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7 habits of successful young people! Think Win-Win

Habit 4: Think Win-Win

July 6th

What are we living in this world for,

if not to make the lives of everyone around us less difficult.- George Eliot

July 7th

Habit 4: Think win-win

That’s the attitude,

it’s a state of mind that keeps telling itself that I can be the winner,

and so can you.

Victory is not just for me or for you,

but for both.

This mindset is based on the fact that everyone is equal,

no one is better or worse than another.

July 8th

I win-you lose

If you always carry the mentality I win – You lose,

you will always have to stress with the thought that life

is a battle in which we always have to compete with each other.

July 9th

Psychology I win – You lose often have the following manifestations:

Taking advantage of others,

mentally or physically,

to serve one’s own selfish ends.

There are actions that benefit oneself at the expense of others.

Domineering in actions without caring about the thoughts

and feelings of others.

Become jealous and envious

when someone close to you has good things.

July 10th

In general, thinking in terms of I win -You lose

will have the opposite effect on you,

“he hit his back with the stick”.

Then you will become lonely and have no friends.

July 11st

I lose and you win

So do you ever think like I lose – You win?

On the surface it looks like the I lose,

You win better than I win,

You lose mindset,

but it’s actually more dangerous,

because it’s the syndrome of weakness.

July 12nd

When you make the I lose,

You win mindset as the basis of your life,

you will be surpassed by others.

And you won’t be able to express your true thoughts either.

Let someone else win over the little things

and that will be a deposit in your relationship account.

July 13rd

Both lose

People with the mentality of both losing say:

“If I fail, you must fail too!”.

Both losers often happen

when two people have the same mentality

I win – You lose against each other.

If you want to win at any cost

and the other person does too,

then both are bound to fail.

July 14th

Both win

Both win contains the belief that anyone can win.

This is a positive mindset,

but very difficult to implement.

I can’t step on you,

but you can’t step on me either.

You care about others and want them to win,

but you should also care about yourself

and want yourself to win.

It’s like a buffet with enough food for everyone.

July 15th

You can also train yourself with the Win-win mentality

by following the examples below:

You get bonus from work.

Share your joy with those who have helped you.

Your friend got accepted into the university

you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Even though you feel like you’re bad compared to someone else,

you’re still happy for that friend.

July 16th

How to think “Both win”?

Gotta beat yourself first

If you don’t win against yourself,

it will be difficult to feel happy with their success,

difficult to acknowledge

or praise their achievements.

It is your unstable mood that makes you prone to jealousy.

Peace of mind is the foundation of Win-Win Thinking.

July 17th

How to think “Both win”?

Avoid the “tumor duo”

Two habits are like tumors,

silently destroying you from within.

They are a pair of matching cards named “Competition” and “Comparison”.

July 18th

Tumor named “Competition”

Competition can be a good thing

and can help us move towards success.

But competition also presents a side with a negative connotation.

Then, trivial fears and failures are exaggerated.

At that time, people believed

that only by showing themselves

to be the best would they gain the respect

and affection they desired.

July 19th

Tumor named “Comparison”

Comparison makes us feel like a wave being tossed and turned,

rising and falling depending on the wind.

We rise and fall, now we feel inferior,

sometimes we are superior,

now we are confident,

at other times we are extremely disappointed.

July 20th

If you put your self-esteem,

your sense of self-worth,

on anything

but the qualities of your heart,

your soul,

your mind,

you are putting them on a very shaky foundation.

July 21st

Self-comparison can become as much of an addiction as alcohol or drugs.

You don’t have to have a model’s looks

or clothes to be perfect.

Only you know what it really means.

Don’t worry too much about being famous in your younger days,

because then most of it will come to you.

July 22nd

The benefits of thinking “Both win”:

The Win-Win spirit is contagious.

If you have a kind heart,

willing to help and share victory with others,

you will be a magnet for friends.

Both win will fill your heart with happiness,

lightness and serenity.

From there you feel more confident and love life.

July 23rd

Train yourself to think “Both win”

1. If someone borrows money from you,

don’t be afraid to remind them in a friendly way:

“Do you remember you borrowed money from me last week?

I need it.

” Think we both win,

don’t let me lose – You win.

2. Are you about to have a test?

If so, form a study group and share your experience.

All will learn better.

July 24th

3. If you play sports, show chivalry:

Compliment your team’s players after the game.

4. Don’t care about winning or losing,

play a game you like to have fun.

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