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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Spirit

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 41: Spirit

Once you have flashed successful ideas,

facing failure is painful.

However, we all experience setbacks,

big or small.

What separates those who eventually make their dreams come true

and those who stumble

and give up is their ability to learn important lessons

from what Shakespeare called “poisoned arrows.” unexpected” 

It seems ironic

that we emphasize the importance of failure in our philosophy of success.

However, the experience of failure is a necessity,

which can be seen as the foundation for later success.

The most important thing

when facing failure is not the amount of damage you have to suffer,

but the ability to analyze the problem

and draw lessons for yourself. — Napoleon Hill


If you are moving towards an important goal and want to give up,

then pause and think.

Read the story of Thomas Edison’s invention of the electric light bulb

and the life story of Helen Keller.

Surely you will be energized to continue the journey. — Don M. Green


British philosopher John Stuart Mill once said,

“Character is the will to be embellished”.

Therefore, training the will

is the most important task of a person’s life.

The best way to exercise will

is to take action to make all your dreams come true,

no matter how many challenges you go through.

Look at people with strong will,

they always take action

when they see the right thing to do.

It may seem like a simple task

and anyone can do it,

but by acting decisively

– while others spend a lot of time wondering and hesitant

– they can quickly get it done

and focused into bigger things.

Most of us are ready to throw away our goals

and intentions at the first sign of opposition or misfortune.

Some people keep moving forward,

despite all obstacles,

until they reach their goal.

The tragedy of the unemployed

or those forced to work for cheap wages

is the tragedy of an untrained will.

The physician E.H. Harriman once said,

“I’m not a half-worker.”

This affirmation implies

that Harriman was always in control of his will,

and by doing so he did great karma.

Thinking is not enough,

it is necessary to turn thoughts into actions.

Set yourself specific plans and goals;

think of them in all circumstances.

Get rid of negative thoughts from your mind

and focus only on what you really want.

Nurture your will by acting decisively

and persistently pursuing your goals.

You must understand

that the failures encountered in life are the challenges

that help my friend forge his will.

So, start doing the things you don’t like

and complete them thoroughly.

When you do that,

you will face the other challenges of life more easily.

“The wealthy know big money requires thinking about it in non-linear terms,” ― Steve Siebold

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