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Law of Attraction! Thoughts and Emotions! The waterfalls of Reality

Chapter 2: Thoughts and Emotions! The waterfalls of Reality

Spectacular waterfalls, a spectacular display of nature made up of small geysers flowing from the tops of mountains or plateaus.

These geysers join together to form streams, through the mountains, into rivers.

The river crosses the cliffs and accumulates a static energy source until a certain threshold,

the key point when the energy is released will create the wonder of nature the waterfalls.

We create reality in our world in exactly this way.

Your thoughts are geysers emerging in one place or another.

Their nature may seem so small and insignificant, but in the end, they come together to form emotions.

As the power of emotions grows,

the energy from there will reach the threshold of spreading out into the world and like those violent waterfalls, they assert their presence.

We are often enthralled by stories of great success,

but we are rarely interested in the small steps, the mountain geysers, that make up that success.

If we could observe all the thoughts and emotions that lead to this success, we would realize a very surprising fact:

Life is built on our emotions, and emotions begin inside the source of thought.

You can see their role in your own life.

If you look into your thoughts over the past 10 years,

you’ll see that they’re exactly what has brought you to exactly where you are now.

If you catch them and try to change them,

even the very small points,

you will immediately find amazingly big differences in your current life.

All the thoughts we put into our emotions lead to the decisions we make later.

Remember, the more seamlessly our thoughts and emotions are linked,

the easier our thoughts will be to grasp. But emotions are hard to predict.

After all, emotions leave stronger imprints than thoughts, they are what make up our reality.

We are often told that we should let our emotions guide us and that we should really speak, act, and make decisions based on our emotions.

Emotions are more powerful than thoughts; they are more precise, deeper and more honest.

Thoughts work too, they bring emotions to people.

Live by your emotions, you will find life becomes much simpler.

“Emotions are moving energy. When you stimulate energy, you create effects. If you stimulate enough energy, you will do miracles.”-God

Most successful and admirable people know this Secret.

They make decisions in their lives with emotion, not reason.

They always identify their words and actions with their feelings.

Their passions resonate with each other, imprinting on them and exerting a positive influence on them.

Every success in the conventional sense or in the business world requires this skill.

Successful people inspire and stimulate positive emotions in those around them.

One master in this field, whose words still resonate many years after his death, was former US president John F. Kennedy (JFK).

Many people, including former president Bill Clinton,

have spoken of his ability to draw crowds and move people.

When JFK speaks, listeners feel they are living a miracle.

JFK expresses himself perfectly through his six senses, so he can attract the attention and admiration of others.

The 14th Dalai Lama also has this power.

Many people said that they felt their hearts filled with love and respect when they met him.

We should also do our best to make such an impression on others.

Inspiring emotional images of ourselves in the minds of others helps us gain supporters.

If we can do this, they will always have a positive feeling when they remember us and therefore communicate with them more easily.

Celebrities all know the effect of this.

That’s part of the reason why they have so much admiration from their fans.

Of course, it’s not just celebrities who can benefit from this skill,

just sending a greeting card to our loved one on a special occasion is an easy way to keep a good impression of someone in the mind of another.


All cruelty springs from weakness. Weakness quotes collection


Speak from the heart.

If we have to do all the chores around the house and want help, you might say,

“You know, you have to help me,” but these statements will backfire because they are one word. Criticism stems from negative thinking.

Instead, say, “It would be great if you could help me.”

It is an effective choice because it comes from appreciation and genuine feelings of the heart.

Our thoughts speak faster than our words.

We all know the saying: “Bend your tongue seven times.” before speaking.”

Of course we all do, but what it really means is: “Let your honest feelings guide you and weigh your words very carefully.”

“Mindset is a transcendent tool if used correctly.

If misused, it will become a disaster.”-Eckhart Tolle

On average, we have 60,000 positive and negative thoughts every day.

Looking back at human history, with its amazing strides over the past few thousand years, our thinking must have been very helpful.

The human mind is a key driver of achievements in areas such as communication

and medicine, areas that maintain and develop quality of life.

However, negative thinking has also vented its anger on this planet with terrible devastation:

The atomic bomb or the Nazi rule system has exceeded human thinking.

Human thinking is also responsible for the environmental disasters that the world is facing.

There is only one way to stay happy on this planet: Let the positive thoughts that come from your mind completely overwhelm the negative ones.

“Just as archers mount their arrows and stretch their bows, so humans direct their stray thoughts.” -Buddha

The practice of meditation is a useful tool for bringing strength to the mind.

Thought itself is like little pieces of iron working in disarray.

Meditation will work like a magnet for thoughts: organize and organize their activities.

By meditating, we can properly direct our thoughts

and give them the attractive power needed to lead to tangible results.

The masters are people who are able to make what they say true because they rely on their emotions.

Great seers or gifted psychics also always use this skill.

There is an important difference between people who live emotionally,

fully aware of this method, and those who are immersed in their fantasy worlds.

Understanding yourself is key here.

With intentional awareness, we can turn our thoughts into emotional mental images and use them to bring success to our lives.

Those who are lost in the dream world, without self-awareness will not succeed.



An athlete who thinks he will win the race will not be able to win until he has brought his thoughts to the emotional level to activate the real power of attraction.

When emotions are involved, his vision of the future becomes clearer.

Remember that emotional imagery is a complete jigsaw and thoughts are pieces.

If most of your thoughts are negative, good emotions will not appear.

But if you think positively even when you’re sad,

you can still start building positive pictures in your mind that will help you feel better.

You may still hold the negative picture in your head,

but if there are good thoughts that resist it, this image will be weakened, distorted and will gradually lose its pieces.

Anyway, the ultimate power lies in our emotions.

Smokers cannot quit if they only think about quitting occasionally;

they must really feel it is the right choice for them.

Angry lovers will not be able to break up if only reason reminds them to leave each other while their feelings are still strong.

“If you don’t know how you’re feeling, you’ll be unconsciously creating.”-Gary Zukav

90% of our lives are made up of emotions.

If you love someone, you will have your way, perhaps marrying them.

If a subject appeals to you, there’s a good chance you’ll do well in that subject.

If you are angry with someone,

you will often be dissatisfied with them,

which in turn leads to feelings of hostility or hatred.

It’s important to realize that thoughts and feelings,

while in fact closely related, are still very different.

In the future, we can create supercomputers that can think positively or negatively.

But we can never create a computer that knows how to feel like humans,

because machines can’t have sensory organs like our brains to really understand ourselves, and the world around.

Many scientists do not believe in reincarnation, reincarnation or any other form of spiritualism.

They strive to create computers capable of greed or anger like humans.

They say that’s not possible because the CPU processing speed in today’s computers is too slow.

When quantum computers are born,

the distance between computers and humans will no longer exist

and humans will achieve immortality by transforming their consciousness into quantum robots before they die.

These scientists will never succeed because they cannot grasp the key factor that distinguishes humans from machines or even other animals,

which is the ability to perceive the present moment : the ability to instantly capture our thoughts and feelings.

It took place at a higher level of consciousness that they were not aware of.

Consciousness gives us the ability to observe the emotions that arise within each person.

Computers don’t have this ability and so they can’t get or recognize emotions;

they can only interpret and express physical reflexes.

Chimpanzees can imitate millions of times more like computers,

but still lack the ability to self-aware and grasp their emotions.

They are simply a natural feature and obey the laws of nature.



Just as many concentrated thoughts create emotional mental images,

many mixed feelings create a mood or emotional state.

Anger is made up of fear, shame, stress, and lack of confidence.

On the contrary, feelings such as satisfaction, care,

and understanding come together to produce a feeling of affection.

Repeated moods determine your behavior and from there your habits and ultimately your personality.

Once a personality is formed, it is extremely difficult to change it

and it can have an impact on your life.

“Keep your mind good

because your mind manifests in your words.

Keep your word well

because your words embody your behavior.

Please keep your manners well

because it will become your habits.

Keep good habits

because it creates your value.

Keep good values

for it constitutes your destiny.”-Mahatma gandhi

Fortunately, nature has endowed us with the ability to be aware of ourselves and exercise inner awareness.

We are the only species that can control ourselves and our destiny by being able to immediately distinguish between right

and wrong and direct our feelings according to that distinction.

Sometimes the thought of harming others doesn’t do much harm either.

But if all of our thoughts evoke the desire to harm others, it will certainly bring consequences.

So, be careful with negative thinking because it can quickly turn into feelings that we will regret later and they certainly don’t create a good mood.

Never get discouraged if you’ve only tried to think positively a few times and haven’t gotten what you want right away.

This is habit forming work.

You have to think positively often and continuously,

only then will your thoughts turn into pieces that create a complete emotional psychological picture in your head and then it will definitely have no choice,

nothing more than making it a reality.

The strongest thought you can have is what is happening right now,

the very present moment. Think of it as a long ride. Even if you are on a 1,000km journey,

the distance you need to pay attention to the most is 10m right in front of the car because that is where most accidents can happen and where awareness makes you avoid them.

Even when darkness is surrounding you,

if the headlights can only illuminate a very short distance ahead, we can still successfully reach our destination this way.

The ability to guide your emotions with present-moment awareness is equally important.

A lot of us plan for a long time in our lives; we understand,

or think we understand, where we will be in a month, a year, or sometimes decades.

We also think about the past, consider situations, conversations, and then sometimes regret what we did or said.

Like that, the present moment was ignored.

When our minds get stuck in the past or the future, pain and discomfort come immediately

. Reminiscing the past is like driving a car, focusing only on the rearview mirror,

on the road you just passed.

They clearly don’t fit your current responsibility to continue driving safely.

If we are preoccupied with thinking about our lost love or our mistakes,

we will create extremely strong negative emotions within ourselves.

They linger long after the event and can cause the event to repeat itself.

When you are on the highway, why keep looking at potholes that startle you from the distance you have passed?

Our minds are faster than Ferraris and we often look back at one of these “potholes”.

Our job is to detect when our mind is doing it and capture our emotions was formed at that time.

If we can maintain this grasp and not judge the emotions we receive, they will settle down on their own very quickly.

Feelings are actually very shy.

If we look at them closely, they will run away and only come back when our mind is preoccupied with something else.

So if we keep ourselves awake and always interested in what is going on,

emotions will not be able to sneakily draw us back to the potholes in the past.

We also need to be careful not to get too caught up in positive thoughts about the past.

Thus, we will put the present in an inferior position.

Why would anyone want to do that?

Some people keep memories, messages or gifts from their ex and still think about the happy old times.

They are stuck in the past and compared to the present.

This hurts them, their families and those around them.

When this behavior persists, anxiety disorders, obsessions, and in some cases the need for psychiatric intervention.



Our thoughts not only affect our emotional state, but also directly affect our physical state.

At the Chopra Health Center in California, an experiment was conducted to determine how white blood cells respond to thoughts.

Blood was taken from a group of subjects and placed in test tubes for detailed observations.

These subjects were asked to pick up a knife and cut their own hand.

White blood cells begin to become agitated and fight off bacteria when the body is injured.

It is even surprising that the white blood cells in the test tubes react before the knife reaches the human body.

This experiment clearly demonstrated that our blood cells have a response to thought.

Further, the power of thought has been shown repeatedly in experiments that have determined that not only white blood cells,

but also red blood cells, skin cells, muscle and nerve cells, and others have a similar reaction.

Another experiment mentioned in The Secret measured muscle cell response in real Olympic athletes participating in the race and those who just sat in the stands and performed a race in the mind field.

The results were surprising to the researchers.

In both cases, the muscle cells responded in exactly the same way.

In fact, we can feel the power of thought throughout our entire body, from the tiniest cells to the largest muscle organizations.

“The mind is the master, the body is just a slave.”-Buddhist idioms

Imagine how effective modern remedies could be if they could cure both the physiological problems and the emotional states of the patient.

Every doctor knows that more than 80% of diseases can be cured by the patient’s own immune system.

And according to statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,

nearly 80% of medical examinations in the US are related to depression.

Even for diseases that are considered incurable like AIDS,

a positive outlook can help ease pain and make the last days of a person’s life easier.

When it is time to die, the patient can face death with peace and serenity.

Physicians who understand the nature of death and keep their minds calm can lift patients’ spirits and also encourage the effects of the immune system.

Furthermore, a doctor who has an equanimous attitude to everything will instill a sense of serene acceptance to the loved ones of recently deceased patients.

The impact of thoughts on the body helps explain why doctors often find it difficult to disclose cancer diagnoses to patients.

Sometimes, knowing your true condition will cause psychological inhibitions that aggravate the condition,

reduce the effect of the immune system and accelerate the spread of cancer cells.

But this can also bring positive aspects and force the patient to accept with a more positive attitude and understand the nature of everything around.

This can improve the body’s immunity and prolong the patient’s life and quality of life.

In some specific cases, people with cancer who have this positive outlook have suddenly reversed the disease.

Most people will be familiar with reassuring experiments.

In one of these experiments,

people were given sugar pills and told they were sleeping pills that took effect within 20 minutes in 70% of the testers actually fell asleep.

If we look at the impact our thoughts have on our bodies and those around us,

we can understand why we naturally like people who are happy and positive thinking,

that warm feeling can spread, transmitted from person from one person to another even at the cellular level.

Therefore, people who only pretend to think positive thoughts

when actually their minds are filled with negative thoughts will never achieve success.

You simply cannot deceive the cells of yourself or others.

Negative thinking reduces the cells’ ability to receive clear information and creates interruptions.

Meanwhile, maintaining positive thoughts will ensure that your cells are always ready to receive positive information.

For example, if you want to learn Spanish,

you have to think positively about the language;

Only then will your brain cells be in a position to receive the information.

When you go to the doctor,

you will realize that if you go with the mindset that your illness will be very painful,

it is very likely to happen.

Your thoughts will direct the skin cells into a reactive state and your disease will hurt two to three times more than if you assumed it wouldn’t hurt at all.



We know that in chemistry, positive and negative ions attract each other to form neutral molecules.

For example, when a positive hydrogen ion reacts with a negative oxygen ion, a perfect water molecule is born.

This phenomenon also occurs in humans.

Strong negative energy will absorb some of the positive energy,

but it won’t have a noticeable effect.

However, if the positive energy is strong enough, it can completely neutralize the negative energy.

Let’s take greed as an example, a person is always driven by bad energy,

if this person is influenced by positive energies from others through gifts, compliments or help,

the negative part in people they will become neutral.

And eventually, if these efforts continue, this person will cross the threshold

and go from being mean to someone with a more kind demeanor.

Negative people when they make mistakes always blame others.

They contain so much negativity in themselves that there is always a need to share less of them.

In contrast, positive thinkers are always responsible for the mistakes they make because they don’t need to release the negative things in themselves.

They will find the root cause of mistakes and find ways to correct them.

This quality helps positive thinkers achieve success.

People who do not take responsibility for their own mistakes always have difficulty on the road to success because of their inability to recognize their own weaknesses.

These negative personalities keep them from seeing the truth.

Selfish people also have a hard time understanding themselves

and often blame others for these or other shortcomings.

People who take advantage of others and have negative thoughts always live in this dark night.

Good effects happen faster when positive people communicate with each other because there is no negativity there to neutralize the good feelings between them.

When chivalrous and benevolent people meet, they behave in a very positive way.

People who help others are often appreciated more than those who return the favor.

The positive power in them stimulates the cells in the body that are already active, so that good effects are shown more easily and quickly.

This also helps explain why when you’re in a bad mood,

it seems like everyone around you seems meaner than usual.

Especially for those who are always immersed in negative thoughts, whatever cause we sow, we will receive the result, you will receive exactly what you give.

This is an unfortunate process that leads to very strong negative energy developing in certain groups of people.

We often see these phenomena occur during political debates or hostile demonstrations.

However, if you are surrounded by positive thinkers,

even if you feel negative, their energy will reflect on you and brighten your mood.

This person who can bring you this positive energy will help you to release the negative things in you.

Those are true friends now, you’ve probably noticed how powerful thoughts can be.

If you think about hurting someone, your cells,

especially in your nervous system, quickly pick up and react in the cells of those around you.

Thus, thoughts of violence can attract violence towards us.

The seriousness of the matter will depend only on the amount of negative thoughts in the other person.

If you love someone, this energy will turn into endorphins in your cells and theirs, and of course, the answer will also be love.

Newton’s third law of motion shows that for every force acting there is an equilibrium reaction.

This law can be applied to both abstract objects and physical phenomena.

If you love someone, you will receive a return.

If you have good thoughts, good things will come into your life.

And the same goes for the negatives.

Apply this law to the experience that most of us have gone through at least once in our lives: a broken breakup.

When we break up with our lover, our thoughts are all very negative.

This means it’s very easy to attract negative people back then, so avoid dating too soon.

The more painful it is, the more likely you are to risk finding a new lover.

So when you are tormented by a broken relationship, keep yourself calm and patient.

What’s to come, only when you feel more settled and can truly love again should you look for new love.



“Smile, people will smile at you” and “Respect people and they will respect you.” These stereotypes also contain truth in the aspect of positive thinking.

If we give the world a truly sincere smile, the world around will have no choice but to smile at you.

Those who understand this law of nature can fully trust it,

as surely as if you planted an apple tree it would produce apples, not bananas.

Those who truly understand this law derive great pleasure from thinking because they understand the power of their attraction.

By having fun with the thought, they can gain more power.

They are often amazed at their achievements until they realize that it is their thoughts that create everything in their lives.

The human mind is so powerful that we can compose millions of great songs with just seven notes. Likewise, from the three primary colors,

we get the full spectrum of colors and shades mixed between them and use them to paint spectacular pictures.

It is impossible not to marvel at what we create with our thoughts and imaginations.

Truly genius artists can use any material at hand to create classic works.

“Since you are the creator of your reality, life cannot be different from what you envision it to be.”-God

Positive thinkers can find opportunity in any situation, even if it’s going to be bad.

Negative people are the opposite, they only see darkness even on good days.

When he was young, Walt Disney was very poor and had to live in the garage of a church.

In the garage, there were a lot of rats running back and forth, and Disney often had to shoo them away.

But instead of lamenting or pessimistic about his poor fate,

he thought positively about the rats.

Later, while traveling on a train,

the bright images of those mice helped him create the legendary Mickey Mouse character that has captured the hearts of hundreds of millions of children.

Alexander Fleming, the inventor of antibiotics accidentally made his historical discovery.

He was growing some bacteria for an experiment when the fungus started to spoil them.

This is a familiar nuisance to most scientists because they will ruin their studies, fungi will kill bacteria.

But Fleming looked at the phenomenon in a way that none of his colleagues could,

and wondered if the fungus could fight infection in humans.

From this mindset, antibiotics have brought indescribable benefits to mankind ever since.

Many of today’s bookstores are designed to encourage readers to spend a lot of time wandering between the shelves and reading them,

with comfortable armchairs and a coffee shop providing a sense of comfort in home.

In the past, it was thought that if people could read books at the store, they wouldn’t buy them anymore.

Today, booksellers have learned that the opposite is the right choice; now they encourage people’s love of reading.

The book business has grown and become much more popular thanks to this positive outlook.

A trader can make right or wrong moves in his plan.

Hopefully you’ll start to see clearly which moves always bring out the best.

Positive thinking and observance go hand in hand.

It is not difficult to find the positives in good situations, but to find them in seemingly negative situations requires your sanity.

If you read the biographies of the world’s greatest minds, you’ll discover that they’re always trying to find the good where others can’t.

Thomas Edison failed countless experiments before achieving his final victory.

He says he always learns something from each new experiment.

“Results!” he once said, “Why do people see me as nothing, I have had countless results.

I know there are a few thousand things that don’t work.”

The ability to find the light at the end of every tunnel distinguishes the great from the common man,

and the endless power of this ability enables them to achieve their greatest successes.


Strength is a matter of a made up mind. Famous strength quotes


If our thoughts are always positive, tens of thousands of neurons in the brain will form nerves that connect together into strong networks.

This neural network in turn will continue to generate more neurons and again connect into more neural networks.

Positive thoughts are reinforced in this way.

Each nerve brings in different information, and when a large amount of positive information is linked together through this neural network,

creative ideas will take shape and emerge.

Managers have always excelled in recognizing the necessary positives for their work

and combining them with the positive attitudes of their subordinates.

If they see everything in a negative light and see only the weaknesses of the people they work with,

they won’t be able to stay in that position for long.

The great managers of baseball teams, such as Joe Torre, former manager of the New York Yankees,

have achieved great success because of their ability to match each person’s skills with the requirements of the their job.

Coaches who position players to maximize their strengths rather than minimize their weaknesses are using positive thinking to build a winning team.

Our brains are the product of habit.

Negative thinking produces strong neural networks that create negative thinking habits.

The brain will use these same nerves over and over and create sad looks.

And positive thinking will be the same,

it will become a habit and make life better, the nerves containing negative thinking will gradually be eliminated.

This network of positive nerves is created not only in ourselves,

but also in the minds of those close to us, between a mother and a child, for example.

Positive thinkers are always ready to look for opportunities and take advantage of them as soon as possible.

Negative thinkers don’t expect opportunities so when it comes at the right time,

they are also not ready to take it so they can’t seize the moment.

The road to opportunities is not paved with roses.

Life is full of challenges.

However, the ability to properly perceive and think positively about everything that happens on this path will bring your aspirations to the finish line.

The future is always changing and unpredictable.

Opportunities always appear and those who focus on them will recognize and seize their opportunities.



A lot of thoughts that seem positive turn out to be negative.

For example, if you think you’re smart or special, that’s a sign that you’re not.

You judge yourself in relation to people,

which is also a bad thing because it shows that you feel insecure and not confident.

Your mood swings depend on your opinion of yourself in relation to others at a given moment.

You’ll be happy when you realize that your house is nicer than your neighbor’s,

but quickly become disappointed when you discover that your neighbor has a more expensive car than you.

You will get triggered by problems like this and start to torment yourself with questions about other people, how much money do they make, what they do,

what is their family like, these are obvious. will make you uncomfortable and frustrated.

These things coupled with over-concern about how we are perceived by those around us will bring about negative psychology.

Remember, if you think you are weak, stupid or unattractive and these thoughts turn into negative emotions, you will limit your own ability to succeed.

Buddhism believes that happiness stemming from external influences is a false positive.

True happiness can never come from such things, they will change, fade away and then pain will appear.

Many people who do not understand this teaching believe that it is a pessimistic view.

So they continue to pursue their aspirations, relentlessly striving to find lasting happiness from places where they cannot exist, going from one mistake to another.

Ask yourself: Do joyful situations in the modern world bring you real happiness?

Native Americans in America are happier than many generations are today,

even though they don’t have the sports cars, fast food on any street corner,

and other luxuries that guarantee life.

Keeping yourself positive is definitely what matters most to you,

but be careful about always looking at life through rose-colored glasses.

Doing so will make you reckless believe that something is good when it is not.

We all know “blind love”, and its ending is always painful when the truth is revealed.

We must see our life through the lens of clarity and objectivity with the clarity of reason.

Then, positive thoughts will naturally arise.

An unwashed roll of film, or “negative”, renders the picture of the world around with dark and ominous colors.

The “positives,” the final photographs, are resplendent and reflect the beauty and richness of our lives.

Think positively to build emotionally vibrant mental images and see how they light up your life.


Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone. Famous gratitude quotes

Chapter 3: Top Secrets


Positive thinking brings endless possibilities. Negative thoughts destroy them.

When thoughts have become emotions, they are revealed to the outside world.

Life will no longer be bound by your emotions.

Psychological and emotional pictures are created from the accumulation of thoughts.

Emotions combine to form moods.

If they become habits, they will become part of your personality. Make sure your thoughts are always positive.

Everything has two sides to it. Look on the good side, even in the worst situations.

Great people always recognize the positive even in a crisis.

Practice this too until it becomes part of your personality.

Try to avoid comparing yourself to others.

Doing so may help you feel good for a while, but it will ultimately lower your self-esteem.

Try to see things as they are.

If you are angry at someone, think of their good points and the anger will subside.

It’s your choice: Do you want to add fuel to the fire?

Whatever you sow, you will reap.

If we do bad things, we will get bad things.

Good thing too.

The more knowledge you share, the more you will understand it.

The more comfortable you make people feel, the more free your mind will be.

Use your self-awareness to create a good life for yourself by capturing the thoughts

and feelings that arise and discerning whether they are good or bad.

With this practice, being aware of your inner elements will quickly help you control unwanted thoughts or emotions.

Then you will be able to choose and create what corresponds to your dreams.

Fate is in your hands.

Always think positively to eliminate negative thoughts and emotions that have been weighing on your life.

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