow your own dreams.” — Oprah Winfrey



“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up

and down the field and never score.” —Bill Copeland

Changes have real value only

when they are permanent and reasonable.

We’ve all experienced temporary changes,

only to feel depressed and frustrated afterward.

In fact, many people want to make changes,

but with that desire comes the fear

and anxiety of whether their changes are permanent or temporary.

A simple example of this is the case

of a person who wants to start a diet,

but feels hesitant,

mainly because subconsciously they are convinced

that the efforts they make will only bring them back a momentary reward.

All my life I have followed the fundamental principles of organization,

which are the principles of lasting change,

and you will learn about them

and how to apply them in this book.

But now, I want to share with you 3 elementary principles of change that you

and I can immediately apply to change your life.

They are very simple,

but extremely effective if we know how to apply them skillfully.

“When you undervalue what you do,

the world will undervalue who you are.”— Oprah Winfrey


First Step


Once you want to make a change,

the first thing you have

to do is raise your standards.

When people asked me what changed my life eight years ago,

I replied that definitely the most important thing was

to change what I asked of myself.

I wrote down on paper everything that

I no longer wanted to accept in my life,

all that I could no longer endure

and all that I aspired to achieve.

History has left us many inspirational examples

such as Leonardo da vinci,

Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller,

Mahatma Gandhi,

Martin Luther king, Rosa Parks,

Albert Einstein, Cesar Chavez,

Soichiro Honda and many others.

Others have taken the miraculous steps of raising their standards.

The strength that was in them is also in you,

if you have the courage to ask for it.

Changing who you are is a simple first step to changing an organization,

a company, a country or a world.

“Follow your passion.

It will lead you to your purpose.”— Oprah Winfrey


Second step


If you raise your standards but don’t really believe you can achieve them,

you’re destroying yourself.

You don’t even want to try;

you will lack the faith that can help you

unlock the deeper possibilities that are present within you.

Our beliefs are like absolute commands,

telling us how things are,

what we can and cannot do.

So, changing our belief system is crucial

to making any sure and lasting change in our lives.

We must develop a firm belief that we can

and will meet new standards before we actually take action.

Without solid belief systems,

no matter how much you raise your standards,

you will never have the conviction to support them.

How much do you think Gandhi could have achieved

if he hadn’t believed in the power of nonviolent resistance?

His beliefs have helped him reach his inner resources

and have helped him face the daunting challenges

to which someone with less determination might have to surrender.

“You have to find what sparks a light in you

so that you in your own way can

illuminate the world.”— Oprah Winfrey


Third step


“It must be borne in mind that the tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal.

The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.” —Benjamin E. Mays

To stay determined,

you need the best strategies to be effective.

One of my basic convictions is that

if you aim high and you have faith,

then surely you can devise strategies.

You will simply find the way.

After all, this is the theme of the whole book.

It shows you strategies for accomplishing the task,

and I will tell you right away that in any case,

the best strategy is to find a pattern,

someone who has already achieved the results you want

and then delve into their insights learn their ways,

their beliefs and their way of thinking.

Not only will you find this makes you more efficient,

but it will also save you a lot of time

because you don’t have to tinker around long to find your way.

You just have to tweak it,

tweak it,

and maybe make it better.

This book will provide you with the information

and motivation to commit yourself to all three key principles

to change the quality of your life.

There are many people in the world

who know what to do,

but few actually do what they know.

Knowing is not enough.

You need to take action

and if you will allow me,

I will be your coach through this book.

I will show you how to discern the sources of power

to make lasting changes in the quality of your life.

Together, we will focus on the five areas of life that

I believe affect us the most.


That is:

Hard roads require will of steel! — Aysa Angel

1- Master your emotions

Mastering this lesson will help you master most

of the methods of the other four areas.

Please pay attention to that.

Why do you want to lose weight?

Is it just because you want your body to lose fat?

Or because you think that if you lose weight,

you will feel more energetic and resilient,

you will become more attractive

in front of others and you will feel confident,

print more when in front of a crowd?

Almost everything we do is change the way we feel,

but most of us have little or no training

to know how to do this quickly and effectively.

It’s strange how often we use our intelligence

to get into useless emotional states,

while forgetting how many innate gifts we all have.

Too many of us have no control,

while forgetting to take care of our emotions,

factors that everyone can control.

The first wealth is health. ― Emerson


2- Master the body

If you have all the things you dream of,

but don’t have the physical health to enjoy them, what’s the point?

Do you wake up every morning feeling full of vitality,

energy and ready to step into a new day?

Or do you wake up as tired as the night before,

exhausted and feeling reluctant to start a new day?

Will your daily routine make you an inactive person?

One in two Americans dies from coronary heart disease;

one in three dies from cancer.

We are “duging our own grave with our teeth”,

as the 17th-century physician Thomas Moffett put it.

We eat our bodies full of fat,

foods with no nutrients,

we start to eat poison covers our internal organs with cigarettes,

alcohol and drugs and we sit passively

in front of the television screen.

This second lesson will help you take control of your physical health

so that you not only stay fit,

but feel truly healthy,

and know that you are in control of your life,

in an energetic body,

and allow you to succeed.

A girl should be two things:

classy and fabulous. — Coco Chanel


3- Mastering Relationships

Aside from mastering your emotions and physical health,

nothing is more important than learning

how to master your relationships.



business and society.

After all, no one wants to learn, grow,

succeed and be happy alone and for themselves.

The third key lesson in this book shows you the secrets

to building quality relationships first with yourself,

and then with others.

You will begin to discover what you value most,

your expectations,

the rules of the game of life,

and how it relates to everyone else playing the game with you.

I have discovered that,

for me,

the greatest resource is relationships,

because it opens the door to all the other resources I need.

Mastering this lesson will give you boundless resources

for your growth and dedication.

“Does your money work as hard for you as you work for it?” – Grant Cardone


4- Mastering Money

By the time we reach 65,

most of us are either no longer making money, or dead!

But none of us want to fall into that scenario

when we think about our golden retirement.

But if you are not convinced enough that

you deserve the financial comfort of an effective plan,

how can you make this financial vision a reality?

The fourth mastery lesson in this book will teach you

to go beyond mere survival in the dark of life and even now,

to get there.

Living in society,

each of us has the ability to realize our dreams.

Yet most of us experience financial pressures more and more each day

and we imagine that having more money will relieve us of that pressure.

This is a huge cultural illusion

I can assure you that the more money you have,

the more pressure you feel.

The key is not to make a lot of money,

but to change your beliefs and attitudes towards money,

so that you see it as a means to an end,

not as the ultimate and only goal for best of happiness.

“Money seems to flow to those who give it

the most attention & take responsibility for it.” – Grant Cardone


5- Mastering Time

Masterpieces require time.

But how many of us know how to use it?

I’m not talking about time management;

I mean taking your time and transforming it,

using it to make it your ally,

not your enemy.

First, this fifth mastery lesson will teach you

how short-term judgments can lead to long-term suffering.

You will learn how to make a real decision

and control your desires for immediate enjoyment,

to give your thoughts, your creations

and even your potentials time to bear full fruit.

You will then learn how to outline the strategies needed

to execute your decision step by step,

to make it a reality.

With a strong determination to act,

patience through time stagnation,

and the flexibility to change methods whenever needed.

Once you’ve mastered your time,

you’ll understand why

so many people overestimate what they can achieve in a year

and underestimate what

they can achieve in a decade.

I wrote this book

with the intention of being a textbook action guide

to increase the quality of your life

and increase the source of pleasure you can draw from.

I have a hunch that this book will bring you a little new

and unique distinction of power

to help you reach a higher standard of living.

With all due respect,

I begin this relationship

with you as we embark on a journey

to discover and make our true

and deep potentials a reality.

Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege,

opportunity and responsibility

to give something back to life,

through a better quality of life.

Come on, let’s begin our adventure….

“The greatest discovery of all time is

that a person can change his future

by merely changing his attitude.”— Oprah Winfrey

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