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Time can change your position in your career

Have you ever wondered if you do your job well for a long time. You spend your time reading books, you also learn many skills, but your life has not changed, your salary is not high, you are still an employee, you can not get a higher position. What is the problem? What is your solution?

You see, all the time you study at school or university, you study with your friends and are guided by teachers. Then, in your free time you can also learn skills by yourself, learn everything you want to know online. You hear that: People often say, “tell me what do you do in your free time ? I will tell you who you are in your future?” The most important thing, after learning skills, you have to do it, then you gain your experience. What you have studied, your knowledge, your skills can help you succeed or they can make you wrong, you have to practice to be worthy. Don’t worry, try more and more.

For example: You want to lose weight, you have to exercise for a long time, then you will achieve a beautiful body. You can’t listen and read how people teach, you don’t do it, and you ask why your body is not beautiful? You should spend your time practicing and exercising! Do it for a long time. It will be a part of your life. You can achieve your goal. You can not say you do exercise for one week, one month, then you stop, you ask if your body will become beautiful. It can’t appear!

For another example: You read a book about soft skill, how to win people in communication. Books teach you how to love others, how to respect others, how people support you, how people introduce you, but you don’t apply them to your life, your career daily. How can you be successful? You practice, practice and practice to make it become your habits.



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