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Think and Grow Rich! The Eleventh Step Toward Wealth: The Subconscious

Chapter 11: The Eleventh Step Toward Wealth: The Subconscious

Your subconscious mind is a sleeping giant,

waiting for an opportunity to help you in all your ups and downs.

After all, it is the subconscious mind,

the mother of positive thinking,

that will give you what you want.



The subconscious works through perception.

Thought impulses that reach perception are classified and recorded.

It is possible to take thoughts out of consciousness like taking letters out of the mailbox.

Impressions and thoughts of different natures are accumulated and received.

You can use your will to subconsciously bring into mind any plan,

any thought, any intention that you wish to translate into a physical (or monetary) equivalent.

But you have to pay attention – the subconscious reacts first

and foremost to strong desires that are reinforced by beliefs.

Ponder this, combine the instructions in the chapter Hugging Desires with six tips on creating and implementing a wealth plan,

and you’ll understand the importance of what I mean.

The subconscious works day and night.

By means unknown to man,

it receives from the Supernatural Intelligence a power capable of making wishes come true.

Your subconscious mind uses the means that make your goals possible.

Man is not able to control the subconscious mind as he wants,

but he has the right to choose the material for it:

in your subconscious there are only your plans, desires and intentions.

So reread the manual on using the subconscious in the chapter on autosuggestion.

There is a lot of evidence to confirm that the subconscious mind is the link between human intelligence and the World Intelligence,

that it is the intermediary through which we can receive the power from Infinite Intelligence.

Only the subconscious knows how our intellectual efforts turn into mental efforts.

The subconscious mind is the means by which prayers are raised to the One who is able to do them.

If you want to be financially-free,

you need to become a different person than you are today

and let go of whatever has held you back in the past. — Robert Kiyosaki



The possibilities of construction labor associated with the subconscious are endless,

uncontrollable, and often cause anxiety.

To be honest, while talking, every time I touch the topic of my subconscious mind,

I feel small and of little value, perhaps because human knowledge in this field, unfortunately, is outdated regime.

Only after acknowledging the fact that the subconscious exists

and serves as a bridge capable of materializing desire can you appreciate

the full importance of the instructions presented in the chapter on Desire.

You also have to understand why I say it over and over again: the desire must be specific.

More clear, more specific

– and you see: was able to record!

And be sure to follow the instructions.

Now let’s talk about the triggers that can awaken in you the ability to enter your subconscious and affect it.

Don’t be discouraged if the first attempt fails.

Remember: you can only control your subconscious if it becomes a habit.

Follow the instructions in the chapter Belief.

You still don’t know how to control trust?

Be persistent and persistent.

I allow myself to repeat many things from the Beliefs and Autism-suggestion review chapters.

It is essential to your subconscious mind

– because it works regardless of whether you try to influence it or not,

and in the end: feelings of fear, thoughts of poverty and all sorts of ideas.

Negative thoughts in general will affect your perception

as long as you have not learned to control them

and while your mind has not been nourished by something more beneficial.

The subconscious does not know how to eat or sit!

You don’t give it a job?

That’s fine, it will work with whatever affects it without your involvement – because you want to.

We have already explained that around your existence there are various kinds of thought impulses

that come into contact with your subconscious mind without notice.

Some impulses are negative, some are positive.

Your goal is to block negative impulses

and help positive impulses influence your subconscious well.

If you can do this, consider that the key to the subconscious is in your hands.

You are now fully capable of protecting your subconscious mind from the effects of adverse thoughts.

Everything man-made begins with a flash of thought.

Before the construction process is the process of imagination.

Controlled imagination is the basis of plans for success in the chosen profession.

Thought impulses need to be channeled through the imagination and combined with beliefs.

The plan has faith that is inserted into the main subconscious through the imagination.

As you have seen, in order to use your subconscious mind consciously,

you need to follow all the instructions we have given you in sequence.

The purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and the generations to come after



The subconscious mind is more inclined to accept emotional thoughts than

Thoughts have a reason.

It is no coincidence that it is said that emotions control people.

At least we are not mistaken in asserting that the subconscious prefers to respond to thought impulses more emotionally,

and therefore we need to understand his feelings.

Humans know seven major positive emotions

and about the same number of negative feelings.

We’re more used to negative feelings, aren’t we?

They seep into thoughts and follow thoughts into the subconscious.

Positive emotions are more passive – they must be inserted

(by means of auto-suggestion)

the thought impulses that you want to put into the subconscious

(see chapter instructions on Auto-suggestion).

Sometimes I have the impression that feeling is like leavening making dough – can bring thoughts from a passive state to an active state.

Like you, do you prefer thoughts calling to you by the voice of your senses over the command of your cold reason?

So, you are about to control the subconscious, to instill in it the desire to have money, to urge it to materialize this desire.

But the subconscious is not an easily accessible audience.

You have to talk in their language, or they won’t understand what you say.

The language of the subconscious is the language of the senses.

That is, it is indispensable to feel.

Let’s list all seven positive emotions and seven major negative feelings so you don’t get confused when choosing,

when you want to use them to dictate to your subconscious mind.

Seven major positive emotions:








Of course there are other positive emotions as well,

but these seven are the strongest and most often used in human creative work.

Use and control these emotions, and all other positive emotions will be ready to wait for your command when asked.

By the way, remember: you are studying a book whose mission is to help you develop a method of thinking in terms of money,

by providing awareness with positive emotions.

Seven major negative feelings (which you should avoid):








Perception cannot contain both positive and negative emotions at the same time. Something must play a leading role.

If you want your perception to be affected by positive emotions,

only you can do this. Habit will help you.

So make it a habit to only receive and use positive emotions!

Gradually, they will master awareness so fully that negative emotions no longer have a chance to creep into it.

And finally, never forget that only by following the instructions here regularly can you learn to command your subconscious.

Sometimes just one bad cognitive thought is enough to ruin all the positive changes in your subconscious.

You are a child of Heaven and Earth.

If you live narrowly you will not be able to serve the world.

It is not wise to shrink back and make others feel uncomfortable around you.

We all have a mission to shine, like children.

We are born to shine.

That light exists not only in some of us, but in all of us.

And when we let ourselves shine,

we subconsciously call on others to do the same.

When we are free from our fears,

our presence automatically frees others.



If you’re an observant,

you’ve probably noticed that most people pray when other methods don’t work.

It means that at that time their awareness is full of fears and doubts,

feelings without which the subconscious mind cannot function and contact the World Intelligence.

In other words, emotional awareness is received by the World Intelligence, the emotion that prompts perception to act.

If you pray about something and fear that the Supernatural Intelligence does not like to work according to your wishes,

then your prayer is in vain.

If there has ever been a time when you have received what you prayed for,

remember your mental state at that time,

and you will understand that the theory presented here is far more than a common theory.

The way to contact the World Intelligence is like the sound vibrations transmitted on the radio.

If you are familiar with the working principle of radios,

then of course you know that sound is transmitted only when its vibrations are modified to the point of being unreadable by the human ear.

The radio device transforms the human voice by increasing its vibration by millions of times.

Only then can the volume be transmitted through space.

This boosted volume is picked up by the receiver and converted back to the original oscillation level.

The broker – subconscious – translates your prayer into a language understood by the World Mind,

sends the message contained in the prayer, receives the answer

– in the form of a plan or thought to achieve a goal.

Realize this, and you will understand why the words contained

in the prayer book can never connect your mind with the Supernatural Intelligence.

Each of us has a prosperity profile in mind.

This profile contains our own beliefs,

including why being rich is so great.



The subconscious mind does not distinguish between working for success and working for failure.

The choice belongs to you.

You can heal yourself, but you can also burn yourself to ashes.

Now you know seven negative feelings.

Do everything you can so that there is no room for them in consciousness

your c. Let’s saddle the seven positive emotions to work.

And hold the reins firmly!

Your Intelligence is infinitely small – direct it towards World Intelligence.

The subconscious is your radio: send out your prayers and receive the answers.

The energy of the whole universe will make prayers come true.

The subconscious mind has great power

– don’t waste your efforts, you will master it.

In your power will be desire – the basis of all problems.


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