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Think and Grow Rich! The Tenth Step To Wealth: The Secret Of Sex And Ascension

Chapter 10: The Tenth Step To Wealth: The Secret Of Sex And Ascension

Direct your passions into the creative process

and you will prosper.

Understand how women can help men succeed.

Use all the benefits of this ancient truth.



Sexual ascension – to put it simply,

it is the transformation of sexual energy into another form of energy.

How did that happen?

Sexual feelings induce a state of awareness.

Because they don’t know anything about sex, most people confuse sex with passion for the flesh.

So the physical aspect of sex has a significant effect on cognition.

In sexual feelings available program:

Maintain the breed.

Stay healthy (an incomparable treatment).

Turn mediocre incompetence into talent through promotion.

Explaining the mechanism of promotion is very simple.

Start by moving from objective, material, cognitive thoughts back to thoughts of a different nature.

Of all human emotions, sexual emotion is the strongest.

Driven by this affection and passion,

man can develop a strong imagination, courage, will power,

consistency and creativity that he did not expect before.

The emotional desire is so strong that it grabs and subdues man,

and man risks his honor, even his life,

with no regard for the consequences,

just in order to obtain the desired goal. would like.

If this emotion is tamed and directed into the necessary trajectory,

then all the divine attributes of that emotion – imagination, courage, etc. . .

– will preserve its sharpness and extraordinary.

Creative talent so organized can be used in the field of literature,

the visual arts as well as in any other work,

not excluding the accumulation of wealth.

Because entrepreneurship is as creative work as many other things to which we voluntarily dedicate ourselves.

Of course, turning sexual energy into creative energy requires effort,

a little experience, but it is also worth the effort.

Sexual desire is innate and nothing is more natural than this.

Therefore, it is impossible to crush, not to destroy that feeling.

But sex drive constantly finds a way out,

and at the same time awakens in us feelings that enrich both the body,

soul and spirit of man.

And if you don’t let it out by promotion,

it will materialize and find its own way out anyway.

It is possible to block a river and control the water level for a while,

but sooner or later the banks will burst.

Passive income is money you earn without actually putting in the work.



Really successful in all aspects are usually gifted people who know how to transfer their sexual abilities to the field of construction and creativity.

Scientific research has identified the following facts:

The most successful are often those with highly developed sexual feelings,

especially if they have mastered the art of sobriety.

People who become millionaires or become famous in literature, visual arts, architecture and industry

(because any business, as I said, is first and foremost a creative process),

often reach these heights under the influence of love.

These conclusions are drawn on the basis of a careful study of the biographies of many people over two millennia.

And any great individual, male or female, their great achievements always testify to a highly developed sexual feeling.

The rare human sexual emotion is so strong,

it’s an irresistible force, unless you’re paralyzed.

However, using the power of this emotion, using its momentum,

you are suddenly blessed with the gift of superhuman abilities,

feel like a superman, and on top of a surge of emotions.

This can accomplish many wonderful things in life.

If you can understand this simple truth,

you will believe for yourself that the secret to an active, creative, entrepreneurial life is in promotion.

Killing the sexual emotion in your being means you have killed your own main source of life force.

The clear evidence for this is castration of animals.

After such an operation,

the aggressive bison becomes more docile than the gentlest cow.

Genital disorders kill in man every desire to fight, to live, to act;

the fire in his eyes will fade away.

Money is very important!

It’s ridiculous for someone to claim that money is not as important as anything else in life.

What do you think is more important to us humans, legs or arms?

Or are both equally important?

Money is the lubricant that allows you to “slide” through life gently, smoothly,

instead of being scratched constantly.

Money gives you freedom,

and freedom to buy what you want,

freedom to do what you love in your time.

Money allows you to enjoy the finer things in life,

as well as giving you the opportunity to help others have a better life.

Best of all, money allows you not to expend energy worrying about not having money.



Human perception often responds to stimuli that work to create a state of tension

and reinforcement in the thoughts we are used to calling excitement, creative imagination, passionate desire.

Human perception most often responds to the following stimuli:

Sexual feelings, passion.


Desire passion for glory, power, financial success, money.


Make friends with someone of the same or opposite sex.

An intellectual union is based on the closeness of two or more people who share a common understanding of life or religion.

The hunters as well as the chased

– go through the same trials, suffer the same.



Alcohol and drugs.

Rightly at the top of this list is sexual infatuation,

which powerfully and effectively affects perception,

awakening all mental faculties and forcing action.

Of the ten stimuli mentioned above, eight are natural and constructive.

Two destructive factors.

This list helps you understand and compare the main sources of cognitive stimulation.

It may be a bit strange, but if you compare the theoretical and practical triggers,

you will find that sex always comes in first place.

It is the most powerful and have the ability to make your brain work effectively.

This is also the best trigger for action.

There was a wise man who said: genius

– that is a man with long hair,

he eats whatever he meets and is the target of everyone’s ridicule.

But the latter definition is more precise:

it is a person who understands how best to influence the intensity of his thoughts in order to achieve a high point of intellectual ability,

thereby freeing himself to be exposed to all sorts of things source of knowledge that the ordinary thinking mind cannot do.

The thinker would want to know more about the phenomenon of genius.

The first question he asked was the following:

How does a genius come into contact with sources of knowledge that the ordinary mind cannot reach?

The second question is as follows:

Do you know which sources of knowledge are only available to geniuses,

do they exist and if so,

how can they be identified?

We give you the initial data,

from which you can actually prove yourself,

and when we do, we have answered both questions.

The rich like to be paid based on all or part of the results they produce.

The rich often run their own businesses of some kind.

They generate income from their profits.

Rich people work for commissions or percentages of sales.

Rich people choose shares and profit sharing options,

instead of agreeing to a higher salary.



A sixth sense exists – this has long been established and cannot be denied. Sixth sense – it’s imagination.

Yet most people have never used it in their entire lives.

And if he had to ask for help, it was almost coincidental.

Only a few people use their imagination consciously and intentionally.

People who not only know how to make creative use of this innate ability,

but also understand how well imagination works

– we call them geniuses.

God-given capacity for creativity

– that is,

the direct connection between ordinary people and Immortal Supernatural Intelligence.

Intuition is classified in the realm of religion,

while the invention of the foundations

and principles for the construction of the new world

– belongs to the creative imagination.

Remember that whether you deserve it or not,

it’s just a story you make up, so it won’t mean anything,

except the meaning we give it.



When thoughts and concepts come to mind with the instantaneous impulses we are used to calling opulence, their source is usually:

1/ Supernatural intelligence;

2/ Subconscious

– the convergence of sensations and impulses sent to the brain by the five senses;

3/ The intellectual abilities of others;

4/ Subconscious mind resonates with others.

Other sources of thought generation and movement in human cognition are unknown.

If brain activity is nourished by one of the ten stimuli mentioned above,

the result is that the individual will be elevated far beyond ordinary,

mediocre everyday thoughts.

That will give this flying person a long distance,

a wide range to think and most positively affect the quality of thinking

– something that is not possible for the people below.

For those who deal with problems in business

or in another field where he works according to his aptitude,

the situation is similar.

Elevated to such heights of thought by one of several forms of cognitive stimulation,

a person can compare his state of mind to a roller coaster flight,

when the horizon is lifted and the field of view broadened. add out.

Moreover, from that height,

people are no longer bound by the factors affecting their perception at the beginning,

and are completely independent of the problems of daily life.

He is in the world of thoughts and flies so high that all the urgent daily problems are like hills and valleys drifting below.

During a time of flight, creative imagination guarantees freedom of action.

Creative imagination clears the way for thought.

It receives thoughts that under other conditions could not have entered the human head.

The sixth sense – it’s a gift from God,

but having it or not is the boundary that distinguishes between geniuses and ordinary people.

If you say you don’t deserve it, you won’t.



The more people use their God-given creativity, the more they trust it

and the more imagination is needed to increase the impulses of his thoughts,

the more readily he will be receptive to impulses born out of his subconscious.

This gift can only be developed and perfected in one way:

by being in constant contact with it.

What we still call the umbrella of conscience works entirely through the sixth sense.

Great painters, writers, musicians,

and poets have become great simply because they have learned to trust a small,

whispering voice that resounds from within as they exercise their gift of imagination.

This is a recognized fact,

especially for those who have formed the deep impression that the best thoughts come to them after having hunches.

An orator became famous after discovering that when he closed his eyes,

he stimulated his imagination to work.

Once, when he was at the height of his glory,

people asked him what he was doing when his speech was at its climax.

He replied: I do so because I listen to a voice from within.

One of the most famous and successful financiers in America had a similar habit:

he always closed his eyes for two or three minutes when he needed to make a decision.

When people asked him why he did it, he replied, ”

Only when I close my eyes can I get close to the Supernatural Intelligence”.



Dr. Elmer R.Gates (Maryland) has more than two hundred inventions of practical significance in self-improvement

and application of his creative talents.

His method is very good and even necessary for those

who dream of becoming a genius in a certain field Dr. Gates himself is of course one of such people.

He was truly one of the few geniuses, yet he was barely known to society,

not even in the scientific world.

In his laboratory, he reserved a separate contact room.

The walls are really tight and no light can get in.

In the middle of the room there is a chair and a table full of writing and paper,

on the wall, on the opposite side, there is an electric switch.

When Dr. Gates needed the support of forces that only his creative imagination could access,

he walked into this room, closed the door,

and focused all of his thoughts on the inventions he was author,

and stay in that state until new ideas pop into his head,

and often these ideas lead him to new inventions and inventions.

Once, his thoughts flowed like a stream,

and he was absorbed in writing for three hours.

When his inspiration ran out,

he re-examined his lines and discovered that they described new principles that had never existed before.

The principles of the modern scientific world are unknown to which it does not take a minute to describe.

In addition, these principles deal with the scientific problems he is pondering.

By embracing such a thought, Dr. Gates fulfills orders from various corporate unions and individuals to earn money to support himself.

One of the largest companies in the United States paid him a lot of money for such an hour.

Often our mental abilities do not give the desired performance simply because they are based primarily on life experience.

Here it should be emphasized that knowledge based on experience and empirical methods is not always correct and exact.

Thoughts born of the gift of creativity are more reliable

because they come from far more reliable sources

than can be known to closed and limited human perception.

The successful and the rich always stand above their problems,

while the unsuccessful and the poor stand below their problems.



The main difference between a genius inventor and a mediocre idiot is that a genius uses his gift of creative imagination,

while an idiot has no concept of this.

The inventor uses both talents: analytical ability and creative imagination.

How did the inventor scientist come up with a new invention?

He started from organizing and combining all the ideas

and principles known through experience, and did this through his analytical ability.

If it becomes clear to him that these ideas and principles are not enough to solve the problems posed,

he turns to other sources of knowledge that only his creativity can access.

Everyone’s method is different,

but the essence of the problem is as follows:

Thanks to the stimuli

(we have listed ten factors in the above paragraph, although everyone has their own views)

the inventor is above the average thinking level.

He then focused his attention on the points relevant to his problem (the work completed)

and imagined the whole picture and ideal image of the unknown points (the unfinished work).

The inventor scientist kept those images in his head until they were absorbed

subconscious mind, then he relaxes,

clears his thoughts of unnecessary extraneousness,

and waits for a moment in his head to flash an answer to the question posed by the subconscious.

Sometimes the results are very direct and definite.

Sometimes it’s negative – it all depends on how the sixth sense, creativity, develops.

Sir Edison used his analytical ability to try more than ten thousand thought combinations,

and only when his creative imagination kicked in did he receive the answer that would allow perfecting the light bulb.

He did the same thing when he invented the phonograph.

Many reliable figures prove that creative imagination really does exist.

This can be confirmed after a careful analysis of the lives

and activities of many leaders in the fields in

which they work without any prior education.

An excellent example of a man who became great

when he discovered within himself the ability to create, is Avraam Lincoln.

After meeting Ann Ratlinge, he discovered these abilities and began to use them, because the main trigger is love.

Love – always the strongest source,

especially when it comes to the source of genius.

Your outer world is just a mirror image of your inner world.



History is full of examples of women’s powerful influence on great men. One such historical celebrity is Napoleon Bonapart.

Overwhelmed with emotions for Jozephine, he became an invincible man.

When his reason (the supreme court) gave him the thought of rejecting Jozephine, his glory began to slide downhill.

His failure and lonely death on the island of Saint Helen – the direct result of this decision.

Courtesy requests don’t allow us to remind Americans of how their wealthy countrymen rose to power under the influence of their wives,

but when they regress, lose money, lose wealth,

they establish i.e. give up his old girlfriends for new, younger ones,

and work is better again.

It is clear that Napoleon was not the only one to understand how the influence of love is stronger than all other true sources of genius.

Human perception necessarily needs to be stimulated!

The most powerful of all the triggers that deserve attention is sex.

This dynamic, if transformed and directed into the necessary trajectory,

is capable of elevating man to the heights of thought,

where he can easily overcome the daily trifles of life,

the but when he was still down there, he was miserable because of it.

Let us recall a few facts from the biographies of great men.

Here are the names of people who have achieved the most brilliant results in life.

We know each of these people is very sexual in nature.

The genius that gives them wings is the sublimated libido:

George Washington Thomas Jefferson

Napoleon Bonapart Elbert Hubbert

William Shakespire Elbert H.Gary

Avraam Lincoln Woodro Wilson

Ralph Woldo Emerson John H. Paterson

Robert Berns Andrew Jackson

Enrico Caruso

You can add to this list yourself if you read and know a lot about celebrity biographies.

But surely you can’t find a person in all of human history

who has achieved great achievements in any field who has not been winged by feelings of love

and has not had a wonderfully developed sexual capacity.

If you don’t believe this story because you can’t test it,

make a list of successful people you know well,

and try to find out if any of them are impotent.

I’m sure you can’t find it.

Lust – it is the creative power of all geniuses without exception.

There has never been,

there is not and there will never be a great painter, a great architect,

a great millionaire – impotence.

But that doesn’t mean having a high sex drive is bound to become brilliant.

Only those who stimulate their consciousness

so that it has access to powers that only people with a creative imagination have access to – become geniuses.

One of the main stimulants for such elevation – was and will be sexual energy.

But this energy alone is not enough to train the genius within.

Love energy needs to be transformed into another form of energy,

into another form of desire or behavior before one can reach the level of genius.

However, most people do not understand this great power or overuse it,

can fall to the animal level.

But what to say about genius!



Analyzing the activities of more than twenty-five thousand people,

I discovered that few achieve great achievements under the age of forty.

Usually by the time they get the speed they need,

they’re almost fifty years old.

This fact took me by surprise and decided to find out.

I understood: the main reason is that most people have not reached the age of four

Fifty often wastes its energy by overusing the physical side of sexual feelings.

Many of them never understood that it was possible

and necessary to use their sexual powers in a different way,

and these abilities were so appealing that carnal pleasures simply became dull and petty.

Most understand it too late,

having wasted many years when sexual energy was at its peak.

But nonetheless, they still achieved remarkable success.

Still, many people, past forty, continue to squander their sexual energy,

which should be used for more necessary purposes.

Such is the subtlest, most powerful kind of energy thrown out onto the street. It is not unreasonable that people say:

Oh, sow the wind, reap the storm.

Of all human feelings and emotions, sexual energy is the most powerful

and stimulating, and that is why intoxication, desire, and passion,

if transformed and directed into the necessary orbit,

will help to achieve the best results.

Make a good mousetrap and the whole world will come to your house



Historically there have been many instances when genius was the result of artificial cognitive stimuli such as alcohol or drugs.

Edgar Allan Po created the work “The Crow” after drinking a lot of liquor,

he saw dreams that no one had ever seen before him.

James Whitcom Rily writes his best works also thanks to yeast.

Maybe that’s why he saw virtual reality: ghosts, scams,

windmills, flowing water, and billowing fog. Robert Berns’ greatest masterpieces are also the result of a similar state.

But it should also be added that many of these have a very tragic end.

Fortunately, within the natural reserve

there are other means by which talented people can stimulate their awareness so that it reaches rare and subtle thoughts.

Thoughts no one can say for sure come from!

And it’s not easy to replace them.

Psychologists know very well that there is a very close relationship between sexual emotion and mysticism.

It is also possible that the same fact explains to us the strange behavior

– as we see it – of people who are in the primitive stage of development

during the time of cult-religion.

Whatever you want to say, controlling the world and human civilization is still a feeling.

In their behavior, people rely more on feelings than on the mind.

The gift of cognitive reasoning turns into action

and constructive activity through emotion, desire, not cold reason.

That sexual emotion is the most powerful of all emotions.

Of course, there are other cognitive stimuli

as well – we’ve already listed them above – but no single agent,

even adding all the agents together,

is comparable to love feeling.

Cognitive stimulation – it is the temporary or permanent impact of perception to increase thought intensity.

The ten factors described above are the most commonly used.

By reaching these sources, it is possible to gain access to both Supernatural Intelligence, or if desired and willed,

access to both one’s own and the other’s subconscious treasures.

All geniuses do.

If he didn’t “sell” himself, he would probably never become president.



There is a very interesting experiment: a leader of more than 30,000 sales people has discovered strangely that the best performers are the ones who have a strong sexual ability.

This is not difficult to explain.

An individual element that we often call ‘attraction’ or ‘attraction’ is not something else but sexual energy.

People with a highly developed physiological nature are often very attractive, they set themselves apart from other people.

Whoever understands this strange power,

knows how to develop and perfect it, will gain a huge advantage over others.

This energy is transmitted to those with whom you come in contact through the following means:

Shake hands. Just touching your hand for a moment is enough to know if there is a charm or not.

Voice. The charm or lust gives the voice a special kind of sound,

making it melodious and smooth.

Style and gait. Physiologically developed people walk gently, gracefully

and simply.

the thought is vibrating.

Physiologically developed people have sexual feelings

that permeate every thought and, whether consciously or unconsciously,

have an effect on those around them.

Face. Physiologically developed people are often very attentive to their appearance.

They choose their clothes very carefully to honor their natural strengths.

When recruiting salespeople to work,

the first thing business managers do is to evaluate their attractiveness,

considering this to be the most important condition in the job.

In people who are inhibited or have low sex drive,

they are never and for no reason aroused,

and therefore cannot transmit excitement to others.

But dynamism and excitement is one of the most essential qualities of a salesperson,

no matter what the business.

Missionaries, orators, lawyers (just like salespeople) are funny if they lack sex drive,

and the more they try to influence those around them,

the more ridiculous they become.

Don’t forget, too, that most people can only influence others at all when they are directly connected to human emotions,

and you will understand the full importance of lust in the commercial sphere.

You will understand why the sexual instinct should be available to salespeople and traders in general.

Salespeople with natural talent will become artisans in their work if they know how to transform and sublimate their sexual drive into euphoria!

It doesn’t matter whether they do this consciously or unconsciously.

From this, practical and useful conclusions can be drawn.

The salesperson who transfers the object of his passion from the sexual realm to the buyer with excitement is the same as

when he makes love, specifically when he boils with subtle and deep emotions,

will master the art of promotion whether he knows it or not.

Most of the time, this is the case,

because many people have no idea about how they transform their sexual energy, and how they do it, even less.

Transforming sexual energy requires much more willpower than mediocrity can do, so it often fails.

But those who understand the difficulty and intricacies of the willpower efforts required for promotion

will find a way out: gradually, step by step, train themselves for that ability.

Despite the great effort,

the reward will generously make up for all your losses,

including emotional ones.

Thus, the shortest and easiest way to create prosperity is

to learn how the rich,

the masters of money manipulation, play the “money game”.



In all that has to do with sex, our society is horribly ignorant.

In this area there is often misunderstanding, crudeness, slander

and shamelessness on the part of tabloid publishers.

Men and women who are blessed

– lucky indeed

– are blessed with strong physiological development,

often classified as people who like to be noticed.

And it is understandable that they are often jealous.

Even in today’s modern century, millions of people still cannot escape the inhibitions

and shame for only one reason: they cannot escape prejudice in the field of sex.

In any case, however, this opinion cannot be seen as an excuse for debauchery and debauchery.

Sexual feelings are only pure when coupled with wisdom and understanding.

Many people are very sexually abusive,

to the point of demeaning, accompanied by licentiousness that damages both mind and body,

when they should be enriched.

The author of these lines finds it very remarkable the fact that all leaders in all fields

– I have the honor of analyzing their activities – are encouraged by women. rate. In most cases,

it is the simple but devoted wife that society does not know.

Sometimes, the object of passion and inspiration is the other woman.

Every intelligent being knows that cognitive stimulation by unlimited drinking or drug use

– it’s just a form of insatiable lack of construction.

And not everyone knows that sexual abuse can be as deadly to creative activity as alcohol or drugs can be.

Humans can be in love like a drug addict!

Neither of these have control over reason or willpower.

Most cases of delusions

(obsessive thoughts, disorienting fantasies)

arise from habits that are the result of misunderstanding sex.

It is clear that ignorance in the field of sex has the potential to deal a fatal blow to his health

as well as to his bright plans and prospects.

The reason that ignorance and ignorance in human relations is widespread is because for a long time,

this topic was hidden behind a veil of secrecy

and society was afraid to talk about it.

Being left open and closed, these events affect the perception of young adults like a forbidden fruit.

And the forbidden fruit, oh, how sweet!

The natural result is increased curiosity

and a desire by all means to gain knowledge on the subject of prohibition,

but shame on the legislators and doctors who are doing all they can to enlighten us in this regard.

In this area, the information is still completely closed.

Everything happens for a reason,

and that cause exists to support me.



As mentioned above, people who have not reached the age of forty rarely reach their creative peak.

Usually people create the best things in their lives between the ages of forty and sixty,

when their abilities are at their peak (prodigies, prophets, and innate geniuses).

especially not mentioned here).

This assertion is based on a close study of the activity of thousands of people.

Let those who are not yet forty and have not yet achieved great results not be dismayed.

Let those who are afraid of growing old in their forties regain their excitement.

The most effective is usually between the ages of forty and sixty.

Do not be afraid when this age approaches,

look forward to it not with fear, but with the hope of action.

If you still need to prove that man’s best time begins after the age of forty,

read biographies of America’s most accomplished people.

there you will find proof. Henry Ford achieved the greatest results much after the age of forty.

Andrew Carneghi was even older when he began to reap the fruits of his efforts. James J.Hill at the age of forty was still typing trailers.

It was only then that he became famous.

In short, the biographies of American industrialists and financiers eloquently demonstrate that time is most productive

– between forty and sixty.

Between the ages of thirty and forty, one begins (if at all possible) to acquire the art of ascension.

Humans may not know anything about this.

Of course, he couldn’t help noticing that the energy devoted to achieving good results increased,

although he did not understand

that the cause of these good internal changes was the harmony

between sexual feelings and suffering because love.

Man understands only one thing: this inner change gives him more energy to stimulate action.

Nothing has any meaning except the meaning you have attached to it



Sex itself is a great motivating force, but it’s like a hurricane

– it’s spontaneous and hard to control.

When sexual desire is combined with feelings of love,

all efforts become balanced, reasoning becomes calm, emotions in harmony with the inner world.

Who, at the age of forty,

is so unlucky that he is not able to analyze this conclusion and confirm it by his own experience?

When a man is driven by passion based solely on sexual feelings,

he wants to be liked by women and will get it all.

But his actions are often dramatic, sometimes destructive.

People under the influence of lust for attraction, whose origins are sexual

and only sexual, are capable of stealing, deceiving, and murder.

But if sex is the result of love, if love and sex are intertwined,

then the same person will act rationally, thoughtfully, and with dignity.

Love, passion and sex can lead strong people to great achievements.

Love awakens in people emotions like safety valves,

ensuring self-control and constructiveness.

These three emotions combined can elevate any person to the level of genius.

Feelings, emotions

– it’s a state of awareness.

Nature has given man a chemistry laboratory—that is,

consciousness, because it functions like a well-organized chemical factory.

Everyone knows that in chemistry,

certain ingredients are not toxic by themselves,

but if mixed together, can form very strong poisons.

Human emotions, if disturbed in a certain proportion,

can also become poison.

Passion and jealousy can completely turn a man into a mad beast.

The path to genius is through sexual development, sexual use, love

and passion, and the control of those emotions.

This process can be briefly described as follows:

Keep within yourself constructive feelings and thoughts,

take that as the main thing in your perception.

And vice versa, suppress destructive emotions.

The reason perception exists is because there are thoughts that feed it.

It is through will power that we can force ourselves to cultivate these thoughts and destroy others like weeds.

As long as you have a little willpower, controlling your perception is not difficult at all.

Start with consistency and turn it into a habit.

The secret of control lies in the elevation and transformation of sexual energy.

If you’re having negative emotions or feelings that wreak havoc on your soul,

you can turn them into positive and constructive in a very simple way:

direct your thoughts to something worthwhile and meaningful. build.

Other than consciously training yourself, there is no other way to genius!

Of course, if it is only with sexual energy, people can also achieve,

and often achieve, great heights in business and finance.

But experience shows that this will have a strong influence on character,

making people lose the ability to enjoy their great wealth and even not keep it.

This fact needs analytical attention because the foundation here is a truth,

the understanding of which will help a lot not only for men, but also for women.

The disregard for it has resulted in thousands,

tens of thousands of people even dying

Even having millions is still not happy.

Of all the qualities needed to get rich, trust must come first.



Memories of love never disappear completely leaving no trace.

It lives on and affects human behavior forever, even when the flame of love is extinguished.

This is nothing new.

Those who have experienced a true love know how deeply it leaves a mark on the heart.

People whose emotions related to love do not prompt action and results have no hope.

He thought he was still alive, but was actually dead.

In your mind, go back to the past years and remember the wonderful emotions of love experienced.

Such flashbacks have the potential to alleviate your current difficulties and torments.

They will save you from the cruel reality,

and – who knows – maybe, travel through this imaginary world,

maybe your thoughts don’t run into an unexpected thought or plan.

It has the potential to completely change your financial situation,

or at least your mental state.

If you think that you have lost everything because of that unhappy love,

then banish this thought immediately.

The man who truly loves cannot lose everything,

because he can never lose it.

Love is unfaithful and clumsy.

It comes when it likes, and leaves without warning.

Be happy when your love is with you,

and don’t waste time mourning when it’s gone.

Mourning, lamenting, or crying can’t force love back.

Don’t torment yourself with the thought that love comes only once.

Love comes and goes, regardless of the number,

however, no two feelings of love are alike.

Usually one love leaves the strongest mark on the soul of all, but all loves are good.

Of course, we’re not talking about those who are cynical

or shameless about lost love.

Love never disappoints if people understand the difference,

see the chasm that separates love from sex.

Perhaps the main difference is that: love – it is mystical, and sex – purely physiological.

Experiences, emotions, vibrating in man with his mystical strings can never be harmful and corrupt.

Jealousy and ignorance are the exceptions here.

Without exaggeration it can be said that love is the greatest life experience.

It leads people to communicate with the Supernatural Intelligence.

Along with passion and sex, it gives wings to those who have a creative endeavor, extending the ladder for them to climb.

Feelings of love, emotions of sexuality and romantic passion

– it is the eternal tripod of the feats that make the genius in each person.

Love – it is affection with so many different nuances and in general very difficult to define.

But the strongest emotions only love combined with sexual feelings can bring.

Marriages in which love is not realized through a healthy sex life cannot be happy and often fall apart.

Love itself does not bring happiness to married life.

The same goes for sexual infatuation.

But when these two wonderful feelings are intertwined,

marriage can bring about a state of awareness close to the mystery of nature that has never been revealed to anyone in this mundane life.

And if you add to that a sense of adventure and wonder about what’s going on,

in this case there’s no barrier between human perception and Supernatural Intelligence.

This is where genius is born!

So to be rich, obviously you must be trusted by many people,

and of course to be trusted by many people,

you must be a trustworthy person yourself.



But just try to see how much understanding and sympathy it takes to get harmony

and peace out of the whole emotional mess in the marital relationship.

People express their dissatisfaction in their marriage in this:

not fully understanding their sexual obstacles,

they often complain,

get grumpy and in every way express their dissatisfaction.

There will be no disharmony in case both husband

and wife do not lose love,

passion and understand the sexual mechanics properly.

A wife who understands the relationship between these three truths of married life is a happy husband.

Obligations won’t become burdensome if encouraged by this three-legged rule, and things will come naturally.

It has long been assumed that a wife will save her husband

or harm him, but no one has clearly explained why this is so.

Help or harm depends entirely on whether the wife understands

or does not understand the relationship between love, infatuation, and sex.

If the wife allows her husband to bore her to like other women,

it is usually her own fault for being too indifferent, indifferent due to ignorance about the issues we talk about here.

This assertion is, of course, based on the premise that there is a feeling of true love between husband and wife.

All of these are also true for the husband who wants to burp never bored me.

In married life, people often quarrel because of very small and trivial things.

If you sum up all these little things and analyze them carefully,

one thing is very simple: they all stem from indifference to what we still call sex.

Bless what you want.



The greatest motivating force in a man’s actions is to make a woman like him!

The primordial hunter who was better than the others became chief,

as we still call the chieftain today, because he liked to appear better than all others in the eyes of women.

In this respect, the nature of man has not changed at all.

Today’s hunter-gatherer does not bring home the skins of wild animals he has killed,

but expresses himself by choosing beautiful clothes, luxury cars, imitating the habits of the rich.

The desire to be liked and liked is exactly the same as when it was at the dawn of human development.

The only thing that has changed is the method of expressing this desire.

Those with money, the powerful and famous,

implementing their plans here is not very difficult.

Take women out of their lives,

and all their wealth becomes meaningless and useless.

To be liked by women

– it is an innate need of men,

and fulfilling this desire for a woman of great power, power can kill or save lives.

A woman who understands the nature of a man and knows how to help him satisfy his needs in a smart, gentle way,

has nothing to fear from other women competing.

Men may be giants with willpower, courage and many other outstanding masculine qualities,

but choose them and make them what they are – women.

Most men never admit that they are influenced by the women they have chosen for them,

because it is in men’s nature to always consider themselves superior to others.

But smart women know men’s weaknesses

and never bring this up to discuss, much less argue.

Some men find themselves under the influence of women

wives or lovers, mothers or sisters

and do not resist this influence

because they are smart enough to understand that they will not be happy if they are around.

there are no caring women.

Men who do not understand the importance

and full meaning of this truth lose the most powerful

and incomparable force that has enabled them to succeed.

The rich see opportunities.

The poor see the difficulties.

The rich see growth potential.

The poor see the danger of losing money.

Rich people focus on profit potential.

The poor focus on the possibility of risk.



Two well-known facts about the dynamics of sex give us a new understanding of this rich source of energy and energy.

Lust can turn you into a genius as it did with Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnrghi.

Lust with excitement, creative imagination, fiery desire,

and steadfastness can make you a happy and wealthy person.

Prepared thoughts can at least help you increase your intuition.

You can tap into the subconscious and thoughts of others.

The great secret of genius inventors is now at your service.

Besides, you’ve understood: nothing can help you in your work better

than lust,

– never deny its natural expression.

Of course, it’s often too late to understand how one must control the sex drive.


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