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Think and Grow Rich! The Twelfth Step Toward Wealth: Wisdom

Chapter 12: The Twelfth Step Toward Wealth: Wisdom

In every corner of your awareness can open up new magical possibilities for you.

Use your ability to think quickly, clearly and effectively.



More than forty years ago, while also working with Dr. Alexander Grem Bell,

now deceased, and Dr. Elmer R.Gace,

the author of this book came to the conclusion that the human brain is a device.

both to receive and to transmit thoughts at the same time.

Like radio, the human brain is capable of receiving thought vibrations transmitted by other brains.

Recall the work of the creative imagination (see the chapter Imagination)

and compare it with the above.

Is the creative imagination a kind of cognitive device,

the destination of thought impulses sent by others?

At the same time, it ties the analytical mind to four sources of intellectual stimulation.

When stimulated and agitated to a high degree,

the mind becomes receptive to thoughts coming from outside sources.

This hypervigilance takes place through positive or negative emotions

– because emotions increase thought agitation.

In terms of intensity and force of impact,

sexual emotions top the list of human sensations.

The mind stimulated by sexual emotion works much more effectively than when the feeling is dormant or generally absent.

When transforming sexual feelings,

the thought process is noticeably stronger, making the creative imagination more receptive.

On the other hand, a well-functioning brain not only attracts the thoughts of others,

but also knows how to put oneself in the state necessary for the subconscious mind to receive those thoughts.

Well, the subconscious mind

– it’s the brain’s transmitting device,

and the creative imagination

– is the receiving device.

On the basis of a new understanding of the workings of the subconscious mind and creative imagination,

think about the role of autosuggestion

– the operator of your entire switchboard.

In the chapter on Autosuggestion,

you became acquainted with the method of converting desires into monetary equivalents.

Thus, controlling your switchboard is not the most complicated procedure.

It is based on three pillars: subconscious mind, creative imagination, and auto-suggestion.

How to get all three to work

– well explained in the respective chapters.

But you have to remember, it all starts with desire!

The aim of the rich is to really accumulate a great wealth, to be truly affluent.

Not just a little bit of money, but a lot of money.



For centuries, man was too dependent on his material sensations

and limited his knowledge to the physical world,

where everything had to be seen, touched, weighed, and measured. countable.

We are now entering a magical era with the ability to perceive the invisible forces of the world around us.

Living through this era,

have we come to admit that the other self is much stronger than the physical self that we see in the mirror?

It is not uncommon to touch invisible forces,

not received by the five senses, that people appear to be very superficial.

You must remember that we are all under the control of unseen forces.

All humanity is powerless in the will to interact with the invisible force embodied in the ocean waves.

Humans are not able to understand the universal gravitation that keeps

the tiny Earth hanging in space and keeps people from falling off it;

That person is even more incapable of controlling this force.

Humans are completely powerless against the power of earthquakes,

just as they are powerless against the power of electric currents.

So it is too early to say that our era of ignorance about nature is over.

Because we don’t even understand the power that lies in the earth,

the power that gives us bread, water, clothing, and wealth.

Rich people believe: “I create my life”.

The poor believe: “Life is full of unexpected things that happen to me



All of us, with our culture and upbringing,

understand nothing (or very little) of the greatest invisible force

– the power of thought.

We have so little knowledge of the brain,

of the subtlest mechanisms of its workings,

through which the power of thought takes its physical form.

But there is also hope that we live in a century that will be able to answer this question.

Scientists have finally begun to study the brain,

and although it can be said that the science of the human brain is still in its infancy,

we already know the number of folds that connect the cells.

The brain cell (central to understanding how the human brain works) is a number with fifteen million zeros.

Oh the number is so big that .

– said Dr. K.Jadson Herric of the University of Chicago,

– compared with it, the number of millions of light years also becomes small.

It has been established that in the human cerebral cortex

there are between ten and fourteen billion neurons distributed in groups.

And the distribution is not messy.

The electrophysiological method has recently allowed the recording of embrittlement.

The electric current moves between the cells by means of a micro-electrode

and the potential energy difference is measured at one millionth of a volt.

It is hard to believe that such a delicate

and complex system must exist for the sole purpose of maintaining the physical functions necessary for the growth

and survival of the organism.

Isn’t it surprising to know that the same system,

which has given billions of brain cells the ability to communicate with each other,

will expose them to other invisible forces?

The New York Times has published an article on the study of cognitive phenomena,

the conclusion of which is similar to what you are reading in this and later chapters.

We will quote here a brief analysis of the work of Dr. Right and his colleagues at Duke University.

If you want to create prosperity,

it is important that you believe that you are the driver of your life, especially your financial life.



A month ago we published the amazing results of Professor Right

and his colleagues when they carried out more than one hundred thousand tests aimed at clarifying the existence of telepathy and clairvoyance really guess.

Research results are summarized in two articles published in the journal Harper’s Magazine.

In the second article, the author,

Mr. Right, attempts to draw preliminary (or nearly so) conclusions about the nature of sensitive forms of perception.

The results of Dr. Right’s experiments showed many other scientists that it is very possible to have telepathy and precognition.

The task for some sensory people is to guess, as many as possible,

the cards without resorting to the five senses.

Pick up a group that regularly guesses right, oh,

and can’t say they were lucky or coincidental.

But how do they do it?

The power they wield (if such power is assumed) is not the same as sensations;

or at least no such sensory organs exist.

Experiments conducted at a distance of several hundred nautical miles

or in the room, the results were the same.

In Mr. Right’s opinion, these facts negate the telepathic and prescientific explanations based on physical theory.

It is not possible to use any known radiant energy to transmit thoughts through space

– this is unanimously agreed.

Telepathic and predictive powers are possible.

In this process, as with other intellectual abilities of man, telepathic

and predictive powers are directly dependent on the state of his body.

But, contrary to popular opinion,

telepathic and predictive powers increase not when the person is asleep or half awake,

but when he is refreshed and agitated.

Professor Right found that drugs decrease,

and stimulants always increase experimental results.

Interestingly, the participants with the best results also couldn’t get the maximum score if they didn’t try their best.

Dr. Right comes to a conclusion with a strong conviction: telepathy and prediction are essentially the same phenomenon.

It is the power to see through the cards,

to read through the thoughts born in the perception of others.

This can be proven.

The example has the following reality:

when each person has one of the two possibilities,

there is also the other,

and both of these abilities manifest with the same intensity.

The screen, the wall, the distance are all unimpeded for both telepathy and divination.

Professor Right goes even further in his conclusions: other psychic phenomena

– the ability to prophesy,

predict disasters

– are also manifestations of this gift.

We are not asking you to believe any of Mr. Right’s conclusions until you feel able to believe them yourself.

But, in any case, you have to agree that the evidence he gives is very impressive.

If you were to say that your husband or wife,

your boyfriend or girlfriend,

your partner or your friends are not important to you,

would any of those people survive? long term with you?

I don’t believe it is, and neither is it with money!



In the context of Dr. Right’s research on what he calls a form of suburban reception,

I would like to take on the comfortable role

– asserting his evidence with my and my colleagues’ inventions. my career.

We discovered the so-called ideal conditions for perception to work for the sixth sense

(the sixth sense will be described in the next chapter).

I will talk about my close working cooperation with my colleagues.

By experience and by practice we have discovered

how to stimulate awareness, how to combine the three intelligences into one,

to quickly solve the pile of problems that our clients bring to us.

(We also include invisible consulting boxes to solve the problem).

The procedure is very simple.

We sat down at the meeting table, defined the problem to be solved,

and started the discussion, where each person could voice whatever he wanted.

The strange thing about this method of cognitive stimulation is

that each member is connected to sources of knowledge

that are unknown and outside the scope of his own experience.

If you have understood the working principle in center

It is easy to see that the procedure described here is nothing else but the actual application of that principle.

The method of cognitive stimulation by discussing completely specific problems in three people

– it is the simplest and most practical illustration of the use of the principle of the Brain Center.

By the same process,

anyone who supports our philosophy can grasp the Carneghi formula presented in the introductory chapter.

If this doesn’t make sense to you right now,

just bookmark it:

when you’re done with the book, read it again!

So I want to stress to you again that money is extremely important in the areas where it works,



From now on three simple principles will guide your mind and life.

Invisible power at your service.

The invisible power has an influence that most people are not aware of.

From now on, brain science inventions are your tools for self-improvement. You know the main secret – the secret of the round table.

Ten billion tiny employees – brain cells – take turns forming ways of thinking, imagination, and will.

Ten billion particles of knowledge about how to make money.


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