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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Use your mind

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 57: Use your mind

If all the miracles of life had to be arranged in order of importance,

the human mind would be at the top,

because it is the tool that helps people relate themselves

to everything around and everything.

Circumstances push their fate.

Of course, the human brain is the most enigmatic

and most admirable gift of nature.

At the same time,

it is also the most confusing

and most abused of all the precious gifts in the world.

A man’s every success

or failure is directly influenced

by the way he uses

– or doesn’t know how to use – his mind. – Napoleon Hill


Change is at the top of the list of miracles in life.

It is a tool for progress

and a means for mankind to reach the pinnacle of prosperity today. – Don M. Green


Arguably, “use” is one of the most inspiring words in any language.

Use towards the development of life in general

and people in particular.

The rich lands would mean nothing if not known

and properly exploited by humans.

Likewise, from antiquity,

all great inventions are aimed at serving people.

If not applied in practice,

they will forever be just theories.

Everything in this world needs to be used.

Otherwise, they will gradually lose their effectiveness.

What happens to your arm if you don’t use it for a long time?

It will be paralyzed and become useless!

Not using means dying and perishing.

Everyone is born with the same brain,

only a few people have a brain

that is superior to others.

What sets people apart is simply

how they use their brains.

If you do not force your brain to be active,

your life will pass in boredom.

Therefore, use your brain usefully.

Opportunity and luck are always divided equally for everyone,

but the important thing is how we seize

and take advantage of it.

If you know how to use and make full use of your time,



and muscles,

you will surely achieve what you want.

Always remember:

Use is synonymous with development.

Remember, your mind is your greatest asset,

so be careful what you put into it. — Robert Kiyosaki

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