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What do men want and need from women in couple life?

What do men need and want from women in married life? Knowing and understanding these things, you can make yourself attractive, attract the man you want, or can help you live a happier and more comfortable life in your marriage.

Men’s instinct is always to be attracted to beautiful girls with sexy bodies, seductive scents, or endless long legs. Unlucky! If you were not, What should you do? We can do some below things to keep him in hand.

First of all, a man is always satisfied with himself. And he expects you to accept and respect this. So when you get married if you want to be satisfied, you can show your admiration, say thank you to him and compliment him for what he do or contributes to the family. I guess you can receive more and more.

For example the new general manager of a company, when he received first his salary, he asked me to send his own savings, he said he lives alone, no wife and no children keep the share this for her.

Men want to be loved and cared for. So don’t hesitate to cook delicious meals and show your love and care in marriage. Cooking is good for health, healing and expressing love. You can ask him support you in the kitchen.

Men need to have a best friend who understands and trusts him. We all need a friend to talk to, share sadness and joy in life and work. So you should listen him more! When you talk him, talk what he care, it is better.

Men need a peaceful home with a beautiful home and good children. After a hard working day, everyone needs rest, peace and relaxation. So you can take time to lean house, you wear good clothes and good smell in his eyes.

Men’s instinct is to like conquest, freedom, friends and relatives. That’s why he needs some alone time from time to time. Love you but he also needs friends and relatives around. I suggest you sometimes ignore him.

Men like gentle women, because he is strong on the outside but needs you to be gentle on the inside. He like you are silent than make noise!

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