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7 habits of successful young people! Today’s Work Don’t Leave Tomorrow

Habit 3: Today’s Work Don’t Leave Tomorrow

May 4th

What today is not for tomorrow

This habit will help you create a habit

of organizing work and reasonable hours.

If Habit 2 has helped you identify

what is important to prioritize number 1,

then Habit 3 will help you do it first,

and know to leave the less important

and urgent things for later.

May 5th

Habit 1 says, “You are the driver,

not the passenger on the ship of your destiny.

Habit 2 says, “Then decide for yourself

and draw a map of where you are going.”

And the third habit is that:

Just keep moving forward,

don’t let anything get in the way of your journey“.

May 6th

Imagine now that you are packing for a long trip:

If you arrange it neatly and reasonably,

you can bring many handy things, right?

If you simply put everything in your bag in a messy way,

you won’t bring much.

So is your life.

Well organized,

you’ll get a lot:

More time for family,



and for yourself.

May 7th

Which group of people do you belong to?

Are you a bum,

or a beggar?

These people often have no control over what should be done first

and what should be done later.

They often beg until the water reaches their feet to jump.

It was the beggarness that made them always in a state of stress

but still lack of responsibility and superficiality at work.

May 8th

Are you a father?

These people see whatever needs to be done right away,

but nothing is important to them.

Because they want to please many people,

they always meet all requests.

This personality can seem deceptive

because it makes things seem urgent

so that people mistakenly think it is important.

But in reality,

that’s not the case.

He doesn’t consider it important,

people are right,

who says nothing but nods.

May 9th

Are you a lazy person?

These people always waste time on excessive things like watching TV continuously,

sleeping in all day,

fidgeting on the phone.

Lazy people are often irresponsible and spoiled.

May 10th

Or are you someone who knows how to prioritize?

These people always know what is important

and what is not urgent.

Of course, they are not perfect people,

but they know how to consider everything

and prioritize what needs to be done first.

They know to refuse at the right time,

at the right job,

from which they can control their lives,

balance their lives and have a cavalier demeanor.

May 11st

In each group of people there is enough good and bad,

so you should:

– Less begging times:

Don’t embrace everything

and think everything is important.

– Know how to say “no” to unnecessary things.

– Let go of laziness:

Save time for more important things.

So how to become a person who knows how to prioritize?

You must know how to plan.

May 12nd

To get off to a good start,

I strongly recommend planning.

Don’t think of a plan as a big deal,

you can plan it in many ways:

some notes, decisions,

to-dos are recorded on a calendar,

a small notebook of goals to be achieved.


May 13rd

Plan Week

At the end of the week

or at the beginning of the week,

think about what is the most important thing to do this week.

I call it the Big Rock,

it’s like the small steps on the way to your long-term goal.

It could be finishing a book,

writing a cover letter,

exercising three times a week,

attending a friend’s birthday…

May 14th

Imagine you have a pot,

you fill half of the pot with gravel,

then add more large stones,

some of the stones will be left over.

Now let’s do it again:

Empty all the gravel in the pot,

put the big stones in first,

then add the gravel,

the pebbles almost fill the gaps between the stones.

Now it’s all in the pot:

the big stones, the pebbles.

You see, if you don’t put the Big Rocks on your schedule first,

you won’t get everything done.

May 15th

Having made the weekly plan,

now there is only one thing to do with this schedule.

You can tweak it a bit as you go.

Try to stick to what you planned,

but if you can’t get everything done,

that’s okay,

you’ll make up for it another time.

May 16th

Time is something that passes and never comes back.

The schedule helps us to save time

and appreciate every moment of life.

May 17th

Once you’ve managed your time well,

you need to overcome your feelings of fear

and pressure to regain your courage.

Putting important issues first takes courage

and often forces you to go beyond your Comfort Zone.

May 18th

The Comfort Zone represents what is familiar to you:



you like to do,

the places you usually go.

A comfortable,

risk-free environment is easy,


in which you feel safe and comfortable.

In other words,

making new friends,

public speaking… makes you feel nervous.

Let’s step into the Brave Zone.

May 19th

Courageous Zone:


risks, risks,

everything makes you feel uncomfortable at all.

It’s full of pressure,



and the possibility of failure,

but it’s also a place to look for opportunities

and the only place where you can realize your full potential.

You’ll never get there if you hang around in your Comfort Zone.

That’s for sure.

May 20th

You may ask: “What’s wrong with liking a comfortable environment?”.

There’s really nothing wrong with that.

In fact, most of our time is spent there.

But it would be completely wrong

if you never ventured into foreign lands.

You know as well as I do that people rarely try new things

or fly out of their comfort zone and their boring lives.

May 21st

There are many different bad feelings

but the worst is still fear.

When I think about my past failures and mistakes,

I realize that it was all because I was too scared.

May 22nd

Think of the actions of heroes that others dare not do out of fear.

Nelson Mandela,

who once fought against apartheid in 

South Africa.

He served 27 years in prison before becoming South Africa’s first black president.

Or Susan B. Anthony,

who bravely fought for women’s rights to run for office in the US.

May 23rd

When he became the first person to climb Everest,

mountaineer Edmund Hillary stated:

“It’s not that I beat the mountain,

it’s that I beat myself.”

May 24th

So you should boldly:

Make new friends,

Get rid of peer pressure,

Give up old habits,

Cultivate a new skill,

Change job,

Find a solution,

Self movement.

Or you might even be singing in front of a crowd…

Do it!

Don’t be afraid to fail.

May 25th

One way to overcome fear is to always think in your head,

“Success is getting up after every failure”.

May 26th

Many famous people have also failed many times:

Albert Einstein did not speak

until the age of 4.

Beethoven’s music teacher once said,

“There is no hope for Beethoven to become a composer”.

Louis Pasteur always got the lowest marks in chemistry

when he was in school.

Rocket scientist Wernher von

Braun failed algebra in 9th grade.

Chemist Marie Curie was financially broke

before the discovery of the field of atomic chemistry.

May 27th

“In the forest that splits into two roads,

I will choose the road less traveled.

Because that will make things different.”

Robert Frost

May 28th

Hard times are times when we have to choose

between doing the right thing

and doing the easy thing.

Small difficulties occur every day

such as getting up early

when the clock rings,

voluntarily doing homework.

Great difficulties also often occur

such as having to decide to choose a friend,

having to deal with bad pressure from friends,

dealing with unexpected risks…

If you always anticipate that such things may come

and are prepared for such situations,

you will surely make it through.

May 29th

One of the biggest challenges is dealing with peer pressure.

To say “No” when all your friends

say “Yes” takes a lot of courage.

However, if you can withstand this pressure,

you can already deposit a large amount into your personal account.

May 30th

Not all peer pressure is bad, there are good

and positive pressures as well.

If you can find a friend who makes a positive impact on you,

keep hanging out with that person.

You will surely learn a lot of good things.

May 31st

If you want to be independent,

but still be drawn by your friends,

then you should actively deposit more confidence

and self-esteem into your personal account.

If your confidence and self-esteem are low,

how can you resist the temptation?

Therefore, you should create a “personal account”

by keeping promises to yourself,

helping others…

You will naturally have the inner strength

to find your own path instead of following others.

June 1st

Albert E. Gray spent years studying successful people

to find out what determines their success.

What do you think he discovered?

Of course, success is not achieved by dressing well,

eating well

or having an optimistic attitude,

but instead, what he has found is:

All successful people have the habit of doing things

that unsuccessful people don’t like to do,

and they know well that doing those things will lead them to their goals.

June 2nd

Sometimes we have to use our will to do something

whether we like it or not.

June 3rd

To do the third habit requires you to be brave.

If you don’t know where to start,

follow these steps:

Set a goal and plan for a month.

Stick to that plan.

Determine what you spend the most time on,

is it necessary to waste time on such things?

If you have homework,

don’t wait until the water reaches your feet before jumping.

Do it now,

a little bit each day,

you will feel lighter.

June 4th

You must also look at:

Are you a “right father” person?

No matter what anyone says, you nod.

If that’s the case,

have the courage to say “no” when necessary.

Decide now to step out of your comfort zone

to bravely face challenges that make you better.

Are you under any pressure?

Ask yourself:

Am I doing this because I want to

or because others want me to?

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