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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Self-discipline

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 39: Self-discipline

Ask yourself,

“Am I a success or a failure?”.

If you’re a failure,

there’s no way any explanation can change the answer.

People always want to succeed,

worship success,

and don’t want to waste time on failure.

The only way one can appease failure is

to trim one’s character,

and with self-discipline to steer one’s boat

to the shore of success.

It would be wonderful

if you could sit down quietly

and have an honest

and open conversation with yourself,

because you will certainly make useful discoveries about yourself,

even if those discoveries can be devastating shock in your soul.

You won’t do anything if you only wish,

dream and hope all day.

Understanding yourself will help you get out of those fantasies.

No one can achieve something without taking action,

although in reality there are many who want it.

Everything worthwhile in this world has its price,

and if you want to own it,

you have to pay the price

– it has to be. — Napoleon Hill


If we’re willing to pay the price,

anything we want can be achieved

– from losing weight to making money

to the more important milestones we want to achieve.

We can only achieve those things

if we are willing to pay the price.

Discipline is a necessary condition for achieving goals

that are worth the effort and time.

But never expect you to get what you want

without paying the price.

This principle is so simple yet so important. — Don M. Green


We often waste a lot of time

and effort on “head and tail” things just

because we don’t clearly define our goals

before we start working.

This is a mistake that anyone can correct

by asking “Why?” before doing something.

When you start with the question “Why?”,

you will define your goals

and direction of development.

You will save yourself a lot of time and energy.

Ask yourself questions like:

“Why do I need to do (or refuse) this?”,

“Why am I wasting my time?”,

“Why don’t I know?” grateful for life?”,

“Why don’t I spend more time with my family and friends?”,

“Why do I keep worrying about things

that haven’t happened yet?”…

Then you will find see the answers to their concerns

and will be more cautious

when making the next decision.

Especially, when you take the time to talk

to yourself honestly and openly,

you will make many useful

and interesting discoveries about yourself.

While these discoveries may be disruptive to your soul and life,

they will also provide you

with an opportunity

to get to know yourself better.

When you summarize what you have done in the past

with the question

“Am I a success or a failure?”,

you will better understand the journey you have gone

through as well as shape the future direction.

Never a mistake or a complete failure!

If you find that what you have done contains many mistakes,

practice self-discipline to get more positive changes.

We all want to succeed and certainly,

no one wants to waste time on failure.

Knute Rockne once said,

The whole world loves the winner,

and no one looks at the loser.”

Appreciating your own abilities

will help you get out of your fantasies

and create the life you want.

Make it a habit

to ask “Why?” in all situations.

But instead of giving nostalgic lamentations,

think of positive solutions

and find the answers yourself with your own energy.

When you do,

you won’t have to regret what you did or didn’t do.

Become the person who would attract the results you seek. — Jim Cathcart

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