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Law of Attraction! The Trap Of Lust

Chapter 6: The Trap Of Lust

In Buddhism, desire is considered the main cause of all suffering and sorrow.

Lust and craving act as an obstacle

to your unconscious being able to recognize your basic inclinations.

A mind filled with lust cannot be at peace.

It will always feel lacking and incomplete.

It worries.

It fluctuates.

It worries and melancholy.

We must learn to reduce as much as possible our pleas,

stop wishing, and give up lust.

It’s easy to see how painful lust can be

by visualizing something you really want in your life, something that,

for some reason, you just haven’t had.

Observe the emotions that arise in you as you think about it.

How does its lack in life make you feel?

Do you feel like a balloon full of hot air rises in your chest?

Do you feel like a lump is blocking your throat?

Or maybe you get through these things, but with great emotion.

Surely it is a feeling of incompleteness,

not being satisfied with what we have.

Desire creates suffering.

“If I overcome my foolish desires,

suffering will leave me like a drop of water from a lotus flower,

otherwise, it will grow like a weed after the rain.”-Buddha

Buddhism helps people realize that craving,

and with it suffering,

happens at the same time

when you want or don’t want something.

When we want something, we naturally don’t want the opposite.

For example, if you want to be rich, of course you don’t want to be poor.

Happiness and suffering shadow each other;

You won’t find one

without seeing the silhouette of the other.

The only way to be freed from the cycle of samsara is

to give up all desires in the mind.

When we see others through the lens of lust that is,

when we want them to match our needs positive

or negative reactions automatically arise.

But if we see them as they are,

not as we want them to be,

we will realize the truth.

In this way, we get rid of positive

or negative judgments,

and thus we also avoid feelings of disillusionment

or disappointment.

Think of a hungry lion chasing its prey.

No matter how hungry it is,

it will not rush to chase its prey

but will keep its cravings under control

and wait for the right time to attack.

If the lion lets his hunger control him and frantically chases

after his prey before the right time,

it will be very difficult to successfully hunt.

This is also true for us.

The ability to control cravings and moods is essential to achieving success.

Try following the example.

Go to a busy shopping district on a Saturday afternoon.

Create a clear emotional image in your mind

of a perfect parking space waiting

for you in the parking lot.

Watch yourself walk into that parking lot and infuse these images

with a sense of confidence and success.

Make sure this image in your head is extremely clear and vivid.

And also make sure you have absolutely no lust in it.

You have to trust that it is your destiny today:

you will have that parking space.

Lust only makes you uncomfortable

and it will block the creative power of the unconscious.

With absolute faith, not tinged with lust,

your getting a perfect parking spot is an inevitable result.

Use this process, as all greats do.

Use the art of thinking to achieve your goals

as if you were a lustful person,

but never let those feelings of lust overwhelm you.

Be the lion to hunt.

Focus on your goals until the path to success presents itself.

It’s how your unconscious

and your conscious mind work together.

The unconscious prepares the way for you,

and you must also be ready to achieve it.

The mind works so wonderfully that our understanding

of the three dimensional world is far from attainable.

Don’t expect the security guard to reserve a spot for you

and when you get to the parking lot he’ll say,

“This is your place!”

We have to see opportunities take shape, work,

and act to seize them.

And don’t be surprised if the results come as a surprise,

as if magic had intervened.

The skeptic would ask this:

If everyone learned to draw the world to them,

wouldn’t we all be fighting over everything being finite?

How can everyone be successful?

How can people deprive the world of all the resources?

The answer is based on the fact

that only those who can actually use this knowledge can control their desires.

The person who cannot cut the connection between greed

and lust will never be able to make his dreams come true like the person

who always has dreams and positive intention.

Most people who are addicted to gambling cannot use the unconscious

to win because their mind is manipulated by greed.

However, you may find that a professional gambler accepts adversity

even in the darkest of times.

They were able to completely cut off their lust.

Cut out lust and with the guidance

of a clear emotional mental image in the head,

the unconscious will work to create miracles.

These adversity accepting players silently

move towards success one step at a time.

People who are still blinded by greed

and lust may have won big on the silver screen

but still end up going home unhappy

because lust drove them to defeat.

Lottery addicts often have a week to buy tickets

and a week of no tickets

and every time they don’t win they are terribly disappointed.

There are also times

when they are dumbfounded by surprise

when the number they usually choose wins

the exact week they don’t buy a ticket.

This happened because the distorting power of desire was not present.

Most lottery winners will tell you

that they never let themselves turn into thirsty gamblers.

Others fail because they are driven by the desire to win the lottery;

while winners never think like that.

The same is true for stock players;

Lust makes them impatient and make bad decisions.

In negotiation, the winner always belongs

to those who are least attracted by profit.

Even beggars who always appreciate every penny they receive

and don’t feel heavy feelings for someone

who doesn’t give them a dime is the one who gets more.

“Abundance or scarcity are both states

that appear within as your reality.

Jesus put it this way:

“The more you give, the more you will receive;

the more you don’t give,

what you have will also be taken away.”- Eckhart Tolle

Maybe you still remember a traumatic experience

with a certain salesperson in the past.

Chances are the person is in despair and you refuse

because you sense that despair, lust has a negative character to this.

Lust never evokes good feelings

or a positive response from you.

Negativity will attract negative feelings.

People who are unable

to control their desires will never succeed in their chosen field.



One way to control desire for success is

to find resources that can help achieve it.

If your sole purpose is to achieve the goal, lust will arise.

You’ll get more out of it

if you just ask for the factors that lead you to success.

For example, if your goal is to win a match,

set your goal to focus on physical strength

and mental toughness.

The desire to win is sure to be mixed with doubt,


and stress the obvious recipe for disrupting your focus

and hindering your ability to stay focused.

Successful marathoners understand this,

so they focus on maintaining their endurance and ideal running speed,

not messing with their minds

by just aiming for the finish line.

So back to the doubters who said,

“This secret is not true for everyone who knows it.

Not all of us fit that perfect parking spot!”

If we all thought the way described above,

a great revolution in human thinking would happen.

Consider what positive thinking has done.

Mankind has gone from traveling on horseback to cars,

steam trains to airplanes,

telegrams to cell phones,

from dirt roads to information superhighways, and all this amazing progress.

It all comes down to positive thinking.

Having a perfect parking spot pales in comparison

to these advancements.

If we wanted an honest answer

to the question of the skeptics,

we could say that the human mind could design a completely new parking system

that would satisfy all the users.

This secret to the end.

If you believe that your success is based on the failure

of others

and that if we become rich,

others will become poor,

that is not the case.

Remember that what is similar attracts each other.

If you think positively,

people will be inspired results will come,

and countless lives will be impacted.


God speaks to each of us as he makes us,

then walks with us silently out of the night.

These are the words we dimly hear:

You, sent out beyond your recall,

go to the limits of your longing.

Embody me.

Flare-up like a flame and make big shadows I can move in.

Let everything happen to you:

beauty and terror.

Just keep going.

No feeling is final.

Don’t let yourself lose me.

Nearby is the country they call life.

You will know it by its seriousness.

Give me your hand. — Rilke



Keep in mind the following four steps to Success:

1) During the Creative Process,

clarify your purpose with a mind completely free of lust

to avoid any mental instability or unnecessary obstacles.

2) Trust, completely believe

that what you ask for will come true.

3) Imagining success with emotional psychological images;

Paint a clear picture in your mind of

how you’ll feel about what you’ve achieved.

4) Be physically and mentally ready to recognize

and use the conditions to success when they appear.

Consider a few illustrative examples:

Suppose you want to meet the love of your life.

First, send this wish to your mind without any suspense

or hesitation about the outcome.

Next, know for sure that this person will come into your life on their own.

Visualize the person of your dreams and reinforce this image

with the feelings you would have if you were actually around them.

Once you have completed these first three steps,

the universe will work for you to achieve your goal.

The last step only requires you to be open

to opportunities;

meet friends, participate in social activities

and act like you are living the day you meet the person of your dreams.

Get ready to let your emotional mental images come to life and,

as Deepak Chopra advises,

“Let the universe deal with the details.”

These four steps will bring success even in the simple things of everyday life.

For example, if you have insomnia,

you will find that the harder you try to sleep,

the harder it will be to fall asleep.

You can’t close your eyes tightly and then fall asleep.

Instead, start by shaking the desire

to sleep out of yourself.

Believe that you will be able to sleep

but don’t worry too much about it.

Then we create a mental image of ourselves sleeping

and add the corresponding sensations.

Having done this plus the disappearance of sleep anxiety,

you will begin to feel relief, peace and a deep,

dream-free sleep will come naturally.

People with jobs that require constant creativity,

such as advertising designers,

will say that if they always want new ideas in their heads,

they will not get any ideas.

The best ideas arise when there is no desire in the mind.

This idea often occurs

when the mind is focused on something completely unrelated

to work such as cleaning the house,

playing sports or relaxing.

One important thing to keep in mind is

that bragging about your ability

to use the power of your unconscious

to achieve success will only take away this power.

If you brag that you will win this match,

it means that you lack complete confidence in the outcome

and this will overshadow your ability

to create a clear mental picture.

Use this power for yourself.

And remember,

if you think creating an emotional mental picture allows you

to be lazy to hang out before game day,

you’re wrong about step four.

If there is a match coming up,

you will obviously feel nervous,

nervous and of course you want to win.

Try it this way:

Imagine that you are already a champion.

Now remember this image

and the feeling you had then.

Desire will disappear

because victory is a thing of the past.

Keep this emotional image in your head

and you will surely recognize it.

All four Secret Steps to Success will be emotional,

which gives an undeniably clear psychological picture.

By then, you are already the winner.

All the talented leaders in the world have hobbies

that they pursue in their spare time.

Winston Churchill,

in his lifetime,

enjoyed painting

when he was not dealing with parliamentary affairs.

In pursuing these pleasures the mind is freed

from desire and the highest effort can be achieved.

Talented military generals understand

that if they are obsessed with the desire to win,

they will fail

and so they are always looking for some distraction

to distract themselves.

Lust only brings sadness,


stress and takes away positive energy.

The Buddha was very right to consider desire

as the source of all suffering!

The day Albert Einstein discovered the Theory of Relativity,

he was very excited and wanted

to understand all the secrets of the properties of light.

He realized that wanting

to understand these things was not in his favor,

so he decided to play the piano to relax.

He played for hours and,

as he calmed down,

the theory of relativity came

to him through the flow of music.

Effort is another way to reduce lust.

Don’t confuse the effort to win with lust.


Determine to do your best.

People who work hard in their studies will achieve good results

because they focus on the task at hand.

People who want good grades

but don’t sacrifice their studies will eventually get discouraged.

Furthermore, people will often help us

when we show that we’re doing our best.

If we see someone pushing a stalled car

along the way to the repair shop,

we’d rather help them than someone sitting in the car waiting

for the ambulance to arrive.

As the saying goes, “God only helps those who help themselves.”

Doing your best is a surefire way

to increase your chances of success.

But you also see,

there are many other powerful forces in the higher dimensions.

Use this secret to succeed and watch

that amazing power become part of who you are.


Chapter 6: Top Secrets


Lust is like a malfunctioning part of a machine

that blocks the power of the unconscious.

Desire has many negative qualities,

and what is negative attracts negativity.

Wanting and not wanting

to co exist is the root cause of suffering.

Wanting is a state of deprivation,

it creates suspense and fear,

sometimes obvious,

sometimes subtle.

We need to learn to reduce our desires

and stop thinking about what we want.

When you want something,

turn that feeling of desire into faith.

This way you will be able

to apply the creative process.

Lust has no effect on the way

to the finish line and will make your success disappear.

Practice turning lust into faith

from small situations like a reservation at a restaurant,

a parking space, or a sale.

Once you have begun to find a way out of your lust,

the opportunities available to you will be endless.

Find at least one hobby

that you really enjoy to help distract you from your lust,

but make sure it gives you a different feel from

what you’re used to at work.

For example: We read books daily.

The top secret steps to success are:

1) Having a purpose without lust;

We create assets for life together.

2) Full confidence that your goals will come true;

We are working for our stores system daily.

3) Create clear images underpinned by feelings of success;

We are on way to come to near it.

4) Be ready both physically and mentally.

We work hard, min expenditure,

max deposit incomes,

buy and accumulate gold.

Focus on the emotion you will experience immediately after you achieve great success

and create a mental image imbued

with that emotion.

Success will be certain

because lust will dissipate once success will be in the past.

Don’t beg to achieve your goal,

but believe that you are capable of achieving it more easily.

Your desire will weaken

and your faith will strengthen.

Success will come quickly

when you convert desire into effort.

Help will also appear like magic.

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