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Brian Tracy! Art of Marketing! Using Other Ways to Sell

Art of Marketing

Chapter 19. Using Other Ways to Sell

Don’t bother just to be,

better than your,

contemporaries or predecessors.

Try to be better than yourself. ― William Faulkner 

There can be 3 different ways to sell a product or service.


the average company loves one or maybe two different ways

to sell their products

and then focuses solely on those methods and strategies.

In doing so,

companies miss out on some potentially huge sales opportunities.

Today, there are a few different ways of selling

over the Internet that you can apply.

In addition,

there is telephone sales,

sales through large and small retailers,

direct sales,


catalog sales,

press coverage,


distribution channels,

multi-channel selling supply,

sell internally,

via television,

radio and other media,

including mobile phones,

enter joint ventures,

strategic alliances or even at trade shows.

Thousands of companies sell millions

or even billions of dollars’ worth of products

and services with just one or more

of these sales methods each year.

If you’re only using one or two of these methods,

adding just one more sales method can double your revenue

and make you the market leader.

The only reason men fail is because of broken focus. ― Mike Murdock


Finding opportunities through distribution channels

Distribution channels are the way to get goods

from your business to the end user.

In many cases,

the ways a product is brought

to market are more important than the product itself.

Distribution channels exist long after products

and services become obsolete and abandoned by the market.

What new products can you sell

through your existing distribution channels?

Let’s say your distribution channel is

through your website.

What new selling methods can you use

to complement your existing online approach

to differentiate or further complete what you are offering today?

But which new distribution channels are right

for your existing products and services?

Observe the actions of your opponents.

Are they using any other distribution channels than you?


changing distribution channels

can make a significant difference in the sales

of your products and services in the market.

What new products or services can you create

for your existing distribution channels?

Can you create and develop new products

and services that align

with your existing product lines?

What products can you create

that are radically different from

the ones you already offer for existing

or new distribution channels?

The more grateful I am the more beauty I see. — Mary Davis


A success story

For example, for many years,

Avon was one of the most successful cosmetic retailers

in the world by having distributors knocking on doors

and selling products directly to customers.

Female employees go door-to-door to introduce products,

leave catalogs,

take orders,

and have sold hundreds of millions of dollars

in product value that way.

Even so,

the market has changed.

More and more female customers go to work.

So Avon started calling the offices more than they did home,

and the female employees

who used to go door-to-door selling products

were now moving into the offices.

They have changed from home sales operations

to offices and commercial businesses.

At the same time,

Avon upgraded and changed its cosmetics,

making them more attractive and appealing,

and then added new items such as jewelry

and accessories that office women wanted

and were willing to spend money to buy.

As a result,

Avon has become the most successful direct marketing company

in the world.

Both IBM and Dell have revolutionized their computer businesses,

increasing sales by billions of dollars

by offering their proprietary products

through the company’s resellers.

Both of these businesses keep their distribution

and sales processes secret.

When they started offering products through resellers,

they let millions of additional potential customers see the product.

They could double or triple their penetration

into the personal computer and other devices market.

For years,

Apple has sold all of its products online,

in person, and through resellers.

The company then began opening Apple retail stores,

using the best of market research,



and technology to create the best selling

and buying experience in the industry,

retail in the world.

Until Apple’s retail stores were opened,

with its superb sensitivity

and ability to focus on customer satisfaction

and indirect sales,

New York jeweler Tiffany kept position

as the highest-grossing retail company

with sales of $2,600 per square meter.

Today, however,

Apple’s stores reach $4,600 in sales per square meter thanks

to a “sell without selling” strategy.

For the best return on your money,

pour your purse into your head. — Benjamin Franklin


Professionalize the sales process

How are you selling your product or service?

What is the specific sales process

from contacting the first customer with e-mail,

phone or face-to-face and what exactly did they ask

and say at each stage of the process?

In most small companies,

people “think what they say”

when dealing with customers.

There is no consistency and uniformity.

Sales are also unpredictable and inconsistent.

But as companies grow,

they realize they need a proven sales process

that every salesperson must follow,

from customer contact to sales and delivery.

The most successful companies emphasize the professionalism

of their sales activities.

In fact,

a company with a well-trained sales force

can sell larger volumes

at a higher price than a company

even though it may have a better product,

unprofessional sales team,

and confusion.


Small changes in the way you market (how to attract leads)

and sell (how to turn leads into customers)

can dramatically improve your sales and profits.

Better sales and marketing can make the difference

between a small company and a large company.

In every large domestic enterprise,

there are branches

that achieve 5

or 10 times the average revenue of other branches,

even if the number of sales staff,

market size,

and product cost are the same together.

In any case,

it is by well-trained sales staff

and professional management

that their business practices are consistent and clear.

If you want to lead an extraordinary life,

find out what the ordinary do and don’t do it. — Tommy Newberry

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