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Tony Robbins! waken the extraordinary person in you! Decisions that Create Strength

Waken the extraordinary person in you!

Chapter 2: Decisions that Create Strength

“Man is born to live,

Not to prepare to live.”-Boris Pasternak

Surely you remember the day Saigon was completely liberated,

ending the disastrous war in Vietnam?

It was April 30, 1975,

just over twenty years ago.

And surely you remember the day

you heard the news of John Lennon’s assassination?

And the day the Saint Helens mountain spewed fire,

leveling an area more than three hundred square kilometers?

It was 1980 just about twenty years ago.

Think for a moment.

Where are you at that time?

What state are you in?

Who are your friends?

What dreams or hopes did you have?

If someone asked you,

“Ten or twenty years from now,

what would you do?”

how would you answer them?

Are you in the situation you wished you were in today?

A decade or two can go by really fast, right?

But more importantly,

perhaps we have to ask ourselves,

How am I going to live the next ten years of my life?

How must I live today to build the tomorrow I want?

From now on: What is important to me now?

and what will be important to me in the future?

What actions must I take today to shape my ultimate destiny I?

Surely the next ten years will quickly come to you.

The question is:

Where are you? I am the wife of self-made millionaire

What kind of person will you be? I am with my love husband

What will you contribute? All

Now is the time to sketch out your next ten years,

not wait until then.

We must seize the moment.

We have just ended the 20th century

and we have entered the 21st.

A new millennium.

The year 2000 has come upon us and ten years

from now we will look back at it

and remember it as we did the 1980s and 1975.

Will you be satisfied or disappointed then?

Happy or upset?

In the early 1980s,

I was a 19-year-old guy.

I feel lonely and depressed.

I have almost no possessions.

No mentors, no friends or experienced teachers,

no clear goals.

I am completely sluggish and fat body.

Yet in just a few short years,

I discovered a power with which I transformed almost every area of ​​my life.

This power is the tool I use to skyrocket my confidence levels

and my ability to act and produce remarkable results.

I also use it to regain control of my physical health

and have completely lost almost 20 kg of fat.

Thanks to this power,

I was able to attract the person of my dreams.

Marry her as my wife and create the family I’ve always wanted.

I use this power to increase my income

from the minimum to 1 million dollars per year.

Thanks to it, I got rid of my tiny apartment

(no kitchen, so I had to wash dishes in the bathtub)

to move into my family’s house today,

Del Mar Castle.

This strength is the only difference that

has made me change from feeling completely alone

and meaningless to feeling grateful to life for giving me

a new chance to give something back

to millions of people in all over the world.

And this is the power I use every day to shape my destiny.

In Unlimited Power,

I have clearly demonstrated that the most powerful way

to shape our lives is to engage in action.

People’s actions produce different results

because they acted in different ways in the same circumstances.

Different actions produce different results.

What’s up? For every action is to set a cause in motion

and its effect builds on past results to propel us in a certain direction.

All directions lead to one ultimate goal:

Our destiny.

Basically, if we want to direct our lives,

“The biggest adventure you can ever take

is to live the life of your dreams.”— Oprah Winfrey

we must control our actions for consistency.

It is not the actions we take on a whim that shape our lives,

but the actions we do consistently and consistently.

What precedes all our actions?

what determines the actions we will take and therefore,

determines who we are,

determines the end of our lives?

What gives rise to action?

The answer, of course, is:

Power of decision.

Everything that happens in your life begins with decisions.

I believe that your destiny is formed in the moments you make decisions.

The decisions you are making now, every day,

will shape the way you feel today

as well as shape the person you will be in the future.

Have you experienced feelings of sadness and discouragement,

injustice or hopelessness in the past decade of your life?

Personally, I definitely do.

If so, how did you decide to act?

Did you just keep going or did you give up?

How have those decisions shaped your lifestyle?

“People are not created by circumstances;

It is the person who creates the situation.”— Benjamin Disraeli

I absolutely we believe that our decisions,

not the circumstances of our lives,

determine our destiny.

You and I both know that there are people born with advantages:

genetic, environmental, family,

or relationship advantages.

But you as well as I know we often meet,

read and hear about people who have struggled against the difficulties

and limitations of their circumstances

to make new decisions for their lives.

They are shining examples for us

to follow of the boundless power of the human spirit.

With determination,

both you and I can make our lives such shining examples.

How? Just make decisions today for our future life.

If you don’t make a decision on how you will live,

you’ve already made the decision.

Really? That is, you decide to let circumstances push you

instead of you shaping your destiny.

My life changed in just one day,

the day I decided not only what I wanted in my life

or what I wanted to be,

but when I decided what I was determined to be and have in his life.

A simple distinction, but crucial.

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”— Oprah Winfrey

Think for a moment.

What’s the difference between liking something

and being determined to have it?

Certainly yes.

Many times people say things like,

“God, I really want to make more money”,

or “I want to be closer to my kids”,

or “I really want to change the world”.

But statements like that are devoid of any determination.

Just a mere preference.

That’s not strength!

It is a weak prayer with no accompanying faith.

Not only must you be determined to achieve what results,

but you must also be determined

to be what kind of person you are going to be.

If you don’t set a standard line for what you will accept in your life,

you will find it easy to fall into behaviors, attitudes,

or quality of life that are far below what you deserve.

No matter what happens in your life,

you have to set and live by those standards.

Even if everything goes wrong,

even if it rains on the show,

even if the stock market crashes,

even if your lover leaves you,

even if no one helps you when you need it,

you still have to keep your resolve is to live your life to the fullest.

Unfortunately, many people never do this

because they always have an excuse to correct the mistake.

The reason why they don’t achieve their goals

or don’t live their lives the way they want is

because of the treatment of their parents,

or because they didn’t enjoy favorable circumstances in their youth,

or they didn’t get a good education arrive,

or because they are too old, or too young.

All these types of corrections are just false beliefs!

They limit, they destroy life.

I often ask people who complain about their jobs.

“Then why did you go to work today?”

The answer is usually,

“Just do it.

What do you do for a living?”

We should remember that in this country

there is almost nothing we have to do.

Not doing here!

And you certainly don’t have to be

in a certain place on a certain day.

You don’t have to do what

you’ve been doing for the past ten years.

You can choose to do something else,

something new today.

Right now you can make a decision:

go back to school, go to school to sing or dance,

manage your finances,

learn to drive a car,


learn to speak French,

read stories to your children friend,

go for a walk in the park.

If you really decide,

you can do almost anything.

So, if you don’t like your existing relationship,

decide to change it now.

If you don’t like what you’re doing, change it.

If you don’t like the way you feel about yourself, change it.

If you want to have a better body or health,

you can change it now.

In an instant you can have the power that has changed history.

I wrote this book to awaken the boundless power of decision

and to proclaim the right

to exist the boundless strength,

radiant vitality and joy of life that you have.

You can make a decision right now

to change your life instantly,

decide to change a habit or decide

to practice a gift,

how to deal with others,

or make a phone call to someone you know.

Haven’t talked for years.

Make a decision now,

it will take you in a new,

positive and powerful direction

to help you grow and be happy.

“Nothing can resist the will of man

When it dares to risk its life for a definite purpose” — Benjamin Disraeli

Your life changes the moment you make a new,

rational and definitive decision.

Who would have thought that the determination

and conviction of a humble,

humble man, a lawyer and a pacifist,

had the power to overthrow a great empire?

Yet Mahatma Gandhi made the indomitable decision

to liberate British domination over India

and this decision was a pail of medicine.

The explosion followed a chain of events

that forever changed the balance of power in the world.

It was not seen how he could achieve his goal,

but he left himself no choice

but to act according to his conscience.

He simply did not accept any other possibility.

Decision is the source of Martin Luther King’s strength

as he eloquently voiced the frustrations

and longings of a people that did not want to be rejected

and that he forced the world to take notice.

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.”— Oprah Winfrey

Authentic decisions are the catalysts for transforming our dreams into reality.

It is extremely exciting that this power is already within you.

The explosive motive for the decision was not confined

to a wealthy minority or powerful families.

It is available to ordinary people as well as to kings.

At any time you can use the almighty power that is hidden within you

and just waiting for you to have the courage to ask for it.

We remember the story of Rosa Parks,

a proud woman.

Bold, but full of personality.

In 1955, one day she was sitting on a bus in Montgomery,

Alabama, when a white man tried

to force her to give up her seat,

and she firmly refused.

Her simple act of disobeying the law sparked a storm of heated debate

and became a symbol for future generations.

Her decisive action inaugurated the human rights movement,

an awakening of consciousness that we still have

to pay attention to today

when we want to redefine the meaning of equality,

justice and opportunity for all Americans regardless of race,


or sex.

Was Rosa Parks thinking about the future

when she refused to give up her seat on that bus?

Was she assigned a mission to change the social mechanism?

Maybe. But what is much more certain is

that she was motivated

by her decision

to demand a higher dignity.

And what far-reaching effects her decision has had!

You might be thinking,

“I want to make those decisions too,

but I’ve experienced real tragedies.”

Remember the story of Ed Roberts,

a “ordinary” man strapped to a wheelchair,

who became extraordinary by deciding

to take action to overcome his physical limitations.

From the age of 14,

Ed suffered from total paralysis.

Day and night he lives on a ventilator,

but he overcomes those constant discomforts day after day

to lead a very “normal” life.

Having to fight polio for the rest of his life,

sometimes nearly dying,

this condition could have made him think only of his own pain.

But no, he made a different decision to change his life

and help change the lives of many others.

What did you do?

For the last 15 years of his life,

he fought against a world in which he felt he could only settle.

He has found a lot of inspiration

and encouragement

to improve the quality of life

for people with disabilities.

Confront the countless myths about the potential of physically weak people.

Ed educates the community and initiates every movement,

from wheelchair use and special parking to grabbing bars.

He became the first wheelchair user

to graduate from the University of California,

Berkeley and eventually served

as the director of the California Department of Rehabilitation

and became a pioneer in this position

for people with disabilities.

Ed Roberts is powerful proof that

it’s not the circumstances we started with that matter,

but the decisions we make to get where we’re going.

All his actions are based on a single decisive moment,

decisively and decisively.

What could you do with your life

if you really made up your mind about it?

Many people say,

“Actually, I want to make a decision like that,

but I don’t know how it will change my life?”.

Such people are paralyzed

by fear that they do not know exactly how

to turn their dreams into reality.

As a result, they never make the decisions

that turn their lives into the masterpieces they deserve.

Here I want to tell you this:

It is not important to know

from the beginning how to get to the results.

The important thing is that you decide to find a way,

no matter which way.

You can change the method until you get what you want.

Once you are determined to achieve something,

you will immediately see “how to do it”.

“Help yourself, and God will help you”— Proverb

If decision-making is

such a simple and effective thing,

why aren’t many people applying it?

I think one of the simplest reasons is

that most of us don’t realize the transformative power that a rational

and decisive decision can have.

Part of the problem is that we’re so used

to using the word “decided” meaning so loose

that it is almost synonymous with a list of wishes.

Instead of making decisions,

we make wishes.

The real decision is not the same as saying,

“I want to quit smoking,”

but the elimination of all other possibilities.

Making a real decision is determined to achieve an outcome

and set aside any other possibility.

When you really decide to quit smoking,

you will never smoke again.

Everything is done.

You would never even think about being able to smoke.

An alcoholic knows that

even though he has abstained from alcohol for many years,

if he deceives himself into only drinking one more time,

it is all for naught:

he must start all over again.

How do you get used to making firm decisions?

Make decisions as often as possible, as often as possible.

Remember the proverb,

“Hundred or not equals familiar hands”.

“Your destiny is formed

It’s when you make the decisions.”— Anthony Robbins

The three decisions you make all the time in your life will govern your destiny.

These three decisions determine what you will pay attention to,

how you will feel,

what you will do,

what you will contribute,

and who you will become.

If you don’t control these three types of decisions,

you won’t be able to control your life.

If you control them,

you will begin to accumulate life experience.

The three decisions that govern your destiny are:

1. Decisions about what you have to focus on.

Max incomes, min expenditures, generate cash flows. — Aysa Angel

2. Decisions about what things mean to you.

Financial freedom. — Aysa Angel

3. Decisions about what you must do to get the results you want.

I am wife of self-made millionaire. — Aysa Angel

You see, it’s not what’s happening to you now

or what happened to you in the past that shapes who you are.

Rather, it is your decisions about what to focus on,

what is meaningful to you,

and what you are planning to do that determines your ultimate destiny.

Remember that if anyone has achieved greater success in any area,

it is because they have made different decisions

than you in a certain environment or situation.

Apparently, Ed Roberts decided to focus his attention

on something different from most people in his situation.

He was focused on how he could change his life.

Physical difficulties are the “challenge” for him.

Clearly what he had decided to do was anything

that would make the quality of life of people

in his same situation more comfortable.

He was unequivocally determined to transform the environment

so that the quality of life of all people with disabilities was further improved.

“I know of no event more exhilarating than

The fact that human beings have the absolute ability to rise up

in life by a conscious effort”. — Henri David Thoreau

Too many of us don’t make most of our decisions consciously,

especially the three absolutely important decisions above:

so we pay a heavy price.

In fact, many people live what I call the “Niagara Falls Syndrome”.

I believe life is like a river and many people just jump into life

without really deciding where to go.

They let themselves be absorbed by the flow of life:

the stream of events,



When they reach the river fork,

they don’t really decide where to go or which way to take.

They simply drift with the stream.

They become part of a crowd governed

by circumstances rather than guided

by their own values.

As a result, they feel out of control.

They kept living in this state of unconsciousness

until one day they were suddenly awakened

by the roaring sound of a waterfall.

It was too late at this point.

They play in the middle of the waterfall

without a paddle to steer.

They are just waiting to be swept into the abyss.

Sometimes this is a psychological abyss.

Sometimes it’s a physical abyss.

Sometimes it’s a financial abyss.

It is quite certain that you can avoid the current challenges in your life

if you have made the decisions to go against the tide.

How can we change our surroundings

when we are caught up in the raging power of the river?

Either we just drop both oars into the water

and start rowing like crazy in the other direction,

or we decide to have a plan from the start.

Map out a route to where we really want to go and have a program

or map so you can make good decisions along the way.

A miracle that few of us notice,

is that our brain already has an internal structure

to make decisions.

This structure acts as an invisible force,

guiding all thoughts,

actions, and feelings,

good and bad, at all times of life.

It governs the way we evaluate things in life

and is largely controlled by our subconscious mind.

The sad thing is that most of us never wake

this system up for it to work.

This system consists of 5 elements:

1. Your basic beliefs and subconscious laws.

2. The value of your life.

3. Your reference points.

4. Frequently asked questions you ask yourself.

5. The mood you experience every second.

By changing any of the five factors above,

you can instantly make a dramatic and measurable change in your life.

The good news is that we can control this system

by making conscious decisions at any point in our lives.

We need not allow the ways of our past lives

to govern our present and future lives.

This book will help you reinvent yourself by codifying your beliefs and values ​​

so that they pull you in the direction of your life plan.

“I am not discouraged,

because after each attempt it fails.

I take it one step further.”—Thomas Edison

There is one final obstacle to using our decisive power.

That is, we must overcome our fears that we will make the wrong decisions.

Of course, we will make bad decisions in life.

But we must not be disappointed.

I’ve made bad decisions, many more,

and it’s unlikely I’ll always make the right decisions in the future.

But I have determined for myself that no matter what decision I make,

I will always be flexible,

look at the consequences,

learn from it,

and use these lessons for better future decisions.

Remember: True success is the result of good judgment.

Good judgment is the result of experience,

and experience is often the result of bad judgment!

The experiences that seem bad

and sad are sometimes the most important.

When people succeed, they tend to celebrate.

When they fail,

they tend to think deeply

and they begin to see the differences

that help them improve the quality of their lives.

We must commit ourselves to learning from our mistakes,

instead of tormenting ourselves,

or we will make the same mistakes again in the future.

Personal experience is important,

but the experience of others is also extremely valuable,

you should learn from the example of those who have crossed the waterfall

before you and have valuable lessons for you to follow.

You may have role models for financial management,




or any other area of ​​your life that you are looking to master.

They can save you years of suffering and help you navigate the rapids.

There are times when you go on life alone

and have to make your own decisions.

The good news is that if you want

to learn from your own experiences,

even the times when you feel they can be very difficult

will turn out to be wonderful

because they provide you with valuable information,

fundamental distinctions copy,

which you can use to make better decisions in the future.

Indeed, any super-successful person you meet can tell you that the reason

for their success is that

they’ve made more bad decisions than you’ve ever made.

People who attend my presentations often ask,

“How long do you think it will take me

to master this particular skill?”

I usually answer them right away,

“How much time do you want?”

if you act 10 times a day to gain experience

while others only act once a month,

you will surely have 10 months of experience in 1 day,

you will soon master the skill and ironically,

you You may be considered a “talented and lucky person”.

I became a great speaker because,

instead of practicing speaking once a week,

I resolved to speak three times a day

to anyone who wanted to hear me speak.

While other employees in my company give 48 presentations a year,

I have the same number of presentations but only for two weeks.

In a month, I can have the experience of two years.

And in one year,

I can make ten years’ progress.

My colleagues often say that

I am “lucky” to have such a natural talent for speech.

I’ve tried to explain to them what I’m trying to tell you right now:

Mastery takes as much time as you want.

Besides, are all my presentations great?

Long time.

But I always ask myself to learn from each experience and I seek to improve

and then pick the closest occasion to be ready

to speak in any kind of conference room

and with audiences from virtually every area of ​​my life.

I can tell you this for sure:

No matter how well prepared you are,

you are bound to encounter some setbacks along the way.

But this is nothing negative,

just a fact of life.

The main thing is that when facing difficulties,

you should not torment yourself because of “failure”.

Remember that there is no failure in life.

Only results.

If you don’t get the results you expect,

learn from the experience so you can learn lessons

that will help you make better decisions in the future.

“We’ll find a way,

or we’ll make it.”— Hannibal

One of the most important decisions you can make

to ensure your long-term happiness is to decide

to make the most of everything life

has to offer you in the present moment.

The truth here is that there is nothing that you cannot accomplish if:

1. You decide clearly what you will be absolutely determined to achieve.

2. You are determined to act wholeheartedly.

3. You realize what works or not.

4. You keep changing your methods

until you reach your desired goal

and make the most of everything life has to offer you.

All of the wildly successful people have used the four steps mentioned above.

One of my favorite success stories

is about Mr. Soichiro Honda,

the founder of the company that bears his name.

Like every company big or small,

the Honda company started with a decision

and every passion to produce a result.

In 1938, while still in school,

Honda sold everything he owned

and invested in a small factory where he began

to develop his idea of ​​Piston silver.

He wanted to sell his work to the Toyota company,

so he worked day and night,

sleeping in the factory

and always confident that he would succeed.

He even sold his wife’s jewelry to continue his career.

But when he finished making the piston silver

and showed it to Toyota,

the company replied that

the silver he made did not meet their standards.

He returned to the school for two years,

where he was mocked by teachers and classmates

because they thought his designs were too absurd.

But instead of heeding this painful experience,

he decided to continue aiming for his goal.

After all, two years later,

Toyota accepted to sign a contract with Honda.

His passion and belief were rewarded,

as he knew what he wanted,

acted on it,

realized what worked,

and kept changing his methods

until he achieved his desired goal.

Then a new problem arose.

The Japanese government was at war

and they refused to give him materials to build the factory.

Did he give up?

No. Do you mind thinking about injustice?

You see your dream is dead?

Absolutely not.

Once again, he decided to learn from experience

and develop a new strategy.

This time, he and his colleagues invented a process

to make their own materials to build the factory.

During the war,

the factory was hit twice by bombs,

causing most of the manufacturing facilities to be destroyed.

Honda’s response?

He immediately gathered his friends,

together they went to collect the fuel tanks

that the American aircraft had dumped.

He called them “President Truma’s Gifts”

because they provided the materials for his crafting process.

After finally getting rid of all that trouble,

an earthquake leveled the factory.

Honda decided to sell the piston manufacturing process to Toyota.

After the war, Japan was severely short of fuel

and Honda didn’t even have gas

to run his car to buy food for his family.

Confused, he had to attach a small motor to the bicycle.

So soon, the neighbors ran to him

and asked him to make “motorcycles” for them too.

He attached one motor after another,

until he ran out of all the motors he had,

so he decided to build a factory

to make motors for his new invention,

but unfortunately he didn’t have the capital.

Like before, he decided to find a way!

His solution was to write

to each of the 18,000 bicycle owners across Japan

and ask them for help.

He said they were able to contribute

to Japan’s revival thanks to his flexible invention

and persuaded 5,000 effectors up front

with the capital he needed.

However, his apparatus to attach

to the bicycle was too big and cumbersome.

So he adjusted the size

and made a lighter

and more compact engine for the motorcycle,

he named it “Super Cup”

and the new car was a success in an instant.

He was awarded the Emperor’s Prize.

Later, he started exporting his motorcycles

to Europe and the United States

and then in the 70s he exported his cars

and they also became famous.

Today, the Honda Company employs more than 100,000 people

in both the United States

and Japan and is considered one of the largest car manufacturers in Japan,

the best-selling in the United States,

second only to Toyota.

This success is due to a person

who has understood the power of a decisive decision

to take action,

regardless of circumstances.

To be successful,

you must have long-term goals.

Most of the challenges we face in life are due

to our focus only on the immediate goal.

Success or failure is not an overnight experience.

We fail at every little decision along the way.

Failure for not going to the end.

Failure due to inaction.

Failure due to stubbornness.

Failure to handle spiritual and emotional situations.

Failure to control goals.

On the contrary,

success is the result of small decisions:

the decision to aim higher,

the decision to contribute,

the decision to nurture the mind

instead of letting the environment dictate,

these small decisions make the life experience that we

We call it success.

No individual or group is successful

because of short-term goals.

You’ve probably heard of a young man

who dropped out of school

because he decided he couldn’t wait any longer

to fulfill his dream

of becoming a famous musician.

But this dream did not come true

as quickly as he thought.

Indeed, at the age of 22,

he feared that he had made the wrong decision

and that no one would ever love his music again.

He played in music bars and he failed miserably,

having to sleep in laundromats

because he had no home to live in.

He only has one thing left to him,

that is his romantic girlfriend.

But then she also left him

and so he stood on the edge of the abyss.

So he just thought that

in this world he could never find a beautiful woman

like his ex-girlfriend.

Desperate, he decided to seek his own death.

Fortunately, before committing suicide,

he reconsidered his options and decided

to go for a checkup at a mental hospital.

During his stay at the hospital,

he had the opportunity

to analyze what his real problems were.

And he said, “Oh, I’ll never be so depressed again”.

Today, he declares,

“It was one of the best actions I’ve ever taken,

because since

then I’ve never felt discouraged no matter what happened to me

for comparing to what I have seen so many other people suffer.”

By renewing his resolve

and pursuing his long-term dream,

he finally had everything he wanted.

He has millions of fans

and he is married to super model Christie Brinkley.

His name is Billy Joel.

The secret we find here is this:

what seemed impossible at first has become the hallmark of success

and happiness in the long term.

Billy Joel was able to free himself from frustration

by following three decisions we control at all times in life:

what we aim for,

what things mean,

and what to do for them

or even though challenges seem to limit us.

He raised his standards,

reinforced them with new beliefs

and implemented the strategies he knew he had to.

Equip with power of decision

Here I summarize here 6 quick steps

to help you equip yourself with decision power.

This power will shape your living experience every moment

you live your life:

We are self-made millionaire. — Aysa Angel


1. Remember the true power of decision.

This is a tool you can use at any time to change your life.

When you make a new decision,

you initiate a new cause,



and destination for your life.

Remember, the real decision is the one measured

by your taking a new action.

If you don’t take action,

you don’t really decide anything.

“You have to believe it before you see it.” — Aysa Angel


2. It is clear that the hardest step to achieve something is

to have a real determination, a real decision.

Sometimes it’s easier to make a resolution than to make a decision,

so decide wisely,

but decide quickly.

Don’t wait and wonder what you will or can do.

Studies show that the most successful people make quick decisions

because they are very clear about their true values ​​and goals in life.

If they have to change their mind,

they do it rather slowly.

In contrast, those who fail often decide slowly

and change decisions very quickly,

their stance constantly wobbling.

Make a firm decision!

You should remember that

the real decision is the decision followed by action.

Never make a decision and leave it alone,

but take action immediately to demonstrate that decision.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today

because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” — Warren Buffet


3. Make decisions often.

The more often you make decisions,

the better decisions you make.

The more we exercise,

the stronger our muscles become.

The same goes for our decision muscles.

Just try to release right now

the source of power that you have been neglecting,

and you will see how your life is full of energy and enjoyment.

“There are only two rules for being successful.

One, figure out exactly what you want to do,

and two, do it.” — Mario Cuomo


4. Learn from your decisions.

There is no fixed way.

Sometimes your work spoils it all,

no matter what you do.

And when that inevitable happens,

don’t blame yourself,

but try to learn something.

Ask yourself, “Is there anything good here?

What can I learn here?”

This “failure” can mask a priceless gift if you know how

to use it to make better decisions in the future.

“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” — Brian Tracy


5. Be faithful to your decisions,

but be flexible in your methods.

Once you’ve decided what you want to be,

don’t focus rigidly on the means.

What you pursue is the end,

not the means.

You should try to choose the best means to achieve your goal,

but also need to be flexible to change the methods if necessary.

Cultivate the art of mobility.

“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.” — Michael Korda


6. Enjoy making decisions.

Know that one decision you make at any time

can change the course of your life forever:

the person standing right in front of you

or the person sitting next to you on the plane,

the last phone call you made.

Call or receive, the movie you’re going to see,

the book you’re about to read,

or the page you’re about to turn,

all can be the force that opens the door to your life,

or the things you look forward to stability.

If you want your life to be filled with passion,

you need to live with this attitude of anticipation.

Years ago I made what seemed like a small decision,

yet it drastically changed my life.

I decided to do a presentation in Denver, Colorado.

That decision got me to meet a woman named Becky.

Her name is Robbins now

and she has definitely been the greatest gift of my life.

On that same trip,

I decided to write my first book

and now it has been published in 11 languages ​​around the world.

Once I also decided to choose a business partner.

The bad thing about this decision of mine is

that I did not thoroughly investigate this partner’s background,

In just one year,

he embezzled 250,000 dollars

and left my company owed 758,000 dollars,

while I was busy giving presentations everywhere.

Fortunately, I learned from this poor decision of mine,

and instead of following the advice of the experts

to declare bankruptcy,

I decided to turn the tables

and achieve one of the best successes in my life.

I have successfully taken my company to a whole new level

and have learned from the experience to make it a lasting success.

“Life is either an adventure

courage, or nothing at all.”— Hellen Keller

What is the only essential thing in this chapter?

Remember, it’s not your circumstances

that determine your destiny,

but your decisions.

Before learning how to change your thinking

and feeling in your everyday life,

I want you to remember that

everything you read in this book is worthless…

every other book you read or the cassette you listen to

or the presentations you attend are worthless…

if you don’t decide to use it.

Remember that a decision made

with determination is a life-changing force.

It is a power that is always available

to you whenever you decide to use it.

“You don’t become what you want,

you become what you believe.”— Oprah Winfrey

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