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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Dare To Action

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 42: Dare To Action

If you don’t try,

you will never know your full potential. — W. Go


Be optimistic when starting work

and full of skepticism at the end. — Gessen


If the ship is on the wharf,

worry about the waves.

But a ship is not built to be left on the dock. — John A. Shedd


It is better to commit to doing great things

to hear the echo of victory

than to never know the sweetness

or bitterness of life,

because all day you are confined

to the gray sky of the “safe zone”. — Theodore Roosevelt


People will not create anything

if they do not first have an idea,

a breakthrough thinking. — Napoleon Hill


Immortality is simply about making a decision

– the decision to take action.

This life always needs people who dare to think

– dare to do,

people who are willing to act for the cause

without having to spend more time calculating losses.

To do that takes courage,

and even sacrifice.

The great men who made human history are those who dare to act,

know how to accept loss.

It’s better for you to make a mistake,

it’s better to have to fumble for a new and useful path,

than to hesitate,

fear failure and then falter.

When we dare to think,

the hidden power inherent in each of us will arise

to support and energize,

move us forward.

Have the courage to venture into new things.

Try new jobs.

Be the vanguard;

If necessary break the precedent.

You won’t have to waste time trying to find your way out

from the tangles of shattered hopes and withered dreams.

Try to do your job better than your predecessor;

Don’t let the shadow of the person above overshadow you.

To achieve all of that,

you must first dare to think – dare to do.

“The bigger the solution, the bigger the paycheck,” ― Steve Siebold

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