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Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich! The Sixth Step Toward Wealth: Planning

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich!

Chapter 6: The Sixth Step Toward Wealth: Planning

Dedicated to the magical secret of the brain center.

Find yourself the best environment,

and you will lead

and make a lot of money in a surprisingly short time.

The greater the passive income you can build,

the freer you will become. ―Todd M. Fleming


We cannot start over,

but we can begin now

and make a new ending. —Zig Ziglar


You probably already understand

that all human achievements begin with a desire.

From abstraction,

wishes become concrete in the workshop of the imagination,

which is also where the plan

to turn wishes into reality is formed.

In the chapter on desires,

you learned how wanting money turns into real money.

Achieving this goal has to go through six clear

and realistic steps.

One of them – forming a concrete

and actionable plan to carry out the set idea.

Get as many people

as you need to make and execute your plan,

using the principle of brain centers outlined below.

Whether you internally agree

with this guideline is very important.

Don’t disregard it.

Before you form an intellectual alliance,

determine what benefits each member of this group will gain

from joining the alliance

and what you can give them.

No one can work with you forever

without being compensated for their hard work.

No ordinary person would invite someone to work

or expect to be offered a job

without hoping for adequate compensation,

although not always everything is measured in terms of money.

Make arrangements to meet

with members of the brain cell center

at least twice a week

or more,

if possible,

until you’ve come up with a plan

that you’re most satisfied with.

Maintain harmony in your relations

with all members of the intellectual group.

If you are unable to carry out this instruction,

be prepared to expect failure at any time.

The brain center cannot exist

without the fusion of all its members.

Always remember the following points:

You are doing something of great importance.

To be sure of victory,

you must have a flawless action plan.

To serve your purpose,

you must attract to yourself the experience,


natural gifts,

and imagination of others.

Successful people in business all follow the above method.

No one alone has the experience,



and knowledge needed to succeed!

Whichever plan you choose,

it is the result of collective wisdom.

Whether you’ve come up with the whole plan

or some of it yourself,

make sure it’s through collective intelligence.

The rich know that creative thinking

is the world’s highest paying skill.

Creative independent thinking is the most valuable asset anyone can have.

If you aim at nothing,

you will hit it every time. —Zig Ziglar


Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come.

Get up and make them. ― Madame C. J. Walker


If the first plan fails, there’s nothing to fear;

please change another one.

If this new plan also disappoints you, don’t despair,

but research your next project

and find another solution

until the plan kicks in.

It is at this stage that many people give up

because of lack of perseverance.


if the plan doesn’t work,

instead of being unhelpful,

change the plan.

The whole wisdom is there!

Most smart people have a plan,

no matter what business they work in.

The main thing is that the plan must be realistic and alive.

And don’t be afraid to start over.

A temporary failure just means

that something is not right in your draft.

Millions of people throughout their lives do not get out of poverty

for only one reason:

lack of a well-thought-out plan.

Your achievements are entirely dependent on the depth of your plan.

It is not possible to force a man

to withdraw unless he himself surrenders

– first of all in his consciousness.

James J.Hill suffered failure after failure

as he tried to multiply the capital needed

to build the East-West Railway.

But he knew how to turn temporary setbacks into triumphs,

and he did this thanks to new draft plans.

Henry Ford also encountered seemingly insurmountable difficulties,

not at the beginning of his automobile career,

but when he had reached its peak.

However, he rethought it all from beginning to end,

made different plans and won a new financial victory.

When we talk about people who rise quickly

(as we understand them),

we completely forget the temporary setbacks they suffered

before happiness smiled upon them.

None of the followers of this philosophy comfort themselves

with the hope of getting rich

and avoiding the unlucky streak of temporary setbacks.

This period comes

– it is a sign that your plans are not yet complete.

It is necessary to consider all

and put aside all prejudices, calmly rise up,

towards the goal you always desire.

If you leave work unfinished

and fail to reach your goals,

then you are probably the lazy type.

Lazy people never win,

and winners can’t be lazy people.

Remember this for the rest of your life,

it’s best to write it down in large letters on paper

and hang it up so you can see it every night

when you go to bed

and every morning.

wakes up and orients himself to work.

When forming your mind team,

try to choose people

who don’t see temporary setbacks as tragedies.

Some people believe that only money can make money.

Completely not right!

Helping us to succeed is the willpower of desire,

which easily turns into a monetary equivalent,

derived from the principles outlined above.

Money itself is just an ordinary material thing.

Money does not think,

does not move and is always silent,

but it has a wonderful hearing:

just call,

it will immediately appear

before the eyes of those who crave it!

The rich eventually realize

that mastering the skill of finding solutions

to tough problems is the secret to making money.

Fear has two meanings;

‘Forget everything and run’

or ‘Face everything and Rise.’

The choice is yours.—Zig Ziglar


In sales, the point is not that you’re selling the product,

you’re ‘selling’ yourself. – Aysa Angel


To succeed in any job,

it is necessary to plan wisely.

Here are detailed instructions

for those who start their careers selling their services.

Both services and good ideas can be sold.

When there are no other possessions,

what is better than thought and ability?

Sell ​​them dearly!

All great fortunes begin like that.

Rich people find problems

that need to be solved

in order to make a profit,

and they spend their time solving those problems.

Because they know the solutions will make them a lot of money,

they devote all their mental energy

to critical thinking.

This stems from the belief that having not found a solution does not mean

that there is no solution,

at the highest level.

This awareness leaves no room for anxiety.

Make a careful exploration of who you are

and the work you have been given,

and then sink yourself into that.

Don’t be impressed with yourself.

Don’t compare yourself with others. —Zig Ziglar


“Be nice to people.

It doesn’t cost anything.” – Grant Cardone


In general,

humans are divided into two categories.

The first type is the leader,

the second type is the follower.

From the very beginning you have to decide

what kind of person you are  leader or follower.

Incomes vary widely.

Followers have no basis to claim the same income as leaders.

But they are very mistaken,

thinking that they have been treated unfairly.

There is nothing shameful about being an executor.

However, anyone who is not smart

while doing the job,

cannot become a qualified leader.

And conversely,

intelligent followers often show their good qualities

within a short time,

and learn to make independent decisions.

The intelligent follower has a host of advantages

and always learns what is needed from the leader.

The rich are often criticized for thinking only of money,

but in fact it is the poor

who spend the most time thinking about money.

The most important quality

for an investor is temperament,

not intellect.

You need a temperament

that neither derives great pleasure

from being with the crowd

or against the crowd. — Warren Buffett


Show up early, treat people with respect 

and perform at the highest levels till the world can’t deny you. – Grant Cardone


The most important characteristics of leadership:

Bold and resolute:

based on knowing yourself

and knowing what you’re doing.

No follower wants to work

under a leader who is not bold and lacks confidence.

No intelligent follower could endure such a leader for long.

Control yourself.

Those who cannot control themselves cannot control others.

Self-control will be an example

for followers to follow their leaders.


Without this quality,

the leader will not be respected by the employees

and has no authority to direct others.

Clear decision.

The person who fluctuates in every decision,

lacks confidence in himself,

that is, he cannot lead effectively.

Detail plan.

Successful leaders always have a plan

and work according to the plan.

A leader who acts or not,

without a concrete and realistic plan,

drifts downstream like a sailboat

without a sail, without a rudder.

Sooner or later, rush into the rock.

The habit of working overtime.

One of the obligations that leaders voluntarily place on themselves

is to be willing to work more than their employees.

Self attractiveness.

Clutter and sloppy never lead you to success.

Leadership qualities require self-respect.

The followers will lose respect for the leader

who does not care about his appearance

and does not care about his reputation.

Empathy and understanding.

Successful leaders are always sympathetic

and can always come to a consensus with their employees.

More than that,

he understands their problems.

Completely master the problem and the situation.

The leader knows his job like the back of his hand.

Be ready to take responsibility for yourself.

Successful leaders must always be willing

to accept responsibility for the mistakes

and shortcomings of their followers.

People who avoid

and blame others often don’t last long in high positions.

If someone among the employees makes a mistake

and shows his ignorance,

the leader must assume

that it is his own mistake and lack of understanding.

Cooperative spirit.

Leaders must understand

and apply the principle of association

and train the ability to cooperate in their employees.

To lead requires energy,

but only cooperation can give us energy.

There are two types of leadership.

The first type, the most effective,

requires the general consensus

and support of the subordinates.

The second type,

leadership based on coercion,

does not require the understanding

and sympathy of followers.

Human history teaches that violence

and coercion cannot go on indefinitely.

The overthrow of the dictatorship

or the abolition of the monarchy makes this clear.

It indicates that one will not succumb

to power forever.

Napoleon, Hitler,

Mussolini are examples of this kind.

They ended their lives very badly.

Leadership by consensus is the only light

that humanity can hope for.

People may submit to violent force for a while,

but never voluntarily.

The principles of receiving the latest version

includes all of the eleven features mentioned above,

but is not limited to that.

Whoever uses it as a basis of leadership opens himself up

to vast possibilities to lead people from all walks of life.

Big ideas make money come in like water.

It is important to learn how to open the valve.

“Money does not generate ideas,

it is ideas that generate money.”– William Cameron


Success in investing doesn’t correlate with IQ …

what you need is the temperament to control the urges

that get other people into trouble in investing.— Warren Buffett


We will now move on to study the most common mistakes

of leaders who are prone to failure.

Because knowing what not to do is also very important.

Inability to keep up with every detail.

The charismatic leader must know

how to realize all the little things.

He must never ignore new problems

that arise under the pretext of being busy.

If a person, whether a leader

or an ordinary follower,

declares that he is too busy

and cannot change his plans

because of certain contingencies,

he has signed it,

acknowledge his impotence.

Leaders who reach for success need to be close to all the details

related to their work.

Of course, this requires the leader

to know how to use his assistants.

Not willing to replace others.

If the situation calls for it,

a truly great leader must always be ready

to take on the work he has delegated to others.

Gifted leaders know the truth:

Oh, there’s hair to be grasped.

Having knowledge but not yet using it on the job

has claimed to be rewarded.

In the world people pay not

because you have knowledge,

but because you know how to do something

or convince others to do it.

Fear of the follower competing with him.

Leaders who fear employees taking their place

will sooner or later happen.

A great leader hides no details of his work

from someone he can delegate,

willingly and consciously.

Only then can he perfect himself

and be ready to work anywhere,

controlling completely different things by himself.

People who give others the ability

to earn money also often reap more benefits

that’s a fact.

A qualified leader who is proficient in his

or her job and radiates personal appeal

can greatly influence the performance of others

and help them serve the company more useful and valuable.

Lack of imagination.

If the leader lacks imagination,

he will be helpless in the face of unexpected situations

and without a clear plan,

so his leadership effectiveness will be very low.

selfish. Leaders, taking all the glory

from the work done,

must know that their employees can be disgruntled.

Smart leaders always share the glory.

He must take care that all those

who truly deserve the honor enjoy the honor.

Because he needs to know

that most people would do better

if they weren’t just working for the money.

Do not know self-control.

Employees cannot respect leaders

who are unable to control their thoughts

and weaknesses.

In addition, leadership’s lack of restraint will cause those

who are unable to cope with their strength and endurance.


The list of major leadership mistakes should have started from this point.

Leaders who do not fulfill their commitments

to employees will not be able to maintain their leadership role even

if their position is higher.

With a traitor people will stop asking questions

and be disdainful,

and of course he deserves it.

Disloyalty to word

and deed is one of the most common causes of failure

in any field of activity.

Autocracy in leadership.

A qualified leader must be fearless himself,

and must not cause fear to subordinates.

Leaders who try to use their prestige

to pressure their subordinates are prone to violence.

A true leader does not need to advertise his superiority.

He gets there in another way:

showing understanding,



and fairness,

mastery of the work.

Run for the title.

A charismatic leader doesn’t need a title

to be respected by his followers.

People who brag about their titles

often can’t come up with anything else.

Boasting and ostentatiousness are incompatible

with one’s work qualities.

We have listed all of the most common,

most common mistakes in leadership.

Any mistake can bring your business to a sad end.

If you rise to leadership

and think you don’t have a disability,

go through that list again.

The rich get richer

because they know money hides the problems

that need to be solved.

They know the free market economy is willing

to exchange money for solutions.

The bigger the problem,

the more society is willing to pay.

The more people benefit from your solution,

the more money you get.

The more you invest, the more money you have,

let the money work even when you sleep.

There’s another reason the rich get richer:

they know how to make their money work 24 hours a day.

And it’s not because they invested all the money.

Rich people also like to spend money

and enjoy it like everyone else.

They have a lot of money

so there are many opportunities to invest.

So instead of focusing on spending and saving,

focus on investing, invest some

and spend the rest the way you want.

It’s easier to stand on the sidelines,


and say why you shouldn’t do something.

The sidelines are crowded.

Get in the game. — Robert Kiyosaki


The best way to get what you want is

to help other people get what they want.” –Zig Ziglar


Several areas of activity today are in need of new leaders,

and they have vast possibilities:

The field of political activism is in crisis

and in dire need of new leaders.

The banking industry is also in need of reform.

The industry is waiting for new leaders.

To survive

If possible, the leader must be a social activist,

responding to people’s beliefs

and trying

to alleviate people’s suffering

and disasters.

The future priest must be attentive

to the present needs of the sheep,

deal with their own material problems,

and should not get too caught up in the problems of the past

or just think about the distant future.

The fields of law,

health and education also need new leaders.

Especially in the field of education.

Leaders must teach people

to use the knowledge gained in school.

As little theory as possible,

practice is needed here.

Journalism also needs new leaders.

Is it true that in these areas of activity,

the intelligent leader has vast possibilities?

The world has entered a period of rapid change.

This means that the means of changing people’s mentality

and behavior must also adapt

to the drastically changing situation.

The means mentioned in my book determine more

than anyone the main direction of the development

of human civilization.

What you need is steadfast will.

If you’re the kind of person who has no guts,

you just give up every time life pushes you.

If you’re that kind of person,

you’ll live all your life playing it safe,

doing the right things,

saving yourself for something that never happens.

Then, you die a boring old person. — Robert Kiyosaki


I prefer dreams of the future

to the history of the past. – Thomas Jefferson


The information you read in this book is

just a summary of the experience

that thousands of people have used.

There are five reliable methods

for service buyers and sellers to meet.

Service office.

You have to choose offices you can trust.

Such offices are not many.

Announcements and advertisements.

Read newspapers and magazines.

The announcement can only be trusted if someone has used

and received a job that meets the requirements for

at least the first few days.

Should put ads in newspapers

for employers who need to hire people.

Having good publicity requires the help of advertising

and publicity experts

who know how to showcase your qualities

and keep your boss interested.

Write letters and applications.

Send it to companies and entrepreneurs

who need the services you offer.

Letters must be grammatically correct,

signed and pasted carefully.

Attached to the letter should be an appendix

that fully describes your qualifications.

Both the letter and the addendum must be prepared

by an application specialist

(see application writing instructions).

Through acquaintances.

Don’t belittle acquaintances,

it’s best to negotiate with prospective employers.

This is the best method

if you’re looking for a specific position

and don’t want to get caught up in trifles.

Directly meeting.

In some cases,

it is advisable to meet the prospective boss directly,

and at the same time

to write an application,

because bosses often discuss

with their deputies

when reviewing staff.

Self-made millionaires believe

that exchanging solutions for money is not only fair,

but it is also the right thing to do.

Why don’t the people who contribute

the most to society

and social progress get the most rewards?

The rich don’t have to lend their brains to the masses,

but they do.

They do it not because of responsibility

but because of the desire to contribute and leave a mark on life.

It’s not what you’ve got,

it’s what you use that makes a difference. — Zig Ziglar


“If you don’t confront the tough stuff

it will always have control over you.”– Grant Cardone


You write letters or petitions as carefully

as a lawyer prepares papers

to appear in court.

If you don’t have enough experience to write,

consult an expert

and ask for their help.

Good business people often accept people

who know the art of self-introduction

and who understand the mentality of the boss.

Anyone who wants to sell their services should also keep that in mind.

The application must contain the following information:

Academic level.

Describe briefly,

but clearly, what schools you have studied,

what subjects have passed,

if you have achievements in certain fields,

do not forget to list them.

Years of working by profession.

If you have professional work experience,

describe it thoroughly,

and don’t forget to include the names

and addresses of your previous leaders.

Know that if you are clear

and specific about your previous special experience,

your unique abilities,

it will greatly help in getting the job you want to would like.


Every company wants to know as much as possible

about the past performance

of the person they want to hire.

Enclose the application with the following referrals:

a- from the previous employer;

b-of the teachers you have studied;

c- recommendations of famous people trusted by everyone.

image. Don’t forget to include your photo.

Ask for a specific position.

Avoid mentioning the specific position you’d love to get.

Never say: It is this position!

because it proves you have holes in your qualifications.

Prove that you have the qualifications needed for your future job.

Please detail why you believe you are qualified for the position.

This is the most important part of the application.

It will regulate your future more strongly than all else.

Offer to be willing to work with a challenging time.

Maybe this is a bit too much,

but reality shows that if you believe in your qualifications,

the test of time is nothing to fear.

This offer from you shows

that you are confident in your own strength

and take on the position you want to be accepted.

But you must clearly realize that your offer is based on:

a-Believing you are suitable for the position;

b- Believe that you will be accepted

after the probationary period;

c) Determined to take that position.

Your knowledge in this area.


When applying for a job

or aiming for a certain position,

be familiar with the operation of the enterprise

and do not hide your knowledge in this field.

It can make a big impression,

show your interest in the role,

and show you’re creative.

Remember: a lawyer is not someone

who memorizes the rules of the law,

but someone who knows how to prepare the facts

If your proofs are selected correctly

and given meaning,

then more than half of the win is guaranteed.

And that’s just the beginning!

Don’t be afraid to write long applications.

Your boss wants to find highly qualified professionals

just as much as you want a good job.

In other words, the success of entrepreneurs

depends a lot on whether

they can recruit highly qualified deputy people or not.

So they really want to have necessary

and useful information.

It’s also important to remember other things

that seem inconsequential:

the effort and care you take

while you write your letter of enthusiasm.

I have experience writing applications for clients

and it is quite successful,

to the point where they are accepted immediately

without even meeting the boss.

When the application is complete,

print in large letters the following lines:

Information about the qualification of

Robert k. Smith

Want to be a private sector?

For him the president only

Company blank inc.

The recipient’s address can be changed at will.

Such personalized advertising is bound to attract attention.

Print the application carefully on the best paper available,

in a thick envelope as bookstores do.

If you want to apply

for more than just one company,

you can change the company name.

One of the first pages of the application must contain your photo.

When you write a letter,

generally follow the same instructions as above,

just rely more on your own imagination.

Successful sellers always take care of themselves.

He understands better than anyone

how important first impressions are.

Your application is the broker see it,

people immediately contact the seller,

don’t forget that.

Give him the most suitable suit and give him a smile,

it will be different from other offers

that the future boss has encountered.

The more worthy the position you desire,

the more careful preparation must be.

And if you can sell your services

and impress the business owner,

it’s possible they’ve set you up

for a pretty good salary right from the start.

If you must hire your prospective employer’s advertising agent or maid,

give him a copy of the application you made.

By doing so, you have created favorable conditions for everyone

and increased opportunities for yourself.

Rich people also live in the same environment as ordinary people,

but their thinking is completely different.

This is not a gift they were given from birth

but a choice they made

when they realized the benefits of mind control.

The rich decide to see the world

as it is and what it can be.

And they also see other people this way.

They see the beauty that many people miss.

They see the childish soul inside the adult.

They see potential in everyone they meet.

And they choose to look

that way because they can.

Rich people always believe that humanity,

God or a powerful being is always with them,

ready to guide them on the journey

to the ultimate perspective.

Don’t be addicted to money.

Work to learn.

don’t work for money.

Work for knowledge. — Robert Kiyosaki


There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes

to make easy things difficult. — Warren Buffett


Everyone wants to do what they love.

Painters work with paint, jewelers work with their hands,

writers – with their heads.

Many are suitable for business or industry.

In America there is a wonderful thing about being able

to freely choose a career:

if you like, you can become a farmer,

industrial worker,




medical worker.

Determine for yourself

what kind of profession you like.

If you don’t have that career,

who forbid you to create it?

Choose the company

or boss you want to work for.

Let’s all be clear about the future boss:

about personal qualities and opportunities for success.

Analyze and evaluate all your abilities and gifts,

plan and think about the means

that will help you to make beneficial offers,

or your services,

or ideas to improve the work.

You have to believe in what you say.

Forget about needing a place to work.

Forget about doubts about

whether you will find a job or not.

Forget the well-known old question:

Oh, do you have any spare?

Concentrate on thinking about what you can offer.

Whenever there is a thought and a plan in your mind,

write it down immediately

and then write it down cleanly,

preliminarily processing all aspects of it.

Give that plan to the person who needs it,

and he’ll take care of everything.

Every company needs people who can make valuable offers,

no matter what it is:



or relationships.

Any company will make room for someone

with a definite plan of action,

if it is clear that the plan will benefit the company.

Of course, this job requires a few days or a few weeks,

but the disparity in income,

speed of promotion and recognition

will spare you the long years of hard work with a modest salary.

The method outlined above contains many potential advantages,

the most important of which is time.

Many times it is possible to save one to five years

on the way to the desired goal.

Whoever has a well thought out

and detailed construction plan can cut halfway on the ladder of fame.

If an employee wants to earn extra money,

the first thing they think about

is going to school to get a master’s degree.

In the linear world,

the more you learn,

the more money you earn.

This is the key to making money,

and also the least effective way.

The rich know money comes from a non-linear world

where very few people live.

It’s not because it’s too complicated

for the average person,

but it requires them to let go of the idea that they know

how to make money and make room

for a higher level of thinking.

Rich people are masters of inventing

and developing ideas in a variety of ways.

Starting a business is like jumping out of an airplane

without a parachute.

In mid air, the entrepreneur begins building a parachute

and hopes it opens before hitting the ground. — Robert Kiyosaki


Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is.

Treat a man as he can and should be

and he will become as he can and should be. — Stephen R. Covey


Who wants?

In the future, if you can sell your services at a high price,

you must pay attention to changes in the relationship

between the employee and the boss.

Relationship between:



The society they serve together

increasingly associated and cooperative nature.

The reason for these new types of relationships is

due to the following reasons.

First of all, in the future,

both employers and employees will serve society

and work most effectively for society.

In the past, employers and employees bargained with each other,

agreeing to a contract in their favor and did not notice

that a third aspect was also present in the contract,

that of the society they served.

Courtesy and Mutual Support are the slogans of any business today.

It concerns both the master and the seller of his labor,

because they both serve society.

If they fail to do this,

they will lose all the advantages they had gained.

We still remember the time

when the employee

who went to watch the gas meter slammed on the door and winced

and grumbled when people opened the door:

Oh How long do you make people wait?

see amazing changes.

The person who came to see the meter looked like a gentleman,

and was ready to serve immediately.

Because while the gas companies were still grappling with their often disgruntled customers,

the nimble kerosene stove sellers had overtaken them

and spilled out across the country.

During the Depression I spent several months

in the Pennsylvania coal region investigating

the causes of the near-rooted collapse

of the coal industry in the United States.

The coal magnates and their workers shrewdly negotiated

to raise the price of coal until they realized

that by doing so they had facilitated the development

of oil production and trading.

Perhaps this story teaches us that no one can exceed our strength

and that our whole life depends on our own behavior!

If there are certain principles that govern business, finance, and transportation,

it is the same principles that control people’s behavior

and determine their economic status.

“I discovered that wealth is a kind of perception

and that anyone can perceive it

by thinking like a rich person.”– Andrew Young


Being an entrepreneur is simply going from one mistake to the next.

You must have the fortitude to continue on. — Robert Kiyosaki


In the previous section we have presented the methods

of best selling our services regularly

and effectively.

No one will achieve any remarkable success

if he does not study, analyze and understand the things stated.

Each one must know how to sell his or her service.

The quantity and quality of service,

as well as the accompanying morale,

will determine the length of the hire and the wages paid.

In order to sell your services with the highest efficiency

(i.e. the right price and the best conditions),

you must adhere to the CSS formula:

quality, quantity, and spirit of cooperation.

It guarantees you success for sure.

Keep in mind the cell CSS formula.

Make it your slogan,

your passion,

your habit!

Let’s analyze to make sure we understand.

Service quality

– it is perfection down to the smallest detail,

and is achieved only

when all your thoughts are directed towards service improvement.

Quantity of service,

it is the habit of serving the most complete at any time

and always expanding the list of service types.

Don’t forget to perfect your art yourself.

And let it become your habit.

Mental strength, enthusiasm

and enthusiasm for cooperation,

it is the enthusiastic

and maximum interaction with our deputies and associates,

setting a good example to motivate them to do the right thing at work.

As such, quantity and quality alone are absolutely not enough

to guarantee the level of service you desire.

The attitude and manner in which you serve is what determines everything

both the commission you receive, the time you work.

Sir Andrew Carneghi emphasizes this very strongly i.e

the need for good manners

when discussing the principle of selling personal services.

He said that he never accepted into the company someone

who didn’t do his job with a certain amount of inspiration.

Sir Carneghi always had to make sure he liked the person.

He has helped many people he considers qualified

to be intelligent and worthy to become rich.

Those who did not meet the above criteria,

he gave to other firms.

A person who has a soul,

is comfortable in communication,

has a fresh mental state

in other words,

is a person who is able to attract others

will have enough means to overcome defects in quality

as well as quality. volume of services he performs.

Whatever you say, nothing can replace good manners.

While the rich continue

to carry out one dream after another,

the poor stand on the sidelines,

denigrating success and thinking it is just luck.

“A half-liter bottle cannot hold a liter.

If a half-liter can hold a liter,

it’s overdoing it.” – Margaret Deland


Be patient with yourself.

Self-growth is tender;

it’s holy ground.

There’s no greater investment. — Stephen R. Covey


Services are also a commodity like other consumer goods.

The general rules of conduct in the commodity trade also apply to this sector.

However, it must be constantly reminded

that the vast majority of people who

sell their services make a common mistake:

not feeling like they have the same responsibilities

as ordinary merchandisers.

The era of the selfish is gone forever.

Instead and those are benevolent people.

The true value of your intellectual abilities is determined

by the income you earn from selling personal services.

If you determine the value of your intellectual ability

by multiplying your annual income by 16,666,

you will get an approximate number.

Compare that to income by depositing money in the bank,

it’s almost 6% a year on average.

You must know that money cannot be more valuable than intellectual ability.

When compared to talent and wisdom,

money is often just a bunch of paper.

Insight, if sold at the right price,

would be a much more useful form of investment

than the business capital needed in the production of goods.

Why? Because this form of capital never depreciates even in times of recession,

even due to inflation.

This capital cannot be stolen,

nor can it be lost in the red and black game.

In addition, money, although it plays a significant role in business,

but if not connected with thoughts,

is worth no more than the sand of the sea,

and like the grains of sand,

slip through the fingers.

That’s why rich people only like to associate with rich people.

They can’t stand a conversation filled with unhappiness,


and melancholy.

They want to talk about the bright future

and pure joy of living.

Before you can become a millionaire,

you must learn to think like one. ― Thomas J. Stanleyt 


How you see the future is much more important

than what happened in your past. — Zig Ziglar


The worst tragedy of life is that many people,

trying very seriously to change their fate somewhat,

still fail.

And in the vast majority of cases,

there are more unlucky people than successful people.

I have had the honor of analyzing the behavior of thousands of people,

of whom the unlucky ones make up 98%.

My research shows that there are thirty-three unhappiness,

or in other words thirty-three major causes of people’s failure.

But there are also thirteen principles that lead to success.

Let us first consider the unhappiness.

Read this list carefully,

item by item,

and maybe you’ll understand for yourself

what separates you from success.

Weak genetics.

This is a very minor defect that may go unnoticed.

If you were born with a little bit of wisdom eaten away,

using the following method is very easy to overcome that difficulty.

Rely on the team of thinkers,

who we call the ‘Wisdom’ or ‘Brain Center’.

Remember that of all the unhappiness boxes,

this is the easiest to fix.

Lack of clear purpose in life.

If man does not have a definite goal in life

or at least strive to achieve something,

he cannot have any hope of success.

When I interviewed, out of a hundred respondents,

ninety-eight did not set any goals for themselves.

This could also be the main reason.

People don’t want anything,

so they never get anything.

Think about this, and you will understand a lot.

Lack of ambition, lack of desire to rise above reality.

We don’t think so much hope should be placed on those

who are so indifferent to their own destiny

that they don’t want to make life more worthwhile,

on those who are indifferent to rewards.

There is a gap in the qualifications.

This obstacle is also relatively easy to overcome.

Experience shows that highly qualified people are often self-trained and self-trained.

No school can make you qualified.

Only a man who receives from life all

that he wants without the imposition of violence against others

and with equal powers to others can be considered a qualified person.

Qualification includes not only knowledge,

but also skills to apply knowledge.

Knowledge is judged not only by the knowledge itself,

but by its use.

Lack of willpower.

Self-discipline is accomplished through self-control.

It means that man needs to control all his bad qualities.

Before you learn how to take control of the situation,

you need to know how to control yourself.

Great people know they need to protect their perception

and work to strengthen it every day.

We think we see the world as it is,

when in fact we see the world as we are. — Stephen R. Covey


The more you are grateful for what you have

the more you will have to be grateful for. — Zig Ziglar


If you don’t conquer yourself,

you will be defeated by yourself.

When you stand in front of a mirror,

you can see yourself as both your own best friend

and your own worst enemy.

sickness illness.

Without health, do not expect to have great success.

However, many causes of illness are manageable. Mainly:

Eating improperly;

Not knowing how to control perception,

used to thinking about bad things,

always negative emotions;

Excessive infatuation with sexual activity,

or conversely,

physiological weakness;


lack of exercise;

Lack of fresh air,

making it difficult to breathe.

The influence of people around,

especially in childhood.

It is no coincidence that people still say:

Near the ink, it is black,

near the lamp,

it is bright.

Most people who are inclined towards criminal activity are used

to this from a young age.

Usually harmful acquaintances take place from childhood.

Wait, see you tomorrow.

This is one of the most common causes of failure.

Procrastination is in every person,

and it just waits for the opportunity to take over man,

robbing him of the last chance in his life.

Many of us are still empty-handed

It’s just because of a lifetime of waiting:

the time will come when we begin to do worthwhile work.

Never wait, the opportunity may not come.

Act now, using all the means at your disposal;

The best possibilities

and means are revealed to you only

when you are slightly beginning to succeed.

Lack of determination to achieve goals.

Many people start off very well

but do not have the strength to make it to the end.

Furthermore, people tend to appreciate the first signs of failure.

Nothing can replace determination.

Those who make determination their motto will quickly discover

that the Loser gets tired and walks away.

Determination is like wisdom,

you cannot go to the market to buy it.

Bad. People with a bad character,

causing others to loathe and avoid them,

will have no hope of success.

Success only comes

to those who have the will to cooperate with others.

Does anyone enjoy working with annoying people?

Uncontrolled sexual desire.

Sexual energy is one of the driving forces

that motivate people.

Since it often controls emotions,

it must be carefully controlled,

converted into mental and spiritual energy,

and released in the most smooth way.

Excessive passion for red and black.

The love of adventure and risk has failed millions of people.

A good example of this is the house number 29 Wall-street,

where many people are trying to make money in the risky stock game.

Many of them defaulted completely.

Lack of confidence in their own decisions.

Whoever makes the right decision

but quickly abandons it is weak.

Whoever can’t come to a decision is even weaker.

He’s even more fickle.

Lack of determination and procrastination are twins.

Where there’s room for one,

there’s room for a second.

Destroy these twins before they drag you

to the battlefield of the losers.

One of the six symptoms of fear

(see the last chapter of this book,

where the six symptoms of fear are analyzed!).

You cannot effectively act in your chosen direction

without knowing how to completely

and unconditionally overcome those symptoms.

The marriage is not happy.

This is a fairly common cause of failure.

The relationship in marriage is the closest

and most intimate relationship between people,

because it deals with the deepest aspects of life,

and therefore must be very harmonious.

Otherwise, failure will come immediately.

Moreover, even choosing a wife (or husband) can be a failure,

bringing only poverty and unhappiness

and killing even ambitions in the end.

Be overly careful.

Those who do not use their opportunities only enjoy the surplus.

Excessive caution is just as bad as lack of strictness.

Both extremes should be guarded against.

Usually, life still gives itself opportunities.

Choose an unsuccessful business partner.

This is also one of the most common causes of failure.

If you sell your services,

choose your prospective boss carefully.

He, first of all, must be intelligent,

secondly, a successful person,

then his example will stimulate you.

Because we always try to imitate people

who have a close relationship in common work.

Go work for people who are worth it.


Prejudice is one of the forms of failure.

Prejudice always bears the mark of ignorance.

Successful people are free in thought and fear nothing.

Choose an unsuccessful profession.

Working without enjoyment cannot be achieved.

If you sell your services,

the first step in your action is to choose a career or title.

In other words, choose a job in

which you can dedicate your entire being.

Not enough effort.

The person who is present everywhere does not stay for long.

No saint can be everywhere in time.

Focus your efforts on a well-defined main goal.

Excessive wasteful habits.

Extravagance never leads anyone to success,

because it is always accompanied by a fear of poverty.

Train yourself to be frugal:

put away some of your income.

Bank deposit – that is the basis for confidence.

If a man has no money,

he is often forced to accept what is given,

and accept and still be grateful.

Lack of excitement.

Try doing something less exciting for us!

In addition, nothing is more contagious than excitement,

so people with excitement can penetrate all different groups and groups.

Not compatible.

The person who can’t stand certain things,

as is often called the fixed type, rarely gets to the top.

A person’s incompatibility means that he

or she can no longer absorb new knowledge.

The most severe lack of inclusivity concerns different political,

racial and religious prejudices.

Lack of cooperation.

Many people lose their position and status simply

because they do not know how to cooperate with others.

This cause is often accompanied by other mistakes.

Entrepreneurs and savvy leaders never accept

This weakness in his employees.

Owning assets that you cannot earn with your own sweat

and tears

(especially for those who are rich by inheritance).

Possession of undeserved wealth will gradually lead to a sad end,

there is no success,

and that is,

success will not come!

Sudden wealth is more dangerous than poverty.

Intentionally dishonest.

Preserve your honor from a young age!

Losing it is easy.

Of course, there are times when,

due to the pressure of circumstances

or fear of having to cope with huge losses,

people have no other choice,

forced to be clever

and take care of themselves.

But that’s a special case!

And those who deliberately follow that path have no hope.

Sooner or later the secret will be revealed

and possibly discredited for a lifetime,

let alone freedom.

Conceit and vanity.

These qualities travel from afar as clear as beacons,

warning everyone: stay away from this person!

Success may also temporarily smile at him,

but he will suffer failure either way.

Believe in divination instead of thinking and weighing facts.

Most people are very apathetic,

lazy and do not like to learn facts

that are actually worth thinking and considering.

They listen to other people’s opinions,

opinions that are often based on assumptions

or inferences that are very crude and superficial.

Lack of money.

It’s also a relatively common cause of failure among those

who start out without backing and support,

and when mistakes don’t escape major annoyances.

If at all possible,

you must get the support right from the start,

or accumulate enough money

to make timely corrections

and establish a good reputation in the corporate world.

30-33. We recommend that you fill out these sections yourself,

if you think there are other special reasons preventing you

from becoming a millionaire.

Above are the thirty-three misfortunes that cause life’s tragedy

that all those who have tried but failed

and stumbled know very well.

If the above list doesn’t tell you anything,

suggest that someone close to you,

who knows you well, ask him

or her to analyze each point with you,

and don’t worry idea!

But it’s also possible that someone would prefer

to do this on their own.

Most people don’t see themselves

from the outside as others do.

Maybe you are not one of them.

In fact, successful people are confident

because they always bet on themselves

and are rarely disappointed.

Even when they fail,

they are confident in their ability

to learn from failure to come back stronger and richer.

Don’t count the things you do,

do the things that count. — Zig Ziglar


Emotions are what make us human.

Make us real.

The word ’emotion’ stands for energy in motion.

Be truthful about your emotions,

and use your mind and emotions in your favor,

not against yourself. — Robert Kiyosaki


One of mankind’s oldest interjections is probably:

Know thyself!

If you are a successful trader,

you must know the specifics of the job down to the last detail.

The same is true in the personal services market.

You must know your weaknesses well

so that you can overcome

or completely eliminate them.

You have to know your strengths

because when you sell services,

you have to imagine how you will use your qualities to attract attention.

But you can only know yourself if you dig carefully

and analyze it correctly.

A young man applying to work

for a famous businessman expressed his ignorance as follows.

At first he made a pretty good impression.

But this impression completely dissipated after the manager asked

how much salary he considered enough.

The young man replied

that he had not thought of a specific number

(showing a lack of clear goals in life).

The manager immediately said:

We will pay you what you are worth,

and give you a week of probation.

I don’t agree,” replied the young man,

“because even at my old job

I was paid more than I was worth.

Remember for a lifetime:

if you’ve wanted to talk about salary in your current job

or want to find a new one,

you have to make sure your worth is greater

than the amount you’re currently receiving.

Wanting money (and who doesn’t want more) is one thing,

it’s worth more – quite another!

Many people confuse their needs with their abilities.

Your financial needs

and your own worth are two completely different things.

Your worth depends on your ability to serve

or your organizational genius,

if you can motivate people to do the same.

As they go from success to success,

they build up a strong psychological momentum day by day,

raising their self-confidence to the point

of being seen as arrogant.

“If you’re going to gamble,

you have to be confident.”

In order to become rich,

you must believe you can do it,

and you must take the actions necessary to achieve your goal. ― Suze Orman


It’s not what happens to us,

but our response

to what happens to us that hurts us. — Stephen R. Covey


If you sell services,

the annual self-assessment is as important

to you as the year-end inventory is to the merchant.

Moreover, the annual analysis helps to reduce mistakes

and increase work efficiency,

training the necessary qualities.

You will immediately notice

that you are making progress or standing still,

or even taking a few steps back.

Of course, successful people are always good examples.

The annual analysis shows all of your achievements,

and if there is progress in any area,

then what that progress is really like.

If you want to sell services successfully,

annual progress,

even if slow,

is essential.

You should wrap up at the end of the year

so that you can congratulate yourself,

at least in mind,

if you have great ideas.

To help you with your self-analysis,

we’ve put together the questions you’ll find below.

You research and answer,

and let someone,

who doesn’t allow you to fool yourself,

double-check the answers.

The hard work I’m talking about here is not working hard.

To work hard with the rich is to persistently

find a way to solve problems

that seem stuck day in and day out.

The rich know their most valuable asset

is the ability to think,

and because they often use mental strength,

they are very good at it.

“Success tends to bless those who are most committed

to giving it the most attention.” – Grant Cardone


Successful investing takes time,


and patience.

No matter how great the talent or effort,

some things just take time:

You can’t produce a baby in one month

by getting nine women pregnant. — Warren Buffett



Did I achieve the goals I set for myself this year

(you can set a task for yourself each year,

it’s part of your main life goal)?

Have I served the utmost professionalism,

or can the quality be further improved?

Have I done enough service volume

that I am capable of?

Is my behavior still reprehensible in cooperation with others?

Have I overcome the habit of procrastination,

and if so, to what extent?

Have I improved my temper at all, and if so, how?

Am I determined enough to go through with my plan?

Do I have the final say in all cases?

Have I overcome all six fear signs? (See last chapter).

Am I too careful or,


too negligent in choosing the means leading to the end?

Is my relationship with customers or colleagues good?

If not, what part do I have at fault?

Am I squandering my energy in vain

and not being able to focus it on what’s important?

Do I get along with people

and eliminate prejudices

and biases in my perception?

How can I still increase my serviceability?

Am I lacking restraint over some of my weaknesses?

Am I too conceited and narcissistic,

overt or hidden, or not?

Are my relationships with customers

or colleagues as good as they should be?

What are my decisions usually based on:

correct conjecture, conjecture or analysis of real events?

Am I in the habit of properly considering time,

revenue and expenditure, and spending?

How much time did I waste on misdirected efforts,

to achieve secondary goals instead of using it more properly?

How do I time and change my habits

to achieve greater success next year?

Did I make any mistakes,

and do all the mistakes I correct due to thoughtful thinking?

How can I expand my service portfolio and improve service quality?

Have I been unfair to anyone, and if so, why?

If I have to pay to buy my services,

will I be satisfied with myself,

or will I buy from someone else?

Did I choose my career correctly,

and if not, why?

Are the people using my service satisfied, and if not, why?

If it comes from the principles that lead to success,

how would my performance today be ranked?

Please answer honestly and objectively,

if necessary, ask others for help.

Want to check your results,

ask people who are not afraid to tell you the truth.

By the end of this chapter,

if you have absorbed all the necessary information,

then you are ready to plan to sell your services.

From this chapter we’ve covered in detail

all the most important principles of personal service sales planning,

including all the hallmark attributes of leadership,

the key signs of failure,

and the like ,

areas of activity that need new leadership,

the main causes of daily friction,

and the most important questions

to ask yourself in self-reflection.

We give very detailed things

for only one reason:

if a man begins his business

by way of service,

in his activity he cannot avoid one of these mentioned problem.

Both those who have lost all their wealth,

even those who have just started making money have no choice

but to sell services.

Therefore, it is very important to know

how to behave in one case or another,

to know how to get the most out of it.

This book will not only help you in the service market,

it will also help you get advice from smart

and talented people.

This book is invaluable for directors

and executives,

managers and job creators,

as well as those who need effective staff

and leadership selection.

Don’t you believe?

Answer twenty-eight questions

and figure it out for yourself.

The more knowledgeable they are,

the richer they become.

“I discovered that wealth is a kind of perception

and that anyone can perceive it

by thinking like a rich person.”– Andrew Young


Never invest in a business you cannot understand. — Warren Buffett


Now that we have analyzed the principles

that make money flow into our hands,

we naturally have to ask ourselves the following question:

Where do we find the right ability

to apply these principles?

Great! Let’s see what America has given those

who aspire to get rich or relatively rich,

get what.

Each of us must remember that we live in a country

where any law-abiding citizen is free to think and act freely,

and in other parts of the world there are Dreams are also dry.

Most of us never fully utilize the advantages of this freedom.

We have simply never compared our freedom

with the poor rights enjoyed by others.

We have freedom of thought,

freedom to choose

and receive education,

freedom of belief,

freedom to political activities,

freedom to choose businesses,

occupations and positions,

unlimited private property freedom,

freedom to accumulate wealth

without fear of different ideologies,

freedom to concentrate all one’s wealth in one’s hands,

freedom to change residence,

freedom to marry,

freedom of equal talents regardless of race,

freedom of movement,

freedom to eat and drink,

freedom to rise to any social status we desire,

without exception President of the United States of America.

We have other liberties as well,

but these freedoms alone are enough

to show the most essential thing that forms the basis

of a rich choice of possibilities.

These freedoms may not be clearly seen

because America is the only country that guarantees to its citizens,

whether born in the United States or naturalized,

the freedoms that the world can afford to imagine.

Next, let’s list the good fruits of freedom.

As an example of an average American family

(that is, a family with a median annual income),

let’s calculate the share of income

from gross national product that goes to each family member.

After freedom of thought

and freedom of action are three vital factors:

food, clothing and shelter.

Eat: Our total freedom allows the average family

to choose the right amount of food

and drink at a reasonable price.

Wear: in the United States any woman can choose clothes

that suit her taste and all other parameters,

and can spend no less than five hundred dollars a year.

Men do not have to say!


an average American family definitely has a fully furnished apartment with heating,



Family breakfast cakes prepared in electric ovens cost a few dollars.

The apartment is fully cleaned thanks to an electric vacuum cleaner.

There is always hot water in the kitchen and bathroom.

Refrigerator ready.

Electricity helps women wrap their hair,

wash and iron their clothes.

Just plug in

and the electricity is ready to serve you.

Men have electric shavers.

Can host guests from all over the world, 24 out of 24 if you want.

There are other amenities in the house,

but these alone are enough to allow us

to imagine what America’s freedom has to offer.

We only mention the three most essential points:



and shelter.

The average American family enjoys many other privileges

and advantages that require no extraordinary effort beyond an eight-hour workday.

The average American has been guaranteed housing benefits like no other in the world.

He can put money in the bank

and be sure that the management will keep it,

even in the event of a financial crisis will fully compensate him.

If an American wants to go somewhere,

he doesn’t need a passport,

he doesn’t need permission.

He goes where he wants to go

and comes back whenever he wants.


he can travel by train,

private car,




as long as his wallet allows.

Most people have never really tried to get rich

because they don’t believe they can.

Some people put in a little effort

and then decide to just live a normal life.

Millionaires know their behavior is driven by beliefs

and ultimately it is their behavior

that makes them rich.

Belief is the cause, behavior is the effect,

and wealth is the predictable outcome.

Being an entrepreneur is simply going from one mistake to the next.

You must have the fortitude to continue on. — Robert Kiyosaki


“Go the extra mile,

there’s no one on it.”– Grant Cardone


We often hear politicians talk about freedom in America.

Especially when they need the voter’s vote.

But very few people take the time

to analyze the origins of this freedom.

With no particular purpose,

no grievances,

no hidden motives,

I have the honor to analyze this secret,

this elusive abstraction,

given to the citizens of the United States of America.

More rights,

more money,

more freedom than any other country in the world.

I have a right to study the nature

and source of those latent forces,

because I know (and have known before) the hundreds of people

who organize this power,

and who are responsible for harnessing it,

that strong.

The name of that benefactor of mankind is CAPITAL!

Capital is not only money,

but also consists of well-organized groups of people

who plan to use money most efficiently

to produce goods for others

and secure income for themselves.

These groups often include scientists,






transportation experts,



doctors and many other experts.

They are pioneers,


they leave their mark

and pave the way in the business.

They protect schools,


build roads and bridges,

publish newspapers,

bear a large part of the cost of maintaining the government,

without neglecting any of the small details necessary

for the progress of mankind.

In a nutshell,

capitalists are the brains of mankind,

because they run the factory that allows the education,


and progress of human civilization to be maintained.

Money without wisdom is a big risk.

But if used correctly,

it can be a very powerful ingredient security of civilization.

The importance of capitalist organization is obvious to everyone:

imagine that you have the responsibility to feed your family

without a penny in your pocket.

To have tea, you have to go to China or India;

from America to those two countries,

the way is not close at all.

Even if you swim very well,

you will run out of breath before you reach the finish line.

But suppose you get there.

A new problem arose: where to get the money?

To get to the road, you have to swim to the West Indies

or swim in the sugar beet plantations of Iuta state.

But the main thing is that you will return empty-handed anyway,

because to produce requires both effort and money.

Not to mention the problem of refining,



Assuming eggs are quite simple,

because the chicken farm is somewhere not far away;

But what would you do if you wanted to drink grapefruit juice?

Going to Florida?

If you like bread,

at least go to Canzas. If not further.

Popcorn, if you don’t want it,

can be removed from the menu;

To manufacture it requires too many annoying things,

including specialized machines,

all of which require money,

money and money.

Take a break,

start a new trip,

this time to South America,

where you can pick some bananas.

On the way back, turn to the nearest dairy farm

to get some milk and butter.

Are you tired?

That, if you are anti-capitalism,

all the things described above will be the only way

to be able to prepare yourself a breakfast.

Think about that!

They treat making money like a game

and they love to find new ideas

that help solve problems

and serve people in exchange for greater remuneration.

Every day they work with passion

and excitement,

knowing that their opportunities

are endless and that they will be richer tomorrow

than they are today.

This spirit leads them to bigger

and better opportunities.

This mindset leads them to bigger

and better opportunities.

“Everything in life is a sale

and everything you want is a commission.”– Grant Cardone


A winner is a dreamer who never gives up. ― Nelson Mandela


The total amount of money needed

to build railroads and ships,

that is, just to deliver food for breakfast,

could rattle any imagination.

Several hundred billion dollars.

Not to mention hiring workers for those ships.

But transportation is only a small part

of modern civilization.

If you want to transport something,

you have to produce it first.

As for the preparation for the product to be sold,

have you forgotten?

That’s millions, millions of dollars: machinery,






finally advertising,

and in addition the wages of tens of thousands of people.

But what is ten thousand

– must be millions of people!

No ship, no railway can function

without people.

Those achievements represent civilization

and require professional operation,

special knowledge of technology,

in other words, talented people:




daring to decide and resolute enough.

Those people are the capitalists!

Their actions are motivated by the desire to build,




and accumulate wealth.

And since they have forms of service without

which there would be no civilization,

they stand on the road to great wealth.

To make it easier to understand,

I would like to add that these capitalists are the ones

who are condemned

and vilified by street critics.

They are the people whose extremists,



dirty politicians

and conscientious objectors scream everywhere:



Wall-street sharks!

Please note that I do not oppose

and do not advocate an economic system.

The purpose of this book

to which I have devoted more than half a century is to provide those

who desire the ultimate philosophy,

the best knowledge that enables man

to achieve the wealth he desires expect.

Here I go a little deeper into the primacy

of the capitalist system for two reasons.

I’m trying to point out that everyone

who wants to be successful must adapt

to the conditions of the system

that controls the paths to wealth of all sizes.

I have to use bright colors to show that politicians

and demagogues are deliberately blackening the subject

of debate in their articles

and statements on the issue of organized capital,

which seems to be some kind of poison.

We live in a capitalist country.

Our country developed thanks to capital.

And we who want all rights,

who demand freedom and ability,

we who seek riches for all,

need to understand one thing,

that no one will have wealth

and all possibilities if organized capital is not profitable.

There is only one legitimate

and reliable method of acquiring

and preserving wealth

to provide the necessary services to everyone.

There is no system that allows people

to obtain legitimate wealth by trickery

and without giving anything of value,

in any way.

Because of their abundant mental state,

they never feel the need.

Wealth attracts wealth.

Poverty attracts attracts poor.

Love attracts love.

If you have little money

and are afraid of losing it,

you may lose it for real.

If you don’t have money

but you work in the spirit of abundance

then you are on your way to riches.

The fear of being different prevents most people

from seeking new ways

to solve their problems. — Robert Kiyosaki


The richest people in the world build networks.

Everyone else is trained

to look for work. — Robert Kiyosaki


America creates every possibility

for honest people to get rich.

When one person creates the game,

the other chooses the place of action.

Those who want to become rich need

to follow the rules of the game.

Don’t miss the possibility in a country

with affluent citizens,

where every year women spend millions of dollars buying lipstick

and other cosmetics.

If you want to make money,

look closely at the country that is throwing away hundreds of millions

of dollars every year dollars on cigarettes.

Don’t be in a hurry to leave a country where people volunteer,

even passionately,

spend millions of dollars a year on football,

baseball, and other recreational sports.

Remember that these are just a few of the great sources of wealth.

Yet the production, transportation

and sale has created jobs for millions of people

who are receiving monthly wages

and also spending on necessities or luxuries.

Don’t forget that the backside of selling personal services

in the marketplace is the unlimited get-rich-quick possibilities.

Here, in America, freedom will help you.

No one and nothing can stop you

from growing your business

or organizing your work.

Talented and experienced people get rich quick

is unimaginable.

Those with less luck also got rich,

but not so quickly.

Anyone can earn a means of survival

by a work that is not very hard.

Through research I have found

that this is not necessarily true.

Think about it:

why wouldn’t anyone want to get rich?

It promotes your need for safety

and it also gives you choice.

If this is true then

why do most people refuse to get rich

and why do they deny they are interested in getting rich?

“No one is going to come to your house

and make your dreams come true.”– Grant Cardone


The only thing that endures over time is the ‘Law of the Farm.’

You must prepare the ground,

plant the seed,


and water if you expect to reap the harvest. — Stephen R. Covey


Opportunity is always ahead of you.

Let’s turn around and take the opportunity.

Choose what opportunity presents, plan,

execute, and stick to that plan

with the necessary perseverance.

Capitalist America will take care of the rest.

You can rest assured:

capitalist America will give every man a chance to serve

and help accumulate the money he deserves for his service.

Our system has not denied anyone this right,

but it promises and does nothing,

because the system itself is subject

to the strict control of economic laws and regulations.

This law never accepts that something can be received without giving.

“Your problem isn’t the problem.

Your reaction to the problem is your problem.”– Grant Cardone


To change ourselves effectively,

we first had to change our perceptions. — Stephen R. Covey


Four principles will help you form a team of people with brains,

the group of people we call Mr. Tri or the Center of the brain.

This center will make your financial ability increase unexpectedly.

Choose people who can inspire you to work,

share your mind-blowing work with you,

and express and boost your own beliefs.

Put into practice eleven prestigious leadership principles;

Remember the ten causes of leader failure

and the six areas in which new leaders are needed,

and the five ways to get the job

you want in every area of ​​your business.

When writing your application,

include an action plan,

and all doors will open before you!

Bosses will invite you to do high paying jobs!

America’s prosperity is based on capital,

and in principle it’s not at all difficult

to give yourself a substantial portion of this endless pie.

Success no need against.

There is nothing left to say if you fail.

Outside of your relationship with God,

the most important relationship you can have is with yourself.

I don’t mean that we are to spend all our time

focused on me, 

me to the exclusion of others.

Instead, I mean that we must be healthy internally,


and spiritually

in order to create healthy relationships with others.”— Zig Ziglar

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