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Zig Ziglar! Secrets of closing the sale! Sweet Voice

Secrets of closing the sale!

Chapter 5: Sweet Voice

Knowledge speaks.

Wisdom listens.

Action wins.– Grant Cardone


If you want to be successful in sales as a whole,

you need to do what the other 95% of salespeople can’t learn

how to change your intonation

to make your voice more expressive.

You can train your voice with a cassette player

or tape recorder to record your presentation,

how you respond to a customer’s hesitation or rejection,

and how you close a deal.

In addition to listening, salespeople need to understand

that they must know how to speak and speak well.

When you listen back,

you will be surprised to discover that your way of speaking is not effective at work,

most of what you say is really unnecessary (you talk too much)

and your voice sounds very “boring”.

If possible, you should record conversations with a “real” customer.

You may be shocked to hear your meaningless answers to common questions

or objections from customers.

There are times when you just listen

but don’t pay attention to what they are saying.

By recording, you can correct these mistakes.

There is no way God put us here to be ordinary. – Grant Cardone



“In order to achieve goals you have not achieved

before you have to become someone you haven’t been before.” — Jim Rohn

I will take a good example to help you understand the role of intonation in voice.

For example, there is a sentence like this:

(1) “I never said he stole the money”.

This is just a simple statement.

But if you emphasize the word “I” in that sentence

(2) “I never said he stole the money”,

the meaning becomes:

someone said it, not you.

And if you emphasize the word “not at all”,

(3) “I did not say he stole the money”,

then you are completely negating the fact

that other people think you said that.

If you emphasize the word “say”:

(4) “I never said he stole the money”,

you are implying that you meant to speak but actually did not.

If the statement is emphasized on the word “him”:

(5) “I never said he stole the money”,

it would be interpreted as someone else doing it but not him. .

You can also emphasize the word “steal”,

(6) “I didn’t say he stole the money”,

which implies that maybe he just “borrowed” the money,

not the money.

And if the emphasis is on the word “amount”,

(7) “I never said he stole that money”,

it means there is

Maybe he took something other than money.

The meaning of the sentence will change

when the emphasis is on the word “that”,

(8) “I never said he stole the money.

THAT”, which means he may have taken some money

but not this amount.

You see, with the same sentence,

but if you know the right accent,

it will create sentences with very different meanings

The days,

the weeks

and months that you’re most lit up is

when you’re full on purpose. – Grant Cardone



“Do whatever you have to do as quickly as you can,

so you can do whatever you want to do, for as long as you can.”— Jim Rohn

Vocal training is a skill that can be learned.

Just spend about fifteen minutes a day

and apply continuously for ten days,

you can master the basic steps.

Start practicing your voice by repeating the sentence in the example

above in eight different meanings

and recording your voice.

Don’t hesitate to try again

until you feel really satisfied.

After successfully practicing on your own,

you should consult a friend or colleague,

acting as a listener,

to double-check the accuracy of the communication.

Keep doing this until they understand exactly what you mean.

Changing the right intonation will attract customers’ attention,

helping them to gather the information they need

to make a purchase decision.

That is exactly what you want to achieve.

If you really want to be a professional sales person,

I recommend you follow the instructions above.

Do not think that you are just trying to follow,

because in fact many people have applied

and achieved great results.

You don’t get burnout, you lose purpose!

You lose your meaning.

When I’m tired,

I look at my purpose. – Grant Cardone



“To attract attractive people, you must be attractive.” — Jim Rohn

In the course of business,

most salespeople face a problem,

that is,


directly or indirectly,

give indications that the product you are offering

is priced a bit high or unreasonably high.

In that case, the use of appropriate intonation often turns out

to be surprisingly helpful.

Rich people don’t get rich by accident

and poor people don’t stay poor by accident

– both take effort

– both are work. – Grant Cardone



If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. — Milton Berle

To customers who say “What’s so ridiculous about the price?”

you should repeat almost verbatim what they just said,

“This price… (pauses for a moment) is ridiculous. ?”

(Raise your voice to show it’s a question.)

In doing so, you create a situation

where the customer has to defend your words

instead of you having

to justify the price you have offered.

The difference here is that one puts you in a position of justification,

and the other puts you on the offensive.

The end result will of course be very different.

For customers who tell you,

“I find this price a bit high”,

the first thing you should

What we do is ask questions

that consider whether price is the only problem

that needs to be solved blood or not?

Through questions,

John Hammond a sales training expert has been very successful

in dealing with situations like these,

“Sir, if you feel that this price is completely reasonable

and If our product is worth the price,

I would like you to reconsider our offer.”

This will help you identify the cause of customer objections

(color, design… of the product)

and get their approval on the price issue.

If the prospect continues to say,

“I’m not sure either,”

you should ask,

“So there must be another reason for your hesitation.

May I know the reason for that?”.

This is one of the very effective techniques

that remove obstacles from customers.

If price is the main concern,


“May I ask you a question,

do you like this product?

How do you feel when you have to pay a lot of money

to buy an item that you really like?”

(You already have the upper hand!).

If you know what day it is, you’re not busy enough. – Grant Cardone



A man’s worth is no greater

than the worth of his ambitions. ― Marcus Aurelius

Often, the fear of being wronged often outweighs the desire to own,

so you need to skillfully make customers feel that they are completely secure

(both in terms of price and face)

when working or buying your goods.

Not only that,

they also need to understand

that they themselves will not receive the benefits of the product

if they decide not to buy it.

Tell them, “Perhaps you are still concerned about the price right now,

but surely in the long run,

you will focus more on the issue of quality, right?

If so, do you think it is better to invest a little more in

what you believe will be useful in the future than

to pay less for things you don’t really need?

(Wait for the customer’s reply).

If you are a woman

or you are a man with a wife or a sister,…

then you can participate in this example.

Question for you:

Q: In your opinion, are there any of the above people

who own these cosmetics but have never used them?

Yes No

(I bet you will answer yes)

Chances are the cosmetics are still in good condition and usable,

but your woman has not used them

for the time being and neither will she,

but she does not want to throw them away

because they are not damaged chief.

Maybe they want to keep them for a while

before they’re sure they really don’t need them.

The question is:

Would it be better for you to pay a little more to get the exact one?

What do you want and really need?

If you consider your level of satisfaction,

you will find that you have not wasted any money buying a good quality item.

“Was it a bargain?”

I believe all of us (and you, of course) have

at times regretted buying something so cheap,

like buying it during a big sale for shoes woman:

“The biggest sale ever!

Special discount on Bruno Magli shoes that used to cost $250.

Discount only once a year”.

It is clear that it is difficult for any woman

to “resist” such an attractive offer.

You will immediately go to

that store and try on a beautiful pair of Bruno Magli shoes;

When you realize this sale shoe is a 6AA

when your usual size is 6 – 1/2B,

you’ll start to find all sorts of arguments

to prove it’s right for you.

Which is that they will stretch over time,

the color of the shoes is perfect

for the dress you are wearing or the bag you are wearing,

and despite the uncomfortable feeling that appears

when you only take a few steps in the store,

you still can’t overcome the temptation

of a bargain that saves you over $100.

(Intuitively, you know you shouldn’t buy a pair

of shoes that aren’t the right size,

but your emotions tell you not to pass up such a bargain!)

Then you happily pay $119.95 for a pair of $250 shoes!

And, because they’re so pretty,

you decide to wear them to church next Sunday.

Your feet swell up that day and you realize

that maybe it’s better not to wear these shoes anymore.

Then you try to endure the whole ceremony,

simply because they are so beautiful and so cheap!

Only when you get home do you swear to yourself

that this is the first and last time you will wear them.

If you have to pay $119.95 for a one-time use,

that’s too expensive!

The question is:

Wouldn’t it be better to pay the regular price

to get a shoe that’s just the right size for us

and lasts for a longer time?

Let the rest do whatever,

while you do whatever it takes. – Grant Cardone



Don’t want success, Deserve it. ― Vikram Gill

Whenever a customer has questions about the price,

you should ask this:

“Sir, if you yourself feel that the price offered is reasonable,

would you consider buying it?

goods or not?”

(We shouldn’t tell the customer that “Message”

Mr/Ms, if I can convince you…”

because the general psychology of customers is that

they do not like to hear someone say

that they are being persuaded by others to buy.)

If the customer answers “Yes”,

you continue to ask the following important question:

“To really get to know each other,

can you tell me if what you are interested in is price or cost?”

You will be surprised to hear customers reply “I don’t understand.

What difference does it make

if I care about the price or the fee?”

This is when you need to explain

to the customer the details of the problem

(please describe it in detail by written paper

to make it easier for customers to understand).

To distinguish between price and fee,

let’s consider the following example

(you should take your own example

as long as it makes sense and fits the situation).

“Now, let’s go back to 1971,

when I was buying a bicycle with my 6-year-old son at the Schwinn dealership.

I was really “stunned”

when I saw the price tag of 64.95 dollars

(at that time, few fathers and mothers dared to spend

such a large amount of money to buy a 6-year-old child a the bicycle).

We went to the discount department

because I thought that for a kid who was just learning to ride a bike,

all he needed was a “simple” bike.

So I decided to go for the $34.95 one.

About six weeks later, I came back to buy a new handlebar.

They cost $4.50

but because the car was under warranty I didn’t have to pay.

After eight weeks,

I had to come back to buy another handlebar.

This time, the warranty period was over so I had to pay $4.50.

And six weeks later,

I had to go back to the store again

because the entire chain

and sprocket was badly damaged (apparently lost $15).

Not long after that, the car’s bearings failed again

and it cost me another $6.

At this point I decided to buy a new Schwinn for $64.95.

In terms of price,

the price of the former car is $ 34.95,

while the Schwinn bought later is $ 64.95.

In terms of cost,

the previous car is $ 60.45 (= 34.95 + 4.5 + 15 + 6),

and the new Schwinn is $ 64.95

and it can be used for 10 years ,

while the “cheap” car bought in advance can be used within 6 months.

With the “cheap” car,

my son has an average cost of 10 dollars a month,

and with the new Schwinn,

he only costs 6.5 dollars a year,

or only 0.54 dollars a month.

You can even leave the Schwinn for your younger brother to use.”

“So, let me emphasize to you

that the price of the first car ($34.95) is much lower

than the Schwinn ($64.95)

and their prices are far apart more ($10/month vs $6.50/year).

Let me ask again:

would you be interested in the price

or cost of this item now?

While shopping,

we all care about the price,

but after buying,

we always pay attention to the cost (or cost of using) that item.

(If the following is true then you should close the deal.)

In terms of price alone,

we can’t compete with some other companies

but they certainly can’t compete

with us in terms of price fee side.

I see that you are very focused on this,

how do you think when choosing to buy such a low-cost product?”

You can create a spreadsheet like this:

In short, you should find an example related

to your product for the best explanation.

Almost every problem people face in their careers

and other aspects of their lives…

are the result of not taking enough action. – Grant Cardone



“Everything in life is a sale

and everything you want is a commission.”– Grant Cardone

Bill Egan, a distributor for Buick-Datsun cars in Bradley,

Illinois, admits that this approach really works.

It happened when Bill was just leaving the meeting

when the manager informed

that there was an elderly couple waiting in the living room.

This is the third time they have visited the store,

so it can be said that they really want to buy but are hesitant

and the previous sellers have not convinced them yet.

There have been two sellers

who tried to exchange with them but failed.

After hearing the recorded conversation,

Bill decided to meet them.

Bill: It only costs you $9,600 to buy this car.

Woman: I think the price is too high!

Bill (lower voice and intonation at the end of a sentence

to show it’s a question):

Ma’am, is that price too high? Woman:

That’s right.

Bill: May I ask are you talking about the price

or the cost of this car?

Both husband and wife rolled their eyes at Bill,

then the woman spoke up:

What do you mean?

Bill knew now that he could go one step further.

Bill: Ma’am, do you mind if I tell you a story to clarify this matter?

Woman: Yes, you just say it.

Bill: A few months ago,

I needed to buy a large quantity of asphalt to level my family yard.

Just like you guys,

I want to make sure I’m not being bought.

I think everyone will be like that when buying, right?

The woman nodded.

Bill continued:

Honestly, I don’t know a lot about the construction industry

but I know that the thickness of the gravel

underneath the asphalt will determine the total amount I have to spend.

Like many people,

I choose the price that best suits my pocket.

Less than two months later,

I noticed some cracks appearing on the surface of the asphalt.

And within a year,

the asphalt was almost completely broken,

and it cost me an extra $6,000 to repair the whole thing.

I tell this story to say that price is a factor

to consider at the time of purchase,

and the cost of an item is

what we need to care about

until the item is no longer usable.

I just want to ask you that:

“What do you think between spending a reasonable amount of money,

once to buy a satisfactory product compared

to having to pay many small amounts to follow

for a product with high quality?

no guarantee?”

At this point Bill paused.

The couple turned to look at each other.

The wife says:

We will buy this car.

There are many factors that contribute

to the success of this deal.

First, it was clear that the couple loved the car,

otherwise they would never have come back for a third time.

Second, Bill knows how to use intonation at the right time

and write down what he says.

Third, Bill analyzed the problem

for the customer to better understand.

Fourth, Bill asked a very important question

that made the couple make the decision

to buy that car.

If Bill does not have effective sales skills

and the ability to persuade,

this potential deal is very difficult to succeed, right?

Never try to be the smartest or luckiest person;

just make sure you outwork everyone. – Grant Cardone



“Successful salespeople know

how to make somethings. – Aysa Angel

In handling price-related situations,

you need to remember

that many customers know the phrase “too expensive” by heart!

regardless of whether they have thoroughly researched the product or not.

They often use this method

because they think it will get you to offer a lower price.

In such cases,

you can say:

“Sir, I am really glad that you are interested in the price issue

because that is also one of the advantages of our product.

Do you find that the value of a product is determined by how useful it is,

not by the amount of money we spend on it?

(Pause for a moment).

To prove what I just said,

I would like to list the uses of the product

that you are considering right now.”

Or you could say,

“Sir, our company had to choose

between making low-cost products and high-quality products.

But in the end,

when we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers,

we choose to become a reputable company

that always brings customers the best quality

and most useful products.

We serve for the benefit of our customers.

I bet most people,

including you,

understand very well that good things are not cheap

and cheap things are rarely good.

Do you want to buy an item that you are completely assured

of in terms of quality

and service in the long run?”

Anything that you give only average amounts of attention

to will start to subside

and will eventually cease to exist. – Grant Cardone



“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” –Michael Jordan

When offering low-priced,

essential consumer goods such as toothbrushes, soaps, razors, etc.,

it may take a long time for the seller

to cover all the information to answer the questions.

The question is related to price.

So, let’s follow the short

but very effective response as follows.

The salesperson lowered his voice,

looked directly at the customer,

and said,

“Sir, my company advocates

that a price explanation is easier to implement

and accept than to have to give a lot of words.

Sorry about the quality of the product.

And I think you will also support

with our service motto

that will make you satisfied,

is that right, sir?”.

You should practice regularly

until you are really good at it.

Only then will you have a chance

to grasp a very effective tool of persuasion.

The weak compete.

The strong dominate. – Grant Cardone



When this is the case,

you’re faced with a big decision:

either you decide to prove your “me”,

or go ahead with the deal.

When a customer says,

“I know you have an answer to everything!”,

you will put on a proud smile and say,

“Oh, actually last month I was the company’s number one salesperson

and the month before that…”,

or you’ll go in a different direction to close the deal.

If you do it the first way,

you’re trying to prove your “me”

and that’s all you want.

But if you want to go further in your sales career,

you need to lower your voice,

look the person in the eye,

and gently say,

“Sir, I appreciate your comment.

In fact, there are many questions and objections

from customers that I cannot answer.

That’s also why I want to sell this product,

because I don’t know all the answers,

but the product is the answer to all your problems.

You want that too, don’t you?”

When applying this measure,

You will see how effective it is!

As long as you are really serious and believe in what you say.

Because, the sales person is the most important factor in a sales process.

Small thinking has and always will be punished in one way or another. – Grant Cardone




“One of the major differences

between successful and unsuccessful people is

that the former look for problems to resolve,

whereas the latter make every attempt to avoid them.” – Grant Cardone

In 1947, I started applying psychology to my first real “sales strategy”

after officially becoming a salesman for three months!

At that time, I offered a variety of kitchen utensils,

which were waterproof, thick and very durable.

We receive a lot of orders,

but sometimes delivery is delayed by one to three months.

World War II has just ended,

so the supply of kitchen utensils is very limited.

For those who have experience in sales this is an opportunity

to bring in good harvests but for me, a newbie,

to be honest I always have to give my best.

One day, while I was doing my usual job

of knocking door-to-door in Winnsboro,

South Carolina to sell products,

Mr. Anderson’s wife

(I was knocking on Mr. Anderson’s door,

a traffic policeman) just walked to the door.

She opened the door for me to enter

and explained that her husband

and neighbor Mr. Boulware were in the backyard,

but she and Mrs. Boulware expressed interest in seeing the cooking utensils.

I try to convince wives to invite their husbands to watch.

So they “forced” their husbands to watch with them.

My husband and I didn’t care about my demonstration of

how to use the cooker

to make apple pie at low temperatures without using water.

Still, I enthusiastically recommend them to them.

I even compared them

to the wives’ cookware when cooking it with water.

And when I put apple pie cooked

with two different methods in front of them,

everyone was amazed at the difference.

However, husbands seem to be concerned

that they are about to be forced to buy something,

so they pretend not to be interested.

It’s been said that FEAR stands for False Events Appearing Real,

which aptly implies that most of what you’re afraid of

doesn’t ever come to pass. – Grant Cardone



Life is for service. ― Fred Rogers

From their reaction, I knew my deal had failed

and I decided to use the “reverse” tactic.

I cleaned the cookware,

wrapped it up in a box,

and told them,

“Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me.

I came here with the sole desire

to sell you a very special set of cooking utensils.

It will take a while for them to be on the market.”

Immediately the two husbands wanted

to know when this item would appear.

I replied that I don’t know exactly when,

but I promise to let you know

when information is available.

However, they are still worried:

“What if you forget to notify us?”.

I calmly replied:

“I think to be safe, you should order some money in advance,

my company will send it to you as soon as it is available.

It could take a month or even three months.”

Both husbands eagerly opened their wallets

and paid immediately.

After about six weeks,

the item was delivered to the right place.

(The important thing to keep in mind is that

during my presentation I was very faithful to the truth.)

I apply this psychological method

because human nature always seems

to want to get things that will no longer exist

or have a hard time getting them.

As for the “reverse” strategy,

there are two important points to note.

The first is that the “reverse” is a very effective method of persuading a buyer,

and the second is that you must be absolutely honest.

If you intend to cheat,

customers will quickly find out

and no longer trust you.

And what’s even worse is that you also lose respect

for yourself and your image will get worse and worse.

In the end, your sales will go downhill.

Approach every situation

with an ‘in it to win it whatever it takes’ mindset. – Grant Cardone



Never assume you understand. Ask the questions. — Brian Tracy

In the winter of 1976, I transited at St. Louis

and had to wait two hours.

Not knowing what to do with the time,

I decided to polish my shoes.

I walked into a small room, glanced at the price list:

“Normal polish: 75 cents,

Polish with wax: $1, Polished: $2.”

I decided to go for the regular one

and sat on the waiting chair.

Johnny (name of the shoe shiner) came up to me and asked:

Which one would you choose, sir? I replied:

Normal type.

He took a small step back,

looked at me and asked:

Normal? (His tone was both a question

and a hint that I was joking.)

I calmly replied: Yes!

With your skill,

I think my shoes will shine.

I later found out that I had chosen a rare polish,

but at the time,

I had no intention of letting him choose the best one for me.

Johnny didn’t grumble

or question anything,

but quietly soaped up

and started to clean the first shoe.

He wiped it so hard it made it squeak.

Johnny half asked,

half commented:

Sir, are these Bally shoes?

I nodded. Sir, it is a very good shoe.

– I think so.

– It’s very expensive, isn’t it, sir?

– Right. But that’s okay because

I feel very comfortable wearing it.

These shoes are beautiful and durable, sir.

Luck is just one of the by-products of those who take the most action. – Grant Cardone



“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore.

If you really want a booming business,

you have to create raving fans.”– Ken Blanchard

Before moving on to clean my second shoe,

Johnny touched my trouser leg and exclaimed:

I’ve never seen such a strange fabric.

He’s right. Mr. Doyle Hoyer,

the owner of the Glasgow clothing store in Fort Madison, Iowa,

when he sold them to me,

told me that this particular fabric was woven in Ireland

and that I would be hard pressed

to find a second piece like it.

When I told Johnny about all that, he asked:

Where did you get this suit, sir?

I told me to sew at the Hickey-Freeman.

He exclaimed: Well, it must be expensive, right?

Johnny was almost done cleaning his shoes at last

and he was rubbing the leather with a cloth.

Because I have some knowledge of shoe shine

(after two years of service in the US Navy),

I know It certainly doesn’t make the shoes any better.

In fact, he wanted

to make a sound to introduce more about the quality of his service

and also to attract the attention of other customers.

He’s looking for his next client,

which is what a professional salesperson does.

Suddenly, Johnny stopped,

looked me in the eye and said:

Sir, I don’t understand

why would a gentleman not hesitate

to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes,

don’t hesitate to pay hundreds of dollars

for a piece of clothing

that is meant to be more luxurious

and elegant not to choose the best shoe polish

for those hundred-dollar shoes.

I quickly stopped him when he was about

to rub plain polish on my “precious” shoes:

Wait, you picked the best one for me!

The best kind! (His humorous speech embarrassed me

and prompted me to change my choice.

He made me willing to spend a few more dollars

when comparing the cost of the suit

and the shoe polish to highlight strong difference.)

Freedom is not something you buy,

but something you earn.– Grant Cardone



“People do not care how much you know

until they know how much you care.” – Teddy Roosevelt

A year later, I had the opportunity to return to St. Louis.

I went to Johnny’s shoe polish room,

looked around a bit, and noticed that the price list had changed:

“Regular polish: $1.75 ($1+), wax polish is no longer available

and The “Bright Polish” grade has now been changed to “The Best,”

but the price remains the same (that’s $2).

I walked into the room,

hung my sleeping bag beside me,

and sat on the chair.

Just like last time, Johnny asked me what polish I used.

Not wanting to repeat the previous story, I replied “The best kind”.

He smiled

and said “Yes, sir” and started his work

What you have done is nothing compared

to what you can do. – Grant Cardone



“Good service is good business.” — Siebel Ad

I’m not the only one who’s discovered that people perform better

when praised at the right time and in the right way.

This is like how a farmer takes care of his cows.

First of all, from my personal experience from childhood,

I know that cows cannot “give” milk on their own,

you must know how to nurture and care

for them to be able to produce more milk.

For example, you can’t go into the barn

and slap an “aged” cow on the butt

and yell that the quality of “her” products is declining,

that the fat percentage in the milk is getting worse

and you feel “she” works worse and worse.

Then you order “her” to improve the quality,

otherwise, you will put “grandmother” in the slaughterhouse…

When you do this, there are two possibilities:

First, the cow can “give” you a back kick and whether it does or not,

I can guarantee that you still won’t get as much milk,

and that milk may not be used. yes.

Second, the old cow will be sad

and that will change the chemical mechanism in its body leading

to the milk being sour

or too bitter and you can just throw it away.

Instead, you go into the cage

and greet him cheerfully – no,

I’m not saying you hug him,

but you should be fine if you gently brush him,

pet him.

You tell him that every morning you see your best cow,

how beautiful and soft her “her” coat is,

how proud you are to have the milk he makes,

and you see the quality of the milk is getting better and better,

and if no one is around,

you can even say that you love it

(my mother used to name my dairy cow!

she can get 5 gallons of milk per day

instead of 3 gallons like the neighbors’ cows).

This will not only increase production

but also improve milk quality.

Now if you are wondering

what this has to do with shoe polish and sales,

please continue to follow the story.

While Johnny was working, I talked while praising his talent.

As encouraged, Johnny became more inspired

and shined his shoes more passionately.

He says he enjoys his job and is always happy

to see guests walking in shiny shoes.

Johnny confided: I like this job

because I have the opportunity to meet many people,

talking with them is very interesting

I said: You did your job very well.

He is not only a salesman with good communication skills

but also very professional.

Johnny smiled brightly.

He even asked if I had any other shoes

because he didn’t want me to wear a pair of shoes

that didn’t match my image today.

Like professional salespeople,

Johnny is very knowledgeable about his business and his clients.

He knows how to use words

and psychological methods to convince customers to agree.

After making sure to do what he offered,

he also introduced a number of other additional services.

All to serve the interests of customers.

You can also be a professional salesman like Johnny.

In many rural areas,

some of the vendors who provide racks of bread

or drinks can be a truck driver or a delivery boy,

but they can also become a professional salesman

for a small amount of money. very high salary.

Professional salespeople are often very knowledgeable about their products,

their work, and their customers.

He knows how to use good words and body language

to convince his customers so that he can not only sell the staple,

but also sell a few more.

Have goals so big your problems pale in comparison. – Grant Cardone



“To listen closely and reply well is the highest perfection

we are able to attain in the art of conversation.” – Francois de

It’s worth noting that Johnny wasn’t content

with the success of that first deal.

He saw the next sales opportunity

and quickly took it.

At least it didn’t bother me

when he asked about polishing another pair of shoes for me.

And I don’t mean against him doing it either.

When you have won the trust of customers,

it also means that they will need you.

The first order is a sign of trust.

If you provide accompanying products/services that customers often use,

you can offer some other products/services

to help customers save time,

help them solve their problems issues related

to bookkeeping and inventory management,

helping them reduce the number

of suppliers they need to deal with.

I don’t mean that in every transaction with a customer,

you have to try

to sell the whole product / service cluster,

you just need to suggest

that they use your products instead of other products.

products with similar characteristics on a mutually beneficial basis.

Most people never commit like fanatics,

and therefore they never become fantastic. – Grant Cardone



“Choose to deliver amazing service to your customers.

You’ll stand out because they don’t get it anywhere else.” – Kevin Stirtz

It’s the story of the shoe shiners again.

On a rainy day, I returned to St. Louis

and I were also waiting for a transit flight.

This time, Johnny wasn’t in the shoe shine room.

As I sat on the chair,

the shoe polisher approached and asked:

Perhaps you would choose a regular polish?

I looked at him incredulously and said:

Why do you think that?

Why not the best kind?

He casually replied:

On rainy days like these,

no one wants to spend two dollars polishing their shoes

and then it gets dirty again.

I ask again:

Wouldn’t the best polish help me protect my shoes?

The shoe shiner replied:

Yes, it will protect your shoes.

I asked in surprise:

Then why don’t you suggest that I use the best one?

He repeats: Because I believe no one wants to pay two dollars

to renew their shoes on a rainy day.

– I think if the best polish helps protect my shoes,

and since your income often drops on rainy days like this,

the more you have to try

to convince people to choose the best polish.

It’s the best right!

– I think so too.

– Do you want to earn more money?

– Of course you do! ‘

He replied with a smile on his face.

– In my opinion,

before asking a customer,

you should look at his shoes,

then look him in the eye, smile and say:

“If I’m not mistaken, maybe you want

to choose the type The best polish, isn’t it, sir?”.

I’m sure you will hit the right customer psyche.

In short, if you are not satisfied

with the current business situation then change your way of thinking,

everything will be fine.

No matter what product or service you are offering,

being optimistic and expecting good things will certainly help you a lot.

Customers often do not like to make any decisions,

they are always in a state of hesitation.

That’s when the salesperson plays his role as a consultant.

He provides his clients with all the information

they need to give them peace of mind

that the decision made is the right one.

I want a million dollars in my happy account

and a million in my bank account. – Jim Rohn

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