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What is different from rich and poor

Highlights Of The 10 Best Difference Between The Rich And The Poor

1. Rich People Think Positively, Poor People Live Pessimistic

The 10 biggest differences between the rich and the poor say that thinking is goal-oriented and becomes action.

That’s why the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer every day.

Thinking creates a gap between the rich and the poor

Let’s imagine! The rich ask themselves how to increase their income this year

while the poor ask themselves how to make enough expenses this month.

So we have realized the difference right

from the question that we ask ourselves will be the meaning of thinking

that we achieve our goals in life.

Small questions will make us live less quality than bold thoughts and long-range goals.

That’s what gets you out of the way of thinking

that’s trivial beyond the experience you’re having.

The 10 biggest differences between the rich

and the poor advises to always ask positive questions

to see that life is worth living every day for yourself

such as “Why do I always feel like life is full of pressure?” ” then ask yourself,

“What do you need to do to open your mind to make you feel

that your life is full of wonderful things?”

Questions help you discover who you want to be,

what you want to do and what you want,

and you will realize bigger things in life.


2. Rich People Work To Increase Profits, Poor People Increased Wages

The 10 biggest differences between the rich

and the poor are that most poor people see assets

as all they have such as a house,

a car what they spend money to buy and lose money to maintain every day,

but it’s actually a waste.

The real wealth that the rich have is what gives them the value of making a monthly profit,

then paying for their liabilities and the rest as profits.

Profits do not stay the same,

but seek to increase by investing.


3. Rich People Have Many Sources Of Incomes, The Poor Have Only One Salary

Most of us have a salary source of income.

Salary is only available at the end of the month but spending lasts throughout the month,

whether a main source of salary income is enough to live comfortably and abundantly.

Limited income while unlimited spending will get you in financial trouble.

So, the 10 biggest differences between the rich

and the poor are that the rich are the ones

who have different sources of income and invest more in it.

Passive sources of income often require teamwork as a key factor to help accomplish goals.

Working thoughtfully will help you work more efficiently.


4. Rich people grow out, poor people count.

Rich people are willing to spend a small amount of money to make everyone happy and satisfied,

poor people often calculate more losses.

Calculation represents a narrow mind that does not think for others.

Generosity will help you create happiness for others and happiness for yourself.

The 10 biggest differences between the rich

and the poor advise you to be generous not only in terms of material things but also spiritually

and the values you bring to those around you.

Actions from the heart always receive a worthy reward.


5. Rich People Work For Profit, Poor Work For Salary

Salary is the main amount of money you receive for the work you are doing.

Profit is what you get when you have a low selling price and a high selling price.

If you consider salary as your main source of income,

your income will always be extremely limited.

If your efforts make a profit then your income will be endless.

Although the profit will not be as fixed and sustainable as the salary,

it will give you many times more income in a short time.

So, the 10 biggest differences between the rich

and the poor are that to succeed in profitable investing also requires a little bit

of risk and grabbing opportunities quickly.


6. Rich People Always Learn From Successful people, Poor Always Give up

The poor only rely on the knowledge in class

and apply it on the road of life

and then fail and blame fate.

Rich people learn all their lives and learn knowledge along the way.

Learning must come from books.

Reading is a habit that rich people need on their journey to success.

A small book,

but the knowledge it brings is immense.

Rich people often prioritize shared experiences from experts,

even spending money just to get some useful advice from them.

Poor people often listen to advice and accept it

when criticized and proud when praised.


7. Rich People Take Risk, The Poor Never

The difference between the rich and the poor is throughout the different perspectives on thinking.

Rich people always despite difficulties and failures,

dare to take risks in exchange for experiences for themselves.

The experiences will help them succeed in life.

The poor are contented and afraid to change,

afraid of failure and dare not move forward.

This makes them always stand still

and will easily fail when facing major events in life.


8. Rich Person Is leadership, Poor Person follows Other Person

Confident people will become rich

because they accept change and opportunities will come their way.

Those who are always insecure

and doubt about change will lose opportunities and lose wealth.

Of course, the 10 biggest differences between the rich

and the poor also know that wealth always comes with trade-offs,

fear only slows down your steps.

Change will show what kind of person you are.


9. Rich People Talk About Ideas, Poor Talk Negative 

Words will determine the steps for the path that you will take.

Rich people often focus on ideas,

references from experts and rarely talk about stories around.

Poor people like to chat, gossip,

talk about negative things from others

or worry about what others say about them.


10. Rich People Think Long, Poor People Think Short

A smart person is someone who knows how to arrange time for future plans.

Your life will always change and we should take time to think about it.

The poor only know how to take care of their current life with enough food and clothes.

It was that thought that killed their own future.

The 10 biggest differences between the rich

and the poor say long-term planning helps you learn perseverance

and a willingness to overcome life’s challenges.

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