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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Today

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 3: Today

A good start is half the success. – Aristotle


Time can heal all wounds,

correct all flaws,

and turn every mistake into an asset.

However, it only likes to play with those who can kill procrastination

and know how to work towards specific goals with a clear purpose.

With each passing second,

when the clock is ticking to gradually shorten the distance,

time is racing with each person.

Procrastination means failure,

because no one can regain lost time,

not even for a second.

Move forward with determination and timing,

and time will love you.

If you hesitate or stand still,

time will knock you out of the game.

The only way to save time is to use it wisely.

Tell me how you spend your leisure time and how you spend your money,

and I’ll tell you who and where you will be ten years from now. – Napoleon Hill


Today is the most important day.

The reason I say that is

because it is the latest day

and also the day that will never come back in your life.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Live fully for today.

Don’t let anxiety,


anger or regrets appear in your day.

All are in the past or only happen in the future.

Work seriously and live responsibly with your own life.

To a lazy person,

today is like tomorrow and no different from yesterday.

They are always looking for excuses

to procrastinate on what needs to be done during the day.

Procrastination will make your plans never come true.

All your efforts, words,

and actions today will determine your future tomorrow.

Completing your goals today will help you feel energized

and set the stage for you to perform better at your work tomorrow.

Even your smile today can affect your tomorrow.

So don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Make today worth remembering. — Zig Ziglar

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