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Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich! The Fifth Step To Wealth: Imagination

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich!


Your capacity lies in your imagination,

your intellectual workshop.

It can turn intellectual energy into victory and wealth.

Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits.

Each day we must strive for constant

and never ending improvement. — Tony Robbins


You can start where you are with what you’ve got

and go to wherever

it is you want to go. —Zig Ziglar


Imagination is the workshop

that produces human plans and desires.

Momentum, passion becomes form

and moveable through the imaginative function

of our perception.

It is no coincidence that it is said

that man is capable of creating all that he can imagine.

In the last fifty years,

the human imagination has discovered

and tamed more of the forces of nature

than in the entire history of development.

Humans have conquered space so terrible

that many times birds are entangled in airplanes.

From a distance of millions of nautical miles,

humans have studied the sun,

determining its composition and weight,

and all thanks to imagination.

Humans have increased the speed of movement to the point

where it is now possible

to travel faster than sound.

But the capacity of the imagination is not yet fully utilized.

Rather, man has just discovered

that he has an imagination,

and has already taken the first basic steps.

Instead of wasting mental energy on getting mad,

channel that energy into getting rich.

“Freedom is the only thing money gives you

because you don’t have

to worry about it anymore.”- Johnny Carson


The most important investment you can make is in yourself. — Warren Buffett


The imaginary function manifests itself in the form

of synthetic imaginary cells

and creative imaginary cells.

Synthetic imagination.

Thanks to this function,

people organize their views,

thoughts and intentions into new combinations.

This function does not create anything new,

but is widely used in summarizing observations,

experiments, and in education.

Most of the new inventions

and inventions are born

because of this function,

except for the most genius inventions

that cannot appear without creative imagination.

Creative imagination.

Thanks to the creative imagination,

limited human intelligence can reach the World Intelligence;

receive and transform major ideas

and new ideas;

communicate with the subconscious of others.

Creative imagination works on autopilot.

But for it to work,

perception must have a proper rhythm,

vibration at least with a very strong desire.

The more imagination is used,

the better it is

to work cooperatively with us.

Great activists in business,

industry and finance,

famous painters,



and writers have become famous

because of their flourishing imaginations.

Both the synthetic

and creative functions of the imagination

are stimulated by positivity,

just like our muscles.

Desire – that’s just thought,


It is not dense,

abstract and ephemeral,

as long as it has no real form.

In the process of converting dreams into money equivalents,

we often have to use more synthetic imagination.

But do not forget about the creative imagination.

The rich ignore the narrow thinking,

the petty problems

that the middle class often has.

They just know how to devote all their mental energy every day

to thinking big.

They are willing

to exchange their day-to-day lifestyle

for a prosperous life,

giving up anger,

jealousy and pettiness caused by fear to others.

The rich work at the conscious level

with no room for fear.

It is the level of thinking that allows them

to focus on the ultimate perspective,

at this level of thinking anything is possible.

Dreams that seem crazy

to most people are doable to them.

Rich people occupy this psychological space

because they know the key to success in anything is

to attain a higher level of awareness.

It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life,

it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power! — Robert Kiyosaki


One can best prepare themselves for the economic future

by investing in your own education.

If you study hard

and learn at a young age,

you will be in the best circumstances

to secure your future. — Warren Buffett


When we have no work

and no job,

the imagination weakens, dies,

but does not die.

Energize it with your own work!

We often have to work

with the synthetic imagination,

so work on developing it,

especially during the period of making specific monetization plans.

After reading the whole book,

come back to this chapter.

Put your imagination to work

and make a plan to turn your dreams into money.

Detailed planning instructions are provided in nearly all chapters.

Pick the spots that work best for you,

and put the plan on paper

if you haven’t already done so.

By the time you do this,

your wish will become definite.

Read the previous sentence again.

Out loud. It’s slow.

Read, and understand:

you’ve taken the first of many steps on the road

to turning your thoughts into reality.

The undisciplined are slaves to moods,


and passions. — Stephen R. Covey


Make today worth remembering. — Zig Ziglar


Both the earth on which we live,

both ourselves and the physical world around us,

all are essentially the result of evolutionary changes,

of the process by which tiny particles

of matter are organized

and formed in a certain way.

More than that,

and this idea is hard to overestimate!

the whole earth,

as well as every single cell of the billions of cells

that make up our bodies,

from every atom of matter

to the entirety of life,

all burst forth from energy

without density special.

You can achieve great wealth

by the power of some immutable laws.

You must first recognize these laws

and learn how to apply them.

These laws manifest themselves continuously,

and by approaching them from many different perspectives,

the author hopes to reveal to you the secret

to getting rich in the world.

Although it seems contradictory,

there is really no secret in this secret.

Nature has shown it very clearly.

It’s right in the earth we live on,

on the stars and planets we see;

it is in every blade of grass,

in every form of

living, tangible as well as invisible.

Follow these principles

and you will understand how imagination works.

This is a philosophy

and can be difficult to absorb at first.

But as you continue to read

and study,

you will inevitably feel something within you,

as if there was a click

and the learning becomes clearer,

the understanding – wider.

Research – it’s a process, not a one-time effort.

So don’t stop if you haven’t read this book at least three times.

But, in fact, you can’t stop yourself after this.

Rich people use their brains together with the minds

of others to come up with solutions

that make their opponents surrender.

If you’ve failed,

that means you’re doing something.

If you’re doing something,

you have a chance. — Robert Kiyosaki


Never say you cannot afford something.

That is a poor man’s attitude.

Ask HOW to afford it. — Robert Kiyosaki


Wealth begins with thought.

Thoughts are formed by the imagination.

Let’s take a look at some of the great ideas

that have helped create great fortunes.

Hopefully from these stories you will understand

where the merits of the imagination are.

And what can you yourself achieve?

“Education helps you make a living.

Self-study makes you a fortune.”– Jim Rohn


Sometimes adversity is what you need to face

in order to become successful. — Zig Ziglar


Fifty years ago there was a village doctor who went to the city.

He tied his horse and gently,

through the back door, entered a pharmacy.

For more than an hour,

the doctor and the drug dealer whispered something to each other.

Then the doctor came out

and brought in a big old-fashioned pot

and a wooden wand for picking.

The other looked at the contents of the pot

and handed the doctor a stack of money,

five hundred dollars exactly.

That’s all the money you’ve accumulated!

After receiving the money,

the old man finally came up with the most important thing:

a piece of paper with a secret recipe.

The princes are willing to give half of the kingdom

for the records on that page.

Mysterious words force the pot to boil.

But neither the doctor nor the young salesman knew

how fate ordained the miraculous wealth

to be born from that little pot.

The old man was satisfied that he had sold his recipe

for five hundred dollars.

The employee never thought he would invest money in such an old pot.

But later on,

in terms of the ability

to pick gold from the air,

even Aladdin’s magic lamp could not match that pot.

The seller bought a thought!

But the miracles from the pot only begin to happen

when the new owner adds to the secret recipe something

that the doctor did not know before.

What do you think that is?

Now let’s see how much wealth that thought has brought.

First of all, it has put gold on the people

who sell the pot to millions of other people.

The old pot is today one of the biggest consumers of sugar,

creating jobs for sugar cane growers

and sugar mill workers.

The old pot consumes millions of glass bottles every year,

ensuring jobs for people in the glass industry.

The old pot – created jobs for the vast army of employees,



advertising specialists across the country.

It brings glory and wealth to many artists

who are credited with creating memorable product descriptions.

The old pot turned a small southern city into a business capital,

which to this day, directly or indirectly,

still benefits the businesses of every individual

who lives there.

The influence of this thought promotes the development

of the whole civilized world,

bringing gold and silver to all who touch it.

The gold from this pot has built

and maintained one of the South’s most renowned graduate schools,

now training thousands of students preparing to succeed.

If only the product from the copper pot could speak,

it would tell thousands of vivid stories in all languages ​​of the world.

A story about love and business,

about thousands of men and women that every day keeps you awake.

At least the participant in one of these stories

is the author of these lines.

The scene takes place at a location not far from where,

at some point, the pharmacy clerk bought the old pot.

It was there that the author met his future wife,

and for the first time she told him this story.

They drank that wonderful beverage,

and he suggested that she join her life

with him to share all the joys and sorrows.

Who you are? ->Wife of self-mad millionaire

Where you live? -> We can stay in Singapore

What you do – it doesn’t matter.

It’s important that each time,

when you see the name “Coca-Cola”,

remember that this huge empire was born of an idea,

and the secret ingredient that Eza Candler,

the pharmacy salesman, added to the recipe,

it’s imagination!

Stop! Think.

Think about how the principles outlined here have helped Coca-Cola

take over cities and villages around the world.

And if you also come up

with such a reasonable and worthy thought,

then you can repeat the record of the world famous beverage company.

One of the great secrets of the rich is trusting their senses

and using knowledge gained from practice to solve problems.

Remember, your mind is your greatest asset,

so be careful what you put into it. — Robert Kiyosaki


Opportunities come infrequently.

When it rains gold, put out the bucket,

not the thimble. — Warren Buffett


The following story confirms the truth of the saying:

“If there is a will, then it should be.

A civilizer and missionary,

the priest

passed away Frank U.Gansoles,

who started in the slaughterhouses in Chicago,

told me.

While still in graduate school,

Dr. Gansoles saw many flaws in the education system,

which he would have avoided if he had led the school.

And he decided to establish his own school,

without applying formal teaching methods,

to carry out his thought.

It takes a million dollars to do this.

Where to get it now?

This thought did not leave the young,

victorious priest in peace.

Going to bed,

reading morning prayers

or doing something else during the day,

the thought of money became haunting

and underpinned all his actions and thoughts.

Understand that it takes both a definite goal,

and a passionate desire to achieve it,

but Dr. Gansoles still doesn’t know how to get a million dollars.

Someone else in his position would have thought to themselves:

Hmm, the idea is great,

but I never got that damn million dollars.

But Dr. Gansoles thinks and acts differently.

Well, let him tell himself.

Oh, once on Saturday I sat at home and thought about

what I’ve been thinking about for two years: how?

How earn money to carry out my plan?

That day I said to myself:

enough is enough,

just thinking is enough!

In a week I will have a million dollars.

I still don’t know exactly

where I’m going to get it,

but I’ve done the main thing:

decide on a deadline to hit the goal

It must be said that

at the right moment of decision making,

a sense of confidence welled up in my soul.

Something inside me said:

Oh, why didn’t you do this sooner?

All the while, the money is still waiting for you!

Subsequent events progressed at breakneck speed.

I summoned the reporters

and informed them that the next morning

I would preach the subject:

what would I do if I had a million dollars.

I immediately put together the paper I was going to say,

and it really wasn’t that complicated:

it had been ripening in me for the past two years.

That night I went to bed

and was very satisfied:

I clearly saw a million dollars in my pocket.

The next morning,

I got up earlier than usual,

read the prepared talk again,

and knelt to pray.

I pray to God: whoever can give me money,

listen to my lecture.

And I was filled with confidence again

that the money was coming,

and it was coming to me.

I was so moved that I left the house

and forgot my prewritten talk,

and it was only

when I stepped on the podium

that I remembered.

Of course, it was too late to run back

to get the paper.

And – my God!

Because my subconscious gave me what I needed.

I walked up to the podium,

closed my eyes and began to speak

that is my heart and soul,

my dreams speaking.

I don’t just talk to the sheep,

I turn to God Himself.

I confided what I would do

if I had control of a million dollars.

I present a plan to organize a school

where young men and women

can receive the necessary practical knowledge

and at the same time develop their intellect.

When I finished my talk and sat down,

someone from the third row got up

and headed towards the podium.

I can’t imagine what he’s going to do.

The man went up to the podium,

raised his hand,

and said the following:

Oh, venerable Reverend,

I enjoyed your talk.

I believe that Father could do all the things he just said

if he had a million dollars.

I want to prove that I trust Father and his speech,

and for that I will give Father a million dollars.

Tomorrow morning Father come to my office.

My name is Philipp D.Armurà.

And Mr. Armur gave Dr. Gansoles the promised amount.

On the basis of this money,

Armur University of Technology,

now Ilinoi University of Technology,

was established.

It was the thought that gave Father Gansoles the million dollars he needed.

Thought developed in the passion

that the young priest had nurtured over the course of two years.

Notice something extremely important:

Dr. Gansoles received the money within 36 hours

after he made the decision and planned to implement it!

If the priest dreams of a million dollars

and dimly hopes that the dream will be fulfilled by some chance,

it is not surprising.

Who doesn’t dream?

But there was something different about

that memorable Saturday’s decision,

when daydreaming turned to determination:

I’d have this money within a week!

The rules by which Dr. Gansoles achieved his goal are

as valid today as they were on that day,

when the young missionary successfully applied them.

And you can totally use it!

Rich people don’t care about the way things are done,

they only care about the results.

Solve the problem,

get the reward and repeat the process

until you become rich.

Courage is on display every day,

and only the courageous wring the most out of life. —Zig Ziglar


What counts for most people in investing

with saving is not how much they know,

but rather how realistically they define

what they don’t know. — Warren Buffett


What is the similarity between Eza Candler and Dr. Gansoles?

The common point here is that they understood a supreme truth,

that thought can be turned into a coin

by a clear intention combined with a specific plan.

If you are one of those people who believe

that wealth can only be obtained through honest and hard work

only, then throw away all hope!

Property wealth,

if we speak of real property wealth,

never comes to man solely

as a result of hard labor.

Wealth – it is the sound of steadfast desire.

Wealth does not come by accident.

In general, a thought, it is a flash of thought that,

by influencing your imagination,

prompts you to act.

Great traders know that ideas help them sell.

Small traders don’t understand this.

Is that why they stay small?

One cheap book publisher invented something

that would have great implications

for his entire publishing career.

I understand that many people buy the title,

not the content of the book.

Changing the title of the book did not work,

he sold more than a million copies.

But in the book did not change a single line,

just glued the new cover with a box

with a more squeaky name.

Thought is priceless.

The price is determined by the author,

and if he is determined,

he will always get what he wants!

The biography of every great estate

begins the day the author of the thought met the buyer.

Around Carneghi are people

who know how to do things

that he himself cannot do people

who think up and implement ideas.

That brought him

and the people on his team huge sums of money.

Millions of people live in hope of good luck.

If the situation is very favorable,

you may also have a chance,

but making a plan based on luck is not serious.

It was luck that opened up great possibilities in my life,

but before that was twenty years

of striving towards my goal.

I would like to talk about my meeting with Mr. Andrew Carneghi

and his agreement to support my work.

At that time, Mr. Carneghi proposed the idea of ​​building a philosophy

of success from the principles of achieving wealth.

Adhering to this philosophy has helped thousands of people,

many of whom have made great fortunes.

The beginning was simple:

an idea that would work for everyone.

Yes, my life took a big turn thanks to Mr. A.Carneghi.

But it won’t happen without consistency,

always reaching for a specific goal

and continuously working for twenty years!

Extraordinary desire has helped me overcome all disappointments,

feelings of discouragement over bad luck,

criticism from others,

and the constant thought of wasted time.

No, it was a passion!

After Mr. Carneghi gives the thought,

it needs to be nurtured, nurtured and cared

for to give it vitality.

Gradually, it became an independent mechanism and returned

to guide me on the path of life.

With thoughts always.

In the beginning,

you create it,

later on,

it grows

and takes over your whole being,

and does not accept disobedience.

Thought is not palpable,

but its power is far greater

than that of the brain that gave birth to it.

The power of thought continues to be active

even after the brain has returned to dust.

Thoughts need to be recorded

Work – then synthetic imagination

and creative imagination will help you

as your two hands,

left and right.

Lack of imagination is the cause of many failures;

Having imagination will guarantee success.

Eza Candler hasn’t bought the coca-cola recipe yet.

He imagined it.

This brings you money.

Money will come to you endlessly if you know exactly

how much you need? ->1.000.000 ringgit

and for what-> buy real estate

And of course if you have the help of your imagination.

It brought a million dollars to the priest in need.

Wealth awaits you.

The path to wealth begins with simple thoughts.

Not even the plan

but the combination alone can bring back thousands and millions.

Any tool need dexterous hands

You can learn great things from your mistakes

when you aren’t busy denying them. — Stephen R. Covey

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