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Napoleon Hill! Think and Grow Rich! The fourteenth step! Six Symptoms of Fear

Napoleon Hill! Think and Grow Rich!

Chapter 14: Six Symptoms of Fear

You decide to correct yourself

– check to see if there is still fear in you.

If you want, you will be rich.

Because nothing stands in your way.

“In order to achieve goals you have not achieved

before you have to become someone you haven’t been before.” — Jim Rohn


The hand that knows how to give flowers to others

is the hand that keeps the fragrance. – Aysa Angel


Before you can put my philosophy to good use,

your awareness must be prepared to receive it.

The preparation phase is not long and uncomplicated,

it begins with the study, analysis,

and understanding of the three enemies that we need to destroy

– indecision,


and fear.

Not even a sixth sense can help you if these three enemies

(or at least one of them) are still present in your perception.

The three members of this demonic family are closely allied

with each other:

as long as there is one name,

the other two are immediately lurking somewhere.

Indecisiveness breeds fear.

Remember this carefully!

Indecision crystallizes from doubt,

and when they entwine

– fear is born.

Sometimes this process progresses slowly.

And that’s why the aforementioned trio is so dangerous.

They are born and grow,

and you have no doubt about their existence.

The purpose of this chapter is

to focus attention on the causes

and treatments for the six major forms of fear.

In order to destroy the enemy,

we must know its name,


and whereabouts.

Therefore, in your reading,

you should incorporate self-analysis

– determine if there is any refuge in your soul for fear.

But don’t let these cunning enemies fool you,

because sometimes they lurk in the subconscious

where it is difficult to detect

and destroy them.

Money is used to make things happen. –  Aysa Angel


Ambition is the path to success.

Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. — Bill Bradley


Thus, there are six most common forms of fear,

and each of us has the pleasure of becoming acquainted

with their various combinations.

Happy is the person who does not suffer

from all these six fears.

I’ve listed them in order that,

in terms of meaning,

you’ll probably do as well.

It’s Fear



sickness and disease;

Love sick;

Old age;


The first three fears always appear in any anxiety.

The remaining fears (besides those mentioned above)

are either of little importance,

or can be reduced to these six points.

But in any case you must remember: fear

– it is only your state of awareness,

that is,

it can be controlled and guided.

Before construction must visualize and imagine:

the first born thought.

From here draw the more important conclusion:

just flash

– the idea will become reality.

Whether you like it or not!

Such is the nature of thought.

But even the thoughts of others

that we capture can determine our financial,

corporate, professional,

or social destiny as we ourselves think.

We will now lay the groundwork

for understanding a very important

phenomenon in this life:

why many people are happy while others,

not inferior in ability,

level of preparation,

experience and qualifications intellectual level,

seems to be failed by a cruel fate.

Why so?

Figure it out for yourself:

each person has the ability to completely control his

or her perception,

which means

– everyone has the power to open his mind

to that atmosphere of thought

and draw power from it,

or closed and refused to communicate

with Universal Intelligence.

In general,

nature has endowed man

with absolute control over all things,

except thoughts.

Tie this to the fact that any construction begins

with a thought impulse

and you’ve come close to the concept

of the principle that governs fear.

And if the judgment of every thought tends

to be done to be true,

how do you turn thoughts of fear

and poverty into courage and financial success?

A man is a master of patience,

also a master of other things. – Aysa Angel


Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions.

Small people always do that,

but the really great make you believe

that you too can become great. ― Mark Twain


There is no compromise between poverty and wealth.

The paths to these results are diametrically opposite.

If you want to be rich,

don’t accept circumstances that lead to poverty:

ignore them

– for you they do not exist

(here we use the word opulence in its broadest sense,

which includes not only material and financial wealth,

but also spiritual and intellectual wealth).

Well, let’s recall once again,

that the path to prosperity begins

with the desire to prosper.

In the chapter on Wishes we have tried to explain

what you need to do.

And it is in this chapter

– the chapter on fear

– that you are in a very good position

to practice following our instructions.

Get started

– and you’ll see right away what our philosophy is all about.

Get started

– and you will become your own destiny prophet

and foretell exactly what your future will be.

If, after reading this chapter,

you still agree to accept poverty

– you know how, you will get poverty!

Certainly so.

If you want wealth,

determine in what form you want it,

and how much.

Your path is clear

– I have given you a map,

and if you follow it right,

it is impossible to get lost.

If you can’t start or stop halfway

– don’t blame anyone

but yourself.

You are responsible for your own actions

and no alibi can save you from that responsibility,

because one thing depends entirely on you:

your state of consciousness.

Think about it:

your state of consciousness.

One cannot buy

– one has to create this state.

Rich people think people are willing to help them. – Aysa Angel



“Don’t ask for life to be easy.

Ask for it to be worth it.”— Jim Rohn

Fear of poverty – it’s just a state of awareness,

nothing more,

nothing less!

However, it has the potential to destroy all your chances

of success in any job.

This fear paralyzes the mind,

disrupts imagination,

kills confidence,

gnaws excitement,

cools initiative,

eclipses goals,

robs self-control.

It makes individuals lose their persuasion,

thinking clearly,

disrupting the concentration of energy.

It destroys constancy,

turns strength into futile impotence,

destroys ambition,

reduces memory,

attracts risk.

It stifles love,

forces the best feelings in the soul,

destroys friendships,

brings unhappiness,

leads to insomnia,

sadness, and despair.

And that often happens

despite the obvious truth

that we live in a world full

of good things that our souls desire,

and between us

and what we want there is no obstacle

but a single obstacle

– no specific goal.

Of all the fears, the fear of poverty

– without a doubt

– is the most destructive.

It’s the hardest to fix,

so we start from this point.

It arises from the fear of falling victim

to our brothers

– a fear that has taken root in our heads.

Animals act on instinct,

but their thinking ability is very limited,

so they hunt and eat each other

in the literal sense of the word.

Man, having a superior mental

and neurological organization,

capable of thinking and reasoning,

is not cannibalistic

– he finds greater satisfaction in economic cannibalism.

Man is so greedy that society has to devise possible laws

to block him from those close to him.

Poor! Nothing can bring so much suffering and humiliation.

Only people who have been through this situation

will fully understand what I mean.

There is nothing strange in our fear of poverty.

Experience passed down from generation

to generation shows that there are people

who should not be trusted

when matters involve money

and other worldly benefits.

People are so greedy for wealth

that they use every means possible to obtain it

– from honest means if possible to any means

if necessary or given the opportunity.

Then, how to get rid of this demon?

Analyze yourself to find weaknesses

that you don’t want to know.

This is essential for those who do not want

to continue living in mediocrity and poverty.

When questioning yourself for bias,

do not forget that you are both the judge and the jury,

the prosecution prosecutor and the defense attorney,

but the attorney for both the plaintiff

and the defendant affected side.

And of course don’t forget that the person on trial is you.

Ask yourself specific questions

and demand candid answers,

and when the investigation is over,

at least you’ll know yourself better.

If you feel you are not an objective judge,

ask someone who knows you well to help with this role.

Do not authorize anyone

to take the crossbow on you.

You are looking for the truth.

Find it at any cost,

even if it’s disappointing for a while!

Ask someone what he is afraid of.

In most cases you will hear the answer:

Fear nothing.

That is the wrong answer:

few people realize that they are physically

and mentally bound by fear,

insulted, and chased by them.

The feeling of fear is very difficult

to grasp and ingrained in awareness,

so many times people live their whole lives,

weighed down by many fears,

but still don’t know.

Only frank analysis will reveal humanity’s common enemy.

Start analyzing right away

and take a close look at your personality.

To help further,

I will give you a few symptoms

– you can look for them in yourself.

The rich know how to make money

from the quality of the service they provide. – Aysa Angel


“To attract attractive people,

you must be attractive.” — Jim Rohn


Indifferent – no pride,

no desire to break poverty,

no attitude against the tantalizing of fate,

laziness in mind as well as in body,

lack of initiative,

lack of imagination,

lack of pride excited,

not self-contained.

Indecision – the habit of letting others think for you,

while you wait in moderation.

Skepticism – expressed in the form

of explanations and apologies,

cover-ups and excuses for one’s failures

self-esteem, sometimes mixed

with jealousy at the success of others or criticism of others.


– trying to find fault with others,

spending too much income;

contemptuous of his appearance,

often grimacing,


uncontrolled drinking,

sometimes taking drugs;

Loss of composure,

lack of confidence in yourself.

Excessive caution

– the tendency to see only the flip side of things;

think and talk about possible failures

instead of focusing your awareness on finding the means to the results;

knows all the paths to failure and doesn’t want

to find ways to avoid them;

the habit of waiting for his opportunity that,

over time, becomes a worldview;

reminiscing about those

who were unfortunate enough

to forget the winners;

reasoning like:

Oh wow, no use!

Beat the mud to the pond! ;

The pessimistic attitude leads

to the stomach not being able to digest,

not being able to remove waste from the body,

poisoning, respiratory disorders

and easy disease.

Procrastination and procrastination

– the habit of begging to tomorrow what should have been done last year;

It takes a lot of effort to justify sitting idle instead of working.


combined with extreme caution,

skepticism and anxiety,

leads to avoidance of responsibility where possible;

prefer compromise to uncompromising struggle;

being willing to accept life’s difficulties

instead of overcoming them

(and you might later call them obstacles to moving forward);

bargaining for every penny with life

when it should be asking for prosperity,

wealth, affluence,

and happiness and fulfillment;

elaborate action plans in case of failure

instead of burning all bridges,

cutting off all escape routes;

weakness and complete lack of confidence,

lack of specific goals and self-restraint,

lack of initiative, excitement,

lack of self-esteem

and ability to reason; associate

with people who accept poverty

instead of rising to make friends with people

who are already rich and want to become richer.

Rich people play money games to win. – Aysa Angel



A young man without ambition

is an old man waiting to be. ― Steven Brust

Someone will say:

Why are you writing about money?

Is wealth only measured in dollars?

Many people believe that there are other forms

of wealth more worthy of the soul.

Yes, wealth is not just dollars,

but in this world there will be millions of people

who will say to you:

Give me all the money I need,

I will take care of the rest.

The main reason

why I wrote this book is the fear of poverty

that paralyzes millions of people

– men and women alike.

See the deeds of this fear.

Here is the story told

by Westbrook Pengler:

Money – it’s just chains of shells,

metal rings or sheets of paper.

There are also forms of wealth of the heart

and soul that cannot be bought with money;

but when in a state of depression people often don’t have the energy

to think about this and even not enough

to keep their spirits up.

A person is thrown into the street;

he is at the bottom,

he is at the margin;

and what goes on in that person’s soul

is very evident in his stooped shoulders,

in the way he wears his hat,


and looks.

He cannot escape his sense of inferiority

when surrounded by people with stable jobs,

even though he may know that he is superior

to others in intellect,

manners and talents.

For their part,

these people (even friends) feel they are superior to him,

and, even if it’s not intentional,

will treat him like an injured person.

For a period of time he can borrow money,

but of course this amount is not enough

to maintain the previous standard of living,

and after all,

no one can lend it forever.

He had to borrow money to eat,

so he felt even more depressed,

and here there was no living force of newly earned money.

Of course, I’m not talking about the unemployed

or the current surrender,

but about ordinary,

narcissistic and self-respecting men.

I think, in a similar situation,

the women would act differently.

By the way,

I always remark that

when we talk about extra people,

why don’t we usually refer to women.

That’s right,

it’s very rare

to see a woman queuing for a bowl of soup,

even less begging.

You don’t recognize them as you do men,

in the midst of a crowd,

due to a sign that catches your eye.

I repeat that I am not talking about homeless vagabonds,

male or female;


it’s the same number.

The issue here is about relatively young,


intellectual women.

There are probably many of these people,

but they never want to show the demise of their lives.

Maybe, they prefer to choose suicide.

People who lose their jobs have plenty of time to reflect.

He’s either gone to great lengths

to apply for a new vacancy

that someone else has already taken,

or he hears that he has to sell some crappy merchandise that,

if anyone were to buy it,

it’s only out of pity for himself,

and he has to live on commissions.

Rejecting this attractive prospect,

he suddenly realized

that he was already on the street and where he wanted to go

and also means not knowing where to go.

And he just kept going,



He glanced at the glass cases with luxuries not meant

for him and felt like a second-class citizen;

he made room by the glass case for those

who looked at them with more active interest.

Then he gets off the metro

or turns into the library to warm up a bit

and give his feet a rest.

It’s not looking for a job even though he’s gone.

He didn’t know that the aimless search,

while not yet visible in his appearance,

was fraught with the danger of rejection.

The clothes left over from his glory days were not too bad,

but still couldn’t hide the brokenness of his spirit.

He saw thousands of people busy with their work,

and in his heart he envied them

– kiosks,


pharmacy staff,

ticket clerks.

Those people – they were independent,


and dignified,

and he couldn’t convince himself that he was a good person too,

even though he often argued with himself

and always went to the wrong things,

conclusions in their favor.

It is money,


it is lack of money that this person changes so much.

For every little bit of money,

he’ll be back to himself in no time.

Focus on doubling your assets every day. – Aysa Angel


A man’s worth is no greater

than the worth of his ambitions. ― Marcus Aurelius


No one can say specifically where this human fear comes from,

but one thing is for sure

– it exists within us and is very developed.

It is also possible that the fear of criticism is due

to a part of human nature

that not only wants to steal food and property

from loved ones,

but also justifies his actions

by criticizing the character of the person being robbed.

Who knows,

thieves often slander the people they stole,

and politicians,

wanting to win elections,

not only show the world their own qualities and qualifications,

but also smear smack the opponent again.

Look how quickly the big clothing manufacturers take advantage

of the fear of criticism!

Every season changes a lot of details on the things we wear.

But who set the fad?

Not the buyer,

of course,

but the clothing manufacturer.

What needs to be changed so much?

The answer is clear:

to sell more.

Or cars too.

Every season has a new label,

a new fashion.

And few people venture into an outdated car.

What we have just described is of course trivial.

Let us now study human behavior

under the influence of fear of criticism

under more substantial circumstances.

For example,

let’s take a random person of intellectual maturity

(typically 35-40 years old),

and if you could read his inner thoughts,

you’d discover

that He absolutely did not believe in the stories the priest told him

when he was a child.

So why should a person living in our civilized age be afraid

to speak out about what he does not believe?

Well, it’s because he’s afraid of being judged!

Because many men and women have been burned at the stake just

because they dared to doubt the existence of ghosts.

It is not surprising,


that we have inherited a treasure trove of fear-biased perceptions.

After all, the time

when being critical will be severely punished

is not far away from ours.

In some countries,

such phenomena still exist to this day.

The fear of criticism kills initiative,

disrupts the power of imagination,

limits individuality,

lowers one’s self-confidence,

and harms him in many other cases.

Yes .

The criticism of parents very often leaves wounds

that never heal for people.

The mother of a childhood friend of mine pounded it

(in the literal sense of the word!),

that is, educated her with a pestle,

beat her every day,

and every time ended the ceremony with the following statement:

Oh, the prison it misses you so much,

you will go to prison before the age of twenty.

And so this boy fell into the re-education camp

for five years 17 years old.

Criticism – it’s a very readily available service.

Every single one of us has received countless of these free gifts!

And relatives (especially the closest ones)!

I think that parents who use criticism to raise their children

and create for their children a sense of inferiority

in disguise should be classified as criminals

(because this is the worst kind of crime!).

Managers understand human nature not through criticism,

but through constructive relationships

that bring out the best in their employees.

Parents can also achieve the same results.

Criticism gives the heart a feeling of incompetence or anger.

But not gratitude.

But not love.

Great things take time. – Aysa Angel


Don’t want success, Deserve it. ― Vikram Gill


This fear is as synthetic as the fear of poverty,

and its consequences are equally pernicious for the individual,

for fear of criticism kills initiative

and renders imaginative efforts useless meaningless.

The main symptoms are:

Timid and shy

– often expressed in embarrassment,

irritation in

when talking or when meeting strangers,

awkward movements,

eyes do not dare to look directly.


– unable to control one’s voice,

irritable in front of others,

poor posture and memory.

Weak personality

– lack of firmness in decision making,

lack of attractiveness

and the ability to explain clearly and succinctly;

have the habit of making appointments tomorrow;

immediately agree with the opinions of others.

Mediocre value – love to talk;

habit of using big words to make an impression

(often without understanding their true meaning);

imitating general style,

especially the style of dress and speech;

likes to make up, mainly on the subject of his success.

These people often appear confident.

Competing – trying to equal people,

inevitably leads to spending more than income.

Lack of initiative

– not knowing how to use all abilities to self-advocacy;

afraid to express opinions

and do not believe in their own ideas;

dodge while having to answer;

clumsy language and gestures;


Lack of self-esteem

– both mind and body are lazy;

slow decisions,

do not know how

and do not want to assert themselves;

likes to talk behind his back and flatter in front of him;

do not dare to compete with failures,

easily give up career

as soon as the first signs of opposition

from the outside appear;

unfounded suspicions;

to speak in an unpolite manner;

I don’t want to admit my flaws.

The rich know how to make money

by the best quality of the service they provide to customers. – Aysa Angel


“Your greatness is limited only

by the investments you make in yourself.”– Grant Cardone


This fear can be seen as a material or social legacy.

If we talk about the origin,

I dare say it is closely associated

with the fear of old age and death

– two messengers of the horrors of the afterlife

that people actually do not understand

even though they have been taught

since childhood stuff everything.

This phenomenon is so widespread

that many passersby sell health manuals

and at the same time maintain a fear of death.

In general, man’s fear of illness is due to fears

that have been instilled in his consciousness before,

and by fear of possible economic consequences.

A well-known physician discovered that 75% of the people

who come to see a doctor are due to thought disease.

It has been shown that fear of illness,

even the most trivial fear,

produces actual symptoms of the illness one is afraid of.

Such a strong human perception!

Both in creative construction,

and also in vandalism.

Taking advantage of this human weakness,

many certified drug sellers have earned a large fortune.

This cost has increased rapidly in recent decades,

to the point that a popular magazine has campaigned

for a campaign against the sellers of the most prolific elixir.

An experiment that we conducted not long ago proved

that it is possible to hypnotize disease in humans.

The three took turns asking the chosen victims the same question:

What’s the matter?

You look bad.

For the first time, the question only elicited an innocent smile:

oh no, everything is fine.

The second time, the answer is usually:

I don’t know either,

but it’s true that I don’t feel well.

As for the third time,

the respondent answered directly that he was sick.

Don’t laugh, but try it with someone you know.

Just don’t try too hard,

or they might get really sick!

By the way,

I know that there are also sects

that take revenge on their enemies by doing the same as we did,

just repeating it six times (the hecsaedra method).

Of course, they call it casting spells.

There is strange evidence that illness begins with bad thoughts.

Bad thoughts can be caused by suggestion,

can also be self-generated in human perception.

So follow the example of a wise man,

wiser than you might think

when you hear him say these words:

When someone asks me how I feel,

I always want to punch in the middle. his snout a fruit.

Doctors often advise their patients to change the climate

(for a certain period of time),

implying a change of circumstances.

The component of fear of disease always exists in the perception of each person.

Other factors such as anxiety,


heartbreak and unhappiness at work conceive it and give birth to it.

Failures in love and work are quite high on this list.

A young man suffered so much

from his unhappy love that he fell into the hospital.

For a month he was in a state between life and death.

Finally, a neurologist was called in.

The first thing is that the doctor replaces the nurse

with a beautiful and attractive young woman.

By agreement with the doctor,

from the very first day she started making love to our boy,

and after three weeks they were discharged from the hospital,

with a completely different illness:

he fell in love again.

This trick turned out to be a cure-all,

but the two eventually got married.

Use financial leverage

and take advantage of the advice of the advisor. – Aysa Angel


The ability to sell is the number one skill in business.

If you cannot sell,

don’t bother thinking about becoming a business owner. — Robert Kiyosaki


These are the following symptoms:

Autosuggestion – seeking

and assuming that one has the symptoms of all the diseases in the world,

enjoying imaginary illnesses

and believing them to be real;

likes to buy all kinds of medicines

(which everyone says works!);

often talk about surgery,


experimenting with diets,


slimming on your own without a doctor’s control;

using homemade or con artists’ drugs.


– habit of talking and focusing on diseases,

almost excitement waiting for it to come,

and ultimately stress.

No medicine from any kind of bottle

(not even the old man Hottabych’s pot) can cure this disease.

Mental illness arises from bad thoughts,

and nothing can cure it but good thoughts.

It is said that thought illness harms health

as much as the actual illness itself.

Oh Ma’am, what’s wrong with you?

– Oh my nerves are weak.

Normally, this woman’s nerves were close to that of a warhorse.


The fear of being sick often prevents people from exercising,

and as a result, being overweight causes an inability

to move around the house.


Fear of illness makes the body lose its resistance

and creates all conditions for falling ill.

Fear of illness can be closely linked to fear of poverty,

especially for those who are prone to illness

because they are always worried about having to pay for medical care.

But these people spend a lot of time preparing for illness.

And there’s also death

– they need to mention it too,

have to save up to pay for the cemetery and the funeral.

Pretend – the tendency to elicit sympathy

and pity from others by using an imaginary illness as bait

(this trick is also used to avoid having to work);

pretending to be sick to justify his laziness

or lack of ambition.

Insatiability – habit of using alcohol

or drugs to get rid of headaches, nerves

instead of fixing the cause.

Excessive anxiety – enjoys reading medical literature

and medical books,

and naturally becomes anxious,

afraid of getting sick.

You have only freedom is the freedom

to discipline yourself. – Aysa Angel


“You must expect great things of yourself

before you can do them.” –Michael Jordan


This fear arose from the time of polygamy

due to the custom of kidnapping women

and the practice of making love freely everywhere and at all times.

Jealousy and similar irritations arise

from an inherited fear of losing the object of love;

This form of fear is perhaps the most severe of the six.

It causes the most disturbance to the life of body and soul.

In the stone age, men used force to steal women.

So far they continue to do that,

but of course the technique has changed.

They use persuasion,

promising good clothes,

beautiful cars,

and other glamorous objects,

and these work much more effectively than physical strength.

Today compared to the past,

the habits of men have not changed,

but only the method of implementation.

Careful analysis shows that women are more afraid of heartbreak.

They know from experience that men are polygamous by nature

and cannot under any circumstances give men into the hands of rival lovers.

“Be nice to people.

It doesn’t cost anything.” – Grant Cardone


“One of the major differences

between successful and unsuccessful people is

that the former look for problems to resolve,

whereas the latter make every attempt to avoid them.” – Grant Cardone


The most prominent symptoms are:

Jealousy: the habit of doubting close friends

and lovers without grounds;

accuses a spouse of being unfaithful

(without reason, of course);

doubtful, absolutely do not believe.

Find fault in others:




lovers (type 1)

when there is any cause or even no cause.


prone to risky actions,


swindling and other dangerous tricks

to earn money for their lover,

because they believe that love can be bought;

in debt to buy gifts

because they want to show their good sides;

insomnia, irritability,

lack of consistency,

restraint and self-confidence;

weak will,

weak spirit.

When I see a result that is really worth the effort,

I jump right in and try everything

until it happens. – Thomas Edison


“Spend eighty percent of your time

focusing on the opportunities of tomorrow rather

than the problems of yesterday.” — Brian Tracy


In essence, this fear has two origins.

First of all, from the idea that old age brings poverty.

The second (this source is much more important),

from the harsh and false doctrines of the past about the cauldron of hell

and other threats to use fear

to enslave people.

People have two more valid reasons for fear of old age.

One is not to trust those close to you

because they can take all the earthly possessions that belong to you;

The second is the creepy images of the afterlife

that your perception has haunted.

Adjacent to this fear is the very common fear of illness.

The reason here is the erotic element,

because no one likes the thought of losing their sexual attraction.

Nor should the prospect of poverty be forgotten.

Nursing home is not the easiest word to hear.

It breathes ice-cold breath into the awareness

of every person facing the possibility of living old years in oblivion.

And, finally, old age does not preclude the loss of freedom

and independence, both physically and economically.

Live your life with passion,

with some drive,

and decide

that you are going to push yourself.

The last chapter of your life has not been written yet,

and it doesn’t matter about what happened yesterday.

It doesn’t matter about what happened to you,

what matters is,

‘what are you going to do about it? — Les Brown


“The price of success must be paid in full,

in advance.”— Brian Tracy


The most common are the following symptoms:

Early decline.

That is, the downward trend from the age of forty

(actually this is the age of intellectual maturity),

the development of inferiority complexes

and critical thinking.

It is a misconception that individuals reach a certain age in decline.

Forgive this old man.

Many people in their forties

and fifties say that while apologizing.

While having to say thanks for the happiness of living at a wise and understanding age.

Lack of initiative.



confidence are lost in those who consider themselves too old

to be able to manifest those qualities anymore.

Sawing large horned calf.

Imitate youth-like dressing and behavior,

and of course appear grotesque in the eyes of those around,

far and near.

Don’t be pushed by your problems,

be led by your dreams. — Ralph Waldo Emerson


If I know what love is, it is because of you. — Hermann Hesse


Many people fear this the most.

The reason is also easy to understand.

A sudden stab of pain pierces the heart at the thought of death,

often due to religious fanaticism.

Polytheists are less afraid of death than representatives of the civilized world.

For thousands of years people have asked hitherto unanswered questions:

where do I come from?

and where do i go?

From the dark ages of the past there have been heartless

and sly people offering answers for money.

Come to me, accept my creed,

follow my creeds,

and I will give you a ticket to go straight

to heaven after death,

– cried the leader of a sect.

Of course you may not come with me,”

he continued, “but then the devil will grab you and burn you in hell.

The thought of punishment in hell takes away all enjoyment

of life and destroys happiness.

Although no religious leader can guarantee a way to heaven

or to hell (since there is no such place),

the concept of hell is so terrible

that the very thought of it becomes a burden upon the imagination,

so heavy that it paralyzes the mind,

and on the basis of which the fear of death arises.

Today, fortunately,

this fear is not as widespread as it used to be,

when there were no universities and graduate schools.

Science has shined a ray of truth on mankind,

and this truth quickly liberated everyone on earth from their fear of death.

It is no longer easy to impress educated young men and women.

Thanks to biology,


geology and other sciences,

the fear that has gripped the human psyche

since these dark centuries has dissipated.

The entire world is made up of two things:

energy and matter.

From the very beginning of our physics curriculum we have known

that neither matter nor energy

(the two forms of reality known to man) can neither be created nor destroyed.

They only change from one form to another,

not disappear.

Life – it’s energy,

nothing more?

And, like other forms of energy,

it undergoes changes and variations.

And death

– just a variation.

If so, it means that after death begins a long,


eternal sleep,

which sleeps

– then what is there to fear?

Suppress your fear of death!

Control yourself or someone else will control you. ― Aysa Angel


If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. — Milton Berle


Thinking about death.

This habit is common in the elderly,

but even many young people often think about nothingness

when they should be enjoying life.

It is not uncommon for a lack of life purpose or an inability

(these two causes are often linked) to find a suitable career.

The best medicine for the fear of death

– it is the passionate desire to achieve something meaningful that serves people.

Busy people don’t think about death.

Contact the fear of poverty.

Fear of approaching poverty

or coming due to someone’s death.

Associated with illness

or capriciousness.

Illness can lead to depression.



bad temper,

or lunacy can all become causes of fear of death.

Your brain shall be your servant instead of your master.

You will rule it instead of allowing it to rule you. ― Charles Popplestone


If you want to lead an extraordinary life,

find out what the ordinary do and don’t do. — Tommy Newberry


Anxiety is a state of awareness arising from fear.

It works gradually but surely.

Step by step, it is ingrained in consciousness

until it paralyzes a man’s ability to think healthy,

loses his confidence and initiative;


– it’s a constant form of fear that’s caused by indecision,

and that is to say,

it’s also a state of awareness that we can and should control.

Cognitive disturbances are extremely weak.

Impatience makes it that way.

Most of us don’t have the willpower to make a quick decision,

and then (when we’ve made up our mind) do our best to make it happen.

After we have determined for ourselves a certain line of action,

we give no thought to the circumstances.

Once, I had the opportunity to talk to a person

who would be executed in the electric chair two hours later.

He was the calmest of the eight people

who shared a death row cell.

His calmness made me curious to ask him how he felt

when he knew he would soon pass into eternity.

Not a bad feeling.

Just think,


all my suffering is about to end.

My life is nothing but suffering.


Food and clothing are always difficult for me.

Soon I won’t need anything anymore.

Naturally, I felt really excited

when I knew exactly that I was going to die.

It was then that I decided:

I would accept my fate with high spirits.

As he spoke, he ate a delicious meal enough for three,

savoring every bite as if nothing terrible awaited him.

A decision that made this man accept his fate!

And the decision can also save you

from rushing into the whirlpool of adverse circumstances.

Due to lack of determination,

every fear can turn into anxiety.

Free yourself once and for all

from the fear of death by acknowledging it as inevitable.

Get rid of the fear of poverty

with the decision to achieve as much as possible and not worry.

Stop your fear of criticism

by deciding to ignore what people think and say about you.

Take fear out of your consciousness through a new perspective

– see fear not as an obstacle,

but as a good fulcrum,

providing wisdom,


and understanding of life,

that youth do not have.

Get rid of the fear of illness by forgetting all the symptoms.

Manage your fear of failure

by telling yourself that without it you’ll be fine.

And in general

– forget about worrying!

Decide for all cases:

nothing in life is worth your worry.

And you will find that with this decision you will have the serenity,

the clear mind, the calm thinking,

which will inevitably lead to happiness.

The person who in his fear-filled awareness not only disrupts all his ability

to act with his own thoughts,

but also adversely affects the perception of those

with whom he communicates and sabotages their ability.

Even dogs or horses can sense when their owners are afraid of them.

What’s more, they capture the impulses of fear expressed

by humans and act accordingly.

Many animals with lower levels of intellectual development have also discovered this ability

– the ability to recognize the fear of others.

Life is too short to worry about stupid things. ― Aysa Angel


If you want to change the fruits,

you will first have to change the roots. ― Aysa Angel


The fear impulse transfers from one person’s awareness to another’s perception as rapidly

and irreversibly as the voice impulse

from the transmitter to the radio receiver.

People who speak out negative

or unconstructive thoughts must know that they will receive an equally powerful

and destructive blow.

Simply releasing negative thoughts is enough

to get feedback in several directions at once.

The first and perhaps most important thing is that the brain,

shaken by negative thoughts,

has a very poor capacity for creative imagination.

Remember this carefully.

Second, when in the perception of negative emotions,

the person himself is infected,

others naturally feel alienated from him,

and sometimes even hostile.

The third, equally important aspect of damage is:

thoughts that flash in a bad direction not only harm those around them,

but when they take root in the subconscious of the person

who gave them the thought,

that will become part of his personality.

Your public life is primarily

for the sake of success.

To achieve that,

you have to calm your consciousness,

acquire material possessions,

and most importantly,

have happiness.

But all these signs of success

begin with thought impulses.

You can control your perception,

you can register all thoughts into the perception

according to your choice.

But does this privilege entail responsibility for their active use?

You are the master of your mundane destiny

as long as you control your thoughts.

You can refuse, not use that privilege,

accept what life dictates,

which is to float on the waves of circumstances

and be scattered like shavings in the vast ocean of life.

Wake up early and tackle the day before it tackles you.

Be on offense, not defense. ― Evan Carmichael


If you want it to happen,

you must make it happen. — Randall Dale


So that you don’t see that the six fears mentioned above are few,

I add one more evil that many people suffer from.

It is a very fertile land that helps the unfortunate

and dangerous types to germinate.

This evil is very elusive.

Strictly speaking,

this does not constitute a fear.

There is no better name,

we call it the impact of bad influence.

People who want to make money need to stay away from it depressed

because of poverty

– never!

If you are successful in a certain area,

fight this demon.

If you are familiar with my philosophy of accumulating wealth,

the more you need to understand this issue within yourself.

And if you despise self-analysis and self-criticism, then

– say goodbye to your secret dream!

Seek seriously.

After reading the questions for self-analysis,

you should be as precise as possible,

like an accountant,

to answer.

Do this as carefully

as possible you are looking for enemies who are ambushing you,

and your attitude towards your flaws should be as severe

as that of your enemies in the flesh.

Finding a helper against street robbers is not difficult for you,

because the law has provided us

with an organized system of social assistance

to serve the common good.

Conquering the aforementioned evil is much more complicated,

because it strikes at the will that you don’t even suspect of its existence,

both while you’re asleep and while you’re awake.

Its weapons are immaterial,

because that is your own state of consciousness.

Sometimes it comes to you from the words

of a loved one or from your own thoughts.

But it is always a poison that can slowly, but kill us.

Wake up determined.

Go to bed satisfied. ― Dwayne Johnson 


“No one is going to come to your house

and make your dreams come true.”– Grant Cardone


To protect yourself against the negative influence of yourself

or those around you,

remember that you have willpower.

Allow it to work, and it will build in your awareness a wall of immunity.

Confess to yourself that by nature you (and we all are) lazy,

apathetic, and receptive to everything that suits your weaknesses.

Realize that negative impulses enter you through the subconscious,

so it is difficult to detect them.

Therefore, be very wary of people

with whom you feel inhibited or discouraged.

Don’t forget that we are all naturally affected by all six of these fears,

and there’s only one way out

– training the skills to deal with them.

Start by cleaning out your medicine cabinet,

getting rid of all your favorite bottles and pills,

don’t indulge in all the flu,


and illnesses you’ve come up with for myself.

Try to reach out to people

who awaken in you positive thoughts and actions.

Don’t wait for worries

– they will probably come.

Undoubtedly, the most common human weakness

is an open awareness of bad influences.

It is very destructive

because most people refuse to acknowledge

that they are also affected by this influence,

and if they do,

they also refuse

or avoid fighting against it,

making it their own by uncontrollable substance.

The following questions are asked

to help those who want

to know what kind of person they are.

Read the question and answer aloud,

so you can hear your voice.

This will help you be more honest with yourself.

Be brave.

Take risks.

Nothing can substitute experience. ― Paulo Coelho


If you want to change the visible,

you must first change the invisible. — T. Harv Eker


Do you often complain about your health?

If yes, what is the reason?

If possible, how often do you find fault in others?

Do you make mistakes at work?

If so, why?

How do you usually talk,

sarcastic or offensive?

Are you deliberately avoiding contact with anyone?

If so, why?

Are you suffering from indigestion?

If yes, what is the reason?

Do you feel that life is meaningless

and the future is hopeless?

Do you like the job you do?

If not, then why?

Do you feel sorry for yourself?

If so, why?

Do you envy people

who are superior to you in some area?

Do you spend more time thinking about success or about failure?

As you mature,

does your confidence increase or decrease?

Do you learn from your mistakes?

Do you allow relatives

or acquaintances to cause you anxiety?

If so, why?

Do you have a good time

when you fly nine clouds,

sometimes you sink into the depths of hopelessness?

Who inspires you the most?


Do you often tolerate people

who negatively affect you or discourage you,

even if it could be avoided?

Do you take care of your appearance?

If yes, when and how?

Do you know how to forget all worries with work,

ie so busy that there is no time to be angry anymore?

Would you call yourself a weak-willed person

for allowing others to think for you?

Have you ever disregarded the cleansing

and cleansing of the body

until the constipation turned you into a grumpy

and angry person?

Do avoidable anxieties often stir you up,

and why do you suffer?

Do you often use alcohol,

drugs or tobacco to calm your mind?

If so, why don’t you mobilize willpower instead?

Has anyone messed with you?

If yes, what is the cause?

Do you have a main purpose in life?

If so, what is the purpose?

How did you plan to do it?

Do you have any fears?

If so, what kind, or what types?

Do you have any safeguards against bad influences?

How often do you self-suggest to direct your awareness to positive actions?

What do you value more

– material values ​​or the ability to control your thoughts?

Is it easy to influence you despite your own inferences?

Is there anything valuable to add to knowledge and life today?

Your wisdom?

Do you look directly at the reality that is making you unhappy,

or do you shirk responsibility?

Do you analyze your mistakes and failures to learn from them,

or do you think this is not necessary?

Can you name the weaknesses that cause you the greatest damage?

What do you do to overcome these weaknesses?

Are you willing to empathize with those

who come to you to confide in their anxieties?

In your life experience,

what moves you forward more

– your own lessons or the impact of others?

Does your presence always have a negative impact on others?

Which other people’s habits annoy you the most?

Do you have your own opinion

or do you allow yourself to be influenced by others?

Do you know how to get in the mood against any depressing influences?

Does the profession you do add to your soul faith and hope?

Are you aware that you have enough mental strength to resist all fears?

Does religion direct your soul to positive thoughts?

Do you think it’s your duty to share other people’s concerns?

If so, why?

If you agree with the adage:

A ox is oxen, a horse is a horse or it’s black near the ink,

it’s bright near the lamp,

what would you know about yourself by observing your friends?

Do you see any connection

between the people you most closely associate with your discomforts?

Is it possible that someone you consider

to be your friend is your worst enemy due to his negative effects on you?

What criteria do you use to judge who is useful,

and who is harmful to you?

Is the intelligence of the people around you higher or lower than you?

In 24 hours of a day,

how much time do you spend on:



leisure leisure,

Gather useful knowledge,


Among your acquaintances,

who caused you to:




What is your biggest worry?


When people give you free advice,

do you accept it unconditionally

or do you analyze their motives?

What more do you want?

Are you going to fulfill that wish of yours?

Are you willing to sacrifice everything else for this primary purpose?

How much time each day do you spend on fulfilling that desire?

Do you often change your mind? If so, why?

Do you always finish what you started?

Do other people’s success,

their titles,


and assets impact you?

Does what other people say and think about you affect you?

Do you try to please others just

because of their social or financial status?

Who do you rank as the greatest of mankind?

In what way is that person superior to you?

How much time do you spend researching these questions and answering them?

(To analyze and answer these questions needs at least no less than a day.)

If you answer all of the above questions honestly,

you will know yourself better than most people.

Study these questions carefully,

think about them every week for a few months,

and you will be amazed at the amount of all-important information about yourself

that you will learn

when you answer the questions honest answers to those questions.

If you are unsure about certain statements,

seek advice from people who know you well,

especially those who have no reason to flatter you,

and try to see yourself through their eyes.

the impression will be very strong.

Don’t Just.

Don’t just learn, experience.

Don’t just read, absorb.

Don’t just change, transform.

Don’t just relate, advocate.

Don’t just promise, prove.

Don’t just criticize, encourage.

Don’t just think, ponder.

Don’t just take, give.

Don’t just see, feel.

Don’t just dream, do.

Don’t just hear, listen.

Don’t just talk, act.

Don’t just tell, show.

Don’t just exist, live. ― Roy T. Bennett


If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles. — Widad Akrawi


You can control only one thing

– your thoughts.

This is the most remarkable

and most stimulating fact of all known to mankind!

It reflects the wonderful nature of man.

This divine privilege is the only means of allowing you

to control your destiny.

If you don’t know how to control your perception,

you can be sure that you can’t control anything else.

If you lack interest in your possessions,

expect them to be just material possessions.


– it’s your spiritual capital!

Please preserve and use cherished to its noble stature.

To do this, you have willpower.

Unfortunately, the law does not protect us against

those who unintentionally

or knowingly poison others’ perceptions with negative thoughts.

This form of destructive activity should be severely punished,

because it hinders others from striving

for the amount of material wealth that the law allows.

Negative people tried to convince Thomas A. Edison

that he couldn’t build a device to record

and reproduce the human voice,

they said, because it couldn’t be.

Edison did not listen to them.

He believed that he could create anything that came to mind,

and it was this belief

that lifted the great Edison above those around him.

People with negative thoughts tell Woolwort he would go bankrupt

if he kept selling in his shop fifty cents worth of merchandise.

He did not believe.

He knew that he could do everything

within reason if he acted on faith.

He fulfilled his plan

and became the owner of a fortune worth more than a million dollars!

The Jackets laughed scornfully at Henry Ford

when his first crude car appeared on the streets of Detroit.

Many people think

that such a means of movement is not practical.

Others assert that no one will buy this car.

Ford declares:

I could belt the whole earth with a car and I did!

Those who want to become rich need to remember

that there is only one difference

between Henry Ford and his workers:

Ford has a perception,

and he manipulates it;

Other people also have awareness,

but they cannot control it.

Perceived control is the result of self-discipline and habit.

Either you control your perception,

or your perception controls you back.

There can be no compromise here.

The most practical cognitive control measure is always

to set it a certain goal,

associated with a specific implementation plan.

Without such control,

there can be no success.

Promise me you’ll always remember:

You’re braver than you believe

and stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think. — A. A. Milne



Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges.

Life is too short to be unhappy. ― Roy T. Bennett

– Fifty-five sentences like

All unsuccessful people have one very common trait.

They know all the reasons why they fail.

They always have a very reliable explanation,

as they think,

of why they have not achieved anything.

Many of the excuses also seem to make sense

and even have facts attached to them.

But excuses cannot replace money.

The world just wants to know one thing:

have you succeeded?

A prominent psychologist has listed the following list of excuses.

Read this list,

you will surely find many of them in your own program.



that for those who decide

to follow the advice in this book,

those excuses become unnecessary.

If only I wasn’t heavily indebted to my wife,


and family.

If only I had relations .

If only I had money.

If only I could study to the place.

If only I had a job.

If only I had health.

If only I had time.

If only times weren’t so difficult.

If only other people understood me.

Same price as other conditions.

If only I could live my life from scratch.

If only I didn’t have to be afraid of what they say.

If only they would give me a chance.

If only the others weren’t against me.

If only I didn’t have to hesitate.

If only I were young.

If only I could do what I want.

If only I was born in velvet.

If only I could meet decent people.

If only I were as gifted as everyone else.

If only I were consistent.

If only I knew how to take advantage of the previous abilities.

If only no one pissed me off.

If only I didn’t have to do housework and babysitting.

If only I could save some money.

If only the boss judged me right.

Wish someone could help me.

If only my family could sympathize with me.

If only I could live in a big city.

If only I was just getting started.

If only I were free.

If only I could be counted as someone else.

If only I wasn’t this fat.

If only my abilities were known to everyone.

Wish I was lucky.

I wish I could pay off my debt.

If only that time didn’t fail.

If only I knew in advance what to do.

If only no one could stop me.

If only I didn’t have to worry so much.

If only I had more luck in getting married.

If only people weren’t so stupid.

If only my family weren’t so weird.

If only I were confident.

If only happiness didn’t turn its back on me.

If only I hadn’t been born in the right sign of unhappiness.

If only it weren’t for this life,

the life that’s been judged no matter what.

If only I didn’t have to work so much.

If only I hadn’t lost my money.

If only I lived in another area.

If only I didn’t have my past umbrella.

If only I had my own job.

If only people would listen to me.

If only – that’s the most crucial rejection

– if I had had the courage to be who I am,

I would have found out what was wrong with me and corrected it.

Then I can learn from my mistakes

and benefit from the experiences of others,

and at the same time know what is not in me.

If only I had known exactly what it was,

I would have taken the time

to analyze my weaknesses,

not seek excuses.

Finding explanations

for its own failures can be said

to be a nationwide movement.

This habit is as old as humanity itself,

and fatally dangerous to success!

Why? People cling to their favorite excuses?

The answer is too obvious.

They defend their justification

because they made it themselves!

Advocacy is the child of imagination.

It is human nature to protect

what our brains come up with.

Finding excuses is a deeply rooted habit.

It’s hard to break a habit,

especially when it justifies the actions we take.

Plato was very correct:

the greatest victory is victory over oneself.

To give in to my ego is cowardly and humiliating

Another philosopher made a similar statement:

I was surprised to discover

that all the bad things

I see in other people are in my character.

I find it difficult to understand,

– said Elbert Habbard,

– why people spend so much time deliberately deceiving themselves

and making up excuses for their weaknesses.

If that time were used in a different way,

it would be enough

to correct all the weaknesses,

and then there would be no need to justify it.

If you want to lift yourself up,

lift up someone else. ― Booker T. Washington


If you want anything you have to commit yourself

to focus all your energies on achieving it. ― Elma N. Collins


Farewell, I want to remind you:

life is a chessboard,

and the player sitting in front of you

– is time.

If you don’t go,

and don’t go fast,

your pieces will be eaten up by time.

In front of you is the opponent

who does not accept indecision.

In the past you could look for an explanation of

why you didn’t catch life giving you what you needed,

but now all excuses are superfluous

because you already have the Master Key

that unlocks everything the door to wealth.

The master key is not palpable

but extremely powerful!

To use that Key you lose nothing,

but if you don’t use it

– you will pay dearly.

That is the price of failure.

However, if you use that Key,

a generous reward awaits you.

That reward is the contentment that comes to all those

who have overcome themselves

and made life give him what he wants.

The reward will be worth your efforts.

Do you want to start and assert yourself?

If we are related,

– said the immortal Emerson,

– we shall surely meet.

In closing,

I allow myself to borrow his words:

If we were related,

we would have met in these pages.

If you dream and you believe, you can do it. — Sean Combs 

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