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Why do most women prefer successful men?

✌️Do you know why the king has more than 1 wife? Would you answer that because he has the right? Or why do rich men have beautiful wives? You will answer that because he is rich. Just because almost women will attract to a man, who has the status, ability to protect and provide adequate material for a partner. And marrying a powerful man helps her gain the respect of others and she feels important in the eyes of others. But if you were not a rich man. What can you do?✍️🏆🚗💰

👉”Girls love with their ears, boys love with their eyes.” Therefore, women are easily attracted by a man’s charming eloquence and sense of humor. When you contact her, talk positively, joyfully, and funny.

For example: Often people smile because of unexpected, interesting, unpredictable statements. So when you talk to her, you choose to say the opposite a bit. If you want to cook for her, you can say that you are full that why you like cooking right now.

👉Women want to be smaller, younger than man. Just because she needs a shoulder to lean on, so they like a mature, calm man who knows how to take care her well in life.

For example: You don’t have to be a muscular, athletic man, but whenever she needs you, you can fulfill her request, help her out. Or what happen in life, you must be protect her. 

👉Love always start from admiration, spiritual harmony, and physical passion. So if you want her to admire you, you can make yourself become someone she’s proud of.

For example: You can observe what she spends time talking about, you can adjust forward yourself to them.

👉Anyone is attracted to rich, successful men, she is extremely proud of you to have passion and enthusiasm in your career for family happiness.

For example: When you talk her, talk more about your career and your future than other. Just because she want to know them.

👉Women love to look beautiful so don’t hesitate to say “love her”, buy gift and give her a chance to beautify the weekend.

For example: Giving flowers and gifts on special days or no reason, just because you love her, you want to keep her in your hand.

👉Anyone likes to enjoy the feeling of being important so don’t hesitate to listen her, follow her.

No one can refuse a man who is responsible for his wife. So you should spend more time with her and take care her more.

For example: You should go travel one place with her per year.

👉In marriage or in love, there are times when anger and arguments are inevitable. If you want to keep your family happy, be a tolerant man, take the initiative to mediate, and apologize before her. Or your happiness will slip out of hand.

Women like men who will do housework. Some men refuse to grow up like to play games, are lazy about housework, and they do not take care of their children. It is very bad.

Women like faithful men. Everyone likes to be the only one in the other’s eyes.

Women like men to take time for themselves, there is no happy marriage if one of them spends time, effort, and money, for personal pleasure.

Keep going to the gym, eating healthy, working on self-improvement, just like anything else you’ve ever done – before you found the love of your life. The best way to predict your future is to create it. Right? Thank for reading!


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