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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Introduction

You can! Nothing is impossible

Chapter 1: Introduction

For generations, success has always been the dream and goal of man.

Accordingly, questions like “What is success?”

or “How to achieve success?” always make people worry.

Is success when we have a lot of money,

own modern amenities and live a regal life?

Or success is when we have a stable job and a happy family?

In the process of searching for answers to their concerns,

many people have realized that true success is

not only measured in material possessions(wealth)

but also comes from invaluable spiritual values(happy).

Modern life opens up many opportunities for people to succeed,

but at the same time brings many challenges.

Certainly, when facing those challenges,

many of us feel stuck and need useful advice.

So far, many people have viewed Napoleon Hill’s

book How to Think for Success

as a companion on the road to success.

Life is game, money is how we score

And they discovered the eternal truths of success from here.

Indeed, with more than 60 million copies in circulation,

How to Think to Succeed is considered

to be more inspirational than any other book.

Thoughts in Think To Succeed have helped thousands of people

around the world become millionaires and achieve lasting success.

That’s why Napoleon Hill is hailed as “the maker of millionaires“.

Along with Napoleon Hill’s Way of Thinking for Success,

George Matthew Adams’ Nothing Is Impossible has become

a close companion of many people.

The simple yet extremely profound

and useful philosophies of Nothing Is Impossible

have helped many people achieve the success they desire.

Coming to these secrets,

you will realize that:

There are no limits in human thinking other than the limits set by man himself.

On the journey to find success,

there will certainly be many times

when you will face difficulties,

challenges of life

or unexpected failures.

However, what you need to do is always remember:

Failure is another image of success.

Every adversity,

failure or suffering carries

within it the seed of equal or greater gain.

Learn to face and overcome failures.

Let Nothing is Impossible to accompany you on your journey

to discover your strength and achieve the desired success.

“Men are rich only as they give.

He who gives great service gets great rewards.” – Elbert Hubbard

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