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Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich! The Thirteenth Step Toward Wealth: The Sixth Sense

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich!

Chapter 13: The Thirteenth Step Toward Wealth: The Sixth Sense

You open the door to the Castle of Wisdom.

The flowery creative path invites you to riches.

Don’t play games that you don’t understand,

even if you see lots of other people making money from them. — Tony Hsieh


The greater the passive income you can build,

the freer you will become. ―Todd M. Fleming


You have noticed that in each chapter there is a new philosophy of success.

The Thirteenth Principle

– the sixth sense principle.

Thanks to this sense,

the World Intelligence can

and will directly relate

to the individual’s perception without any effort.

This principle is the pinnacle of our philosophy.

But it can only be understood

and acted upon after having absorbed the previous twelve principles.

When we talk about the realm

of the subconscious called the creative imagination

—that’s the sixth sense.

Thanks to the sixth sense as the receiver,



and thoughts burst into consciousness.

Sometimes people call this outburst euphoria.

The sixth sense cannot be described!

Really, how can you tell someone

who doesn’t understand the principles of our philosophy

what a sixth sense is?

Because this person has neither the Knowledge nor the Experience

to be able to compare this sense.

Sixth sense understanding comes

to us only through mind meditation,

through developing awareness from within.

After familiarizing yourself

with the principles presented in this book,

you must be ready

to accept and take as truth a statement

that you may have previously found meaningless.

Thanks to your sixth sense,

you will be forewarned of impending calamities,

as well as opportunities that should not be missed.

When the sixth sense develops,

the Guardian Angel will always be with you,

always ready to open the door to the Castle of Wisdom.

Make every thought,

every data come from your mind to benefit.

Make them a reality

and produce results for you.

Think in terms of how they can happen,

not how they appear.

Don’t just dream,

be creative. – Robert Collier


I prefer dreams of the future

to the history of the past. – Thomas Jefferson


The author does not believe in miracles

and does not intend

to convince anyone of their existence

– my knowledge of nature is enough to understand:

nature never does anything different from its laws.

But some laws are so complex and difficult to explain

that it pushes people to think of the magic box.

Of all the things I’ve experienced in my life,

the one closest to miracles is the sixth sense.

And I know for sure that in the world there is a force,

or the First Nudge,

or the Mind,

that penetrates every atom of matter

and causes man to absorb concentrated energy;

This worldly wisdom turns an acorn into an oak tree,

forcing water to pour from above to below

(assigning this responsibility to the Law of Gravity);

take day for night,

use summer to follow winter,

assign each thing a place and relation

to the rest of the world.

This wisdom along with the principles

of our philosophy can help you too

– in transforming your desires into concrete physical forms.

I know this well:

I have experience,

and this experience has taught me.

In the order of the previous chapters,

you have come close to the last principle.

Only after mastering the preceding principles will you be open

to the extraordinary observations

I will make in this chapter.

So, if you haven’t mastered it yet,

read the previous chapters again.

When I was at the age of creating idols,

I often tried to imitate the people

I worshiped in all my actions.

More than that,

I discovered that it was my belief in my idols

that enabled me to embody them.

Rich people enjoy wealth

and consider it a law of nature. – Aysa Angel


If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep,

you will work until you die. ― Warren Buffett


To be honest, I’ve never gotten rid of the habit

of making myself into the characters I love.

Experience has taught me that to compete with greatness,

to compete with emotions and actions,

until the maximum approach to the chosen goal is reached

– that is equally great.

Before I could even write my first lines to post,

or deliver my first speech,

I had made it a habit of mine:

I forged myself on the biographies of the people

who made the biggest impression on me.

These are Emerson, Pain, Edison, Darwin, Lincoln, Berbenk,

Napoleon, Ford and Carneghi.

Over the years,

I have regularly communicated with

what I still call invisible mentors.

That goes as follows.

Every night

before I go to bed I close my eyes

and imagine the great group of nine people sitting

at the same table as me.

But here I am not only sitting at the same table

with people I consider great,

but also leading them,

because of course I chair those meetings.

And trust me,

I’m not just fantasizing about these afternoon meetings

– I’ve set myself a specific goal:

to modify my personality

to be the fusion of my advisors’ personalities my imagination.

I was born between ignorance and prejudice.

I understood very early on

that I needed to overcome this obstacle on my way

to the true life I envisioned.

So I set myself the goal of reincarnation according to my will.

How? I already told you.

Rich people know that thinking is the key to wealth. – Aysa Angel


Rich people plan for four generations.

Poor people plan for Saturday night. — Gloria Steinem


I understand,

all these people are able to become

such characters

because they really want it.

I know,

if a desire is firmly

and deeply located in you,

it will somehow find a way beyond,

i.e. to be fulfilled.

I know that auto-suggestion has a great power,

and especially in the formation of personality,

this meaning is difficult to overestimate.

Understanding the principle of cognitive control,

I am ready to modify my personality.

During the meetings of the Imagination Council,

I asked for the necessary advice and knowledge

from each of the famous nine.

I said it out loud.

For example:

Mr. Emerson, I wish to have a small piece

of your knowledge of the richness of nature

that others do not have.

I ask you to influence my subconscious mind

and show you what qualities have enabled you to understand

and apply the laws of nature for your purposes.

Mr. Berbenk,

please impart to me the knowledge

that has enabled you to subdue the laws of nature,

to make the cactus in your hand lose its thorns and become edible.

Help me access the knowledge

that has helped you force nature

to give life to two blades of grass

where there once was only one.

Napoleon, I want to emulate,

and tell me how to inspire people,

to motivate people to act powerfully and with purpose,

how to have faith and communicate Spreading faith,

belief has the power to turn defeat into victory

and level all obstacles.

Mr. Pain, I want to have the same freedom of thought,

courage and purity as you do

when you express your thoughts,

which have brought you to the top.

Mr. Darwin,

I wish for great composure

and the ability to study cause

and effect relationships

without the barrier of prejudice

as you do in the natural sciences.

Mr. Lincoln,

I long to train myself for justice,




and patience

– all highly concentrated traits of your own personality.

Mr. Carneghi, I would like to instill the principle

of purposeful effort

which you have employed so effectively

in building your enormous industrial empire.

Mr. Ford, I want to know the secret of steadfastness,



fortitude that helped you to overcome poverty

and organize and unite people,

so that I too can help others to follow me the way he went.

Mr. Edison, give me the faith

that has helped you to discover the many secrets of nature,

give me the ability to work hard

to win the victory for myself.

To get rich,

you just have to find

what you care about most,

do it best. – Aysa Angel


Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer

to where you want to be tomorrow. ― Paulo Coelho


Of course, each time I consulted

with the members of the Panel,

my imagination was different,

depending on what character trait

I needed to work on at the time.

After several months of meeting in the evenings,

I was surprised to discover

that I saw them as real people.

Each of these nine showed their own personalities

so strongly that it surprised me.

For example,

Mr. Lincoln was used to being late

and then walking around the room alone.

His expression was always thoughtful

and thoughtful.

Very rarely do I see Mr. Lincoln smiling.

The others are different. Mr. Berbenk

and Mr. Pain often like to attack each other

with sharp attacks that stun the others.

One time Mr. Berbenk was late.

He was full of excitement

and nervousness explaining

that the reason for his late arrival was

because he was busy doing an experiment

that he hoped would allow an apple to appear on any tree.

Mr. Pain sarcastically said

that apples are the most fundamental cause

of all problems in the relationship

between men and women.

Sir Darwin laughed and advised Mr. Pain

to be careful with baby snakes while harvesting apples,

because they have a habit of becoming large snakes.

Sir Emerson interrupted:

Oh, no snakes,

no apples.

And Napoleon concluded:

“No apples – no country.

I saw these meetings so vividly

that I became afraid of the consequences

and paused for a few months.

It seemed supernatural,

and I was suddenly afraid that if I continued,

at some point I would forget

that this was just a game in my imagination.

And for the first time I’m brave enough to tell all of this.

I was silent at first because

I knew that if I were to describe my experiment honestly,

people would misunderstand me.

And indeed,

if this were to happen to anyone else,

I would see the same thing as everyone else.

Besides, I care less about

what people say now than I did years ago.

But even if people misinterpret it,

I still want to state firmly and honestly

that although my Council meets only in my imagination,

they have led me on a path of suspenseful,

awakening adventure in me admiration for true greatness,

strengthens creative faith,

encourages the development of honest thoughts.

Money is in the way of thinking that creates money. – Aysa Angel


“The goal is not comfort, it is freedom!”– Grant Cardone


Suppresses the sixth sense

somewhere in the structure of the brain

there is an organ capable of absorbing

thought fluctuations called the imagination.

Science still doesn’t know where it is,

but it doesn’t really matter.

The important fact is that humans receive information

through sources other than normal physical senses.

This information is received

by cognitively more agitated than usual.

Anything that makes the heart beat faster has the potential

to awaken the sixth sense.

Drivers who are in an imminent accident know that at that moment,

within seconds,

a sixth sense is immediately present

and helps to get rid of the misfortune.

I make these preliminary observations

to lead to the following fact:

during meetings with invisible mentors,

my consciousness is at its most receptive to incoming thoughts,


and knowledge with it through the sixth sense.

In many cases,

when I encountered unexpected,

sometimes life-threatening,


invisible mentors saved me from danger.

The original sole purpose of my organizing meetings

with imaginary characters was the desire by auto

-suggestion to influence the subconscious mind

to develop the necessary characters.

Later, these experiments took on a very different shape:

I asked them for help with difficult problems

that I or my clients had.

Sometimes there are amazing results,

but of course I don’t rely entirely on this form of work.

The rich are masters at making the most complex problems the simplest.

And anyone can use their solution. – Aysa Angel


“The truth is, having a job is no safer than owning a business,

because they know the greatest risk is not betting on themselves,” ― Steve Siebold


It is impossible to pull a sixth sense out of a pocket

and turn it on for it to work.

The skill of using this great power comes to us slowly,

through adherence to the other principles set forth in this book.

Whoever you are,

no matter what goal you read this book with,

you can’t use it to your advantage

if you don’t understand the principle described in this chapter.

It is even more necessary if your goal is to accumulate wealth.

I included this chapter in the book

because I wanted to introduce my philosophy fully,

the philosophy that if you follow it

without any extraordinary efforts,

anyone can achieve

what they want in life.

The starting point of any achievement is a passionate desire.

The ultimate goal

– awareness reaches the state of understanding

– understanding yourself,

understanding others,

understanding the laws of nature;

a state that allows happiness to be discovered and understood.

However, full understanding comes only

when one has mastered the sixth sense.

Reading this chapter,

you can’t help noticing

that you’re in a state of emotional agitation.

Great! Read this chapter again in a month,

and you will find that your wisdom is enhanced.

Repeat this a few times,

and it doesn’t matter how much

or how little you know by then,

you will definitely feel a sense of strength

– you will feel energized to overcome your depression,

overcome fear,

overcome procrastination,

and as a result freely absorb information

from an endless source of imagination.

You will feel like you are touching something anonymous

that has inspired famous thinkers,




and activists.

And then you will find the power

to change and fulfill any of your dreams.

And then it was as easy as it is now,

you hide yourself motionless

when the first difficulty appears

to prevent you from realizing your desire.

Ambition comes

from confidence in yourself that you can do it,

with the ability to think

and have the patience

to achieve the desired results. – Aysa angel


Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come.

Get up and make them. ― Madame C. J. Walker


Excitement will not pass you by:

it will overflow within you

with the power of the Creative Imagination,

with the power of the Sixth Sense.

The author chose Henry Ford

and eight other greats as his invisible mentor.

This magic method can also work for you

– take action!

You touch something anonymous

that has been the guiding star of the greats of all time.

To this day it continues to work wonders in art,

science and business.

You want to be rich?

This chapter – just for you!

WE belong to the few

– those who are on the pinnacle of SUCCESS.

Always deliver more than expected. — Larry Page

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